Friday, 30 November 2007

Tier 4 Helmet

Just handed in the Tier 4 token to get...

Justicar Diadem

WOOT, this is so much better than Cover of Righteous Fury. I am Happy :)

Also got a lead on a tanking sheild: Ogri'la Aegis

Needs revered rep with Orgrilla and an apexis crytal and some apexis shards, not a problem on any count.

Aldor or Scryer (part 6,471,385)

So, EvilBastard, my level 61 affliction warlock is gonna start leveling again soon, should have a gadzillion rested bonus!

And of course I am back to the same Aldor/Scryer quandary that roughly 6.5 million WoW players have had before me.

It was pretty easy with my paladin, I was a nub, I picked the Dranei dudes obviously, being a human. I wasn't gonna ally myself with some dirty horde!!

But this time I'm thinking that I should put some thought into this.

So as a Level 61 Gnome Affliction Tailor/Enchanter Warlock whose boots should I lick?

Edit: for those people finding this post through search engines wondering what way to go? I went Scryer in the end. Enchanter trainer is on scryer tier to start with, and you don't die when you jump down at the lift!!

Karazhan as a Healer

To cut a long story short...

Tanks: Prot Warrior and Feral Druid
Healers: 2 Holy pallys, off spec druid and shaman
DPS: hunter, 2 locks and a rogue

2 Badges of Justice
Emberspur Talisman
StoneBough Jerkin

2 Badges of Justice
Pally T4 Gloves
Wrynn DymnastyGreaves

Shade of Aran
1-Shotted (just! We got sheeped at around 3%)
2 Badges
Rapscallion Boots
Pendant of Violet Eye ( got this but unsure if I need it)

Chess Event
1-Shotted (nearly lost though - hehe)
2 Badges of Justice
Ring of recurrence
Girdle of Treachery

1-Shotted (very nice strategy, pretty lucky with Infernal drops. I got killed by being too close after enfeeble but got a battle rez.)
3 Badges of Justice
Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix
T4 Token - Helm of the Fallen Champion - I want
Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted - I want

I won the Helm of the Fallen Champion - woot, but rolled a 9 on the cloak. :(

So I got 11 Badges of Justice, A trinket I probably don't need and T4 helm

Bosses left: Illhoof and Netherspite (any more?)

I'm still gonna update my tanking progress as I may get a chance to go back to it..

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 36
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 2747/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Can Pallies Tank?

Whilst I was doing the cooking quest last night I got a /w from NicePallyClassLeader asking how my healing was. I told her that it was better than my tanking, lots better than my tanking. I thought she wanted me to re-spec for the night.

Turns out that most of the guild officers are not converts to pally tanking and she wants to trial me as a healer permanently. I really have not been a particularly good advert for pally tanking, but I think I have learnt pretty fast and I was really getting into this tanking malarky, but, to be honest, I am a healer at heart so took her up on the offer, even got the respec money off her. hehe.

Off to Stormwind for a quick re-spec before tonight's raid. Which of course, for me, was not Zul'Aman but the continuation of Karazhan.

Blades Edge Cooking

Last night the cooking daily led me to Blades Edge mountains. First off to buy 2 recipes from Toshi's Station that are needed to cook up the ingredients for the main course, Abyssal Broiled Blah.

Crusty Serpent something and mon'dathal Shortribs requiring serpent flesh and raptor ribs. Luckily I had these on an alt. The recipes cost 3 gold each and I saw a profit opportunity and bought an extra one of each to stick on the auction house for lazy people. DOH! soulbound recipes! And the bitch only bought them back for 75 silver each.

I cooked up the ribs and stuff and headed off to Camp forge Terror to kill an Abyssal thingummy so that I could use the cook pot. Whilst I was there I also banged out the dailies then headed back to Shat to hand in. No special recipes in the quest reward today either :(

Main Tank Karazhan

Wednesday 28th November 2007

Tonight the guild had a Zul'Aman run and of course I wasn't invited. But we got a Kara group together and I was main tank.

I'm still not totally confident about assigning targets and pulling, so I let the OT assign.

We knocked out Attumen, after a quick wipe where I couldn't target Attumen for some reason, so he took out the healers pretty fast. Ooops, But on the second attempt he went down easy. 1 Badge of Justice but no bloody Vambraces of Courage :(

Then onto Moroes' room. I managed to pull 2 elites from up against the wall when we weren't quite ready and died pretty quick, but we didn't totally wipe. We had to reset Moroes once because the crowd control went to shit, but once we got that sorted I had him tanked perfectly and even instructed the Off Tank what to do, ie bring his target next to Moroes and get a few hits on the big guy to make sure he was 2nd on aggro list. Another 2 Badges, no good loot.

On the way to Maiden we got a random drop of Boots of Elusion, but I have Ironscar Boots (or whatever) so didn't need them.

We tried with me tanking Maiden but the bitch kept silencing me so no Holy Shield and therefore a 35% drop of avoidance - Ouch! So the OT tanked her while I swapped to healing gear and stuck Blessing of Sacrifice on him so that I got damaged out of silences. 2 Badges and loot I already had.

The last kill of the night was set at Opera. Up we went and we got the Wizard of Oz event. There was lots of confusion over the event because we hadn't discussed strats first before starting the event. I tagged Dorothea first, we burnt her down, then the dog, then Strawman and finally tinman. Have I left someone out.

The crone came along, and more chaotic dpsing and flying round the room happily led to a 1-shot. More luck than judgement? Probably. 2 more badges, no loot worth mentioning.

Back door open.

Well, another 7 badges anyway :)

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 25
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 2747/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Old Cooking Dailies

Last night I popped over to Nagrand and AoE ground talbuks and clefthoofs for meat. I need 4 Clefthoof meat to make Roasted Clefthoof for yesterdays daily cooking quest.

Once I'd got it I popped back to Shattrath to cook it then headed to the Ancestral Ground on the western edge of Nagrand. I tried to use the cooking pot and, ffs, requires cooking fire.

You have to use the cooking pot in The Ancestral Grounds so there must be a bloody cooking fire here. Wasted all that time going back to Shat to cook the clefthoofs up. Fuck!

I flew around a bit and found a fire, cooked up the Spiritual Soup and went back to The Rokk and handed it in. Unfortunately I didn't get any recipes this time though :(

So, this at least proves that you can do the previous days cooking daily quest. But, you can't then pick up the current days one.

20 Slot Bag ... woot!

Tuesday 27th November 2007

Didn't get much of a chance to do anything today as I had work all day and then a meeting till 10 this evening.

But what I did do was pop back up to Ghostlands and hand in the first ZA quest which involved getting a map after killing the bear boss. Lucky for me "Fucking Tossers" had killed the bear boss before asking me to come and help them.

