Wednesday, 16 April 2008

New Gear Goals

So, now that EB picked up the Trial Fire Trousers he can put the spellstrike pants on the backburner which is nice!

So the first target is the Spellstrike Hood. He has the shadowcloth converted into spellcloth already and has the primal nether from the heroic run last week.

So all he needs to do is finish collecting the primals for the primal mights. Worst case scenario is TiceNits making 1 a day so thats the start of next week.

The we need to gem up the trialfire trousers and the hood. That's 6 gems. A runic spellthread in the trousers would be nice too. Thats a load of primal mana and a primal nether too. Ouch.

The primals for the hood are coming along nicely, if I can find someone in the guild who is willing to craft it then I may just buy any remaining primals. Once that is done it is time for...

This is apparently the best belt before Sunwell Plateau even for Affliction Warlocks I am going to have to buy the Nether Vortices so it will cost upwards of 800 gold. I hope it's worth it!

Looks like I'll need to re-evaluate my mat collecting.


Nibuca said...

Keep in mind that Nether Vortexes are not BoP.. and you can buy them for 15 badges.. so if you have a toon with 30 badges to spare.. they can buy the vortexes for your warlock.


HolyWarrior said...

Thanks for the suggestion Nibuca. I though of that, but I would rather not use badges on acquiring items that can be bought for gold (which I have an abundance of).

I'd prefer to save the badges for items that can ONLY be acquired with badges, like T6 equivalent gear!