Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Aldor or Scryer (part 6,471,386)

EvilBastard Hit level 66 and still had not decided which way to go.

After reading Aldor vs Scryer on WoW-Wiki I had some ideas...

Some common assumptions are that for PvP locks go Scryer because its more crit oriented and PvE locks go Aldor for more spell damage; but there is not much in it at exalted.

The enchanter trainer is on the Scryer Tier and there may be a rep based enchant, I'll have to look into that.

The tailoring considerations are the fire resistance gear giving about 120 fire res over 3 pieces only come from aldor. The Aldor have silver and golden spell thread which are more healing oriented (well HolyWarrior has golden spellthread anwyay) and the Scryer have mystic and runic spellthread which are more damage based.

Equipment and weapons wise I'm not too interesed in any of it, Kara epics are gonna relpace most of that stuff anyway, so I didn't pay too much attention apart from the epic Scryer ring, which looks good.

Quest rewards also didn't really jump out at me and say "take this faction so you can get this uber-sword!"

So I'm going scryer for the ring, the spellthread, the ease of acess to enchanter trainer and most importantly so that when jumping off the scryer elevator you don't die!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday Fuckwad Fest

I think the whole guild must have been pissed today.

We started off with the afternoon raid and had to go to Gruul because we only had 22 people.

Oh well, we took Maulgar out after a quick reset due to a premature misdirect, and then 1-shotted Gruul with ease, then went back to SSC. We took out Lurker easily and then had a couple of noob wipes on Hydross before we got him down and he gave us PvP ring again.

In the evening raid we went to Leo and knocked his balls off and then for some reason skipped Morogrim (cos we always die!) and went for Karathress. Many wipes later, we abandoned. We have not got him on farm yet!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

OMFG - T4 or T5 - ouch

We popped into TK tonight.

First target was Lootreaver. We one-shotted the mother. He dropped Hunter/Mage/Warlock shoulders and Paladin/Rogue/Shaman shoulder and Cowl of the Grand Engineer.

Now, my guild has a rule, I've probably explained it before, that if you are bidding on an off-spec item then you can only bid minimum.

Well, for some reason I assumed that the Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion were T4 or that the were not as good as Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, so I only bid minimum for my tank or ret build.

Edit: OK, I'll be honest I put down a tactical bid of minimum bid +3 thinking they're probably an upgrade but I couldn't be arsed to check! People said "HolyWarrior! Min bid!" so I assumed that they knew what they were talking about and that what I was wearing was better; one of them was NicePallyClassLeader after all. So I reduced my tactical down to the minimum bid

Turns out they are T5 (DUH!!!) and may be better than what I am wearing, will have to check tomorrow and are a significant upgrade.
Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel. 1206A, +34 Int, 32 spell crit, 75 Healing.
Crystalforge Pauldrons. 1251A, 34st, 26int, 2 yellow sockets, +4 stam socket bonus, 16 spell crit, 77 healing

Anyway, clearing Solarian's room so best go...

...and a one-shot on solarian. With low aoe and low healing. We is uber innit!!

Ethereum Life-Staff
Greaves of the Bloodwarder
Wand of the Forgotten Star (which TiceNits won)

So, A'lar is still alive, but he will die.

This Stuff Gives You Wings

Picked this up as a quest reward on EvilBastard the Warlock. Who is now 98% into level 64.

I LFMAO when I saw this. Shame it's a rogue potion. It could have given an animation like pallies Avenging Wrath or maybe act like mages slow fall or the Jump-o-Matic 4000 or whatever it's called in Nagrand.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fathom-Lord Karathress Down

We skipped Hydros and went straight for Karathress.

The first 4 pulls were bad, I was healing the Shammy(2nd kill) Boss tank with a druid and a shaman. Either myself or the druid would get spiked and die pretty early, the other healers would follow or the tank, then the healers. The Shammy Boss would then get loose and wipe the raid. Attempt 4 I managed to get a DI on a shadow priest who was the only rezzer within range during a wipe panic!!

