Thursday, 30 April 2009

Children's Week Achievement

OK, so it has finally started. I hope you made the preparations I pointed out here.

In fact that post has now been updated so visit my Children's Week Achievement page

Read up on that, it actually tells you most of what you need to do already!!!

But here are a couple more pointers.

You can't get the meta-achievement unless you are at least level 75. Why? Because you have to be level 75 to eat some of the "sweets" for Bad Example :(

1. Go to Stormwind. Into the Cathedral Square and get the quest Children's Week from Orphan Matron Nightingale.

2. To get your orphan out, blow the whistle she gives you.

3. Do all the achievements. BUT. BIG BUT. Hold on don't hand in the final quest (Warden of the Alliance) yet to get the pet and the Aw, Isn't It Cute? achievement, because you will probably lose your orphan and not be able to complete the other achievements for the meta. You have been warned. I will check that out on an alt and update you all later tonight. Breaking News: You get a Draneii Orphan Whistle and new quests in Shatrath- just checking if you can get achievements with the Draniee Orphan. Breaking News II - you get achievement credits in the battlegrounds when using the Draneii Orphan - so yippee kai ah mother ... err ... matron ... whatever!!!

More coming soon, when I have scoffed my face in front of the orphan...


*times passes*

OK, OK. Orphan suitable had bad example set.

HW has done the escort quests up to acccepting the Warden of the Alliance. He has hearthed and will now be doing battelgrounds while waiting for a group for Utguarde Pinnacle. I'm going to try and do it on heroic because I am sure King JimmyRon drops and upgrade for HW. EB will be doing this achievement separately therefore.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

HW and EB the Nobles

Within minutes of logging on last night I found 2 female orcs in their elegant dresses dancing just outside the horde only area of Dalaran who were kindly popping off their ears as soon as they got them.

Yay - HW and EB are both Nobles now!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Holy Pally - Spellpower or Crit?


5 points in Divinity vs 2 points Divinity + 3 points Sanctity of Battle.

So what is it to be? Discuss.

On a slightly separate note, fucking Blizzard. removed cast time reduction for Holy Light from Infusion of Light. WTF was the point in that?

Anyway, can you guess I am on just re-learning my talents after 3.1.1? I'm currently on 51:0:15

Update (Cold light of day):
Thanks lance. I'm pretty sure my crit is not excellent so I'll probably go for SoB. I was lurking in my old guild forums and this was posted up...

Standard (5/5 Divinity - 2/2 Imp LoH)

Crit Based (2/5 Divinity - 3/3 Sanctity of Battle)

I'll check them out later when not at work and can access wowhead. I also threw a dual-ret spec together and want to compare it this spec

Megaaaaaannnnnn!!!! Noooooooo!!

Megan from Out of Mana has closed up shop :(

I can't even say goodbye ... commenting restricted to team members.

Old Moony from Flash of Moonfire found the same problem.

Bye Bye Megan /wave

Noblegarden Achievement Roundup

Whoah there Lesley!!! Seems I hit the right keywords with my Noblegarden Achievement Guide, my daily hits easily quadrupled and I haven't even done the follow up yet!!

OK, so we've had the Black and White what you need to do for the achievement, but what's the best way to actually go about it?

Cut to the Chase.
If you don't want an overly annoying egg hunt grind then forget about the non-meta achievements to get the Tuxedo and the Dress, if you aren't lucky enough to get them from the eggs then you can buy them from the vendor for a total of 100 choccies (25 for each tux part and 50 for the dress). You can also buy the Spring Robes to let you plant flowers in the deserts and the Spring Flowers to "ear" people.

You don't even need the dress, so you could scrub that as well. The only thing you actually need to loot for the meta-achievement is chocolate.

Noobshire ... groan!
I found Goldshire was the best place to start geographically, and it wasn't even too full of asshats on my server.

So, go to Goldshire, preferably with the intro quest, and get the two quests outside the inn. Equip the Egg Basket because this gives you a speed boost on use.

Start looting eggs. I Found One - there you go, one achievement already :) When you have 20 Shell Fragments and 10 Noblegarden Chocolates go hand the quests in and remember to re-equip the egg basket; you handed it to the quest giver and he gave it back to you as a reward - fucking annoying!! You also now have a Blossoming Branch which you will need later in Un'Goro (unless you are a masochist and very high level).