One thing that I have been suffering from of late is lack of bag space, especially carrying round different sets of gear and half a bag full of apexis shards and various other quest/rep items.

Handing in the quest rewarded a 20 slot bag. That got equipped straight away and then I went to the Auction House and bought an imbued netherweave bag (18 slots) for quite a wad of cash. This gave me a little extra space.

What is really annoying is that you cannot upgrade bag slot 1. so you can have all your other bag slots with 18 and 20 slotters but you're stuck with a 16 slotter in bag slot 1.

Phew, what a lot of slots, reminds me of downtown Birmingham on a Saturday night!!

I also picked up the daily cooking quest which involved making some spiritual soup with the cooking pot. But by the time I got in from the meeting I couldn't be bothered, I'll see if I can do it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Iron Maiden or Tier 4 Gloves

Back when I picked up 5% more avoidance the first time I was pondering whether to use Justicar Gauntlets or Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden.

I am unsure which is better and will check out the stats later, but, the question that needs answering is...

Are the set bonuses (or is it Boni?) on Tier 4 worth the loss of stats? Opinions?

p.s. if you've just googled Iron Maiden and ended up here - tough shit! Ha Ha Ha You fell for my evil plan ... mwuhahaha!!!

Vengeance or Righteousness?

So as suggested by NicePallyClassLeader I had been running with SoV and JoV after a JoC rather than a SoR and JoR.

I am back on SoR/JoR now, with an ETA on an EMI toting an STI which is TMI on GCD ... blah blah blah, bloody TLAs

So, my current pull process is...
  1. BoSanc, Righteous Fury, Retribution Aura (Dev if boss)
  2. Try and remember to turn auto-attack on - DOH!
  3. Seal of Crusader
  4. Pull (With Captain America if safe to do so)
  5. Consecrate (if safe)
  6. Judge Crusader (if mobs aren't too close yet)
  7. Holy shield
  8. Seal of Righteousness
  9. JoR, re-seal and judge as necessary
  10. Consecrate as necessary
  11. Exorcism, if applicable, as necessary
  12. Try and remember to spam Holy Shield and keep it clear of GCD conflicts
  13. Try and remember not to use spells requiring cast time*
* a) It's stupid and wastes time because it WILL get a delayed casting. b) You shield is on your back - not good for block or threat generation. I can't help myself though. I wanna be Captain America and I love the Hammer of Wrath. hehe

So, what is best? Righteousness or Vengeance?

Also, does my pull strategy seem sound? Have I missed anything?

Answers on a postcard or the back of an envelope to ... err please post comments :)

Tankadins really ARE useful

Missed my guild run to ZA last night because I wasn't going to be home in time, no bad, was expected.

But when I logged on I immediately got a /w from MescalinMadness, one of the Officers of "Fucking Tossers", asking if I wanted to come along to ZA.

I gracefully accepted and found they were having trouble getting to the Lynx boss, the invisible packs of cats were giving them some grief.

Paladin AoE Tanking FTW. Dunno what the problem was ... hehe

So we get up to the Lynx boss after some more uber-uncrushable-tanking on my part and I swap into my healing gear.

5 wipes later its time to quit - ROFL

MescalinMadness /w me afterwards and thanked me for coming and said it really made a difference with me pally tanking on the way to the boss.

I felt very proud :)

Easy Cooking Quest... least if your level 70 tankadin!!

Today's daily cooking quest involves going to the northen edge of Netherstrom and picking mana berries from the bushes.

What a joke, you can probably do this in 5 mins without engaging a single mob. I, however, am fairly trigger happy with Captain America's Sheild. hehe. My HP never dropped (visually) from a full bar on the level 70 raptors.

I took on some level 71s and it may have dropped to 80%.

That little blue bar they call mana, well that's a different story.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Mount Hyjal Attunement

Ripped off verbatim from somewhere...

Everybody who wants to go at The Battle of Mount Hyjal, has to pick up the quest The Vials of Eternity from the Soridormi. This is important step in the Black Temple Chain as well. Mandatory is, that this quest will have its place in your Quest Book!

Notice, it is not important to follow the whole attunement line for Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep itself anymore. Though the people who want to get their Champion of the Naaru title, has to do those lines as well. It will include killing of Magtheridon and Gruul the Dragonkiller.

Comment Moderation Turned Off

I had turned comment moderation on as I originally intended this to be a pretty private (although not technically) blog.

But having been reading a lot of other blogs the direction has changed somewhat.

Now I do actually want people to leave comments and I feel that the moderation option may be putting people off, so I am going to try and remove that option.

If I get inundated with spam offers to buy penis enlarging viagra (I wonder how many googlers I will get because of that!!!) then I'll be turning moderation back on.

The Route to Black Temple

Just found this and thought I'd stick it here so I can find it again...

The Black Temple attunement starts at The Altar of the Sha'tar for Aldors, and the Sanctum of the Sun for Scryers. Both are in Shadowmoon Valley.

Aldors start attunement from Anchorite Ceyla at the Altar of Sha'tar in Shadowmoon Valley.

1. [70] Tablets of Baa'ri
2. [70] Oronu the Elder
3. [70] The Ashtongue Corruptors
4. [70] The Warden's Cage

Scyers start attunement from Arcanist Thelis at the Sanctum of Stars.

1. [70] Tablets of Baa'ri
2. [70] Oronu the Elder
3. [70] The Ashtongue Corruptors
4. [70] The Warden's Cage

After that, the chain comes together for Aldor and Scryer.

5. [70] Proof of Allegiance
6. [70] Akama
7. [70] Seer Udalo

Seer Udalo is found in the Arcatraz just before the last boss.

8. [70] A Mysterious Portent
9. [70] The Ata'mal Terrace
10. [70] Akama's Promise

After you finish this chain, you get to pick from some rewards and the chain seems like it ends. It continues however, inside Serpentshrine Cavern from Seer Olum who you can speak with after killing Fathom-Lord Karathress. He starts the next part of the Black Temple Chain.

1. [70] The Secret Compromised

After you get this quest, you just return to Akama in Warden's Cage to get new task. First you will be ordered to slay Al'ar in provided Ashtongue Cowl.

2. [70] Ruse of the Ashtongue

Follows gaining access to The Battle of Mount Hyjal and slay the first boss, Rage Winterchill. To do this, Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas Sunstrider must die.

3. [70] An Artifact From the Past
4. [70] The Hostage Soul
5. [70] Entry into the Black Temple

Follows raid doable quest, great event with defending of Xi'ri. You will be awarded with the[Medallion of Karabor], that will grant you entrance to Black Temple.

