Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Vengeance or Righteousness?

So as suggested by NicePallyClassLeader I had been running with SoV and JoV after a JoC rather than a SoR and JoR.

I am back on SoR/JoR now, with an ETA on an EMI toting an STI which is TMI on GCD ... blah blah blah, bloody TLAs

So, my current pull process is...
  1. BoSanc, Righteous Fury, Retribution Aura (Dev if boss)
  2. Try and remember to turn auto-attack on - DOH!
  3. Seal of Crusader
  4. Pull (With Captain America if safe to do so)
  5. Consecrate (if safe)
  6. Judge Crusader (if mobs aren't too close yet)
  7. Holy shield
  8. Seal of Righteousness
  9. JoR, re-seal and judge as necessary
  10. Consecrate as necessary
  11. Exorcism, if applicable, as necessary
  12. Try and remember to spam Holy Shield and keep it clear of GCD conflicts
  13. Try and remember not to use spells requiring cast time*
* a) It's stupid and wastes time because it WILL get a delayed casting. b) You shield is on your back - not good for block or threat generation. I can't help myself though. I wanna be Captain America and I love the Hammer of Wrath. hehe

So, what is best? Righteousness or Vengeance?

Also, does my pull strategy seem sound? Have I missed anything?

Answers on a postcard or the back of an envelope to ... err please post comments :)


Nibuca said...

SoR vs SoV:

When I tanked .. I found that if I started with SoCr I was counting on the DPSers to be patient. They are only patient on bosses.. and only sometimes.

If you get to smack the mob with your shield.. then SoCr/JoCr/SoR for middle length fights. If you don't get to throw your shield (pulls involving a sap) then SoR/JoR/SoR(until the cooldown on Judgement is up) then SoCR/JoCr/SoR. This frontloads your threat a little bit and gives you a cushion against twitchy DPSers.

For really long fights.. that's tough.. normally I'd end up throwing Wisdom on the mob to get some mana back.. SoCr is nice.. but useless without mana.

HolyWarrior said...

Thanks :)

Makes sense. I was thinking that if I was body pulling (or whatever without sheild throwing) there wouldn't be time to judge and reseal and yeah, I'd lose that threat lead.


modulok said...

For boss fights throw out your wings and possibly pop a Destruction Potion before you throw your shield. It should give you a nice bit of front-loaded threat to help build that cushion you need.

Wisdom on a boss is really for the other dps classes since if you are getting good healing you probably wont be able to spend all of your mana.