Thursday, 23 December 2010

Clitachasm End of Week 2

After the second week the glyph sales are still going well.

The scribe/herbalist is now level 78 and flying round Mount Hyjal between tanking WotLK dungeons and is also buying up an low level herbs (except Wrath herbs becuase of the guild bank tabs full of IotS - damm Jessica Seller and her patch 4.0.3 prematurity) below 20g/stack.

The sellers:
Melee up to 29.5K (wk1 13K wk2 16.5K)
Hybrid up to 38K (wk1 20K wk2 18K)
Ranged up to 32.5k (wk1 15k wk2 17.5k)

99.5K gold in 2 weeks - LOL

HW and EB are still at level 80.01

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 7

So after 1 week of the expansion what have I done? Levelled to 85? Nope. I've

a) Made some gold ...

Melee glyphs - 13K
Hybrid glyphs - 20K
Ranged glyphs - 15K

b) Levelled my enchanting up to about 475

c) Levelled Deathtard scribe tank to level 76

That is it!!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 4

Holywarrior and EvilBastard are still at level 80 plus 2 quests!!!

The scribe has been levelling with the LFD but is bored as a DPS.

The scribe was an Unholy Death Knight and I was hammering the damage, this was his damage at level 72 (he's the top one obviously)

but the queue times were awful, so I have bought the massively expensive dual spec and turned him into a tank.

Queue times: Instant :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 2

I logged HW and EB back on. The question mark had gone yellow above their heads.

I handed the quest in and started the next one.

Then I logged onto the glyph posters and posted at 25g threshold 200g fallback 2 at a time for 24 hours.

Then I logged onto the scribe herbalist and levelled him to level 75 in the LFD.

End of Day.

I did a /who and there were already quite a few level 85s!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 1

6th December 2010
16:00 - Game rang me to tell me they were having a 'midnight' opening. I already knew this. I had confirmed this with them before putting a deposit down on my Collectors Edition. If they weren't opening at midnight I was simply going to wait for the delivery from Amazon with my backup CE which will now go on eBay!!

The good thing though was the shop was actually opening at 22:30 and Cata would go on sale at 23:00 so it was in line with CET and server midnight!! Woot!

The other good thing about this Game shop is that it is inside a shopping mall which is open 24 hours, so no waiting outside in freezing temperatures. And they were freezing: -7c to be exact.

22:45 - About to leave for Game when the wife rings (we're staying at in-laws while heating/rewire/kitchen is done) and says the baby is wake. Then she remembers the midnight opening and lets me go.

22:55 - Finally I'm on the road ad the car tells me it's -7c outside - Brrrrrr

23:00 - Clitachasm goes on sale. I am driving :P

23:10 - Arrive at Shopping Centre and see a couple of people with game bags walking towards car park

23:15 - Arrive at Game, walk straight to the desk and am served imediatley. However large the queue was it was dealt with in 15 minutes :P

23:20 - Am heading back out to the car with a large bag containing a collectors edition, 2 standard editions and a Brady's Game Guide.

23:40 - Arrive home. Do I immediately install Clitachasm? No I then spend half an hour or so chatting with guildies.

01:00 - Finally installed Clit and do I get HolyWarrior started on quests? No, I go level EvilBastards enchanting a bit first! Then I go train archeology and finally move HW up to VagLand.

01:10 - After experiencing the cut scene and HW is taken inside the boat he can't hand in the starter quest. The ? is still grey. It is the same for everyone standing around. I put in a ticket and log off for the night.

... to be continued

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Evil's Gear Upgrade

I should have blogged about this ages ago, but I forgot.

I had a serious splurge of Justice Points (or whatever their precursor was) and finally upgraded a shed load of EvilBastard's gear.

Rod of Fallen Monarch(i200) > Brimstone Lighter(i245)
Annhylde's Ring(i200) > Band of the Invoker(i245)
Forge Ember(i200 blue) > Talisman of Resurgence(i245)
Ancient Polar Bear Hide(i232) > Meteor Chaser's Rainment(i264)
Cloak of Crimson Snow(i200 blue) > Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky(i264)
Azure Cloth Bindings(i200) > Royal Moonshroud Bracers(i245 tailoring) - I don't remember making these :P
Skirt of the Old Kingdom > Kel'Thuzad's Leggings of Conquest

I also upgraded the gloves to Kel'Thuzad's Gloves of Triumph but I don't know what I had before and I also managed to upgrade Manual of the Tides(i138 green) to Accursed Spine(i213) as well as nabbing myself a Mithril Pocketwatch.