Keep looting eggs.

...more eggs ...

... and a few more eggs.

Bored Yet?

Stuff Your Fat Face Fatty!
Once you are at 100 choccies - eat them all - There you go, 2 achievements: Chocolate Lover and Chocoholic.

Hopefully by now you have a few other things like the Spring Rabbit's Foot, keep collecting choccies from the eggs until you have enough choccies to buy what else you need. If you see any females make sure to use the Spring Flowers on them to give them "ears" - Important: Don't bother if they already have ears as you won't get the credit. Also; don't waste the 5 minute cooldown on sub level 18s - they don't count either!

Let's Make Some Baby Bunnies.
When you have everything make sure to get your Spring Rabbit Pet out (learnt from the Spring Rabbit's Foot) and get him to mate with another players pet rabbit.

You do Have a Friend, Don't You?
Now, at some point you are going to need to team up with someone to get the Hard Boiled achievement done. As I dual box this was easy for me, HW and EB, just did it together. This had the added bonus of making the rabbit-mating part just that little bit easier.

Right, purchase you very own Brightly Coloured Egg from the vendor for 5 choccies and head into Stormwind. click the egg and place the AoE target somewhere on the ground and hide your egg. Bingo - Noble Garden.

Move Your Arse.
Fly to Loch Modan and ride down into the Badlands, equip your Spring Robes and use them to plant a flower. Now head to Ironforge and ride down to Kharanos.

Once in Kharanos get your Spring Rabbit Pet out and make sure he gets all jiggy with another rabbit before heading over to Darnassus. At this point I hearthed to Dalaran and the took the portal to Darn. Do it however which way you want, I'm not telling you how to play the game m'kay?

Right, take the boring ride from Darnassus to Dolanaar and get the Spring Rabbit Pet bizzy with the fizzy again. I went /afk here for dinner so when I got back I hearthed back to Dalaran and ported back again. I'm lazy, deal with it. You want to run back to Darn? Go for it!

OK, get from Darn to Auberdine and then get the boat over to Azuremyst, ride over to Azure Watch, get your rabbit all shagtastic and ... Spring Fling. Guess what? I was lazy again. /afk cigarette and a pint, Hearth and Portal. You gotta love the 30 minute hearthstone cooldown ain't ya?

So now fly from Darnassus to Desolace. You did take my advice right? What? You ran from Azure Watch to the pier, waited for a boat, rode the boat to Auberdine, all along the pier to the flightpath? You've got too much time on your hands friend. Too late now I suppose. Beer and Fags won it for me.

Fly, Fly, Fly Your Gryph, Gently Down the World.
Either way, you're now in Desolace. Use the Spring Robes again to plant another flower and head off to Thalanaar, or whatever that place between Feralas and Thousands Needles is called. Spring Robes. Plant flower. Back on hippogrpyh thingy.

Don't Fork It Up!
This time we're going to Tanaris, don't fly straight to Silithus, because you don't, stupid frigging bird goes via Un' Goro anyway and then your nice linear route is buggered. You've forked it. That is: You have put a fork in your path.

In Tanaris, use your Spring Robes again to plant a flower and straight back on the bird to Un'Goro. You did bring a friend with you right? You'll need him for the next part ... err maybe* ... so, run down to Golaka Hot Springs which is in the west of the zone, that's the left hand side Donald. Nine O'Clock? Oh I give up, look it up on the map dumbass!!

Nearly There.
This is where you use the Blossoming Branch on each other. You will both become rabbits. Hang around till you both lay an egg. There you go - Hard Boiled. Ride back to Marshal's and grab a flight over to Syphillus. Use your Spring Robes one final time and bongo bango - Desert Rose.

Hearth to Dalaran. Or wherever. As long as there are plenty of horde and allliance about, then you're good to go. Battlegrounds. Check. Shattrath. Check. Stormwind Throne Room? You really are a masochist aren't you?

We've got plenty of great keywords in here to bring the google rating up :P Seriously though, throw on your Elegant Dress and get you mate to get his Tux on and /kiss you. Then swap clothes and repeat the perfomance and you have Blushing Bride.