6. [70] A Distraction for Akama

At this point, you are attuned and can enter Black Temple, although the chain continues and you can soon upgrade your medallion.

1. [70] Seek Out the Ashtongue
2. [70] Redemption of the Ashtongue
3. [70] The Fall of the Betrayer

And Tonights Raid is ...

Sunday 25th November 2007


After a bit of uncertainty whether we'll be doing 2 grps for Kara and/or ZA we have 25 people signed up for the raid so off we pop to Tempest Keep and fight out way to LootReaver.

I am not tanking, although I reckon I could have done, in fact I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have wiped on all the birds just before A'lar's room if I was tanking. Pally AoE tanking rocks!

Even after patch 2.3 I still am to be convinced that paladins can DPS, a guy in "Fucking Tossers" has gone Ret and says it is viable. I will need convincing. I'm on DPS, we have 3 tanks. WTF?
I'm a paladin. I am a PROT paladin. hmmm. At least I can go in and keep Judgement of Light up. But to be honest I was doing that as a holy paladin anyway.

But no, I wasn't tanking, so we wiped and/or ran out several times. In fact I was so sure this was gonna happen I made sure I had a clear shot to the exit and hung back a bit and healed the tanks between swings.

We made it to LootReaver relatively quickly and had some wipes on his trash including one where we still had 2 mechanical demon thingies up and the tank, a pally healer, me and about 2-3 dps were the only ones still alive. Things got very frantic and me and pally healer were going oom pretty fast. I had been healing like a nutter long before someone calls for me to pitch in with the healing, but NicePallyClassLeader pointed out I already was. Well, actually, at the time I was hiding behind a wall with 0 mana and 5% hp, keeping out of LoS of the saw blades and deciding whether to make a run for the door. :P

But back in I went and managed to keep the tank up thanks to some well timed heals on me which gave me enough mana to keep going. We must have been down to tank, me and NicePallyClassLeader by the time the first of the 2 demon thingies went down and moved onto last one. We're about half way through the last one when the rest of the raid, freshly rezzed at graveyard, finally storm in and unleash a maelstrom of pain on the poor bad guy.


So we start off the Voidy event and wipe, I manage to run out with about half the raid.

Attempt 2: Takes some time and there are some scary moments when I thought I was gonna die, chugged plenty of pots, healthstones and self-healed but we got through to the end.

He dropped 2 set of Warrior, Priest, Druid T5 shoulders and the Cowl of the Grand Engineer (or whatever) that TiceNits has been after for ages.

I, of course, could use none of this, but I enquired as to whether I earnt any DKP for my trial here the other week. No I didn't.

A fun night.

Daily Cooking Quests

Sunday 25th November 2007

It's been a while since patch 2.3 hit and I have finally got round to figuring out what this is all about.

You go along to "The Rokk" who is a goblin located in the northern area of Lower City, Shattrath between the Netherdrake vendor and the Arakkoa area.

He gave me a cooking pot and told me to make him some Kaliri stew which needs the cooking pot, 3 warp burgers and a large kaliri wing. The wing comes from those bloody annoying birds that harass you when you're trying to do the Skettis quests (flying mount required) you can also get the warped flesh required for the warp burgers from Skettis too.

Simply cook up the warp burgers then use the cooking pot to make the Kaliri stew and hand it back into The Rokk.

I got about 8 gold (I think) some serpents flesh, some warped flesh a large fang ?!?! WTF? and a Hot Talbuk Steak recipe

Not bad, knocked out the 2 skettis dailies while I was up there, so it paid for my Shambolic Arcatraz outing.

Time for a couple of pints before tonights raid...

Heroic ... More Like Shambolic Arcatraz

Sunday 25 November 2007

Just goes to prove I'm still learning the ropes as a tankadin.

My one-on-one tanking skill is just about there I reckon, just need to fine tune what I do when I lose aggro.

What I really need to improve is pulling, that got us a few wipes and I'm sorry to say we had a paladin as healer.

I'm not sorry that the healer was a paladin, I'm sorry that the healing was, lets just say, cutting it fine and sometimes plain inadequate. I think I'll check up on her armoury profile and see if my healing gear is better.

Of course I caused a few wipes with my nub tanking skills and a couple of dodgy body pulls! We cleared the first boss room then skipped him and headed up stairs, I then wiped us on the voidwalker thingies a couple of times. First time because I didn't move them out of their healing portals because I didn't know about them (read: forgot) and the second time because I got all tangled up against a wall and left it in its healing portal again.

The Paladin left and we got a resto druid in to continue. We cleared the room easy then (now that I knew about the portals) and moved on.

I then executed another bloody awful body pull and then hid round a corner so I couldn't get any healing - oops.

Onwards to the 2 bitches. We took the one on the left.

With her, she heals. So the rogues (of which we had 2) have to interrupt. This is just after a whirlwind, so all melee have to run out and then rogue back in to interrupt her heal. Of course this didn't happen.

First time the rogues both died to the whirlwind so we all ran the entire length of the instance - haha - to escape.

The next time the rogues didn't die but her HP just never went down, I guess they weren't interrupting the heals. We ran out again and reset once a rogue went down.

We decided to call it a day at this point. So huge repair bill and no badges of justice and no daily quest complete.


Saturday, 24 November 2007

Mouse Over Item Links

Thanks to BigBearButt for this page which has allowed me to add mouse over tooltips for every item.

Basically you need to add some styles and javascript into you blogspot template and then add a class and javascript mouse events to the anchor tag, like this...

class="epic" onmouseover="showWowitem(event,32756);" onmouseout="hideWowitem();"

... and you end up with this.

Cloak of Whispering Shells

You will notice the tooltips appearing now on more and more of the items in this blog as I revisit each one and update the links.

Friday Night Drunken Karazhan Run

Last night we did a late starting Karazhan run at 21:30 (22:30 server time). I tanked (badly) but we got Attumen down, then Moroes, then Maiden and finally went to The Opera Event.

Of course we had the obligatory wipes and I died quite a few time, but we took down the Big Bad Wolf on the second attempt.

And he finally drop Red Riding Hood's Cloak which I have been waiting for forever as an upgrade to Cloak of Whispering Shells for my Healing gear as I am primarily a Holy Paladin at heart!

So the raid leader calls the roll...

...and look at that roll. 93 - woot. But over TS there are two words from the Raid Leader "No HolyWarrior"

WTF???? I won the roll and it goes to the second highest roll. This was a generally Alt run, so why should an alt get the bloody cloak over a main?

OK, I am tankadin at the moment, but that does not change the fact that I am a healer at heart.

