Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Marks of Honour

Notice how I spelt honoUr correctly? Anyway, back in the day when I was heading for Rank 10 Leftenant(phonetic), sorry, Lieutenant Commander on HolyWarrior, marks of honour only had one purpose.

Christ it was a long time ago and you had to get drunk to endure all the BG bullshit, so my memory is a little sozzled. But, I am sure the only point of marks was to hand in 3 at a time and get faction rep, honour and maybe even XP.

Can someone confirm that?

OK, second question: WTF do you do with them now?

I had a meeting so no Raiding last night but PS the Rogue continued his rampaging through all 3 BGS available to a level 57 and he has a nice stack of "Marks", but what is he to do with them?

Location Spotlight: The Bronze Kettle

Near the great forge in Ironforge is a great little soup kitchen called The Bronze Kettle. Not only can you learn a few culinary tips and tricks here, but they also let you use their cooking equipment; namely a stove or two.

Nah, Bollox. The Bronze Kettle is another Paladin blog (I think) which also has a bit of a cooking bent. Well actually the above description fits quite well :)

Check 'em out!

The Shockadin and You

Eleanor was kind enough to expand on the Shockadin for me. So for those of you who were equally as witless please read on. As you can see, Eleanor is planning on expanding on this soon. So I am waiting for some bloggin goodness :)

Shout out to Elli!

Quote: "The Shockadin is a Holy DPS spec - it's not quite as good for DPS as a ret build, but a shockadin is still a great healer. The classic shockadin is 40/0/21, but you can get away with less. Bare minimum is 40/0/10 for shockadin; you need the fast judgements and benediction from the Ret tree.

Shockadin DPS is done with a 1H caster weapon with big spelldamage, and a caster shield (or offhand, if you don't mind sacrificing some armor for more caster stats). It relies almost entirely on yellow spell damage; Seal of Righteousness and Judgement of Righteousness, Holy Shock (thus the build name), and so on.

This is an excellent article from WI talking about the Shockadin:

(I'll probably be doing a shockadin post of my own soonish, too.)"

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

A suggestion for a shared blog was made over on Blog Azeroth whereby many bloggers answer the same question.

I'm gonna go one further and link to all of the ones I have found and then answer the question.

Other Answers...
Banana Shoulders
Parry! Dodge! Spin!
Lesser Healing Wave
Mystic Chicanery

Anyone else? If I have missed you let me know.

So, what do I enjoy about the class I play the most? Well, first off: What is the class I play the most?

Take yesterday, for example. I spent 2 hours tankadining (badly) the Lynx boss in ZA and then spent 2 hours battlegrounding with my rogue.

The day before I spent 3 hours healadining SSC whilst Voidy and Solarion were ass-raped and about 6 hours on my warlock(63) and 6 hours on my Shammy(27) (simultaneously) clearing out Duskwood and The Wetlands.

A couple of weekends ago I spent the majority of my time on my mage and before that one of my warriors.

So what is the class I play the most? I suppose I should go with /played and therefore it's gotta be the main. The Paladin. HolyWarrior.

So time for me to go on a totally random jaunt ...

He can tank (kind of), he can dps (with ret spec and full epic gear) and he can heal. Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

The Tankadin
There is no real metric for tanking. You cannot look at a threat meter and say "I have 800 threat for that fight, I am uber-tank". TPS is kinda relative to what is going on around you; ie that nub mage with his PoM-Pyro combo just as you step up to pull! You could say the stats are 490 defence, 102.4% avoidance and X HP. But that is nothing more than a minimum you HAVE to have before you should even consider tanking.

How can people judge you? Well, if you have the stats, if you can do your job, then you can tank.

Jack or Master? Master.

The Retardin Retadin
Pre-TBC, even pre-2.3 most people would have considered this a levelling build only and not raid viable. That has all changed. I have seen some great Retadins raiding. Not only have they been topping the damage meters but they bring something else to the party, 3% extra crit chance for everyone (I've never Retadined and I pulled that figure from memory, I assume it's right!!)

Jack or Master? Master.

