Friday, 17 August 2018

Now Darkshore totally Back to Normal

Looks like that nigh elf vanguard has now gone from Lor'Danel.

Guess they've gone to hold Tyrande's hand in Storwind.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Didn't I Just Kill You?

As I will go into tomorrow, I left Marcus down near Freehold fighting off Sirens and logged onto Burnsprocket to do some mining because Insightful Rubelites were selling for 2500 each.

One of the first quests in Stormsong is Archived Knowledge where you need to kill Lieutenant Wade.

Then you walk back upstairs out of the basement straight into Lieutenant Wade! DOH!

Darkshore World Quests Finshed

Well, it wasn't a bug, the world quests were still running. But now they have expired and Darkshore has moved onto the next stage. The Elves have taken the beachhead and cleared out Lor'Danel.

I'll check back later to see if there is any further progress.

Update on Collectors Edition Update to Standard Account

So, as I updated in my previous post, I didn't truly believe the first GM and put in several more tickets to get an honest to god definite answer which I could screenshot as evidence if it went wrong and I lost £39.99 when applying my Collectors edition key.


1. I didn't get a definitive answer to my original question. Grrrrr!

2. I lost $39.99 when I applied the collectors edition key.Grrr Grrr!

3. I put in a web chat ticket and got a SE key once the GM had checked I used both on the same account. Hurrah!

4. Well the original GM was wrong on two counts. I got a bonus. But as I'm a litte bit paranoid (possibly due to the use of some herbs with dubious legality issues whilst I was at Uni :O) I'm not going to explicitly state here. Needless to say it was an unintended bonus and it's a definite win for me. I guess it's compensation for the emotional turmoil this put me through! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Anyway, so I'm in no rush on launch day to go pick up my collectors edition as I already had the pre-purchase and was 8 whole bars into level 110!

I logged onto Marcus and did a dungeon run. I registered as holy so only had to wait 7 mins.

When that was over I realised that the Darkshore WQs were still active so got as many of my alts through them and the intro quests before they either a) expired or b) Bliztards realised they'd forgotten to turn them off.

Then I logged onto the mage and got him over to Kul Tiras and did a bit of mining before finally heading out to taking one of the kids' friends to the train station and pick up my collectors edition.

The drive home was filled with trepidation. Would the pre-purchase key or price be refunded. If not then the eldest lad wasn't going to be playing BeefAss anytime soon.

I arrive home and rip open the packaging and apply the code; and my Blizzard Balance ...

... did NOT go up. ARGGG!!!

So I refresh the screen, nowt.

Log out and back in again. NADA.

I try and apply the original pre-purchase key to the second account, Nope: Key already used!!

Nothing for it I guess but to raise a ticket. On Release Day. Like I'm going to get a response anytime soon!

Which channel do I want to use: Phone (long wait). Web Ticket (longer wait). Hang on, what's this? Web Chat - 8 minute wait! I'll give that a poop then.

So after around 8 minutes Velranus the GM pops on and says he's just going to aquaint himself with the ticket and after about 10 minutes (enough time for a fag and boil the kettle for a coffee?) he's back.

He explains, as you can see above, that the balance would only be applied to digital version bought
 through the Blizzard Store(TM).

Well, I gathered that from the poorly worded blog post Blizztards put a out about it and prompted me to keep on asking about this to get a definitive answer. They couldn't credit the amount spent with a third party store ... BUT they could replace the Standard Edition key that I overwrote... [LONG SIGH OF RELIEF]

So after a little more banter I ask my usual question about GM Island. No joy this time either :D

How to Hand in The Guidance of Our Shan'do after BfA Launch

TL;DR -Skip to the bottom to find out how to hand the quest in.

So, as the lead up to expansion launch I was frantically finishing up all the World Quests and pre-launch quests on all my alts. I got most of the way through but there were a few characters that I hadn't finished. I was on my hunter and all the mobs disappeared at around 00:20 server time. I was dual boxing and the same happened to my lock. Still had the hunter, shaman and warrior on account #1 to do and all characters on account #2 :(

So, I gave it up as a loss and moved onto Marcusmaxmi to begin BeefAss.

Then I was watching levelling tips on you tube as I'm levelling Marcusmaximi and I see about the XP gem Insightful Rubelite. So I hop onto the Shammy to go mining and she's in Darkshore and all the World Quests are still active.

Not only that, she's at the same stage of the quests as the Hunter was when the mobs and quests disappeared, and the two named mobs are up, and people are still questing in the area.