I was pissed off. We moved on and I lost all will to do anything. I maybe tanked one of the Money Mobs after that, I sat around watching, taking the cash as they killed mobs, I went afk for a smoke at one point, then wandered off to get another beer and then tanked a ghosty by the back door when I accidentally got to the front of the group and was noticed.

Once I saw the back door open I "red-X'd" TeamSpeak and WoW at the same time to simulate a DC.

I suspect they were giving up for the night anyway, but after a combined 54 gold repair bill and drops totalling 8 Netherweave Cloth and 2 Soul Essences and then being denied the only loot I could use that I won on a fair roll, I'll be fucked if I'm gonna carry on or have happy chat in /guild.

Someone pointed it out, on one of the other blogs that I read, that tanks have the highest repair bills (as proved tonight) and rarely get the thanks for this.

I swallowed a 54 gold expenditure to run Karazhan tonight so that everyone else could get some phat epix and I get no thanks and even denied the only loot that I wanted.


At least I got 7 badges of justice out of it.

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 18
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 2747/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Lets Spend Some Badges

Yesterday I looked at what my badges of justice can buy me and, now that I understand what dodge, block, parry etc contribute to my combined avoidance, I thought 42 block rating on the Libram of Repentance is a must ... NOW!!!

15 Badges later... 102.827% Combined Avoidance.


Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 11
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 2747/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Friday, 23 November 2007

Item wish List

Helm of the Fallen Champion (Karazhan - Prince) x 3

Dunno yet

Mantle of Abrahmis (Karazhan - Netherspite)
Pauldrons of the Fallen Champion (Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar) x 3

[Healing] Red Riding Hood's Cloak (Karazhan - Opera - Big Bad Wolf)
[Healing] Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted (Karazhan - Prince)

Dunno Yet

Bracers of the Green Fortress (Crafted)
Vambraces of Courage (Attumen)
Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx (35 Badges of Justice)

Dunno Yet

[Healing] Girdle of Truth (Karazhan - Netherspite)

Unwavering Legguards (75 Badges of Justice)
Leggings of the Fallen Champion (Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller)

[Healing] Boots of Valiance (Karazhan - Moroes?)

Figurine of the Collosus (Shattered Halls)
Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch (Karazhan - Moroes)

Andormu's Tear (Black Morass Quest)
Elementium Band of the Sentry (Arcatraz)
Ring of Unyielding Force (25 Badges of Justice)
Shermanar Great-Ring (Karazhan - Shade of Aran)

Dunno Yet

Azure-Shield of Coldarra (33 Badges of Justice)
Shield of Impenetrable Darkness (Karazhan - Nightbane)
Aldori Legacy Defender (Gruul's Lair - Grull the Dragonkiller)

Libram of Repentance (15 Badges of Justice)

Fiery Warhorse's Reins (Karazhan - Attumen the Huntsman)

Let me pick up the Arcane Tomes you Bastards!

FFS Blizz - Why? QQ

What annoys me now is that if you're Aldor you can't pick up Arcane Tomes. Now that is bloody stupid. OK, you can't use them but you can trade them for Fel Armaments which do the same thing for your faction.

Guess what, Mechanar dropped loads of Arcane Tomes last night. Guess how many Fel Armaments dropped?

Update 22/08/08: Thinking about it maybe master looter was on?

Tankadin - Attempt 4 - Oopsy

Still no ZA for me last night :(

But NicePallyClassLeader arranged an outing to a Heroic and as we were doing this for me it was agreed to boost my Sha'tar rep, so Heroic Mechanar it is.

(check my Sha'tar rep on previous entries before continuing...)

So off we all fly to Tempest keep, well the short trip from Cosmowrench anyway, and I can't get in. Errr ... OK guys ... slight problem ... 5999/6000 Friendly with Sha'tar. OOPS

Them: Go kill a mob.
Me: (panicing) err ... no rep.
Them: In an instance.

So off we go and reset Mechanar to normal mode, pop in, kill a mob, I ding Honoured, hearth to Shat, buy Warpforged Key, get a summon back and slink into Heroic Mechanar with a red face.

To cut a long story short, I've been in 4 Tempest Keep instances before. 1 for Karazhan attunement for myself, 1 for Karazhan attunement for StupidDorf, 1 VoidReaver run with "Fucking Tossers" and finally (before today) my VoidReaver audition run with "Portugese Porkers". Hence the 5999 friendly rep and my woeful nub performance in their tonight.

It didn't help that we were on a different TS server, the group leaders first language is not English and that I had consumed vast quantities of Stella Artois; so I looked really good in front of the new guildies, I wiped us several times, executed some god awful pulls and I'm surprised I didn't have <Guildless> above my head by the time we got out.

In all fairness though, the mage wasn't helping with the Frost Novas, restricting my ability to get aggro back. The Shaman wasn't helping by attacking mid pull and the healer was cutting it fine a lot of the time and my mana suffered a lot because of this. The healer was actually unaware of the mana boost to pallys from healing, he is aware now.

We got the Gatewatchers down pretty easy and then Mechano Lord Capacitus gave me an Assassin's Fire Opal (+6 Crit Rating and +5 Dodge Rating). This I'll keep till I'm re-arranging my gear, post 102.4% avoidance, to up damage and threat.

We temporarily bypassed Sepethrea and had a couple of wipes getting to Pathaleon the Calculator who kindly gave me another epic gem: Defenders Tanzanite (5 parry, 6 stamina) and epic mail gloves: Handguards of the Steady (vendor trash probably).

And then we gave Nethermancer Sepethrea a couple of wipes. She was a bit difficult for a nub to Mechanar, she summons some hard hitting fire elementals who AoE. I had to tank her walking backwards and avoiding the fire.

It went to shit the first couple of times and then the shaman who refuses to go to ZA, has been moaning since the start and who kept screwing up my pulls and getting aggro declares he is off.

We pull a guild shadow priest in, buff up and kill the bitch.

She was very nice, she gave me another Assassin's Fire Opal and Stellaris - a blue one handed axe (more vendor trash!)

These epic gems are unique equiped so it looks like 1 for my Ret set and 1 for my tank set

I also got some sunfury signets and marks of sargeras and a random green cloth thing.

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 26
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 2747/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 97.500%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Too Much Gear.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

So, I've now got another blue tanking cloak from Heroic Slave Pens.

Before we worry about that...

NOOB ALERT: For some reason I thought I was waiting to get Aldor Exalted to get shoulder enchants. Well I noticed today you can get green quality enchants at Honoured - DOH! So 2 Holy Dust for tanky enchants and 2 holy Dust for Healing enchants.

Anyway, back to the cloaks. Is it better than the one NicePallyClassLeader and I made the other night? Ever the nub that I am I'm still unsure quite what Shield block and block rating mean and how much they add up, so I have now researched that.