Try 5 saw standing at max max max range and doing perfect spell rotation of HL(6) followed by FoL(max) rinse and repeat, throwing in HL(max) if required; concentrating on the tank but throwing the odd heal at fellow healers. The Hunter Boss (1st kill) went down and then our Shammy Boss ate dust; maybe even the Priest Boss and started on Karathress. Who knows? People started dying quickly and I run down the corridor to Morogrims room hoping the patrol is at the other end of its walk (we didn't kill Morogrim!!), it was, I lived, Karathress reset. Rez time.

Try 6, perfect healing rotation again, Hunter Dies, Shammy Dies, Priest Dies, I FUCKING DIE at somewhere between 40% and 50% of Karathress. Others start dropping but so is Karathress. I am counting down his %HP in raid chat, about 10 people are dead and he's down to 5% ... 4% ... 4% ... 3% ... 3% ... 3% come on you bastard die!! ... 1% ... 1% ... DEAD!!!

We FUCKING killed Fathom-Lord Karathress.

2 Leggings of the Vanquished hero (Hunter Mage Warlock T5 Legs) and Bloodsea Brigand's Vest. Load of old toss. But at least we have a first kill :)

Also means I get the next step in the BT attunement from Seer Olum - The Secret Compromised.

Here is me having a chat with him.

I really want to get attuned before we get given the attunement for free in patch 2.4! I must remember to advance the quest line before we get to A'lar. An A'lar kill on Thursday night would be awesome :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday Kara Run

Picked up the guild Kara run.

Started with Prince :S ...

...and 2 shotted him, he dropped The Decapitator, Helm of the Fallen Hero and Ring of a Thousand Marks and 3 badges. I already have the ring and the rest was crap so 3 badges was all I got from him

Netherspite was 1 shotted and dropped Cowl of Defiance, Pantaloons of Repentance and 2 badges!!

Then Illhoof was 1-shotted and dropped Cord of Nature's Sustenance, Gilded Thorium Cloak and 2 badges. I won the roll on the cloak for my tanking build and i will looklater to see if it was worth it!

So I may have upgraded my tanking cloak and got 7 Badges. not bad for less than 2 hours work!!

Badge Total: 57

Tanking Stats: 515 Defence 103.5% avoidance. time to lose some def/avoidance and gain some moe stamina :)

Raid Slacking

Old Lesser Healing Wave and Backstab have a top ten going on at the moment and they are currently at number 8 (I can't wait to see number 1)

Here's one for their list (slightly extravagant as requires 2 WoW account). During a raid yesterday I loaded up EvilBastard on my laptop and ground through the boring Zangermarsh "kill x of this mob" and "collect y of this fungus" quests. Only missed a couple of heals, don't "think" I caused any deaths or wipes :P Might have slipped down the healing meters though!!

Spell Crit or +Healing

Edit #1: Put the real figures in.

I currently have Breastplate of the Lightbinder from Maiden I think Terestian Illhoof. This seems like a really good breastplate.

Last night I got Glowing Breastplate of Truth. Now this drops a fair wack of +healing and replaces it with Spell Crit.

I'll fill in the figures later when I can look at the old chest piece but the stats aggregate looks likeHere's how they measure up:

Armour (1450 -> 1607) +157
Stamina (28 -> 39) +11
Intellect (40 -> 40) +/- 0
Healing (88 -> 53) -35
MP5 (13 -> 10) -3
Spell Crit (0 -> 42) +42

So what is worth more +Healing or Spell Crit rating? What will give more healing over all?

OK Here are the assumptions. (Still need updating)
HL Base Heal 3220
FoL Base Heal 763
Original Crit 23.1%
Original Bonus Heal 1853

Over the course of a 10 minute fight you could spam:

Flash of Light (400)
76.9% of these will hit for average of 1558 that's 479,221 healing.
23.1% of these will crit for 2336 that's 215,930 healing.
For a total of 695,151 healing.

or Holy Light (300) - 2 second cast time (Light Grace FTW!)
76.9% of these will hit for average of 4543 that's 1,048,080 healing.
23.1% of these will crit for 6814 that's 472,249 healing.
For a total of 1,520,329 healing.