I Saved the Best for Last.
Good luck with the dwarf and the orc!!! HW and EB are still waiting around for a female orc, they've only just got their dwarves :(

Now you have to use your Spring Flowers on any females you have not yet come across. Don't forget level 18+ and they can't have ears already. Oh, and there's a freakin' 5 minute cooldown on the flowers!! When you complete this you will get Shake Your Bunny-Maker and Noblegarden with the title "BlahBlahBlah the Noble".

Congratulations. Now start buying sweeties for Children's Week.

* I assumed that the blossoming branch can not be used on yourself, was I right? Answers on a postcard ... or just in the comments, Whateva!

EvilBastard's Noblegarden Nightmare

Maybe it has something to do with the fact the HolyWarrior is a champion of the light. OK, grinding the eggs was a bit of a bind but after an hour or so we were good to go. Got the gear that you need to drop for the extra achievements and had plenty of choccies to but the robes which you don't need to drop, the only thing HW hasn't got is the circlet type thingy.

So with goody-two-shoes having an easy time of it, what do you expect of EB's attempts? A bloody nightmare, that's what. I suppose it must be down to the fact that EvilBastard is ... err ... an Evil Bastard!

It started off well with the pet dropping after only 6 eggs, but quickly went down hill. Well not quickly really; excruciatingly bloody slowly!!

Here's how EB's hunting went:

6 Spring Rabbits Foot - YAY
7 Blosssoming Branch - Meh, I'll get it as a quest reward anyway
54 Black Tuxedo Pants - YAY
64 White Tuxedo Shirt - YAY
112 another foot
127 another branch
131 another shirt
140 Spirit Robes - YAY
145 Spring Flowers - YAY, Now we just need the Elegant Dress
162 another foot
178 another branch
190 more flowers
193 another branch
199 white shirt - again
217 Spring Circlet - Meh Whateva!
243 branch
250 tux pants
278 circlet
308 branch
364 spring robes
380 rabbits foot
427 Still No Elegant Dress

So he spent some chocolates on tuxedo parts to sell (hopefully) and joined HolyWarrior to tour the world and finish the achievement. Summary guide following.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Noblegarden Achievement Progess

I did my starting quests then got stuck down to grinding eggs. 20 chocolates to finish the starting quest, then ...

85 chocolates later and I'd picked up an extra couple of blossoming branches then finally got my spring flowers. At exactly 100 chocolates I got my white tuxedo shirt, then at 105 choccies I got my Spring Rabbit's Foot!!!

So now I just need the Tuxedo Pants, Spring Robes and Elegant Dress. I will be a happy bunny then - excuse the pun!!

118 Choccies and I got my Tuxedo pants :)) Dress and Robes to go ...

... 147 choccies and I got another bloody pet :(

... 156 Elegant Dress!!! Just the robes to go now :)

1 egg later another dress!! WTF!!

So after eating 100 choccies, buying the robes for 50 (cos you don't get an achievement for finding them) and buying an egg for 5, I have 7 choccies left. Which means ...

... I just wasted fuck knows how much of my life clicking eggs about 200 times - LOOL.

Off to plant an egg in Stormwind then loot it (so it only cost me 4 eggs) then off to bed with the following Achievements complete and then EvilBastard has to repeat the process tommorrow.

I Found One
Noble Garden
(Chocolate Lover)
(Dressed for the Occasion)
(Sunday's Finest)

Off to bed ...

... update 28/04: As you'll see from a newer post, HW is almost done. Just gotta find a goddam female orc!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Children's Week Guide Coming to a G, B & DE Blog Post Soon

Following closely on the heals (well half up the skirt and getting tangled in the suspender belt really) of Noblegarden we have another world event imminent. Children's Week.

Get ready for a lot of dragging the little Bastard err brat round ridiculous places in Azeroth and Outland.

A prize* to the person with the best screenie of their brat getting ripped limb from limb by the local wild life.

Watch this space [ ]

In the meantime check out this post I'd forgotten I'd written. In fact this post is now up to date so go check out what you need to do.

*prize to be announced but it's probably going to be something like me thinking about something.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Noblegarden Achievement Guide

OK, so yet another achievement guide/checklist of things for me to do.

Noblegarden is probably the least participated in world events for any of my characters, followed by Brewfest. Seeing as I am a huge beermonster it is surprising that I didn't get involved with that. But Eggs? Meh! No shock there!

Updated: 16:30 23/04/2009

So with the pre-amble done the world event: Noblegarden.