The Healadin
I spend the majority of my raiding as a healer. I can top the healing meters. Better geared Priests and Druids have to work hard to out heal me. No, I am not just concentrating on the healing meters. I know that the biggest healer doesn't neccesarily make the best healer. When I am not on the top of the Healing meters it is because it is a cleansing fight; I'll have the most cleanses and still be 2nd or 3rd on the healing meters with most often the lowest over-heal.

Contrary to popular belief healadining does not involve spamming 2 keys. I have the top 2 rows of my Nostromo set up for healing. There is Cleanse, AutoCrit HL(11) Macro, HL(11), HL(4), FoL Mouseover Macro incorporating Divine Favour. And row 2 has Divine Intervention, Holy Shock, Divine Favour, Divine Illumination and Blessing of Protection. All of these buttons get used frequently on every raid. Especially Divine Intervention - No Durability Loss FTW!

Jack or Master? Master.

So, in conclusion? Introducing the Paladin: Master of All Trades, Jack of None.

That's why I like my Pally.

and not forgetting ... The Shockadin
The What? I've heard mention of this? Sounds good. I assume it's a Ret pally concentrating on yellow rather than white damage. Someone tell me please :)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Post Title Change

I installed Statcounter today and it prompted me that I had to change the name of one of my posts?


Because I mis-spoonerised the post title "ZA? and TiceNits is Really Pissed" and i saw from the list of referrers that someone got to my blog whilst searching for porn with the following link:

Porn Search Link - probably safe for work!

Well, post title changed now!

Tonights ZA

Well, we were down a tank for ZA, so I respecced for the evening.

Got a bit of getting used to again and my CA was under 102.4% which took a while to figure out. I never took deflection from the ret tree so lost 5% parry :(

We went after Lynx boss and had 3 wipes on him.

1) Me and MT die within seconds even standing on top of each other to avoid cleave double damage.

2) We last for while but I was concentrating on keeping HS up and totally forgot to tank Lynx when it spawned - DOH! - wipe

3) Me and MT die within seconds even standing on top of each other to avoid cleave double damage.

Oh Well!

Fucking Gold Selling Wanker Goldsoon has a new Name

Fucking tosspot has just left a comment from a new account called Alibaba.

I swear I am going to track the twat down, rip off his testicles and make him eat them.

The Weekend

Got me a copy of Ghost Squad for the Wii so Friday night and Saturday daytime were distinctly lacking on the WoW front.

EvilBastard boosted BadBitch through Deadmines again for her last quest, HotPants also tagged along in case any more Blackened Defias Gear dropped, it didn't :(

Then BadBitch got a boost through Stockades too. EvilBastard then did all of HotPants' Duskwood grind leaving only the Mordalim and Morbent Fel quest lines to do. The Shammy is now level 28 so not far from Air Totem goodness.

Sunday Afternoon raid was a re-attempt of Void/Solarion that failed so badly on Thursday due to Blizzard being too busy sucking sweaty monkey balls to be able to put the hamster back in the wheel that powers our server.

We clear through to voidy and 1 shot him and I pick up a Fel-Steel Warhelm for my Ret build for a minimum DKP bid of 40DKP - haha!!

Onto Solarion. We wipe about 3 times and then the raid leader, NicePallyClassLeader, accidentally clicks Release instead of Soulstone - haha - unfortunately there are respawns at the start of the instance so we have to reclear all the way back to A'lar's room :(

That done we 1-shot Solarion on our second attempt.

2 TK raids and 2 TK epics for a grand toal of 70 DKP and I am now in #8 position in the guilds DKP standings with over 1000DKP. Mwuhahahha

Friday, 25 January 2008

He So Pretty

I have raved about PS the Rogue and all his new gear, So I thought it was time that I show off his gear. And here it is in all his glory.

Blizzard The Useless Bastards pt 79

We tried to go to Voidreaver and Solarian last night, but before we could even get to Voidys room people were getting disconnected left, right and centre.

Every time I got disconnected I would log back on, zone in and as soon as I tried to move get DC'g again.

I checked my latency at one point and it was over 23,000 but before I could get a screen-shot it was down to only 10,000 :P

Blizzard, sort you frigging servers out you useless bastards.

Latest from the Blogosphere

Resto4Life has started a WoW Blogging Community, I think everyone should check it out.

