Monday, 3 March 2008

Heroic LOL

I was all ready for bed tonight but some guildies were desperate for a healer for heroic slave pens, so I grabbed the daily and headed out.

They summoned me just as I was diving under the water to enter the instance area!

After a quick bit of PvP shenanigans we entered the wrong instance, left and went to the correct instance.

22:26.00 The tank shot ahead as I was buffing and got killed. Haha, we ran out. We then instigated another partial wipe trying to rez him. More LOLs.

We finally got on track and cleared all through the instance with only the dps drood dying once when I got MC'd (The git blew my Lay on Hands into the bargain, so was mana-less when I came out of MC!)

23:14 Last Boss dead.

48 Minutes Heroic Slave Pens, door to door. 5 B0J making 67 in total and some epic gems that are apparently not going to be unique-equipped come 2.4 :)

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