Saturday, 20 October 2018

Hallows End 2018 Daily Tricky Treat Rotation

So, with Hallows End upon is and Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing, Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing and Weathered Heirloom Armor Casing up for grabs at 250-450 Tricky Treats you have a lot of running around and a lot of daily quests to be doing.

If, like me, you have ten thousand alts and you want them all to experience the joys of a trip to the dentist with rotten teeth than you had better get your daily routine stream-lined. Luckily for you I have done it here.

Check out the 'Hag'. I don't know about you but I'd give her one, or two, or three!

Notes for low levels
If you don't have the garrison or it's not high enough level, then skip it and hearth to Dalaran after the dungeon instead, if you have not got Dalaran yet then you will not be able to get to the Wicked Witch and you could run to Undercity from Andhoral but I don't think it's worth the time and effort.

Pick up the heirloom toys to grab a basic set of flighpoints: To Modernize the Provisioning of Azeroth and Surviving Kalimdor.

Pre-requisites for Dailies
  • Hearthstone set to Bradensbrook in Valsharah.
  • Dalaran Hearthstone.
  • Garrison Hearthstone.
  • Stormwind Hearthstone Cloak.

One offs.
  • Make sure you pick up the nougat quest before running around the inns.
  • Whilst in New Dalaran grab “Beware of the Crooked Tree” from Duroc Ironjaw next to the candy bucket in the Legerdemain lounge, also grab the candy bucket!
  • Grab the candy bucket from your faction Inn in Dalaran.
  • You’ll probably need to fly to Bradensbrook the first time to set you Hearthstone there. (Don’t worry about Boralus, you can get back there from the Stormwind Portal Room).
  • Then hand in the Crooked Tree quest before doing the daily.

  1. Start off at Goldshire Inn
  2. Collect “Stop the Fires!” or “Let the Fires Come!” quests.  If it’s not available because the Pumpkin quest is active, wait for it to despawn then /reload.
  3. Put out the fires, starting with the Forge chimney and working anti-clockwise.
  4. If the horseman is currently being fought on the ground grabbing the Let the Fires Come quest may auto-complete.
  5. Head to the Gates of Stormwind
  6. Collect all quests
  7. Talk to Gertrude Fenlow to go to the Undercity
  8. Once you’ve started flying queue for the Headless Horseman
  9. Continue with Bombing Undercity
  10. If the Headless Horseman queue pops wait until the last possible second before clicking Enter Dungeon (You will NOT enter dungeon yet).
  11. Say in /i or /p “Just waiting to dismount from the undercity broom”
  12. Finish the bombing and click the Return button.
  13. As soon as you dismount, click on group finder icon and select “Teleport to Dungeon”
  14. Moan in /i or /p about how long it took to dismount from the broom whilst lol-rolling the HH
  15. When the Headless Horseman dies use your GARRISON Hearthstone.
  16. (If the dungeon hasn’t popped yet start clearing up the stink bombs in Stormwind until lit it pops, then carry out the step above).    
  17. Collect the four Garrison quests and fly to Socrethar’s Rest.
  18. Lol-roll the quests and fly back to your garrison and hand them in
  19. Hearthstone to Bradensbrook.
  20. Fly North west to the Hag of the Crooked Tree at 35,56 and accept the quest.
  21. Click on the Crooked Tree Cauldron to accept her curse and enter the weird realm and go kill the witch Aria Sorrowheart.
  22. Remember to interrupt Aria’s Scream
  23. Loot one of the sisters hats (hopefully)
  24. Hearthstone to Dalaran, enter the Chamber of the Guardians and use the portal. Go all the way to the bottom and select the middle portal on the right (Dalaran Center).
  25. As soon as you spawn use your Magic Broom or fall to the ground and use you normal mount
  26. Head North to Undercity
  27. Land just before and to the left of the Wickerman and stand at the near end of the bridge
  28. Use your dousing agent
  29. Ensure quest complete pops then use your Stormwind cloak to return to Stormwind.
  30. Leave the Stormwind portal room and do/finish the Clean Up Stormwind quest as you head back to the gates.
  31. Click the fire to the left of the gates then head over the road and hand all the quests in.
  32. Head back to the Goldshire Inn and log out until tomorrow.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Now Darkshore totally Back to Normal

Looks like that nigh elf vanguard has now gone from Lor'Danel.

Guess they've gone to hold Tyrande's hand in Storwind.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Another Alt Beats Marcus to 111

I started off today playing Ballsax the Demon Hunter. I really am doing my usual prevarication when it comes to levelling my main!!

I didn't even start him off in Kul Tiras, like yesterday I took him back to Legion to clear out alll his bags and quest log.

By 13:33 I had finished up Azshuna and 20 minutes later done the Azshara dungeon quest knocked off.

I then pop back onto Burn to do some more mining and questing in Stormsong and get his second piece of Azerite Armour.

Marcus is really getting behind!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Oops - 2 Levels Ahead of Marcus

Not learning my lesson about my main being behind the levelling of one of my own alts I continued with Burnsprocket.

First of all I took him back to Legion and either dumped pointless quests or completed certain quest lines to clear up his quest log and empty stuff from his bags.

By 15:00 he just about finished up in Legion and managed to clock up the 2000 quest achievement.

Next he moved back to Stormsong Valley and mined a load more ore.

Before I knew it he was level 112 and got the 'Got My Mind on my Money' achievement.

Burnsprocket Does Freehold

Not happy with the mage dinging 111 before Marcus I sent him into a dungeon too. He whizzed through Freehold.

He didn't managed to catch the oiled up pig but he still managed to finish up with some upgrades and a shiny achi!

Oh and he finished at leet o'clock!

Another Logic Screw Up

I was still on my mage doing some mining and the local quests when I did the Bombs Away quest. This has you collect 8 bobs from round and about and then plant the, 4 at a time, to blow up horde demolishers.

Well, I think they changed this quest half way through development and then forgot to update the quest text appropriately.

I reckon, the originally intended for you to bring the bobs back and then go off on another quest to plant them, but then put it all into one quest. Why?

You'll see in this completion text that the bombs look particularly nasty? What? I've already used them to bob the demolishers!

1000 Free Wakening Essence

So a lot of the levelling guides suggest you go to the mythic chest to grab you free 1000 Wakening Essence and buy another legendary.

Well, you can't. That was purely for the week that there was a screw up with the Mythic chests and it was compensation.