Big Red Kitty is organising a Gnaked Gnome Grace (err Race), now that sounds like fun :)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Bastard Gold Sellers

Not happy with clogging up my chat window with crap in Stormwind those bastard gold sellers have started spamming my blog comments.

I noticed yesterday that Big Bear Butt Blogger has recently been afflicted by the same worthless twat.

Please pop over to BBBB and follow his example.

But it's not just BBBB, poor Coriel over at Blessing of Kings has been hit and Galoheart over at Ardent Defender to name but a few.

I thought I'd escaped, but the worthless piece of cockroach sputum that goes by the name of Goldsoon started crapping in my bag last night.

I'm gonna flag the prick just like BBBB has suggested. Please all, do the same.

For now I'm leaving comment moderation off, but if the bastard persists then on it will go and I'll have to track him down and burn his house down and rape his pets. Wanker.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another First For Me

Tonight we went for a pop at Hydross the Unstable; the guild have downed him once, last week, which I missed, but this was my first go at him.

We had some trouble starting off with 5 wipes, one was a lol-pull and another we had him to 3%; but we got him down on the 6th attempt.

Update: Weirdly we did 100K more damage on the 3% wipe than the actual kill. I wonder what we were hitting?!

I just need to get Leo down now, and I have caught up with the rest of the guild.

I can't believe his drops, though; they were crap.

Band of Vile Aggression, Living Root of the Wildheart, Blackfathom Warbands.

I mean, though, WTF is with the PVP ring?????

A Step Nearer to Black Temple

Last night I went to Arcatraz with a couple of guildies and a couple of their friends.

We did it in normal mode so that one of the guildies and I could get Seer Udalo done.

Loot was mostly pointless, but I did pick up a one handed mace which may be useful for a sword and board Retribution build

With the instance cleared and most of the loot sharded off we went to do the next few quests in the chain.

We downed the demon thing on the top terrace and reported back to Adal.

Now all we have to do is down Fathom-Lord Karathress so that we can speak to Seer Olum and then down A'lar. EASY!

After all this Black Temple Attunement goodness I popped onto HotPants and EvilBastard and boosted her through Stockades.

I will not be running her through multiple times after all, the loot is shite. The bosses dropped nothing although I did pick up a couple of blues from trash.

I did however organise all the gear from the deadmines run and she has 3 pieces of Blackened Defias gear, including a blue piece. I may run her through again for the last 2 pieces so that she can look nice while in public areas. Hmmm, I'm getting a bit vain with my toons. First PS the Rogue got himself all equipped and looking hawt and now my Shammy. I might have to activate ItemRack for this toon so that she can look kewl whilst in Ironforge or Stormwind but remain functional whilst levelling.

She dinged 25, maybe I'll even respect enhancement so that I can use this gear!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Weekend Update

Friday Night
On laptop so just about managed to get daily quests done. Got a tip from Boredemn about an quest add-on called Quest Helper, that plans out the optimum order to do quests and shows you on the map where to go for quest items and plots a path for you.

Saturday Day
Still on laptop, got some dailies done and a little shaman levelling, finished up in Azuremyst and done the trek over to Ironforge and Stormwind and started collecting Deadmines and Stockades quests.

Saturday Night
Back on desktop and made some more Shaman progress

Shaman hit level 24 and is banging through Duskwood quests while waiting for TiceNits' latest alt, a warlock, to pick up all the Deadmines quests so that I can boost both of them through with EvilBastard.

Server lag has been horrendous today, Blizzard really suck sweaty monkey balls. Raid to A'lar is planned for the afternoon.

We attempt to go to TK and loading screen times are approaching 5 minutes. We persevere and get in and clear trash. This our first attempt at Alar and we manage 4 tries.

Attempt 1 (1.3M dmg) - We get him to the 3rd platform before deaths wipe us.
Attempt 2 (1.6M dmg) - He gets to 4th platform, but quills and someone was to slow. wipe
Attempt 3 (1.7M dmg) - Repeat of Attempt 3
Attempt 4 (5.1M dmg) - We get him into phase 2 and we're doing well, we get him down to around 43%, before stupid deaths start a wipe chain. About half the raid are down and we decide to run out, wipe at door and start again. However, the server decides to boot everyone instead.

