Sunday, 9 March 2008

I Can Fly

So what is the first thing I am going to do now that I am newly 70? Well, I'm gonna get my flying mount of course.

Not just any flying mount you understand. What with my Auction House Alt, "Haley ToeSis" sitting on 2700 gold and HolyWarrior doing his full complement of dailies for a long time after getting his Netherdake to amass 6800 gold and EvilBastard himself sitting on 890 gold...

... Correction, before sorting out cash for mounts EvilBastard went and did his level 69 and level 70 training and purchased Grimoires. Now he sits on 700-ish Gold. Sheesh ...

... Anyway, 2200 gold from the Auction House Alt and 3700-ish from HolyWarrior briefly tops up Evil's cash reserves to 6700-ish gold.

Hmmm, so what are we going to buy with all that cash?

I wonder.

Maybe I could go on an auction house spending spree or maybe I could help out TiceNits' alt with her flying mount.

Let me think, hmmm, you got it...

OUCH! Now, once you have that costly 300 riding skill what are you gonna do with it?

Lets go and have a chat with our old friend Brunn Flamebeard.

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