The event starts on Sunday 26th April and runs for a week (check your in-game calendar for details). It contains a small quest chain that starts you off, involving getting a basket and putting chocolates in it (the basket for the quest gives you a speed boost). The first quest is "Spring Collectors" which sends you to one of your faction starting areas. I'm going to Goldshire!!

Hand in Spring Colectors to the Collector outside the inn and get "The Great Egg Hunt", also get "A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket" from the vendor next to the Collector.

Complete these quests while collecting choccies nom nom :P You will get a "Blossoming Branch witch is useful for the "Hard Boiled" achievement and get to keep the basket with a speed bonus. Carry on with egg collecting.

and then it's into the usual holiday achievement grind...

The meta-achievement requires 8 of the event achievements to be completed.

1. I found One
Find a brightly coloured egg. These can be found in the capital cities and allegedly in the first few starting areas.

2. Hard Boiled
Lay an egg in Un'Goro Crater's Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration. Dunno what that's all about. Edit: According to Kam's PTR Guide you can get a Blossoming Branch for 10 chocolates from a Noblegarden vendor and that turns a party member into a rabbit

3. Noble Garden
Hide a [Brightly Coloured Egg] in Stormwind City. Eh? I thought you had to FIND them? Buy a brightly coloured egg for 5 chocolate. Hide it. Loot it. Get a chocolate or other item back. Win!

4. Desert Rose
Use the Spring Robes you get in an egg, or purchase for 50 chocolates, when equipped and they will plant a flower in the ground. You need to plant a flower in the deserts of The Badlands, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Desolace and Tanaris. There is a mere 1 minute cooldown on the robes, so just a bit of travelling is needed for this one. Edit:Shamelessly ripped from Kam's Guide!!

5. Chocoholic
I'm guessing this is "Chocolate Lover" and requires you to eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolates. Edit: or are there TWO chocolate eating achievements here? 25 chocs and 100 chocs? Yep - eat 100 choccies!!!

6. Spring Fling
Find your pet [Spring Rabbit] another one to love in each of the towns listed below. You need a Spring rabbit's foot, this can be bought for 100 chocolates or maybe a random drop from an egg. Get it near other rabbits in Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire and Kharanos and watch them mate :P.

7. Shake Your Bunny-Maker
Use [Spring Flowers] to place rabbit ears upon females of at least 18th level. Currently I have only found that these are a random drop - fucking Blizzard.(Edit: Kam says you can buy them for 50 chocolates) Use it on a female of every race.

8. Blushing Bride
/kiss someone wearing an [Elegant Dress] while wearing a [White Tuxedo Shirt] and [Black Tuxedo Pants]. Do exactly what it says on the tin.

These will give you "... the Noble" as a title.

The other achievements which are not required are:

Chocolate Lover
I guess this is Chocoholic, so it is required really!!! Looks like Blizz screwed up the achievement window!!. Edit: See Chocoholic comments.

Sunday's Finest
Discover the [White Tuxedo Shirt] and [Black Tuxedo Pants] by opening brightly coloured eggs during the Noblegarden celebration. If you've done "Blushing Bride" then I guess you already got this achievement! (Unless you buy them for chocolates ofc)

Dressed for the Occasion
Discover an [Elegant Dress] by opening brightly coloured eggs during the Noblegarden celebration. More clothes for the overfilled wardrobe!! Why can't Blizz give us a wardrobe in the banking hall?

Edit: 23/04 image and typos
Edit: Updated Desert Rose from Kam's PTR Guide, I'm guessing it's the about the same.
Edit: Added some details found on Rawr.

3.1 Yawn....

It's been a week since 3.1 and Ulduar hit out monitors, or rather dribbled particularly slowly over our DSL/Cable/Dial up connections, installed and then left us hanging on the login screens for hours and finally allowed us to logon to a mess of failing addons and a server shutdown message.

I guess that was most peoples experience. Seriously, does anyone still play over dial up? If they do have they finished downloading the patch yet?

Anyway. I digress. I couldn't even get the download finished for a couple of days and when I finally did it was late at night. I logged on, did a couple of dailies and logged out. Meh.

