Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WoW - Legendary Quest - The Thunder Forge Scenario Easy Tactic

The night before last I was tooling around The Isle of Thunder doing the dailies and I finally hit exalted with the Black Prince. I had all of the Sigils or whatever and the auction house is laden with cheap Trillium so this was the sticking point.

Well tonight I dinged 'Exalted'. So I hearthed back and bought up my Trillium and went and handed in my quests.

The next quest in the legendary chain is The Thunder Forge

Here you have to go to the Thunder Forge and help Wrathion :

a) Outside by killing stuff. Easy. Stand in blue orbs.
b) Inside by helping the Defender protect the Blacksmith. Harder and Hectic. Keep the Defender topped up on HP for more damage.
c) Inside again. Right royal pain in the arse!! I was trying all kinds of tactics. Once all my gear was red I was dreading hearthing out and having to redo everything (you don't need to apparently, while dead you can go outside and resurrect and call your repair mount.)!

But I didn't need to. Three attempts of the following strategy got me the quest complete, even with all my armour at 0%!!

You resurrect at the door by the spirit healer then run down the steps and then click all of the anvils whilst taking the smallest circular route you can around the central spire. Quick as you can. Speed boost may help here! Potions, enchants ... anything.

Yes. Forget saving anvils for insanity. Click all the anvils as quickly as you can to give the defender massive DPS boost and then have a pop at the Sha yourself.

Twice I was close but the insanity got me. The third time the Sha was already at 21% when I got within range and after 1 judgement the Lance appeared.

Wrathion 1 - 0 Sha of Amalgamation

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hearthstone - Crazy Game Story

Tonight's crazy game story is yet again revolving around the Knife Jugalo.

My opponent had nothing on the board, I had the good old Jugalo.  On turn 4 he played Leroy Jenkins.

It, of course, summoned the 2 whelps which, of course, triggered the Knife Juggler special trick. The odds were high that at least one knife would hit Leroy, and pretty good they both would. Which they did! LOL!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

WoW - Key to the Palace of Lei Shen

As I was tooling around the Isle of Thunder I picked this up. Not sure whether it was from a rare mob or a chest. I wondered what it die.

Well, it turns out that it opens up a quest called Treasures of the Thunder King which you can get from Taoshi who is underneath the waterfall at 51,46

You can only loot this key once per week but you can stack them up and use all you have one after the other.

It lets you in to do a loot run and there are achievements available too. Look it up on wowhead.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WoW - Even Giants Fall

I ran in to do this quest and stated randomly killing priests. Then they disappeared and the boss was active.

OK, I think, lets get down to this and I am getting him down to half health, but then he heals up. This goes on for a long time, then I run away!!

I checked up on wowhead and it turns out the best way to solo this, especially if you don't have a dispel, is to make sure the Hydra priest is killed.

I killed the Hydra and then the Hawk and then I easily killed the boss.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hearthstone - Never Concede

Never, EVER concede a game in Hearthstone.

I was playing with the pally against a druid (my nemesis).

At the end of his turn he already easily had lethal on the board and I had two pretty poor cards.

I played Onyxia and ended turn. All he had to do was hit me in the face.

He proceeded to take out my other cards leaving me with the Dragon Queen and two 1/1s. I could not believe it!

It was now my turn. He had 19 health. I was in single figures.

I popped the Shattered Sun Cleric on Ony and then popped the Blessed Champion on her too. Making her up to 18 attack. So I smacked him in the face and then killed him with a 1/1 whelp!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hearthstone - Hunter Class Challenge - Loatheb

Now that the second batch of class challenges are opened I had a go at them. The Mage one was easy but the Hunter one was a little out there.

You just get loads of spiders with a death rattle of putting a beast card into your deck. I thought he was bugged at first as he had a health of 75!!! I was wiped off the board pretty quick

The second go I got a few beast up and he put some spores up which I ignored, then I did something and suddenly my remainder 2 beasts had attacks in the 30s!!

It turns out that if you kill the spores then all your minions get +8 attack.

Well that's going to make short work of that 75 health!!

Third time lucky, he hit the floor in double quick time!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hearthstone - Druid Class Challenge and Quarter 2

I've been on holiday for a few days, and of course the second Quarter opened whilst I was away.

Whilst I was waiting for that to open I have been trying the class challenges. The rogue one I got down easily, but the druid one has me stumped. Faerlina gets me all the time ... easily /sadface

So, back to Quarter 2. This wasn't quite so easy.

I used the Mage deck again and one-shot the first boss but the last 2 bosses each took 2 attempts. Still, not too bad.