Now we'll swap out the breastplate and amend some assumptions
New Crit 25.0% (+1.9%)
New Bonus Heal 1818 (-35)

So over the same 10 minute fight:

Flash of Light (400)
75% of these will hit for average of 1543 that's 462,877 healing.
25% of these will crit for 2314 that's 213,438 healing.
For a total of 694,315 healing.

or Holy Light (300) - 2 second cast time (Light Grace FTW!)
75% of these will hit for average of 4518 that's 1,016,562 healing.
25% of these will crit for 6777 that's 508,291 healing.
For a total of 1,524,843 healing.

So it looks like my Flash of Light will go from 695K to 694K, a loss of 800 healing and my Holy Light will go from 1520K to 1524K, an increase of 4,500 healing.

OK, so these figures I have plucked from the air and rounded. The spell crit is actually 1.9% increase and that does not take into account any increase from an intellect increase. It also assumes a loss of 50 healing. It may be more, it may be less.

When I get home I've gotta get the real figures and plug those in.

OK, so these are the nearest figures I can use at the moment, I stuck them all in a spreadsheet and that's what I came up with. I used the actual healing and crit strike changes, but I calculated the base heals from my latest performance in game because I can't get to any sites, whilst at work, that tell me the actual base heals.

At the moment it looks like the new breastplate wins by a whisker assuming I use at least 20% Holy Light(which I do). I do lose a little Mp5 but gain armour and stamina (whoopy do!)

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday Evening Arggg!


21:30 Raid Start

22:30 Wipe one on Leo. 2% - TWO FRIGGING PERCENT - he enraged at, and we got him to 1% for ages and he still wiped us :(

11:07pm Leo down.

Gloves of the Vanquished Champion
Gloves of the Vanquished Defender
Fang of the Leviathan

Well, that bastard decided to play difficult and fucker with us didn't he? haha. We had about 3 attempts on him then gave up, I don't know where them time went :(

We didn't even try Hydross cos we had no druid tanks.

So much for Hyrdross, Leo, Moro and Karathress

Sunday Afternoon Epix Fest

Sunday Afternoons raid went to TK to start with.

Felreaver got his ass 1 shotted (after a quick lol-pull reset!) and he dropped

2 Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion
Fel Steel War-Helm

Then onto Solarian who was also one shotted

Greaves of the Bloodwarder - which I got for 40 (maybe 41DKP)
Wand of the Forgotten Star
Solarian's Saphire - and we only had 1 warrior!!

So then we went to SSC to clear to Lurker for tonights raid.

Another 1 shot and I picked up Glowing Breastplate of Truth for minimum bid.

Cheap Epix - lovely.

So hopefully some more cheap epix in tonight's raid. Hopefully we'll get Hydross, Leo and Morogrim. maybe even get a try on Karathress.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Been trying out a new site called Entrecard, It's pretty cool, it allows you to advertise on other bloggers blogs with a little 125x125 pixel image.

I first heard mention of it on Big Fat Bears Arse blog and have found some wonderful and some truly disturbing stuff through it.

Check it out! It costs nothing and it brings traffic to your page.

Fake Patch Notes

Good one over on Road to the Dark Side.

" I just read the patch notes, and while there isnt anything there that excites me, there is one thing that I DID see that was of interest:

Retribution Aura has been replaced by Fuckit Aura. Players affected by this aura will cease caring about threat and begin to AoE before the paladin establishes solid aggro.

Improved Improved Blessing Of Wisdom: It will make you smart. Hunters and rogues are not affected by this blessing."

Ha Ha Ha Thump!

Shared Topic - Character Names

Another shared topic over on BlogAzeroth is "How did you come up with your character names?"

This is going to be difficult as I don't advertise my real names on here, but lets give it a pop...

When I loaded up WoW for this first time after playing a paladin on TiceNits account for about 20 minutes I thought long and hard (like 2 mins).

First off I thought of using my Red Alert ID of MrNewJesus, but that was back in my long haired uni days and my (now ex-) wife made me get a hair cut before the wedding. So the name didn't really fit, besides I didn't hate god back then either.