Ironscale War Cloak
78 Armour
26 Stamina
+12 Dodge Enchant
Equip: Increase Shield Block Rating by 19
Equip: Increase Shield Block Value by 29


Cloak of Eternity
76 Armour
36 Stamina
+12 Dodge Enchant
Equip: Increase Defence Rating by 23

So, lets work this out.

Un-Crittable by Level 73 - need 490 Defence
- Defence needs to be 5 * boss level = 365 to reduce base crit chance to 5%
- 25 Defence reduces crit (as well as increasing your dodge, parry and block) chance by 1% so 125 Defence (5 * 25) = 490 Defence = Un-Crittable.

Un-Crushable by Level 73 - need 102.4% total avoidance
Your miss, dodge and parry plus your dodge block needs to be 102.4% to be un-crushable against a level 73 mob.

First off I equipped Ironscale War Cloak without the dodge enchant. This increased my total avoidance (even without the dodge) , so clearly this is better on the un-crushable front. But it reduced my Defence to 487.

OK, so I found out the difference between block rating and values.
Block rating is you chance to block (part of your combined avoidance)
Block value is how much damage is actually blocked (not part of avoidance)

Conclusion: Shield Block Rating of 19 > 12 Dodge + 23 Defence

OK, so two things.
1) Ironscale War Cloak is obviously better, even with apparently less stats ?!? We need to find out why.
2) I need to replace some gems to get my Defence back up to 491.

First off, lets get un-crittable again...
I have 2 Enduring Talasite (+4 Defence and +6 Stamina) on my Wrynn Dynasty Greaves. I replace these with 2 Thick Dawnstones (+8 Defence) at 29 gold apiece.

This +8 Defence improvement actually only increase actual Defence by 4, wierd, but there is my 491 Un-Crittable.

This, along with 19 block being better than 12 dodge + 23 defence, confused me slightly so time for some more research...

I eventually found the figures I was looking for on Zen Tanking

and shamelessly ripped from there...

Ratings Summary
  • 1 Block Rating = .127% CA
  • 1 Defence Rating = .067% CA (Combined Avoidance) @ 490 skill
  • 1 Dodge Rating = .053% CA
  • 1 Parry Rating = .0423% CA
  • 1 Agility = .04% CA (Kings brings this up to above Parry, slightly)
so my +8 defence rating bought me 3.333 Defence skill, which was enough to boost 487 -> 491

This also explains why Ironscale War Cloak is better, lets look at the stats.

Ironscale War Cloak
Shield Block Rating by 19 * 0.127 = 2.413 Combined Avoidance

Cloak of Eternity
+12 Dodge * 0.053 = 0.636 Combined Avoidance
+23 Defence * 0.067 = 1.541 Combined Avoidance
Total = 2.177 Combined Avoidance

Now that we've got that out of the way my Combined Avoidance is now standing at 96.864% and putting that +12 dodge enchant on is going to up that to 97.500% I've lost 10 stamina but gained Combined Avoidance and 2 armour.

So now I'm going to concentrate on getting the rest of my pure tanking gear - shield and bracers to start with and then I can really start confusing myself with maths :)

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 22
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 5999/6000 Friendly
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 97.500%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Tankadin - Attempt 3

Wednesday 21 November 2007

So I was happily pootling around Felwood with PS when the other half asks if I want to tank Heroic Slave Pens with "Fucking Tossers". Why not? I think so off we pop.

Doesn't go too bad at all, we only wipe a couple of times and I'm doing a pretty good job of crowd control - when not feared.

Boss #1 down with me not losing aggro and not dying..

Then we wipe just before boss #2.

I follow the group leader, an officer of "Fucking Tossers" called (name changed to protect ... err ... me as usual) MescalinMadness, on our run back and she runs us straight into a pack of Naga... OK restart corpse run.

Boss #2 - one-shotted :)

So, some more badges to add to my collection and Ironscale War Cloak drops. Hmm this might be better than Cloak of Eternity. I take it just in case.

See next post for analysis and progress.

Reduced Quest Level?

Wednesday 21 November 2007

So, I have been following a quest guide that I ... err ... bought off e-Bay for about $3 (£2 at the time, less than £1.50 now - LOL)

Anyway, I have been updating it for all my alts to follow (As if I don't know every quest route from 0-60 now!) with extra details and new quests as they come up.

Well, up until patch 2.3 hit this was great; OK I'm probably running 1-2 levels higher than the guide says but I hate skipping content. The quests I picked up when instructed were yellow or orange usually.

But today PS the Rogue hit Felwood and the first 2 quests were marked as low-level (another good 2.3 improvement) and were green in my quest log.

I'll have to pop onto another alt and check if the same is occuring with quests I know should be yellow at that level, but the question is; have the quests levels and/or mobs had their level of difficulty reduced?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

3 Piece Suite

Tuesday 20th November 2007

PS started Un'Goro this morning and dinged level 53. By the time he finished tonight he was level 54 and had finished the first batch of Un'Goro quests.

So what does that mean? It means stormshroud shoulders and a set bonus of a 2% chance to gain 30 energy - woot!!!

Funny YouTube clip (non-WoW)

Hilarious - Heroes

An Extra 5% Avoidance

Monday 19th November 2007

Tonight the guild did ZA tonight, and what a surprise, I didn't go.

But NicePallyClassLeader got a mostly guild group together and we hit Karazhan with me and a druid tanking.

We hit Attumen first, but no Vambraces of Courage - that's the main reason I want to go :(

Onto Moroes and for some reason the 5th target kept getting shackled right next to where we're tanking Moroes. The druid had aggro most of the time so I couldn't move him away and every time he vanished or I muscled-memoried (read: spasmed) a Consecration the shackle would break. We still got him down anyway. But no loot of interest dropped.

Then it was asked if we should skip Maiden, I checked AtlasLoot and saw that there was only Barbed Choker of Discipline I wanted. I said this and we decided to give it a go.

I popped my healing gear on and off-healed as a ProtPally - haha - can still bang out some good heals, just swapped my Holy Shield button for my mouseover healing macro and banged the old nostromo key a lot!!

Down in one!!

Off to Little Red Riding Hood, down in ... err ... two. I got the scared little girl buff and didn't notice and continued trying to tank - haha.

Nothing dropped from the wolf for me either.

NicePallyClassLeader asked why I was using Seal of Righteousness and suggested I use Seal of Vengeance. I gave it a go, but to be honest I can't really figure out what was best for TPS. But I'll use Vengeance for a while. I may check out ElitistJerks.

And finally onto Curator who was kind enough to drop a T4 gloves token for me :) I already had the holy gloves but didn't realise at the time (well I suspected) that I also had my Protection gloves too. Oh well - I now have a full set of T4 Gloves!