I complete all the quests and get as far as the Malfurion backstab cut scene. I go AFK while that pans out and when I come back the Hippogryph is not there and all the WQs are gone. I fly out of the immediate area thinking Zidormi can reset it, but no. But then everything re-appears. I fly back to the cutscene area and the Hippogryph is flying back to the mound.

So I jump on the bird, start flying to Darnassus, but then get ported back to Lor'Danel. Damm, I think, I can't finish the chain.

So I try and fly to Darnassus but you get halfway there and there is an invisible wall. Double Damn!

I'm asking in general, I'm searching wowhead, and no solutions. Then someone suggests talking to Zidormi so you can get to Rutheran Village.

OK, I'll try that, but I'm thinking that Darnassus will also be in the pre-burning version and Gina Greymane (or whatever her name is) wont be there to hand the quest in to...

TL;DR: The Solution

Talk to Zidormi at 48.10 25.69 to reset Darkshore to pre-burning. Go to Lor'Danel flight path and get the flight to Rutheran Village. When you're nearly there the sky goes dark and Teldrassil starts burning then you get the message "You cannot abandon your duty, return to Darnassus" and you get ported into the burning version of Darnassus. Now you can hand the quest in and finish the chain.

1st Dungeon

At half past nine on the first morning of the expansion I queued for my first dungeon: Freehold.

I had got up to 8 bars of level 110 in 1.5 hours last night.

I went in, I caught a greasy pig and I came out 15 minutes later, after  killing Harlan in exactly 1 minute, with the dungeon achievement, 3 bars of XP and an Azerite headpiece.

Guess what starter Azerite armour I picked?

Yep; the headpiece!

I am now the proud owner of two Azerite headpieces!

BeefAss Launch Night

So, I got home early from work to get the last of my characters through the Darkshore world quests and storyline before the 23:00 release time for BfA.

As can be seen in my next post, I didn't quite make it, but Marcusmaximi and several others were all through the WQs and pre-quests and sat at 42,44 in Silithus.

I was there because I popped into Beta and created a new character and that seemed to be where the first quest would pop up with Brann. And the popular opinion was that the quest would be pushed to your quest log wherever you were.

It was already very busy there at about 20:00 sever time so I guess I was right; I was!

The plan was also to stay online in case there were queues to get on nearer the time.

By the time I had finished up in Darkshore it was 23:20 and I logged onto Marcus and re-did the quests (just re-done on Beta :P) and headed over to Kul Tiras.

Again, I'd done all the initial stuff on Beta a month or so ago,  but played through the intro quests anyway in case anything had changed. Nothing had that I could tell.

I seem to recall when playing either the WoD or Legion alpha/early beta that the final offering was much different.

So roll on 01:00 and I had dutifully done all the intro quests and familiarised myself with Boralus and headed down into Tiragarde Sound - I keep wanting to call it Tirisgrde ???

I've just been shipwrecked by Sirens and am questing near Freehold. I'm now 8 bars into level 110 after about 1.5 hours. Apparently there were already level 114/115s running around - Must be using the addon Azeroth Autopilot which I've just heard about.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Unlocked Void Elf

With less than 36 hours to go I managed to unlock the Void Elf.

I must admit, the quest line seemed to be much easier than the Lightforged Dranei.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Warrior At Level 110!

I'm cutting this fine, but now the warrior is at level 110! I logged on and the invasion was going on so I knocked that one on the head and I was only half a level from level cap so I thought I'd do a dungeon.

As I'm a warrior I signed up as tank and got an invite immediately. I dropped into Halls of Valor and started tanking ... as Fury - DOH!

A quick respec later and the dungeon was done! The first time for me as a warrior!

After I dropped out of that and mined a few more nodes I realised I was only 3 bars away from
dinging 110 so popped into LFG again and straight into Eye of Azshara. A quick loop here and heading over to the last boss and I hadn't dinged, but I was only about a 1/4 of a bar away.

I realised then that I would ding when the final boss dropped. I announced this in /p and /g and into the fight we went. Within seconds the fight was over and DING!!!!!!!!

My 7th level 110 on that account to go with my 3 on my lads account!

The only level 110's I don't have are a Monk (104) and a druid (about level 60 on my third in-active account!)

Friday, 10 August 2018

Stranded Riverboat

So, I'm levelling the horde shaman and I've just got my riverboat. Update: The mobile internet in Norfolk has now dropped from good 4G to intermittent laggy as hell 3G. Pretty Sure the Riverboat isn't supposed to go all the way to the top of the cliffs and into the pirate compound!

In other news, the River Boat has it's own level??