So I went with what me grandfather used to call me. Unfortunately you can only have 12 characters so it got truncated. Grrr!!

I thought at the time that would be my only character, what little I knew back then! By about level 15 I was having big time bag space problems and couldn't be bothered travelling back to the city to use the Auction House every 1/2 a level so I created my first bank/AH toon; I named him with the russianification (made it sound russian!) of my sons name.

By level 60 I'd had plenty of deaths to the horde in WSG and I created a priest called HordeKiller which I fully intended to BG with, hmmm, don't think he's ever been in there!!

Whilst I was floating around level 60 doing not a hell of a lot I created a Warlock and named him after my main HolyWarlock.

I was getting raped by rogues quite a lot in the BGs so I thought that I'd have some of that fun and rolled PS the Rogue although in relation to my mains real name his name should be WarrWarriorus.

As you can see the name of my characters started to link back to my first ever character.

Then came an army of alts that all have the "Holy" part of my mains name in their names.

Enough rant about names, upwards and onwards...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

T6 Attunement going with Patch 2.4

I have been mulling this one over for quite some time now (well 2 minutes at least).

My first impression was, my god, don't let everyone in that hasn't worked for it for 6month-year.

Why should they get a shot at all the great T6 gear without the slogging? (felt kinda that way with SSC attunements going)

For god's sake; We're nearly there. We're 2/4 in Tk and a raid or two away from A'lar, then 2 or 3 raid away from KKKKkkk, yeah, you know who I mean. And we're 4/6 in SSC. A raid or 2 from Karathress and ... well ... an eternity from VAG. Why should they skip all the hassle we've gone through?

To my guild this will give us a slight boost, we can work on Kkkkk and VAG without having to farm lurker and Hydross for 2-3 hours and then Solarium and Lootreaver for the crap the mothercluckers drop. We can skip straight to the bosses that we should be working on anyway.

Yeah, we may well have the odd pop at BT and MH, but we'll finish TK and SSC first so that we're poperly geared for T6 raiding. We CAN clear SSC and TK and we will because it's fun.

We WILL go to MH and BT because we're just about ready anyway.

So why should Kara and Gruul guilds have a shot at BT? I was clearly getting narked at the idea?

But, to be honest, why not?

Illidan will clearly tell them "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" and he will be right, they have not gone through TK and SSC and they really will not be prepared. They will not have the gear, they will not have learnt T5/T6 tactics and they will not have learnt to work together. They may have the STRATEGY, but that will not be enough.

Let them into BT and MH, if they're not nearly there anyway then they will fail. They will be able to say they have seen inside those places and so what? good for them.

They won't have Illidan's loot because they weren't ready. But they will be happy for going inside.

Blizz will be happy for opening up end game content to more than 1% of the population.

We will be happy because a speed hump was removed from the road :)

I have one thing to say to those people that are against removing the attunement because there will be noobs walking round IF with T6 gear - "No there won't, noob guilds will die to trash, they have no chance of downing a boss, your T6 gear will still have the 'woot' value."

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Morogrim Can Suck My Fat One

Bastard Morogrim refused to die tonight.

I was on murloc tank healing again and this time I would pop up to Morogrim betwen murlocs and judge a quick Wisdom on him and throw a couple of heals on tank. I would take a bit of earthquake damage and run back to pally murloc tank so she could heal me (no warlocks - DOH!). We got him down to 25%-ish a couple of times but everytime something bad happened.

On the upside though I replaced Windshear Boots with Boots of Courage Unending from a trash mob! Nice! Thats a 500 armour upgrade becuase the windshear were mail, but losing 18 stamina, 12 intellect and 18 spell hit. But I don't really need stamina (or the armour). +31 spell crit - thats more like it for those crit heals. yum. But best of all +51 healing :)

Totally unbuffed that takes me to 1818 healing. I was around 1908 with some raid buffs.

In other news, when checking out sundays WWS reports I noted that I managed to get a 9700 Holy Light crit. WOOT!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday Night Raid.

Leo went down one-shotted!!!