We called it a night and portalled off to Shat.

NicePallyClassLeader and I then spent the next hour buying mats to make and enchant:

Cloak of Eternity

76 Armour
36 Stamina
+12 Dodge Enchant
Equip: Increase Defence Rating by 23

She then bought Crystalforged Sword with 200 gold of the guild banks money and stuck a +40 spell damage enchant on it.

And then we enchanted the T4 gloves with +2% threat.

So I equipped the necklace and my avoidance went from to 90.416% to 91.836%.
Put the cloak on and went to 94.059%.
On with the sword and I hit 95.454%

So a 5.038% boost to my avoidance.

However, comparing T4 Justicar Gauntlets to Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden I am unsure which is better. Opinions?

Badges of Justice:18
Avoidance: 95.454%
Holy Dust: 13
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 5999/6000 Friendly

Monday, 19 November 2007

Gear Just Isn't Good Enough

Sunday 18th November 2007 - Later
I didn't get to go to Zul'Aman today. The officers discussed my gear and decided ... err ... no chance!

It's hardly my fault really. I've been banging on for 2 weeks now that I need to go to Karazhan and get some upgrades.

Luckily NicePallyClassLeader offers me a heroic group so we pop to Shat and pick up the Heroic Daily - something about stolen souls in an Orb and then pop along to Auchenai Crypts.

I am tanking so there is the inevitable multiple deaths for me, but only one or two total wipes. The healers eventually realised that they really did need to heal me quite a lot, but they did have to do quite a bit of group healing too until I learnt to use Righteous Defence a bit better.

Well we got both bosses down on the second attempt and got a Badge of Justice from each, the loot was crap though.

Went back to Shattrath and handed the daily quest in and got 2 more Badges. Nice. I now have 10.

NicePallyClassLeader checked out my gear and ... err ... noticed I haven't put any enchants on anything yet. So she banged Exceptional Stats on my chest piece and offered me Stamina on the shield. But it is my healing shield really and has Intellect on it. I'd prefer to wait until I have a tanking shield says I.

She also linked me [Enchant Gloves - Threat] so I'll beg TiceNits for some of her primal lifes for that.

Badges of Justice: 10
Avoidance: 90.416%
Holy Dust: 13
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 5999/6000 Friendly

Bloody Laptop

Sunday 19th November 2007
I didn't get much achieved today at all, level wise for PS the Rogue anyway.

I was on my laptop today, and once it's had a few minutes of intense graphics work to be done the bloody thing reboots. So much for a Dell XPS M170

So, I'm not going to manage to hammer out 2 levels of grinding today.

What I did manage to do was grind enough turtle scales to finish off the leathworking quests from Patt McGrubben in Feralas and having done that I worked my Leatherworking up from 263 to 290. I made my Stormshroud Pants and then I bought Stormshroud Armour (Chest) for 29 gold

I also bought the Stormshroud Gloves recipe for 61 gold which requires level 300 Leatherworking and level 57 to wear and Stormshroud Shoulders, which I can don at level 54, for 59 gold.

So I am wearing 2 pieces of Stormshroud so I get a set bonus of 5% chance of dealing 15-25 nature damage on a succesful melee swing.

I also forked out 45 gold for Julie's Dagger, this reduces my stats a little but at 1.3 speed and 36.5 DPS its a pretty good off hand dagger for a Combat Swords build I think.

So he is now back in Un'Goro waiting for me to be able to level him when back on the desktop mean gaming machine.

Levelling Improvements

Saturday 17th November 2007
I spent today with PS the Rogue as I haven't had much of a chance to level him much this week and I'm sure he was getting lonely hiding in the shadows all on his own.

He had a productive day. He finished off the rest of Searing Gorge, including getting the key, and levelled from 50 to 52.

I'd left him overlooking a camp of level 50 elites the last time I played him and I have been eager to log on and confirm that the patch has indeed nerfed them. Well, not only have Blizzard removed their Elite tag, they've also dropped their level down to the mid 40's. Nice one!

I also popped back to Stranglethorn vale to finish off the Elite group quests there.

King Mok (or whatever) is now level 42 Regular (I think) as opposed to level 51 Elite.

The Ogres at the Ogre Compound are also nerfed. hehe. So I banged out the Mai'Zoth, Cracking Maury's Foot and Message in a Bottle quests that have been clogging up my quest log, but which I refuse to abandon!

Popped up to the Rebel Camp to hand in Mai'Zoth and to get the new Flightpath there. that is so much better. no more running the length of STV.

I finished off by taking him down to Un'Goro, via Darnassus for quest hand ins, in preparation for another couple of levels tomorrow.

Zul'Aman PUG ... hmmm

Friday 16th November 2007
Not many guildies online tonight so one of them decides to get a ZA PUG together. Can I heal? Sure I say.

25 gold to spec to holy. 30 gold to respec back to tanking.

So we enter ZA and get to the bottom of the steps and wipe every time on the first lot of Boss Adds. The PUG won't listen to me about sheeping 2 straight away and tanking both the others.

They soon get bored and the raid collapses. 55 gold well spent.

What of StupidDorf?

Thursday 15th November 2007
I didn't get to go to ZA today and couldn't get a group for Karazhan. But I did hear from StupidDorf; apparently he is now playing on a different server with all his work colleagues.

What 2.3 Means to me

Healing: Almost all items and enchantments that provide bonus healing now also provide a smaller number (approximately 1/3) of bonus spell damage. There are a few items and enchantments where this was not possible, such as random-stat items and Zul'Gurub enchantments, but this is now the case on virtually all other items.

Weapon Skill: All items and abilities that granted weapon skill have been changed. In most cases, they were converted to expertise or expertise rating. Ranged attacks do not benefit from expertise, so ranged weapon skill has generally been replaced by critical strike bonuses or hit bonuses. In a few cases, talents have been changed to other effects to avoid granting players excessive amounts of expertise.

A new flight path has been added to the Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale.

All old world dungeon bosses have had their loot revisited. Players will now find that the loot dropped inside instances will be of Superior (blue) quality.

Ogri'la Faction Vendor: This vendor now sells potions useable anywhere for a large number of Apexis Shards.

The Requirement for Heroic Keys has been lowered to Honored.

Elite mobs outside of pre-Burning Crusade dungeons have been changed to non-elite.

The Shadow Labyrinth Key can now be looted from the Talon King's Coffer next to Talon King Ikiss in the Sethekk Halls.