And that has been the same pattern every day since 3.1 hit. OK, I've been moving house and have lots to do, but I haven't even bothered to try and make time to do anymore than the Dalaran cooking daily, the old fishing daily (apparently there is a level 80 fishing daily now) and checking my auctions. Gimme the fucking Lager Rumsey so I can stop fishing in Outland ffs.

I was really excited about the Argent Tournament, but by the time I got into WoW I just really couldn't be bothered.

It may have something to do with the fact I am still guild-less and am at a loss what to do. Most of the in-game friends that are still playing are with the Porkers and they are now in Uludar. Some of them have left and are in other guilds now, but I don't know anyone else in them and I want to play with friends.

Hopefully NicePallyClassLeader will come back and save the day, but somehow I doubt that :(

And now 3.1.1 will be hitting today so that is probably more fun and games downloading all night and more add-on fuck ups. MEH!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Patch 3.1 - Dual Spec


I got home last night and the piece of S*IT vista PC had fuggin' shut down again, so it was STILL 3 hours to go and not making any attempt to download more than a byte an hour!!

So off to check up on the other PC and thankfully it had not been rebooted by the storm we had the previous night and it had fully patched itself. So patch file onto USB memory stick, 2 hours of cleaning junk out of the house and I was off home with the full patch file.

It took 8 minutes to copy the patch file to the USB on XP but 22 minutes to copy it back off the USB on to the vista machine. HELLO????????? Upgraded OS my fat hairy ass!!!

At 10pm last night I finally managed to get onto WoW. I did the cooking daily, went to IF, learned my dual spec as ret. So HolyWarrior really is a holy warrior now. Holy/Ret.

My Holy build was something like 51:5:15. I took what I think was the PvE raiding talents in holy, probably threw 5 points into divinity in the prot tree, then went for the intellect and crit talents in ret? Something like that. I was a bit pissed and tired by then give; me a break will ya?

The ret build was obviously mostly ret, with a dalliance into holy for divine strength - WTF is that doing in holy? an a few points in prot.

The Spiritual Attunement move deep into the prot tree screwed one on my major glyphs - why oh why did I not see that coming? I only bought the fugger a few weeks ago.

Off to the Argent Tournament tonight to see what all the hype is about. Byeeee.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Patch What???


Background downloader? What background downloader?

I got home from work last night and booted up WoW. It started at 0%. of 880MB. at 0.5MB DSL speeds that was going to take some time.

So I went and booted up my other PC at the house we're renovating which has 2MB DSL and that was at 0% as well :( at least that one said 3-4 hours.

Come then end of the evening, the fast download had stuck at 47% and the slow PC (running V*sta of course!) had rebooted!! F*CK!!

No WoW for me last night.

I got up this morning and went to check on the slow PC. It had shutdown overnight. GODDAM F*CKING VISTA!!!!!!

I didn't even dare go check out the other PC. Hopefully when I get home from work tonight at least one of them will be finished. I'm not holding my breath though :P

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Patch 3.1 - Ulduar

Patch 3.1 is hitting the EU servers today. Be prepared for massive downloads and maintenance stretching into the evening.

The US servers were apparently still down for maintenance well into the afternoon so there is probably no point leaving work early to get home and sample Ulduar.

If you haven't had the background downloader running then I wouldn't even expect to get online today :P

I for one am not bothered, apart from checking to see if my auctions have sold!

I am freshly back from a week in Majorca, nicely tanned, have a house to renovate and am still guildless. Although I am trying to persuade NicePallyClassLeader to come back to WoW and start a new guild called "The Real Portugese Porkers"!

Watch this space...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bye Bye Portugese Porkers

Gone are the happy days of 2 hour Karazhan loot runs, happy runs through SSC laughing and belching our way to wipe on Lady Vag, unnecessary wipage on LootReaver, noobs falling off their tanking spots on A'lar; all done with friendly joking and camaraderie over TS.

They were the heydays of Portugese Porkers. We didn't suffer burnout through TBC as we never completed TK and SSC before BT came out, we didn't complete BT/MH before Sunwell arrived and we didn't finish Sunwell before Wrath.

Wrath - The Guild Slayer.
But amongst other things Wrath has killed Portugese Porkers for many. Naxx 25 was practically on farm within weeks of 25 raiders getting to level 80, Malygos went down shortly thereafter.

