Thursday, 27 November 2008

WotLK Progress

Well as everyone is frantically trying to get to level 80 and run heroics so they are ready for raids I thought I'd give a quick update on my progress.

HolyWarrior and EvilBastard are still in the starting sub-zone of Howling Fjord and haven't moved since Sunday. BitchSlapper and HotPants however have been running around Tanaris, Badlands and Hinterlands mining Mithril for BS and JC profession levelling.

Go me, got me priorities straight!!!

The guild now has about 15 level 80s and I'm still at 72 - OOPS!!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Phew - I'm a Man!!

Gender Analyser reckons there is an 84% I'm a man, I wonder if that's down to all the profanity!!

I'm a Performer?

TypeAnalyzer (learn to spell you buggers - It's AnalySer) Is interesting but I'm not that impressed.

Thanks to isisxotic for this link who got it from The Leader of the Pack.

Mine was almost identical to Isisxotic's except I was leaning slightly more towards "feeling" thank "thinking", which is bollocks ... isn't it?


2 More acheivments done on HW and EB. "Explore Boring Tundra" and "Boring Tundra is ... err ... Boring!"

That is the levelling duo managed to uncover the last little bit of the Tundra map and then got the 130th quest in zone completed.

Last Rites
They then went on to do the Last Rites chain to complete every quest in the zone.

They both dinged 72 at some point yesterday evening and after doing The Last Rites this morning with a PUG (a full 5 man PUG doing Last Rites at 7am this morning - WTFBBQ???) they hearthed back to Shat, trained their level 71 and 72 skills and got the boat over to Howling Fjord.

Howling Fjord
Now that is a cool boat trip, sailing up the fjord, underneath a burning ship wedged between the cliffs high above.

They are now sat in the inn gaining a little rested xp before exploring this zone.

Changing Tactics
I had originally specced HW as Retribution to run in and grab mobs and get beaten on and then get EB to throw Seed of Corruption around liberally.

I found that to be a bit of a pain trying to keep HW healed and then losing some mobs who would go and thump EB about. So I started just pulling the mobs with Seed of Corruption but HW would burn through mana far too quickly.

So I equipped EB in all his green stamina gear, boosting his HP up to well over 12K (but losing some considerable SP) and got HW to equip all his holy gear so that I could spam FoL getting worthwhile short cast heals out and not draining mana. EBs lack of SP is now made up by getting a couple more SoCs out before having to switch over and start healing.

It's much better. But I am now in the Fjord and I had heard that there are nice big packs of undead, so it maybe easier for HW to gather and keep aggro. We'll see.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Wrath - the First 5 Days

No posts? What a surprise!!

Day 0 - 12th November
At 20:00 on the 12th of November the first Death Knights appeared on our server. By 21:00 our guilds first Death Knight had appeared!! WTF??? I think they were Russians or Eastern Europeans. You would have though that they may be able to buy the game at midnight local time but the servers wouldn't open up DKs or Northrend until 00:00 server time. Not so.

So at 10 minutes to midnight I arrived at my local game shop to be met with a queue all the way around the shop and only 12 Collectors Editions up for grabs.

Oh Bugger!! Well, it could have been a lot worse I suppose, this was at an out of town shopping centre. The shop in town had had people waiting most of the day!!

Day 1 - 13th November
Oh well, by 20 past midnight I was walking out with my 3 pre-ordered copies of Wrath.

By 01:00 I had it installed and was running round handing in completed dailies for a boost.

I had decided to level just HolyWarrior and EvilBastard together first and then level Mark, Sven and a DK afterwards.

03:00 Server reset so time for bed!!

09:00 Back at it and all quests handed in and HW and EB are in Borean Tundra.

16:00 I am not powerlevelling these 2 up, although Consecration followed by Seed of Corruption is lovely. They are enjoying the content and doing everything. Finished up at the DEHTA encampment for the day.

Day 2 - 14th November
I am following a levelling guide I found over at Random Ravings of Warcraft. It is serving me very well so far, I am thinking of converting it for use in Tour Guide(link may not work).

Anyway, today saw me finishing up Coldara and heading off to FizzCranks airstrip with a double level 71 ding in there somewhere!!

Day 3 - 15th November
Not a lot of time on today :( couple of quests done. Did go and see the new James Bond film - Quantum of Solace though. It was crap, don't bother!

Day 4 - 16th November
Created my 1st DK and got him through most of the starting area then got dragged out shopping. Bloody women. Tried to logon at around 20:00 to be met with a queue of 798 - GAH!!

Side note: My son was watching some of this and saw many references to DK in guild chat (luckily I hadn't turned the mature language filter off yet!!) and he was wondering why Donkey Kong was in WoW!!! LOL!

Day 5 - 17th November
Finished up the DK starting area but as I accepted the quest for the Light's Hope Chapel quest someone had already started the event, so I only saw about half of the event and then got a complete. I will have to create another DK just to see that properly (on another account/server obviously).

So I took DrunkardDK to Hellfire and experienced Barrens Chat part II. I was there when it realised what it was becoming and I made the [probably not] first crap Chuck Norris joke! Hellfire at them moment is just a load of DKs and their ghouls running about. One thing of note here is that you cannot summon a ghoul from a demon goddamit!! And where do you get corpse dust from? Hey?

I then logged HW and EB back in and got most of the rest of FizzleCrank airstrip quests done. I have a few left to do and am about 5 bubbles off level 72. I just keep getting distracted by large herds of Mammoths. EB just can't help throwing a SoC on as many as he can before HW needs to start spamming full rank Holy Lights on him at ret's ridiculously inefficient mana cost!!

When I logged off our guilds highest level, a shaman, was mere bubbles away from level 80, followed by a 77 pally and a 76 warrior.

My plan of having a quest log full of completed quests really needed to be followed up by a) not going to bed at 03:00 on release night and b) actually spending the previous 5 days playing the game!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

OMG - Where Have I Been?

Maybe it's the lead up to Wrath, maybe it's my change in domestic situation, maybe it's the fact that work has been really busy the last few weeks but I have neglected this blog and I have neglected WoW.

I have spent the odd spare hour here and there levelling Mark and Sven who are now finishing up Hellfire Pen and level 62-ish and I've been on a couple of raids. But that's about it.

I missed the last 3 raids and I have logged on for about 2 hours in the last week and that was to start filling up HolyWarrior's quest log with completed quests. For a hopeful kick start on Wrath day.

All my chars bags are still full, EvilBastard has an empty quest log, Sven the Druid the 3rd part of my levelling to 80 trio is still at level 62 My banks and alt guild bank are full of mats that will be next to useless in less than 24 hours. My gold reserves are no where near high enough to be buying a mammoth - over 1K gone on epic land mounts for Mark and Sven. Acheivement are sorely lacking although HolyWarrior has discoverd all of Azeroth, Kalimdor and Outland!


How have you been preparing!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Illidan - YOU Were Not Prepared

After Thursday's MH and 3 BY bosses we went to finish up Black Temple tonight. We went and one shot Teron and then moved onto Bloodboil who I had missed before and got him down easily.

Then we moved onto Reliquary of Souls which also went down easily.

It was at this point that I started disconnecting all the time, it was very annoying and I missed Shiraz and The Council, but I had seen them once before anyway.

I finally managed to get back on and stable in time for the first Illidan pull. We had a good attempt at him but wiped somewhere around phase 3 I think.

Then we gave him another go and got him down!!!

I got a nice healing cape which was an upgrade from my Bishop's Cloak and a pair of Tanking gloves for minimum bid!!

I personally have now cleared Black Temnple. That is I have been involved in every boss kill!! WOOT!!