New random Daily Dungeon quests have been added for both the heroic and non-heroic five-person Outland dungeons, as well as for the 5-person Caverns of Time instances. Each day both a single heroic and a single non-heroic dungeon are randomly targeted by these quests. The Consortium quest givers can be located in Shattrath's Lower City

All players now have a tracking bubble on their minimap. From that menu you can select a specific type of vendor or npc to look for or you can select a specific tracking type if your character has tracking. Yes this means that hunters can take all of those tracking buttons off of their action bars.

Game objects that you can interact with will now sparkle and display their name over the object to make them more obvious.

# When you take damage and have a full screen UI up, the edges of the screen will flash red so you know you are under attack.

There are now options for displaying health and mana values on your health/mana bars for you/your party/your target and to display that information either as percentages or as numbers.

Aether rays can now be wrangled earlier.

Many new quests have been added to Dustwallow Marsh.

The Steamwheedle Cartel have just completed building the new town of Mudsprocket in south west Dustwallow Marsh.

Increased the cooldowns on the heals of Kurzen Medicine Men

NPC's with level appropriate quests will now always appear on your minimap as yellow exclamation points. NPC's that have quests that you have completed will now display as yellow question marks instead of yellow dots. In addition flight masters that you have not yet gotten the flight point for will display on the minimap as a green exclamation point.

The Auction House UI has been much improved. The useless categories have been removed (Plate-Cloak for instance) and a number of additional sub categories have been added. In addition, many items have had their category changed so that they make more sense.

The Auction house time periods have been changed. Now items can be put up for sale for 12, 24, or 48 hours. The option to put up items for 8 hours has been removed.

You can now send up to 12 items in a single mail message.

When you have an outgoing mail open, you can right-click on items to attach them to that outgoing mail.

When you have a trade window open, you can right-click an item to move it to the trade window.

Essence of Death now drops from level 57-60 non-elite undead in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Low Level Cloth Items: All agility and strength on low-level cloth items has been replaced with other stats, usually bonus spell damage, but also sometimes other stats beneficial to mana users.

Paladin: Cleanse and Purify range increased to 40 yards.
Paladin: Crusader Strike (Retribution) cooldown reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.
Paladin:Fanaticism (Retribution) now also reduces threat caused by all actions by 6/12/18/24/30%.

Rogue: All poisons will now enchant the weapon for 1 hour, increased from 30 minutes.
Rogue: Blind is now a physical (no longer a poison) attack. Reagent requirement removed. Now shares the same diminish category as Cyclone and is now diminished in PvE as well as PvP.
Rogue: Kick: Interrupting a channeled spell with this ability will now always properly prevent casting spells from the same spell school for 5 sec.
Rogue: Lockboxes will now display the numerical lockpicking skill required to open them.

Blacksmithing: Sharpening Stones and Weightstones now last 1 hour.

Cooking: Daily cooking quests are now available from The Rokk in Shattrath City! In addition to gold, you can receive random cooking reagents and new recipes as a reward for completing these quests.
Cooking: Reduced the maximum skill obtainable from recipes between 200 and 300. This does not include Outland recipes.

Engineering: Engineering potion injectors no longer require engineering skill to use.

Fishing: Players can now track fishing nodes. This ability is learned from a journal sometimes found in crates obtained through fishing.

Leatherworking: The ogres in the barrier hills are rumored to have a pattern for a 24 slot bag to hold leatherworking supplies.

Even The Officers Are Getting Pissed Off

Wednesday 14th November 2007

One of the Officers of "Fucking Tossers" /gquit today because all the other officers created an A-team to try out Zul'Aman leaving everyone who had signed up for it out in the cold. Ha Ha!

Bye Bye MamaMia *waves*

Patch 2.3 + Addons + Zul'Aman Run = Nightmare

Wednesday 14th November 2007

Patch 2.3 has hit and the first thing I discovered whilst trying to get up to Ghostlands to explore Zul'Aman was that lots of add-ons are out of date and bombarding the WoW kernel as well as my UI with Lua errors.

Lots of people are complaining of this and it usually results in WoW disabling all add-ons and you're left with Vanilla WoW.

I chose the wrong time to try and configure Nostromo for pally tanking too. I put all my tanky type actions on one action bar and assigned hot keys to them. Then I assigned these keys to my nostromo paladin profile. Then the add-on problem made my WoW crash and when I logged back in the bindings had all reset.

To make matters worse we had already banged the "Harrison Jones" gong and I was trying to tank. FFS!!

So I'm trying to tank, trying to set my key bindings ... errr ... and also trying to get my Righteous Defence macro to work.

I resort to mouse clicking icons :(

So we finally get to the adds for the Bear boss and they can one-hot me! Oh dear! To be fair this is only my second outing as a tankadin and I'm still not used to spamming Holy Shield so it was probably down or on GCD every time I was one-shotted.

Well finally onto the boss, and I'm still not really concentrating and I was one-shotted again.

Bear Boss: Take 2.

OK, this time I am concentrating. Screw threat, I'm putting Devotion Aura up. We get through phase 1 with me tanking and we transfer to phase 2, the bear phase, where the other tank took over; fine so far. Back to human form for phase 3 and I'm told to taunt him back to me, well, NUB that I am I try and taunt with Avengers Shield instead of Righteous Defence. Ooops. Other tank dies.

We tried to reset the event by running down the steps but it bugged and the instance reset. Ouch.

We get back to the last set of boss adds but my target seemed to get an enrage, where he grew in size and one-shotted me again. Ouch.

At which point we crawled out of Zul'Aman with our tails between our legs.

Zul'Farack PUG Anyone?

Saturday 10th November 2007
Finally got a chance to set up the Nostromo. I am liking it. Its is very suitable for a rogue, the Sinister Strike induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome should be clearing up soon!

So, PS the rogue made level 50 last night in the course of trying to solo the ZF Mallet quest(successful) and Saving Sharpbeak(tried with a level 50 paladin and failed, then got a tank as well and did it) and spent the morning making sure he had all the quests for Zul'Farrack.

PS tentatively booted up the LFG tool to find one other person there. So after a lot of spamming general and LFG channel and lots of people joining then leaving the group, because it was taking too long, a group is formed and ready to go.

Oh joy, a pug for ZF!

To be fair though it didn't go too badly except for my repeated crashes because I am on my laptop...Grrr.

Just before the first (optional) boss we lose our healer, but manage to replace him with a better one.

The Steps quest is drawn out as usual and the nub mage refuses to turn his PvP flag on but it goes down OK in the end.

Onto Gahz'rilla and I get to bang the gong with my ZF mallet - woot!

All goes well and the group disbands pretty smartish with me left all on my own to kill Scarabs for their shells. Yeah, thanks guys!!

All ZF quests done in 1 run. Nice. I won't be back there n0w until my mage, priest or one of my warriors hits level 50. They are all in their 30s currently, so that won't be for a while!