Orca Hide Boots
T5 Gloves of the Vanquished Champion
T5 GLoves of the Vanquished Defender

Morogrim, however, was not so easy, lots of good attempts and we fucked up at the 25% every time. :(

Frigging 3rd in the guilds DKP ranks though!!! NicePallyClassLeader is fucking 2nd though :(

She even out rolled me on T4 shoulders from Gruul :(

nb: Guild has a rule that you can only bid minimum for off spec items and we were both going for them for tanking :(

Sunday Afternoon Raid

Had a little sourjorn into SSC and one shot Lootreaver and Solarion

Lotreave dropped sets of Hunter Mage Warlock shoulders again, as well as Fel-Steel Warhelm (which I already have) and Pattern: Boots of Natural Grace.

Solarion dropped
Worldstorm Gauntlets
Star-strider Boots

Also, some fucker dropped Girdle of Fallen Stars - I will find out who dropped that.

So, off to Gruuls Lair
HK, 4 minutes 6 seconds
hunter mage warlock and palaldin, rogue shammy sholuders
Belt of Divine Inspiration

We are now sat waiting to start Gruul, I hope we one shot him too!

Got him before Grow 12 hit, time was 5mins 46s
2 sets of pally leg tokens
Cowl of Nature's Breath
Axe of the Gronn Lords

Everyone Has a Bad Day

Poor NicePallyClassLeader. Trying to quest whilst in raid group!!!

This was epic.

Finally - Aldor Exalted

It took a while but last week I finally got to Exalted with Aldor.

Last Tuesday I bagged a 41DKP bargain from Morogrim. Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel.

I had originally thought they were a bit pants, but soon realised they were pretty dam good!

Having done all the easy Aldor quests, maybe even all of them, I thought I'd work out if I had enough Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras to hit exalted. By my rough calculations I should just about make.

I needed around 13,000 rep, so off we go...

It took about 10 minutes of this, but finally.

And for once I actually managed to capture a ding moment :)

I used all my Fel Armaments and all but 9 Marks of Sargeras!

When I get round to it I can also put the Uber Tanking Shoulder Enchant on. But I think I'll wait for something better than Fanblade Shoudlers :P

On, the downside, I may need to work on my Brood of Nozdormu rep!

I'm getting all Artistic

Last week I was doing some quests in Shimmering Flats as the sun was setting.

I suddenly come over all artistic...

Now You Know What's Under Stormwind

[Begin Extract from Tales of a Shaman]

Was just minding my own business in Stormwind.

I had been at the Slaughtered Lamb in the Mage District having a few ales with pals and I was a little the worse for wear. I was on my way back to my apartment in the Old Town and was about to cross the bridge into the Trade District when a sinister looking chap in the shadows threw some "dirt" in my face, my eyes went all blurry and when I regained my senses this is what I saw:

[End Extract]

I don't know what those strange looking tunnels are all about, but at least we know that the GMs don't have a secret Night Club or poker den down there!!

Shaman Air Totem Quest (Alliance)

It was a long trek up the side of the mountain that the Exodar had crashed into, but after several hours I arrived exhausted at the summit.

Me: Hail mighty air spirit, I have been sent for training.

Air Spirit: Greetings Shaman, I have been expecting you. I have heard great things of you from my earth, fire and water brethren. Unlike them, I will not set you an arduous task, you have already proved yourself.

Me: Thanks dude Thank you great spirit.

Air Spirit: Take this token to your trainer and he will imbue its essence into a totem for you.

Me: Cheers mate Thank you oh airy one. God, it's high up here, I'm getting quite a case of vertigo.

Air Spirit: I will aid you in you return.



And You Thought Battlegrounds Were Bad...

I captured this little potty mouth in Skettis.

I normally start off a run of dailies with some Netherwing quests then swoop into Skettis from the east and check the northeastern prisoner spawn point on my way to the Skettis quest hub in case he is there.

On this occasion he was and I swooped in and grabbed the quest. The second that I had clicked accept I got a group invite. I clicked decline because it was too late anyway, I don't like being called a prick for no real reason, the following ensued.

Now, I will normally invite any alliance to a group who are nearby when I accept the quest, this pricks never getting an invite. In fact I'm going to go out of my way to ninja the prisoner from him if I see him again.

