Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hitting Level 90 in Mists of Pandaria

Today is 21st February 2014. I started writing this on 29 June 2013 and never finished it, so I'll tidy it up now and post it!

The Pally retribution sets look good rather than clown sets for all classes with TBC

There are some cool cinematics (like the training in north of valley of 4 winds.

After 5.3 XP nerf I hit level 90 at the end of the 2nd Pandaria zone

Update 21/02/2014 I have only just started Kun Lai summit, done 2 quests in Dread Wastes and not touched Townlong and have no idea where The Isle of Thunder is!!

And finally ... for some reason I asked myself: Is spirit even a stat in Pandaria? Well now that I have been gearing up and "Looking For Retards™" raiding I realise that yes, yes it is!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pandaria Fishing

So I picked up the first fishing daily in Stormwind for about a year and headed out to Thunder Falls to fish.

I clicked the fish icon and cast and caught all the fish I wanted then the Ahune dungeon popped.

I went to re-equip my sword and realised I never equipped the fishing rod - eh? WTF?

You don't need to equip a fishing rod to fish anymore?

Friday, 28 June 2013

XP From Midsummer Fires

Well, I managed to do a whole level from 88-89 just on XP from Midsummer fires. (OK, there were a few pet battles in there as well :P!

And now I am level 89 I went and kicked Ahune's Arse.

Of course for quicker queue times I went in as healer.

Half my macro's didn't work and I haven't activated my grid addon.

No-one died though and I managed to ninja the agility version of the cloak [:)]

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Great XP From Midsummer

I am playing still ... have been doing the midsummer fires.

I have done almost all of level 88 just with midsummer fires and I still have all of Kalimdor to do.

That is all :P

Friday, 21 June 2013

Muddy Water Quest

Well, that's got to be one of the most annoying quests I've come across yet.

When you got to the muddy water it said to pick your path carefully as the vial leaks.

So I was filling it then trying to run/walk all kinds of different routes back to the quest giver.

After failing many time I checked it out on Wowhead. Apparently you need to keep filling the vial until it is full then it stoppers itself.

Why couldn't Blizztards just freakin' say that?

On the upside Midsummer has just started and I am micrometres away from level 88 ...

... and I have now just hit 88 :)

A Bug?

Well, I have just finished the Jade Forest and got the achievment and am 8 million / 12 million XP for level 87!!!

Over half way through the 85-90 grind just in the first zone!!!!


Also, there seems to be a bit of a bug with selecting NPCs to talk or hand quests into.

Clicking them often doesn't activate them even though the colour of the cursor has changed to suggest you are in range of them. Sometimes it even goes a bit mad!!

Anyone else experienced this?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Half Way Already!

Well nearly.

8 bars into level 87 was enough for me tonight. Just doing the Toin monastery or WTF it's called.

After that 2 mini achievment steps to do and I will have finished the first zone. I reckon I will be close to dinging level 88 at that point!!

Blizztards really have dumbed it down, but at least there will be the extra gold from "at-cap" questing ...

... yeah, like I need extra gold!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Accelerated Level 85-90 Levelling

Well, I'd heard that with 5.3 Blizztards had increased the rate of levelling.

Well I am here to testify (well actually I'm in Jade Forest but let's not quibble) that it is true.

I have 9 months rested experience (shame that doesn't keep stacking past 2 weeks or whatever) and am now a few bars into level 87 and still running on rested XP!

Not only that but, as I stated above, I'm still questing in Jade Forest - Wowzers!!!

In other news, still wearing a couple of epics but a lot went in the first sort out!

Saturday, 15 June 2013


I'm trying to empty my bags to give me plenty of room for MoP levelling junk.

I notice several things.

a) A lot of my Holy set have red strength gems in them?  WTF???

b) I have upgrades to various sets in my bags, gemmed, enchanted & reforged yet they are not the piece assigned in equipment manager????

c) Best of all, I'm in Pearlfin Village in Jade forest and there appears to be a vendor that sells upgrades to almost all my gear :)

This is going to take some time to sort out ...