People started leaving, not for other guilds but for a break. It wasn't just the raiders, it was officers, raid leader and veterans. NicePallyClassLeader and her bf, the hunter CL, left for an extended (maybe permanent) break. Most of the original crew were no longer turning up for raids.

New Blood.
A new leadership structure filled the gap; not the happy go lucky Portugese we were used to, but, I'm afraid to say, Brits who started taking things far too seriously, and the odd smattering of Polish.

People who were great (if not a little quirky) as raiders, but give them a taste of power and ... well you know the end of that story.

A Little Busy to Level.
This didn't mean too much to me as it was happening, I had my dying father to worry about, I had a wedding to organise and a house to renovate. I got to level 80 as quickly as I could, NicePallyClassLeader knew the situation and was fine with me grabbing the odd half hour here and there to squeeze some levelling in; she was keen to get me to level 80 as soon as was practicable so I could start raiding with them again.

All Change.
But then she went on extended leave, and so did others. People that cared too much about being petty little Hitlers and feeling self-important and not enough, by far, about the people behind the avatars took over the day to day running of the guild and raids.

People that thought it unfair that (when I was able to get online long enough to raid) I was allowed to go along to a Naxx-25 run and get upgrades that would otherwise be sharded. Go along to a raid that was sub-25 people anyway. Even filling spots in raid and still getting the under-21 raider achievement.

It's Not Fair - QQ Some More.
These people were saying I should be doing heroics and Naxx-10s to gear up before being allowed into Naxx-25 where the gear was sharded, when there was a spot open for me in N-25 farm runs.

Just because those first to 80 had to runs heroics and Naxx-10s to gear up. Because they couldn't get anywhere near to filling a N-25 without resorting to massive PUGage.

Good Guys vs Bad Guys.
There were still some old school Portugese Porkers hanging around who argued against this lame-ass attitude, that it was supposed to be a casual raiding friendly guild, but they were accused of not moving with the times and pitting the Old School vs the Now.

I finally hit level 80 at the start of Feburary, I started accepting raid invites and going to raids but was told that I could only bid minimum on items, because the new pally CL thought it would be best for me. That felt like a kick in the teeth at the time, I don't know whether he was really thinking it was best for me or not. It meant I could gear up on the cheap, but only on items that no-one else wanted, unless I was rolling against a triallist or other non-raider. But it also meant that I couldn't accrue DKP to be able to bid on the better items.

At this point I still had my Veteran rank but a few weeks later, within days of my father dying I was demoted to Non-Raider so I was not even invited to raids, I had to ask if there were any spots once the raids had been formed.

A month ago, after filling up most of my armour spots with ilevel 213 epics, I applied for my raider rank back. I was pretty well geared, had level 80 blue gems wherever a socket existed and at the minimum had TBC enchants on things.

The application turned into a bitch-fest about how I waltzed up after taking 3 months to level 80 and expected to go raiding again. How it wasn't fair that I hadn't slogged my guts out gearing up in heroics because there wasn't anything else to do anyway :P regardless of the fact that I was mostly Naxx-25 geared anyway, had been to Naxx and Maly many times and any upgrades (Weapon, rings and trinkets) would be minor upgrades and soon replaced in Naxx anyway.

Put in Some Effort.
To show willing I respecced to Holy, which is what I was wanting to raid as, even though I kept getting taken as ret. I went to heroics going for the minor upgrades to my non-213 gear, just so it could be upgraded again in the next raid (which is exactly what happened).

The PallyCL never even responded to my application, I'd done it all official like and the flaming began, and continued, in the public area of the guild forum until I asked that it be moved to the guild-only area.

New CL.
Then a new Pally CL was appointed, he was one of the assholes that had been more vociferous in his complaints. I was still not consulted about anything, apart from "gear up some more". HELLO?? Any serious upgrades are from Naxx-25. Raid buffed I could already sport about 1950 Spellpower. What is your fucking problem?

Enough is Enough!
So I've had enough, it's been 2 months since I hit level 80, it's been a month since I applied for my raider spot back. The guild never get a full 25 people along to raids and yet I have to beg for a spot. Most of the fun and capable people have left or are on a break. I'm out of here. I /gquit. I didn't do it at 5 in the morning, I did it quite late in the evening, but there were at least 3 officers online and many others. I stayed online while I composed and posted my goodbye post on the forums, and not one single response.

Good Riddance and as TJ would say "Up Yours!"