It takes over an hour before the server returns to life and the raid is called at that point. But we got him to 46% in Phase 2 in just 4 tries. I'm pretty impressed with that :)

So, the guild decide to go to SSC this evening, but I've had enough and want to get Deadmines done.

So, off I pop to Deadmines with EvilBastard and HotPants with BadBitch (TiceNits' warlock) tagging along. Got a bit over confident at one point and nearly died on a huge pull, but Hellfire FTW. The only casualty was BadBitch who ate level 15 was a bit of an aggro magnet. She died twice and that was it.

All set up for Stockades now hopefully. Now that's a nice quick instance, I might run HotPants through that several times for all the "Blue Loot Goodness". I'm not going to wait for BadBitch, it's such a quick and easy instance that I can run her through when needed.

So that's this weekend. HotPants is level 24, has Ghost Wolf and some nice blues and will hopefully be level 30 by next weekend.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

New Tanking Loot ... YAY

Didn't go anywhere on Wednesday night but had a trip to The Eye tonight.

We managed to put Lootreaver down and Solarion.

I didn't manage any loot from them, but I did get Seventh Ring of the Tirisfalen for 30 DKP from some random trash.

I'm currently wearing Garona's Signet Ring and Protector's Mark of the Redemption, and although the blue ring is a tanking ring, I will probably replace that rather than the DPS ring. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bloody Beggars

Caught this over on Warlock Therapy. Very funny!

So I thought I'd put my own slant on it when Bordemn decided to give all his guildies names out to some Gold Beggar. Not quite as funny, as I'd hoped to purely copy old Jago-ex, but had to improvise as you obviously can't buy mounts on the Auction House!

Morogrim Turdlicker

Last night we had another venture into SSC to try Morogrim again. After last weeks two boss first kills was I really surprised to see 35 people signed up?

This pisses me off a bit. There are a hardcore of about 15 of us that have been taking on SSC regularly and wiping and wiping and wiping. Now 2 bosses go down for the first time in quick succession and every lame ass, raid leeching tosser crawls out of the woodwork.

Well, both JakkAss and Bordemn got rotated out and there was no chance of a trial for TiceNits but she got a guild invite anyway and spent quite some time, as women are wont, chatting in the her new guild channel.

I did get to enter SSC and we had 7 good goes on Morogrim with our best attempt getting him down to 53% and our worst attempt a misdirect onto an AFK warrior just before we all hearthstoned out! hahaha

I was back to holyhealing and was 2nd for overall healing and either 1st or 2nd on most of the attempts, even when I was watery graved!

We had another holy paladin try tanking the murlocs this time and although it was a bit dicey with his health this did work better.

I had better not get rotated out of the attempt that kills him for the first time!!

Name Changes

I forgot to mention before that when the paid name changes came in TiceNits changed her name to NerkyPipples.

Not really, those aren't her real names as I change all names to protect the ... err ... well, me basically!! (I know, those attentive readers amongst you know I've used that line before!)

Anyway, she may have changed her real name but I will continue to call her TiceNits, as she has ... Tice Nits.

7am Ninja /gquit

Tuesday 15th January 2007

I logged onto Fucking Tossers' guild forum (as TiceNits) and spotted her leaving post in the forums timed at 07:18

It appears that she did a ninja /gquit at 7am this morning, not so much Kudos as a 4am quit, but nonetheless, very cool. :)

She must have got up without waking me and then I went to work leaving her still asleep!

Excellent. Her application post on Portugese Porkers' web site is showing potential with the Mage class-leader VainGlorious stating that he wants to offer her more than a non-raiding place.


ZA? and TiceNits is Really Pissed

Monday 14th January 2007

Sunday night's FT guild run has really pissed TiceNits off. FannyFart, who is now GM and RL2 has been getting more and more arsy and more and more rude.

TiceNits has been said twice now in a few days that if he pisses her off again then she is out.

Well, last night was the last straw, she has decided. She has written the forum post, but not posted it yet, and she has applied to Portugese Porkers on the understanding that she will get auto invite into non-raider status as my girlfriend and then earn her raiding place.