Is it just me or was his whisper to me a little disproporionate and a little uncalled for? :P

Caption Competion.

This is Lylandis (or whatever her name is) the Warsong Gulch Battlemaster for Ironforge.

What is she saying to PS the Rogue?

Friday, 8 February 2008

PS the Rogue Ready for Outland

As we speak PS is flying to Theramore on his final (hopefully) expedition across Azeroth. He is 33% into level 59 and has just soloed the quests in Sunken Temple, the ones I expected him to be able to anyway!

All he has left is The God Hakkar and one of thne final rza'ilkh quests in Blasted Lands.

When he lands I am off to bed and then when I log him on again he will be doing 1 Blasted Lands quest then jumping straight through the Dark Portal to join HolyWarrior and EvilBastard in the Outlands!

As a bonus to this it means I have beaten TiceNits again. She has 2 characters in there and so do I, but sooon I will have 3!

Quick SSc trip

Server reset. Back to SSC. Wipe a few times on Hydross and get MORE PVP LOOT???

Living Root of the Wildheart
Band of Vile Agression
Scarab of Displacement

Then we one shot Lurker.

I got Libram of Absolute Truth, which I won for minimum bid again, hmmp, and he also dropped Grove-Bands of Remulos, Mallet of the Tides and Pattern: Boots of Utter Darkness

Those Shoulders from Morogrim are Alright!!

OK, so I had a look at Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel I got for 41 DKP off Morogrim.

I originally thought they were crap.

OK I lose a whole bunch of Stamina and 7mp5, but I gain intellect, Armour, spell crit and healing.

Also I have just got enough marks to hit exalted with Aldor so I get the UBER shoulder enchant and that has 4mp5.

So I lose stamina (if I'm getting hit I'm prolly going to die) and 3 mp5. Pfff I'm gonna cry ... not.

But my healing hits 1770!!!

Then I went and got a +All Stats on my chest, which for some reason I never got...wierd.

Anyway, off to SSC

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Rouge Nouges

pronounced: Roooooge Noooooos

(For those slow ones amongst you that was a piss take on the peoples that spell rogue as rouge. For those even slow; Rouge = Red make up)

Anyway, first off PS the Rogue made level 59 by accident by clearing out his quest log and he hasn't even made it to outland yet. Then he was killing a few furbolgs to get to neutral (at least I think it was those anoyig fucckers) and Pattern: Stormshrouh Armour dropped. Well, woopy doo!! Hopefully i casn make some money back on my vane-glorious armour twinking!!!

(I know my spelling and typos suck ass - I will sort them tomorrow when sober)

Lastly, all he has to do is finish off a couple of Sunken Temple quests and hew will have an empty quest log to start Outland with. He will probably be level 60 by then too!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

PvP Raid Rewards


Last night, you may have noticed, we downed TurdLicker Morogrim and he dropped [insert link].

I mean, WTF has that got resilience on it?

We are up to our armpits in high end 25 man raid content. So what's with the PvP gubbins?

Leo (maybe) also dropped something with resilience on it last week.

Are we gonna get to Black Temple and get Gladiator drops off the trash?

Patch 2.4 Changes

Many of you bloggers out there have posted extracts of 2.4 notes. I found a nice concise list over on Girl Meets WoW, so one shameless Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V later...

General Changes
  • New fishing daily quests!
  • Spell haste is being changed to reduce the global cooldown on spells (down to a minimum of 1 second).
  • Loot off of Kazzak and Doomwalker will now be BoE.
  • When respeccing, you'll no longer have to retrain every rank of a talented spell.
  • Enchanters will now be able to convert void crystals into 2x large prismatic shards, on a 24 hour cooldown.
  • A combat log overhaul is in the works.
PvP Changes
  • No more diminishing returns on honor. None!
  • Instant honor calculations. No more waiting until the next day to buy that piece of gear, huzzah!
  • Vendors for AB/WSG/AV will now offer level 70 blues for sale for gold, for players of sufficient reputation.
Dungeon & Raiding Changes
  • 25-man raid bosses will now drop three tier set tokens instead of two, as well as significantly more gold.
  • Scale of the Sands reputation rate gain increased.
  • Heroic-level gems will not be unique-equipped anymore.
  • Improved loot options for bind-on-pickup items (and no more confirmation window for things like Badges of Justice).

