Friday, 17 August 2018

Now Darkshore totally Back to Normal

Looks like that nigh elf vanguard has now gone from Lor'Danel.

Guess they've gone to hold Tyrande's hand in Storwind.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Another Alt Beats Marcus to 111

I started off today playing Ballsax the Demon Hunter. I really am doing my usual prevarication when it comes to levelling my main!!

I didn't even start him off in Kul Tiras, like yesterday I took him back to Legion to clear out alll his bags and quest log.

By 13:33 I had finished up Azshuna and 20 minutes later done the Azshara dungeon quest knocked off.

I then pop back onto Burn to do some more mining and questing in Stormsong and get his second piece of Azerite Armour.

Marcus is really getting behind!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Oops - 2 Levels Ahead of Marcus

Not learning my lesson about my main being behind the levelling of one of my own alts I continued with Burnsprocket.

First of all I took him back to Legion and either dumped pointless quests or completed certain quest lines to clear up his quest log and empty stuff from his bags.

By 15:00 he just about finished up in Legion and managed to clock up the 2000 quest achievement.

Next he moved back to Stormsong Valley and mined a load more ore.

Before I knew it he was level 112 and got the 'Got My Mind on my Money' achievement.

Burnsprocket Does Freehold

Not happy with the mage dinging 111 before Marcus I sent him into a dungeon too. He whizzed through Freehold.

He didn't managed to catch the oiled up pig but he still managed to finish up with some upgrades and a shiny achi!

Oh and he finished at leet o'clock!

Another Logic Screw Up

I was still on my mage doing some mining and the local quests when I did the Bombs Away quest. This has you collect 8 bobs from round and about and then plant the, 4 at a time, to blow up horde demolishers.

Well, I think they changed this quest half way through development and then forgot to update the quest text appropriately.

I reckon, the originally intended for you to bring the bobs back and then go off on another quest to plant them, but then put it all into one quest. Why?

You'll see in this completion text that the bombs look particularly nasty? What? I've already used them to bob the demolishers!

1000 Free Wakening Essence

So a lot of the levelling guides suggest you go to the mythic chest to grab you free 1000 Wakening Essence and buy another legendary.

Well, you can't. That was purely for the week that there was a screw up with the Mythic chests and it was compensation.

Oops - It Wasn't My Main to Ding 111 First. Subtite: Insightful Rubelite XP Gem

So, having started off well with Marcus and getting 8 bars in 1.5 hours last night I hopped on this morning and re-evaluated the levelling options.

One of which was the Insightful Rubelite gem. I checked on the Auction House and they were going for 2,500 gold - WOWZERS!

So rather than continue levelling I thought I'd get one of my mining alts out of the blocks and grab some ore and send it back to Marcus or my other JC to prospect.

So, off went Burnsprocket the mage into Stormsong and before I knew it he'd hit level 111 ... before Marcus!!

While I was doing so I also noticed an Azerite Power Progress bar, I don't know whether that is with the stock UI or a dominos thing, but vaguely useful.

There was talk abound that the Insightful Rubelite was unique equipped but only per item, so if you had to items with gem slots you could equip 2 gems for double bonus. That might have been the case in Beta,  but it's not now. You can only have one equipped anywhere.

While prospecting all the ore I got the following:

40 Storm Silver Ore :
1 x Kubeline
4 x Kyante
3 x Goldern Beryl
1 x Solstone
2 x Viridium
1 x Owlseye (RARE)

65 Monelite Ore :
8 x Kubeline
1 x Goldern Beryl
3 x Viridium
2 x Solstone
2 x Kyanite
2 x Rubelite - YAY finally
1 x Laribole (RARE)
1 x Royal Quartz (RARE)
1 x Kraken's Eye (EPIC)

Oops 5 Platinum Ore gave 2 Viridium, I don't know yet whether it's a good idea to prospect platinum. Answers on a postcard!

Disenchant or Scrap? And Can you Scrap Legion Gear

So, I've been wondering what is best to do with all the green gear you get. Scrap it or DE it?

Well, after much research, it looks like the best option is to scrap all your soulbond stuff and mail all the BoE stuff to your enchanter.

The reasoning being that enchanting materials are going to go through the roof as they'll be rarer as people just scrap everything.

Legion and below gear: you CANNOT scrap - send to your enchanter.

Never going to have a gear profession? Vendor them!