Thursday, 22 November 2007

Too Much Gear.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

So, I've now got another blue tanking cloak from Heroic Slave Pens.

Before we worry about that...

NOOB ALERT: For some reason I thought I was waiting to get Aldor Exalted to get shoulder enchants. Well I noticed today you can get green quality enchants at Honoured - DOH! So 2 Holy Dust for tanky enchants and 2 holy Dust for Healing enchants.

Anyway, back to the cloaks. Is it better than the one NicePallyClassLeader and I made the other night? Ever the nub that I am I'm still unsure quite what Shield block and block rating mean and how much they add up, so I have now researched that.

Ironscale War Cloak
78 Armour
26 Stamina
+12 Dodge Enchant
Equip: Increase Shield Block Rating by 19
Equip: Increase Shield Block Value by 29


Cloak of Eternity
76 Armour
36 Stamina
+12 Dodge Enchant
Equip: Increase Defence Rating by 23

So, lets work this out.

Un-Crittable by Level 73 - need 490 Defence
- Defence needs to be 5 * boss level = 365 to reduce base crit chance to 5%
- 25 Defence reduces crit (as well as increasing your dodge, parry and block) chance by 1% so 125 Defence (5 * 25) = 490 Defence = Un-Crittable.

Un-Crushable by Level 73 - need 102.4% total avoidance
Your miss, dodge and parry plus your dodge block needs to be 102.4% to be un-crushable against a level 73 mob.

First off I equipped Ironscale War Cloak without the dodge enchant. This increased my total avoidance (even without the dodge) , so clearly this is better on the un-crushable front. But it reduced my Defence to 487.

OK, so I found out the difference between block rating and values.
Block rating is you chance to block (part of your combined avoidance)
Block value is how much damage is actually blocked (not part of avoidance)

Conclusion: Shield Block Rating of 19 > 12 Dodge + 23 Defence

OK, so two things.
1) Ironscale War Cloak is obviously better, even with apparently less stats ?!? We need to find out why.
2) I need to replace some gems to get my Defence back up to 491.

First off, lets get un-crittable again...
I have 2 Enduring Talasite (+4 Defence and +6 Stamina) on my Wrynn Dynasty Greaves. I replace these with 2 Thick Dawnstones (+8 Defence) at 29 gold apiece.

This +8 Defence improvement actually only increase actual Defence by 4, wierd, but there is my 491 Un-Crittable.

This, along with 19 block being better than 12 dodge + 23 defence, confused me slightly so time for some more research...

I eventually found the figures I was looking for on Zen Tanking

and shamelessly ripped from there...

Ratings Summary
  • 1 Block Rating = .127% CA
  • 1 Defence Rating = .067% CA (Combined Avoidance) @ 490 skill
  • 1 Dodge Rating = .053% CA
  • 1 Parry Rating = .0423% CA
  • 1 Agility = .04% CA (Kings brings this up to above Parry, slightly)
so my +8 defence rating bought me 3.333 Defence skill, which was enough to boost 487 -> 491

This also explains why Ironscale War Cloak is better, lets look at the stats.

Ironscale War Cloak
Shield Block Rating by 19 * 0.127 = 2.413 Combined Avoidance

Cloak of Eternity
+12 Dodge * 0.053 = 0.636 Combined Avoidance
+23 Defence * 0.067 = 1.541 Combined Avoidance
Total = 2.177 Combined Avoidance

Now that we've got that out of the way my Combined Avoidance is now standing at 96.864% and putting that +12 dodge enchant on is going to up that to 97.500% I've lost 10 stamina but gained Combined Avoidance and 2 armour.

So now I'm going to concentrate on getting the rest of my pure tanking gear - shield and bracers to start with and then I can really start confusing myself with maths :)

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 22
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 7824/12000 Honoured
Shatar Rep: 5999/6000 Friendly
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 97.500%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

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