Anyway, it's not a raiding night but a ZA run was put together and 9 of us were outside ZA for an hour trying to get a second tank. No joy unfortunately. Not a good intro to the guild.

Ninja invited to Morogrim Raid

Sunday 13th January 2007

Spent most of Sunday cursing at my laptop, I am seriously thinking of buying a second desktop to install round my Dad's house!

Anyway, got home, checked AH character and made the mistake of logging into HolyWarrior to check out how the raid went, rather than go straight onto my anonymous shaman.

The instant I logged on I got a raid invite from NicePallyClassLeader and spent the next 30 minutes waiting to hear whether I was to repsecc back to Holy.

Eventually it was decided that I should pally tank murloc adds so stay Prot.

Off to SSC, clear some trash and spend several wipes on Morogrim Turdlicker unable to gain or keep much aggro at all on Murlocs.

I'd consecrate the instant they appeared, I'd Crit a full rank HL on people to no avail. Off to the MT or other healers they went.

I don't know whether my threat generation was shit or other people just being stupid.

Admittedly, one attempt I managed to keep the murlocs for a second or two before they buggered off to 1 shot healers even though and I had BoS, no BoSanc and no RF up - DOH!!

Another attempt I forgot to put up Retribution Aura.

Twice my timings were crap and the consecration went down too late.

But one underlying theme was that the warlock who was supposed to be lifetapping himself to death so that I could heal him and get healing aggro was always at full health. Hmmmm.

Also, I may have been a little pissed and wasn't expecting to be raiding so my concentration was a little effected - HAHAHA

We're gonna try with a holy paladin next time hoping extra healing agroo + spl dmg from consecrate will outweigh the loss of Righteous Fury

Saturday's Hunter Lock Goodness

Spent most of Saturday frigging about with TiceNits' hunter and EvilBastard.

I Decided that as TiceNits has a tank (well a wolf) that I would pop out the imp and DPS (dark pact too)

We most of Hellfire Peninsular quests cleared, but had to bring in the big guns - HolyWarrior, to complete the "Suggested Players: 3" quest up in the Pools of Aggromar because my VW was dead before I could dot the boss up and start healing him.

That Bastard is hard, Holy Warrior was getting hit hard prot specced in full Kara tanking epix.

It was one hand on Holy Shield with the other hand on Shadowbolt spam. Haha, he went down with HolyWarrior on about 10% HP.

Friday Night Kara

Friday 11th January 2007

I am sure I have already posted about this but post must have disapeeared :(

Having respecced Prot for mucking about during the day and sorting my tanking gems out, we popped into Kara for the last bosses with me as OT.

We cleared all the way to Prince and then kicked his ass.

The only thing we couldn't manage for some reason was Netherspite. We wiped several times with me having little clue on red-beam duty - lol

Another 9 badges though so jobs a good un :)

Friday, 11 January 2008

Healing News

Whilst optimising my tanking set I spotted a Teardrop Living Ruby on the auction house for a whopping 68 gold. But realised that it's +18 healing is better than the +11 healing on the epic gem in my healing helmet. And also that the gem color will allow me to activate the meta gem I have.

So, 68 gold later I have made the 2nd and 3rd healing improvements to my gear in 2 days.

Now, back to getting that tanking gear sorted.

Guild First

Last night we went to collect our weekly epix from Lootreaver, which of course required a reset because people were not on the ball.

He dropped the pally T5 token and the warrior T5 token, and I only bid minimum as I knew I was gonna get outbid anyway. What a surprise, the winning bid was more DKP than I have.

The we decided to go take a look at High Astromancer Solarian. And we 3-shotted him. e was a fairly straightforward fight once you get used to making sure you run if away if you get turned into a bomb.

All ranged and healers stod in a tight group in front of him and melee went in. f you got bombedyou just had to run away without fear of running into someone. When the adds came all the pallies laid down consecration and AoE dps could blow their loads easily. Take the priests out quick then some more dps love for Solarian.

The first 2 wipes were just careless bomb incidents.

So I was on a guild first (last time was HK and Gruul or was it Voidy?) after Tuesdays that I missed. He droppped Greaves of the Bloodwarder, Wand of the Forgotten Star and Heartrazor.

