Friday, 7 March 2008

Frigging PUGs part 2

After the abortive Durnholde run earlier at least I have gone from 14% to 32%.

OK, so I am sitting outside CoT with HolyWarrior in the group and the nice guy that said he would go to Durnholde again. We managed to get a shadow priest into the group so we're just looking for either a tank or healer as HolyWarrior should be able to tank Durnholde normal in his current Holy spec.

Guild is quiet and we just can't fill out the final spot. I spot a group going to Shadow Labs and politely disband the party and head off to Auchindoun.

We have to wait for the fifth member to finish AV but he eventually gets there and off we go.

We're not doing to bad, we have a couple of resets and a couple of wipes. We cope with the first boss easily enough and move onto Blackheart the Inciters room. After lots of frigging around with AFKs we start pulling and wipe on every single pull. The Hunter goes AFK, and we finally boot him and get a mage in.

We've been in here for an hour and a half and I have to go in half an hour. I hate people who disappear mid run. If you join a group you put that time aside exclusively for that run. It's just common courtesy.

Now I didn't think it was unreasonable to put aside 2 hours to do this run, it should NOT have taken that long and I really did have to go at the 2 hour mark. The warrior had to go for dinner for 5 mins. The hunter had such an extended AFK that he was kicked from group and there was AFKs all over the place. Well, when I warned the group that I had to go in 30 minutes, hoping to spur them into action, but the priest kicked me from the group saying that my gear was too bad and my dps was too low. :S

HaHa. I am level 69 mostly decked out in level 69 blue warlock specific gear with 4 pieces of the Netherweave tailoring set (giving me both set bonuses) and 2 pieces of the Imbued Netherweave set (the last piece is level 70). There is no better gear I could get. OK, this level 70 epicced shadow priest was doing nearly double my damage, but I was on a par with the level 70 partially epicced Huntard.

Bollocks to them, I just hope the guild can get a run together. TiceNits needs to go Shadow Lab so hopefully she'll flutter her eyelashes and get a group together!!

If you are a Dwarf Shadow Priest (level 70) playing on a European Server, your name starts with a B and this scenario sounds familiar to you then I have one thing to say to you:

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, I hope you fall from grace with your guild and end you miserable days begging for gold in Lower City you putrid piece of snail sputum."

Anyway. Now EvilBastard is 50% into level 69. I don't think there is any point questing now. He should ding before the Arcatraz step in the Karazhan attunement chain. He better do as you need your fly mount to get there!!

I still have a little rested XP left so with a bit of luck he will be 65% after the Durnholde run. 85% After Shadow Labs and then ding 70 towards the end of whichever Coilfang instance you need to go to.

If not then I'll be grinding sunfury signets in SMV until level 70 and then pop to the mailbox to pick up 5000 gold on the way to the flying mount trainer to get my epic flying skill on my second avatar :P

If there is no guild group available for Arcatraz then I'll be starting the Skettis and Netherdrake quest chains for the faction mounts and the loadsa money dailies; which I'll be dual-boxing with Holy Warrior!!!

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