Wednesday, 31 October 2012

XP From Hallows End

Well I started Hallows End having done about 6 Pandaria quests.

After visiting all the pre-Pandaria Candy buckets I am nearly half way through level 85

Back to leveling now ...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hallows End 2012

Well doesn't seem a lot has changed this year. Currently I am touring all the worlds doing the candy baskets whilst alt-tabbed for some easy XP.

Probably not as good XP/hour as questing/grinding/running dungeons but I am doing other stuff out of game so everyones a winner.

So far every single candy bucket is still in place, even Stonetalon Mountains.

But some Padaria ones will cause you (and me) problems if you haven't finished questing in the zone as they will be phased out. So unless I level & quest pretty fast I don't think I will get the Candy Buckets of Pandaria achievement this year :(

Rock on ...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Back Again!!


Back again I bought Mists the day after release. Had the collectors edition and 2 regular copies on pre-order from Game and was planning on going to the 23:00 opening.

The day before, or so I thought, I logged on and found out my diary was a day out - DOH!!!

Well I'd had too many shandies to go out now so I'll have to get it tomorrow thought I and went to bed :P

Tomorrow turned into late afternoon before I grabbed it and headed home, but luckily I was signed off sick from work so would have loads of time to play.

I eventually installed the collectors edition onto my account and logged in, having been advised that there is nothing to install, nice :)

I did one quest and logged out.

Several weeks later I logged back in and did some Brewfest dailies to get the latest item. But not being high enough level could not go visit Coren :(

Then I logged on a couple of days ago and did the quest to take me to Jade Forest, did the first quest there and logged out for the night.

Then I logged on this morning and have done some more quests :) I have not even opened the wrapping to get the serial number for the other 2 accounts, in fact I haven't even upgraded my 3rd account to Cata yet !!!

On the updside I have a Tier V Tan Destroyer and am training my second set of secondary skills on my Tier II medium tank on World of Tanks - LOL!!


Still playing WoW, also playing WoT, only installed mists on main account, done about 6 quests.