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jade Forest AFK Quest

Well, it wasn't quite AFK.

The Sully, Rell and blah blah quest started and it looked for all the world like a sit back and watch what happens quest.

So I sat back and watched ... nothing ... turned out you had to take control of the characters to tell their story.

Well that was confusing.

In other news my Phillips surround sound 5.1 system (which to be honest has always been a load of bollocks) has been making a lot of low frequency noise recently.

I have taken to kicking the living shit out of it until it goes quiet again. Admitedly this will eventually result in me having no sound system for my PC (until I transfer over the identical unit from PC #2 - which is also a piece of shite!!!)

However, it does mean that I'll then be forced to replace it with a new sound system, preferably something that isn't crap!! ... but ... that costs money ... great [sad face]

I have also caught up with The Mana Cooler so have now moved onto the instance, that may take a little longer to catch up with!!!

I got a little worried as it sounded like George WoW was on the cusp of giving up Wow after a little hiatus, but he is back, hopefully for some time to come.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

State of Play

I thought I'd count up how much gold I have. I have made no money in MoP, this was the state of play towards the end of Cata on the 2 accounts that I have currently got subscribed.

Dm card seller (541,171g)
Banker (53,269g)
Pet Seller (25,357g)
Food Bank(15g)
Worgen (279g)
Mage (1,261g)
Hunter/MFC seller (71,025g)
Warrior (627g)
Shaman/JC (512,026g)
Main (Paladin) (19,684g)

Glyph Guild Bank (999,999g)

Main (Warlock) (20,771g)
DK Glyphs (914,249g)
Priest (848g)
Glyph Seller 1 (2,788g)
Glyph Seller 2 (211,360g)
Glyph Seller 3 (2,094g)
Total (3,376,823g)

Well, it would be a little more but I noticed when I was cycling through the toons that Glyph Seller 2 - which was my son's mage before I commandeered her for glyph selling - appears to have 8-10 epic bags - Royal Satchels.

What are these? I checked them out on wowhead and the are high end MoP bags that are currently selling for about 5K - Cheeky little ***** - That's 50K worth of bags!!! Even more if they were selling for more when he bought them!

What's even more annoying is that they are on a level 10 mage and not my level 85 Paladin!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm Back! Again!

OK, so it looks like I may be back for a while. I may not be and I may be gone again in a few days.

I have been catching up on my podcasts. I'm working my way through all the Mana Coolers I have missed and then The Instance will get a look in and finally it'll be the turn of Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Well, listening to George Wow has gotten my interest piqued again and the last few nights I've been logging on a bit, updating addons, rebinding keys, sorting out the N52 and even doing a few quests.

Tonight I got a few (low single numbers) more quests in Green Jade Garden Wood, or whatever it's called, done and ended up escorting some fire dude to the middle of the island. When I handed that quest in I realised I was almost level 86!! WTF?? I seem to recall just after MoP hit that I did a whole load of holiday quests; but hello? Almost a whole level?

Anyway, so tomorrow night my main should be level 86 - lol 9 months after the expansion hit!!

My aim now is to get at least my main to level 90 before the fire festival starts.

Monday, 10 June 2013

MoP Changes to Pallies

Oh and I totally forgot the point of necro-rezzing my blog ...

No Auras - WTF??????????
5 Holy Power - lol

What next?

Pandaria Schmandaria ...

This Pandaria malarky really hasn't gripped me.

I have logged on probably 5 times since my last blog post and logged out again after a couple of minutes.

Seems my guild is on point of implosion. There was unknown guild drama (must log onto the forums and check out what happened!!!) and the raid leader left.

Now there is 1 raid a week rather than 3 and most of the raid team have left - LOL!!

Right, gonna go do another 4 schmandaria quests then bed ...