What a very satisfying night.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

More Badge Purchases

Well, I have a blue Cloak and mail epic boots and waist. I want to replace them.

Boots of Valiance drop from Moroes and are as good as the badge rewards, so there is no point using badges here.

There are no healing plate waist pieces from badge rewards, but Netherspite drops Girdle of Truth.

Finally there is the cloak. I have Cloak of Whispering Shells. Which can be upgraded to Red Riding Hood's Cloak or Prince's Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted. But there is a badge reward cloak for 25 Badges which is only slightly worse than Red Riding Hood's cloak and is only upgraded by the Prince's Cloak.

Seeing as I have already been denied Red Riding Hood's Cloak and we hardly ever get to prince nowadays because it would probably take 2 days to get there I'm gonna by the 25 Badge cloak Bishop's Cloak then look for some healing trinkets and rings.

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 41
Holy Dust: 16
Fel Armament: 2
Mark of Sargeras: 429
Aldor Rep: 8529/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3910/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Another Trialist from Old Guild

We took another triallist from Fucking Tossers into Karazhan last night. JackAss did pretty well even though he died a few times and did some decursing and we put Attumen, Moroe, Maiden, Romeo & Juliet, Nightbane and Curator down. Netting me another 11 Badges of Justice.

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 66
Holy Dust: 16
Fel Armament: 2
Mark of Sargeras: 429
Aldor Rep: 8529/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3910/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Last Night's Leo Raid

So I was early so we put a few shots against Netherspite in, unfortunately people kept letting the beams go, very frustrating.

So onto Leo. Had another Mage applicant from Fucking Tossers along, but no room for a trial so re-arranged for tomorrow.

Possibly had too many healers. Me, another pally and a priest rolled for the 2 spots. I rolled 92, the other pally rolled 90 and the priest rolled much lower.

The priest left but then got called back by being told that there should be room for them.

Then it was announced that there were too many healers and me and the other pally had to roll again. WTF - I rolled highest 1st time !!! Anyway, I rolled again but the other pally was afk (said she would be); two other raid members rolled for us (in a LOL) way and I won that roll - haha. But still I was told that I would not be going.

WTF??? Motherfuckers.

So I levelled my Shammie from 14 to 16.

After the raid finished I logged back on and guess what? The fuckers downed Leo. I better get some fucking DKP.

Not Impressed.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Retribution Gear from Karazhan

Nice, went into Kara tonight and did Illhoof (2-shot)...

Aran (1 Shot)...

Chess (1shot - we were gonna lose somehow - wtf - but i got a Knight in behind the king and kicked ass)...

...and Prince (3 shot - 2 very bad sets of infernal drops and even the third go has us trapped in the middle surrounded by infernals, but we got through it)

No Stainless Cloak or tier pieces for me, but 2 badges off the first bosses and 3 from Prince.

I also got Ring of a Thousand Marks which will replace Ravenclaw Band; this will lead to +6 Stamina, +6 Hit rating, +23 Critical Strike Rating and +14 Attack Power but -20 Agility, I think the Crit Strike rating (nearly 2%) easily replaces the Agility loss ( less than 1% and 2 armour).

The there is Legplates of the Innocent for my Ret set so that I don't have to wear my tanking Legs; therefore replacing a red and 2 yellow gem slots with 2 Blue and 1 yellow; Stacking Intellect instead of Stamina and spell crit, healing/damage and mp5 instead of defence and dodge. And a socket bonus of 4 intellect. I'm definately socketing these and adding to my Ret set.

Lastly there is King's Defender which should really replace Crystalforged Sword as my tanking weapon, but the stats just don't seem as good. Maybe, if I look at them sober tommorrow!!! I really don't know what it could be used for. Ideas?

I don't know where my Aldor and Shat reps have increased from, but they have :)

AH! A while I bought up some Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras from the auction house and handed some in. Explains the increase in holy dust too!!

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 55
Holy Dust: 16
Fel Armament: 2
Mark of Sargeras: 429
Aldor Rep: 8529/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3910/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

The Great Shattered Halls Sit-In of 2007

OMFG - Hilarious.

Found a link on Seal of Stupidity linking to this great story over on Doofy the Paladin.