Class Changes
  • A ret pally reitemization is in the works.
  • Players will now be limited to 80 Conjured Manna Biscuits in their inventory at one time. (Take that, mage table ninjas!)
  • Priests can now cast fear ward in shadowform.
  • Warlocks inside an instance will now be able to summon players who are outside the instance.
  • Warriors' Endless Rage will now provide significantly more rage, and off-hand Whirlwind crits will now trigger Flurry and Rampage.
  • Healing Grace will now reduce the chance of shamans' spells to be dispelled by 10/20/30%.
  • Druids' Lacerate will now scale with feral attack power.
You can find the source for all of these at Bluetracker, or check out Eyonix's weekly roundup.

I am one CHEAP Mofo

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Morogrim Turdlicker Down

Morogrim finally went down tonight.

We cleared to him and then we somehow pulled the last patrol early and the raid started going down, I popped a DI on NicePallyClassLeader and announced it in TeamSpeak. To which there was a few comments of why so early?

I looked at my grid frames and dead people were alive again, combat rez FTW. I'm thinking "Oops, I've done it again" when Morogrim's fat foot starts stomping on people.

A recovery from a bad trash pull may have been possible with 1 pally not self-sacrificed and one in a 3 minute long impenetrable bubble, but a recovery from the Morogrim lol-pull is probably nigh on impossible!

I checked the WWS report and in the first 5 seconds of the fight both priests, 1 holy pally and the main OT were dead before I noticed the MT go down and spammed DI. That fight was only reported with 16/25 members so even more may have died!

So, looks like I did the right thing without even realising. Well I'm not going to disavow anyone in the guild of that opinion anyway.

So second attempt and I have supposedly been assigned raid healing. Our pally murloc tank goes down. I am told I was supposed to be healing him. I challenge anyone to find that little tidbit of information in the chat logs. No-one comes back with a clever answer.

Third attempt, I know I am healing murloc tank, but it's been a long time since I read up on this, all is going well and Morogrims health dives below 25%, there is pandemonium in TS with shouts of "To the Wall" etc, I've no clue whats going on and assume a wipe is imminent and we're getting into Ressing range, but we keep on fighting in the entrance to the Doorway and we wipe at 6% - SIX PERCENT.

Reason: At 25% the Water Globules appear, if you move all the raid into the corridor behind the tanking spot then you can ignore them.

Lesson Learnt: Re-read fight strats before raid, don't trust to memory of reading strats months ago!

So, attempt 4 goes well until at about 30% the murloc tank gets watery graved just as the murlocs turn up. I didn't know that was possible! Anyway wipe quickly follows.

Attempt 5: Textbook. He dropped:

Band of the Vigilant
Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients
Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel - which I won for 41 DKP - probably a waste - LOL

Anyway, after our first ever kill of Morogrim we went on to wipe twice on Karathress. That was fun. :)

Before tonight I was 6th in the DKP standings, now I am 6th=

Rogue Enters Sunken Temple

As there was no raid scheduled for Monday night I decided it was high time that PS the Rogue got his Sunken Temple stuff sorted and got his ass into Outland.

With trepidation I entered LFG for DM West (too low level for ST) and started spamming LFG channel for a group. I soon picked up a cool level 59 Hunter called GavSucks.

After a little while we merged with a 45 Warrior and 46 Hunter. Hmmm, this could be interesting. We only need a healer and it will have to be a good one to cover that warrior. We then pick up a level 52 pally called JerkOff.

Gav and I are flying to ST as we are too high level for the meeting stone and telling the group that they will all have to fly because of this. Gav and I arrive and then we lose the lowbie hunter.

Turns out that Gav and JerkOff are in the same guild.

