Sunday, 9 March 2008

Things To Do in WoW When You're 70

See what I've done there? Do Ya?

So, what do you do at Level 70?

Well before the raid I went and got my Epix Flying Mount :)

Next off, I've had the Imbued Netherweave Robe waiting to be donned so that went on.

On Thursday I had gotten my tailoring up to 60 and specialised in Shadowcloth. I popped over to The Altar of Shadows (twice - first for the quest and then to actually make some cloth) and got my 2 pieces of Shadow cloth (Specialisation gives you 2 for 1!) from:

1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
1 Primal Fire
1 Primal Shadow

I also bought the Frozen Shadowweave Shoulders pattern. This will be my first piece of level 70 epic armour, but the trouble is it need 4 pieces of Shadowcloth. I have 2 pieces and it's on a 4 day cooldown. The cooldown expires on Monday morning :(

Well, after the raid I was chatting to NicePallyClassLeader and her warlock is shadowcloth and her cooldown is up and she'll gladly go make me 2 Shadowcloth.

So off she pops on her 225 skill flying mount, I give her a good lead then shoot off to the Altar of Shadows and I am waiting for her when she gets there!!!

She makes my cloth and I am a happy warlock. What other mats do I need? 10 Primal water and 2 Netherweb Spider Silk. What do I have on bank alt? 3 Primal Water and 0 Netherweb Spider Silk. I have to buy 7 Primal Waters at 20 gold a pop. OUCH!

After all this expenditure I am not buying the spider silk so off I go to farm it. 2 pieces takes me an hour to farm. Argggh.

But I am now the proud owner of these beauties!!

So what now, well I get straight onto the Shatari Skyguard quests by talking to the bint next to the flightmaster in Shattrath and off I go to the Barrier hills to kill Ogres.

Now what new level 70 warlock spell do you think I'm going to use against these Ogres. Why - Seed of Corruption of course. Ohhhhhh JOY! Send voidy into group of 3 level 71 ogres, let him get a little agrro and then pop, pop, pop with the seed of corruption and then pop, pop, pop with Siphon Life then bang, Bang, BANG and AGRRO - OH SHIT!!!

Well that was fun, but 20 Ogres down and it's time to report back to SkyGuard Bint.

"Go take these bombs to Firewind Landing near Skettis please EvilBastard."

"Okey Dokey Skyguard Bint, if you don't mind I'll take my friend HolyWarrior."

"Whateva, just get your fat arse over there and bomb some eggs!"

So off the 2 of them pop to Skettis to do the 2 dailies there.

EvilBastard also picked up the quest from the Ogre in Lower City so will soon be popping off to Blades Edge to start the quests up there in preparation for being able to do the 4 Ogrila/Skettis dailies there too!

He hasn't visited Mordenai in SMV yet to start Netherdrake quests, but that will be soon. Just gotta get keyed for Kara first.

And finally check out my HP and Mana wearing my new gear, it's nearly as much as HolyWarrior in his Healing gear!


Nibuca said...

I know you only get one cloth per.. but be sure to also do your spellcloth and primal mooncloth creations. Lilac did this and then would run back to Shatt an type into trade:

/2 WTT [Primal Mooncloth] for [Shadowcloth]

(I kept the spellcloth so I can eventually get spellstrike hood and spellstrike pants created). Very shortly I had enough cloth for all three pieces.

HolyWarrior said...

OMG, it had vaguely occurred to me at the time to do this but I had totally forgotten.

Good Call! Thanks.