Leo and Gruul

Yesterday afternoon we started the new year timetable of Sunday's raid starting in the afternoon, 3:30 server time to be precise. I was mucking about with EvilBastard keeping an eye on my PC clock, totally not taking into account server time is 1 hour ahead. DOH!

Logged onto HolyWarrior 30 mins late and got an immediate /w from NicePallyClassLeader.

Well, I was straight up to SSC and we had some pops at Leo but there was the usual problem of DOTS being on him while he changed forms and people failing to stop DPS and not getting out of the way of whirlwinds. The warlock tank gave up and left so we took a short break and then went and took out Gruul.

T4 legs dropped which I could use for my ret build (3rd build) so I bid minimum just in case but didn't get them.

New Character in the Fold

I have spent far too long collecting all the gems from mining with HolyWarrior and having them fill up bank slots. So I have created a Jewel Crafting character.

So what to have? Well, it had to be a Dranei for the racial traits.

I already have 2 Dranei. My level 6 Priest food banker and a Shammy on a different realm. I was hoping to use the Dranei on HolyWarriors realm but don't want to level another priest so I created a new Dranei Shaman and levelled "her" to level 14 over the weekend when I wasn't doing dailies or skulking around SSC.

I also have a level 39 Tauren Shammy so I know I like the play style. Hopefully this will be my 4th or 5th char to level 70 before WotLK hits.

New Years Targets:
  • 5 Chars to level 70
  • Destroy Fucking Tossers
  • Own WotLK

Order of Characters to get to level 70:
  • EvilBastard the Warlock - currently level 62
  • PS the Rogue - currently level 57
  • Arcanite the Mage - currently level 44-ish
  • FatherTed the ShadowPriest - currently level 35-ish
  • BitchSlapper the Gnome warrior - currently level 32-ish
  • HotPants the Elemental Shammy - level 14
So, those are my targets. PS, Arcanite and FatherTed are on a different server to the others.

EvilBastard is levelling with the hunter of TiceNits so that levelling depends on her.

PS the Rogue is patiently waiting in LFG in IF trying to get into Sunken Temple.

Arcanite the Mage has discharged his Scarlet Monastery duties and is now powering through the 40s.

FatherTed has been stagnating at level 35 for a long time now just popping out the odd potion to help other chars.

BitchSlapper the warrior powered up to the 32 then stopped dead in her tracks.

HotPants is currently a contender to hit level 70 in very few days /played but I haven't decided on her 2nd profession yet. Both Porkpie and HolyWarrior are miners so there is no point her mining as well, EvilBastard is an enchanter so all crap jewellery can be sent to him. If I ever level my Dranei Priest he will be Herbalist/Alchemist but my warlock is already that, so that might be pointless. Maybe I should make her a miner after all. Anyway, ramble over...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Lurker Gruul

Thursday 3rd January 2008

Hmmm, thought I'd already posted about this, but on thursday night we went into SSC and got Lurker down and then decided to go into Gruul's Lair.

We had a quick wipe on HKM - WTF??? ...and then got him down, progessed onto Gruul and some witless fucking mage ran up to me on the first ground slam with several seconds before the shatter and just sat on exactly the same fucking pixel I was on. Needless to say the witless fucking tart killed us both :(

Raid over. Hehe

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Little bit of Karazhan Love

Popped into Karazhan with the porkers last night and was asked if I could step out so one of the other pallies could have a pop at Opera and Prince. Well, I said opera was cool cos I only wanted Red Riding Hood's Cloak but I wanted stuff from Prince and the Stainless Cloak he drops is better anyway (as if we'd get there on an off night - haha).

Guess what dropped from Attumen? Yes that's right - the bloody Vambracers of Courage. I knew if I bought the badge rewards one they would drop. Well, I thought I'd have them anyway, but I missed the roll, shouted in /ra but they got picked up by the sharder anyway.

Not a big deal I suppose, we went onto 1 shot Moroes and then onto maiden. I blessing of sacruificed the MT and we one shotted her as well. At which point I couldn't be bothered anymore so let the other pally have the rest of the run to her/himself.

5 more badges though

Need to update the following stats soon with my new gems and shoulders...

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 46
Holy Dust: 9
Aldor Rep: 2672/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3184/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953