Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Karazhan is Nearly Empty

Monday 3rd September 2007 - 2nd half of Karazhan.

TiceNits' group finished Karazhan in one night last week but we were left with Attumen, Illhoof, Netherspite and prince.

Prio: Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted dropped by Prince. It was this or Jade ring of the everliving

Boss: Attumen the Hunstmen
Loot Wish: Gauntlets of Renewed Hope
Details: We were only 9 people and I was mucking about trying to get my speakers working, but we still got him without wiping.
Drops: Not the Gauntlets :(

Boss: Terestrian Illhoof
Loot Wish: Nothing I can think of
Details: Got in there. RaidWanker was first to get sacrificed, he ice blocked. Then another paladin was sacrificed, divine shield. It was then suggested that it would be good for me to get sacrificed next as I could shield out, which promptly happened, then a healer and a dps followed, both were healed through and chains broken. As usual all the time I had Judgement of Light up and was spamming Exorcise and Holy Shock but then I was sacrificed again and my shield was still on cooldown and no-one bothered with the chains or healing me. Deja Vu from last week. I died but he dropped soon after.
Drops: He dropped some nice plate DPS gear which I rolled on and beat a warrior, but I let the warrior have it cos I probably won't use it!

Boss: Netherspite
Loot Wish: Girdle of Truth
Details: Went down first time and pretty easy, but I kept getting Nether Exhaustion just by running through the beams. I thought you had to be in them for 10 seconds to get the de-buff. Thinking about it now do you get the debuff 10 seconds after coming out?
Drops: Not the Girdle :(

Boss: Prince
Loot Wish: Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted (prio), Jade Ring of the Everliving, T4 Token
Details: We were very lucky with the infernals today and got him down very easy, my token did not drop, 2 other tokens did though and my prio did not drop either. The ring did though and luckily no-one else wanted it.
Drops: Jade Ring of the Everliving

After the raid I realised that I had hit exalted so off I trotted to upgrade my Violet Eye ring. Was not particularly impressed with the upgrade though, an extra stamina and an extra healing point I think was all it did :(

My kit now as it stands is mostly healing plate, with a blue cloak and head and a couple of healing mail epics. Hopefully Karazhan Wednesday will fill out some more spots.

Sunday Raiding

Sunday 2nd September 2007 - Gruul and Magtheridon

We started with Gruul's Lair. We had done the High King last week so just had Gruul the Dragonslayer to down. We wiped twice and the trash respawned before our 3rd attempt.

I had the shatter tactics sorted but people kept running towards me, that's the reason I died on 1 attempt, but on the third attempt he went down.

Some mail healing boots dropped [insert link] and 2 warrior, priest druid Tier 4 tokens dropped and a leather belt.

The boots came up first and I thought I may as well put minimum bid in, shortly after that HardAss the GM announced they were to be sharded. I had to act quickly to avoid losing them to shards again, like Karazhan last week. Turns out my bid had got lost in chit-chat (fucking retard). I got them in the end, so they replaced my blue Cenraion Greaves or whatever they were. Lost about 50 armour but these are epix and have better stats!

So we moved onto Maggy and had some good practice on him, with me finally grasping the tactic to heal the cube tank assigned to me and then moving onto the cube assigned to me as reserve "clicker".

It was fun but we got nowhere!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Karazhan on Friday Night

Friday 31st August 2007 - Karazhan

We didn't manage to get a group for Karazhan on Wednesday but had enough interest for 2 groups on Friday.

Me and TiceNits were in separate groups again. How difficult is it to put us in the same group? TiceNits is in the group lead my a new guildie, we'll call him SpeakEnglish, from a raiding community that has just dissolved called "The Banal"

We skipped Attumen the Hunter and went onto Moroes. I put my prio on Boots of Valiance that he drops so when he dropped on the first attempt I was not particularly surprised that he didn't drop them! However he did drop Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable for my DPS build, however the tank had them and the raid leader asked the other paladin if he wanted them and when he said no he ordered them sharded and that's what happened before I could even speak up. Not very happy at all.

Onto Maiden of Virtue and she went down first go but no loot for me.

The Opera Event finally gave me my first look at the Little Red Riding Hood event, but didn't drop the cloak.

Forward to the Curator who went down first go, with me going into melee healing during first evocation and staying there for the duration. Still no drops for me.

Nightbane, no wipes and finally my prio from last week dropped. I stupidly go first roll again and it looks like no-one wanted it so I lose my prio (haha - it didn't drop anyway!) Emberspur Talisman.

Next up is Shade of Aran and the group are on Prince already!!! Well, we one shot Aran and he drops Drape of the Dark Reavers which is good for my DPS build too! This time I win it and it doesn't get sharded.

Raid time is over but we decide to pop to Chess for a quick go. We complete this but nothing drops for me.

We call it a day here, but the other group have now dropped Prince and have moved onto Netherspite.

And by the time they have finished they have cleared Karazhan in one night. they even did Attumen first!!! Looks like SpeakEnglish is pretty good!