Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Doomilias is a Genius

Ever since patch 2.3 my latency has been floating between 100-300ms on a good day. It used to be around 40ms. This is due to Blizzard trying to be clever and introducing Nagles Algorithm for their network comms. Look at that 99ms ping between here and Paris. Not too bad I suppose. But look at my WoW Latency below: 271ms, that's not good

You don't need to know what that is, I don't and I work in IT, just that it screwed up everyone.

In patch 2.3.2 they removed it - prolly cos everyone was calling them pricks; I was!

But apparently what they couldn't do with the patch was sort your own PC's Nagle settings out. Yesterday I spotted on A View From Behind a genius post and a link to sort your settings out, so I downloaded and installed it and this is what happened.

Not much difference on the general internet, the ping change was probably random, but just take a look at my WoW latency now!! Nice! Thanks Doom :)


Eleanor said...

271 ms? that's about the best ping I _ever_ see.

Us Aussies are used to playing with 350-500ms ping pretty much permanently. :)

Alex - aka Firelight said...

I installed that ping thing last night as i was having the same problems as you.

All gone now! loving being 50-70ms again!!!