We manage to replace him with a shadow priest called Onixa and eventually everyone arrives and we start clearing. JerkOff is calling the shots and he's coming over as a bit arrogant (read complete cock). We clear the ring and the minibosses with me generally Stunlock tanking them. With me and a 59 hunter the bosses are going down before they can get out of a CS -> SS -> SS -> SS -> 5cp KS.

So with Jammals room opened we head to clear the Dragon room but the priest jumped down and agrroed half the room so we all wiped and JerkOff got a bit angry, although the lazy fuck didn't do the corpse run back.

Gav then got a bit lost on the way back so we spent some time mucking about getting him back.

Once we got all grouped up again we started clearing to Jammals room. On the first pull the priest got feared into a group of mobs. Hunter FD, I Vanished. Everyone else died. Warrior left group.

While JerkOff tried to find a replacement GavSucks and I attempted to get to Morphaz for our class quests but I died after using my last vanish.

After a quick run back and summoning someone else (while GavSucks tried to solo Morphaz) we go and down Morphaz and his buddy. Then off to clear Jammals room which we do with easy. Everyone onto Jammal whilst I single handeadly take out his buddy.

For the whole run JerkOff had been going on about an Epic Sword that he wants Jammal to drop. Before the pull Gav asks what my guild is like. He's getting so pissed with JerkOff that he might roll on the sword. I lol, and tell him guild has been empty since TBC hit. Guess what? It didn't drop anyway - haha.

So, back to the main room and take out the 2 new dragon spawns.

Whilst we do this someone manages to pull the two remaining packs of dragonkin. LOLOL. Gav FDs, I sprint out the door and just make it outside, someone else runs the wrong way and the only result of that is going to be death.

JerkOff goes mad. Ha Ha Ha.

We had our class quests done so Gav decides to go. He does the classic "Sorry guys, gotta go" *poof*. Can't blame him really. He and I should probably have 2 manned the place (carefully). The only other consistency was JerkOff, I cared little for the others that were crap and kept disappearing and JerkOff was just ... a Jerk Off!

As if on cue the other 2 quit the party leaving me and JerkOff. The time is now 22:45 (23:45) server time and I announce that "my mom says i have to have a bath". Cya mofo!

GavSucks and I had fun. We could Vanish and FD. We were joking around behind the groups back. We were doing the majority of the work. We knew what we were doing. We got our class quests done. We should have 2 manned it!

The others? They can suck my fat one!

It was a god-awful PUG - but that doesn't mean it couldn't be fun.

Nothing worth talking about.

Friends made:

Quests Complete: (First hand in dinged me level 58)
Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar (10 tablets)
The Azure Key (Rogue Quest)
Jammal'an the Prophet

Quests to group for:
The God Hakkar

Quests to try and solo:
Haze of Evil (Haze from worms)
Into the Depths (altar)
Secret of the Circle (statues)

The Weekend II

Friday 1st February
No WoW on friday night, but got a new gun on Ghost Squad. Its a fish and the enemies are women in bikinis!!

Saturday 2nd February
More fish and bikins.

Sunday 3rd February
We spent the morning on BadBitch and HotPants. BadBitch has overtaken HotPants and has moved over to STV with HotPants struggling to catch up. Got Shimmering Flats done and up to 32 before raid time.

Unfortunately the raid was cancelled as only 18 people signed so I got some DKP and moved back over to HotPants and did some STV. God those Kurzen priests still annoy me!!

Monday 4th February

Finally Managed to get a group for ST. A PUG. F*cking Hilarious. NOT! Post coming soon.

SSC 3 Bosses dead

Thursday 31st January
We went to SSC. We downed Hydross on attempt 2 after getting him to about 40% on try 1. Lurker then got 1 shotted and then we moved onto Leo. We 2 shot Leo after a quick reset on attempt 1. This was my first Leo kill, so I am back on track with the rest of the guild. It was also tice(sic) to be raiding with TiceNits again.

I do believe this was the first time we got 3 bosses down in one night.


Wednesday 30th January
Was hoping for another few tanking attemps in ZA, but people decided to go to Karazhan instead. So did a little BG action with PS, a little AH action with my bank toon and a little Shammy action to round the evening off.