Raiding with the Old Crew

Friday 9th November 2007
Nothing going on with The Porkers tonight but got an invite to Karazhan from the good guys (including TiceNits) in "Fucking Tossers". TiceNits even paid for my spec to holy and back so that I could heal.

We started pretty late but still managed Attumen, Moroes and Maiden and I get a spell damage cloak. *coughs*

First Outing as a Tankadin

Thursday 8th November 2007
Had a trial with "Portugese Porkers" tonight against Voidreaver. I respecced to Protection with some Retribution and donned my tanking epics from Karazhan. Next was a trip to the auction house to deck it out with blue Dodge, Parry and Block gems.

I tried out the avoidance macro I found at {need reference} and to my disappointment discovered that with Holy Shield up I still only get 90% out of the required 102.4% required to become uncrushable against level 73 bosses. QQ

Went into The Eye anyway and my first attempt at tanking was woeful. lol. By the time we got to Loot Reaver I was relegated to DPS.

Oh well, he went down first go anyway, but no loot for me and as I was trialling I probably won't get any DKP.

But the upside was that after some discussion with the paladin class leader afterwards I was invited to the Guild. YAY!

Badges of Justice: 4
Avoidance: 90.06%
Holy Dust: 13
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 5999/6000 Friendly

...Or No Nostromo

Wednesday 7th November 2007
Nostromo arrived today, but I had a meeting in the evening so haven't had a chance to test it out.


Monday 5th November 2007
Having spent most of the morning reading up on the Belkin Nostromo n52 Speedpad courtesy of Parry Dodge Spin I have decided to buy one and give it a tryout.

Ordered from Amazon this afternoon after trawling the local PC World and other IT outlets in the area to no avail.

Can I Tank? Ha Ha Ha

Sunday 4th November 2007
Turns out "Portugese Porkers" only want Tankadins. Guess I'll respecc and give it a go.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Guild Application

Friday 2nd November 2007
OK, I'm finally bored of watching TiceNits raid and me not. So I have applied to "Portugese Porkers".

Whats "The Bad" One Been up to Recently?

Friday 26th October 2007

I have been playing my rogue PooStabber (name changed obviously) a lot recently. He is now at level 48 and with the help of the blogs to the right I have got a nice levelling spec for him.

PS is a Combat Swords build. He did have quite a lot in assassination but a costly respec later he has supposedly got the best levelling build.

At the start of the week I soloed all of Uldaman, except the bint in the Indianna Jones rip off, who you can stealth past to get the quest complete and the end boss who you need 3 people to get to.

Another One Bites The Dust

Wednesday 24 October 2007

"Fucking Tossers" had a paladin who really wants to be Retribution - good on him I say.

Unfortunately there has been some resistance to this and he ended up being booted from the guild after a bit of a forum slanging match. Shame. QQ

RaidWanker Fucks Up Again

Sunday 21st October 2007

"Fucking Tossers" had a raid arranged for tonight to be led by RaidWanker. He turned up late again and hadn't sorted out the rotations. HAHAHA

He got some grief and announced he was quitting the game.

Ha Ha Thump - that's the sound of me laughing my head off - tosser!!!

Can you beat the Warcrack?

Wednesday 10th October 2007

TiceNit's couldn't stay away from WoW and she is back!!

And as soon as she got back she spotted a guild advert for paladins which she put me onto.

I will do some research into "Portugese Porkers" (Name changed as always)

PooStabber, my rogue, is now level 42 with the help of TiceNit's druid, CiteTin, doing some healing for me.

Guild Collapsing?

Sunday 30th September 2007

I wish, but there has been a steady stream of members leaving. Today was a very nice girl from England who was one of the guildies that stuck up for me when i got booted. I wish her good luck.

Also today I finally got my Netherdrake after weeks of grinding rep. YAY. What now?

I think it's time for my rogue to get some attention.

New GM - Deja Vu?

Sunday 16th September 2007

RaidWanker found being GM too difficult... boo hoo

Now FannyFart is the new GM

Still not sure how I feel about FannyFart. He was the one that told me to shut up over teamspeak when people were talking shit about Netherspite. But he was also the only officer that had half a brain and a command enough of the English language to realise that I was not calling RaidWanker a wanker.

Good luck to him.

On another note, I spoke to my old GM from "Fist Me Nicely" tonight. Turns out him and his wife have split up, but his current guild "Nagrand Sheep Shaggers FTW" are looking for a holy paladin. I may apply.

Change of GM and a retribution Build

Thursday 13th September 2007

It appears that HardAss the GM is now HardAss the ex-GM having handed over to RaidWanker.

I feel sorry for the guild; gone from one twat to another.

In other news I respecced today from Holy/Prot to Ret/Prot to test out all the DPS gear I had, I also gemmed up the Karazhan DPS gear I had with green +hit, +crit and +Agi gems.

Seems to work out pretty good.

The one downside is I lose my pulling tool - Holy Shock - so one of the Netherdrake daily quests where you have to pull the Skyguard Transporters out of the sky is a bit of a nightmare.

So, what now?

Thursday 6th September 2007

Well, now that I am guildless I'd better find something to do.

TiceNit's has quit Wow again, mostly due to my guild status!! So I think I'll grind up for the Netherdrake mount.

HolyWarrior <Guildless>

Wednesday 5th September 2007 - Nowhere

Why is this?

Today I discover that I have been given the /gkick primarily because RaidWanker thought I'd called him a wanker.

Most of the guild defended me in the forums, including FannyFart, but no sign of a backdown by RaidWanker or HardAss the GM. I do not ask any favours so there was no way I was asking for them to reconsider so I left a parting post on the forums and left...


It's been some time since I updated this blog as I have been a little disheartened recently. read: want "FuckingTossers" to fail in a stunning fashion and for RaidWanker and HardAss the GM to die a horrible and painful death. I'll now try an update you all on what has been happening in the last 2 months.

Tuesday 4th September 2007 - Nowhere

YAY!! I finally got my Reins of the Netherray today - 280% speed flying mount.

And then my joy started turning to disappointment...

OK, I was signed up for tonight's raid days ago. I was waiting outside the instance with most of the rest of the guild and raid time hits with no RaidWanker the RL online. 5 minutes after start time he comes on and I am told I am rotated. WTF? I thought we had this sorted.

As Usual TiceNits and I could have arranged to do something if we were not raiding.

I am miffed but wished everyone good luck in guildchat and then made a slightly sarcastic comment about how well the roatation system was working and then went offline.

I logged on a bit later and noticed that the guild rank names had been changed, they were a bit rude towards the standard members, I commented on this in guild chat replacing whatever the actual rude name was with "I'm a useless wanker" or something. Then I logged off.