Saturday, 20 February 2010


Just like Lilac/Tatia did; I went off on holiday and didn't tell you guys.

Well, it was a great holiday thank you for asking and the scribe update from last Sunday will be this Sunday.

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Love is in the Air Event

I've been so busy at work and home recently that I haven't had a chance to really look at this event. Obviously as I have my Proto Drake now I haven't had the motivation either.

But last night I saw a request in trade to go do the event boss so I looked at the achievements panel to find out what it was.

Valentines Makeover
Well, it looks like they have completely redone the meta as well as the general look of the event as you wander around Stormwind or wherever.

I am sure they have added new achievements to the meta, or changed existing ones, as I completed the event last year you'd hope they wouldn't remove your meta-achievement if they changed the requirements this year. Don't fret they don't. I looked at my achievements and they are all set to complete even though I definitely don't recognise some of them.

Event Boss
The new boss(es) is(are) in Shadowfang Keep. I'm pretty sure it was THE ICE STONE IS MELTING* in one of the TBC naga instances last year. TO be able to summon them you need to do a few quests in Stormwind starting with the goblin outside the bank. Take some samples from guards, go do a timed run in goblin disguise to the city gates, speak to girl in Inn, go looking for Goblin in bank, AH and barbers and finally down to the docks.

*EDIT: According to Red in the comments The ice stone was Midsummer Festival. I had an inkling it was a different event and that makes sense. I think the event used to end with your trip to the dude near the rogue camp in Hillsbrad.

Then you'll get the quest to talk to another goblin in SFK. Get a group go to SFK, summon 5 times and do a pretty hard fight. Key: DON'T STAND IN THE FIRE!!!!

Buttered Hilt
Well, whilst doing the prequests for SFK event boos I had EvilBastard leeching a Heroic FoS run. Evil is as Evil does. I would have him on follow sometimes, get to a boss, throw out a rain of fire and then swich back to HW to carry on running round SW. He died a few times. But for the first time ever I saw the battered hilt drop. I rolled 34. LOL. It was won on a 98 I think.

Monday, 8 February 2010

HolyWarrior Kicked From Group.

So ... HW was in UP(H) last night, at least I'm pretty sure it was UP - it was the one with Skadi in it.

Anyway, so the DK tank has about 32K and can't possibly be defence capped or have much avoidance (I didn't look) as it was a bloody nightmare healing him. It was that bad that I'd have to make doubly sure the Beacon was at full cooldown at the start of every single fight as there was no way I could afford the GCD to recast it.

He died several times, this lead to a wipe more often than not.

We'd just downed Skadi and the tank runs off and pulls on half health, with me low on mana and in the process of rezzing someone. The tank dies. It is NOT a wipe luckily but this is the last straw for someone.

The rogue says "Pala do you have healbot installed?" and before I can reply "No, I'm a grid and mouse-over macro guy myself" its all like LOADING SCREEN!!!!

WTF the useless Oxygen-Thieves have booted the Healer because he can't keep a Retarded DK tank alive. Arseholes!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Scribe Update.

Before we get to this weeks scribe update I just want to post this ...

OK, now we've done that.

Seller #1: 1,218 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,090g
Seller #2: 1,329 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,645g
Seller #3: 1,888 glyphs @ 5g each = 9,440g

Ink of the Sea: 821 @ 4g50sg each = 3,695g
Snowfall Ink: 2,395 @ 11g each = 26,345g
R. Parchment: 671 @ 0.50g each = 335g
Cash: 106,177g

For a total of 153,901 gold of which 61.9% is cash.
For a total of 158,727 gold of which 66.9% is cash.

And I sold a few SFI on the AH.

So I broke the 100K in gold on my scribe!! That is purely gold from insciption. It's a 5K weekly profit - still crap, but around 10K in actual gold from last week!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Don't Need on My Cloth!!!

Yet another fucking druid was trying to need on cloth armour in my mage's dungeons today. Even the fucking pally healer wanted in on the act when some cloth spellpower legs dropped.

WTF is it with these selfish assholes?? Not satisified with being able to roll on leather and/or mail and plate but they want to fucking roll on the one type of armour that mages can wear.

GTFO of my group you selfish twats!!!

And don't give me the crap about stats > gear type at that level. Cloth --> Cloth wearers if they need ONLY after that can you greed away between you.

Have bliz changed it? Luckily these mouth breathers were not able to need on the cloth items. Back in my 50s in BRD the druid was actually able to need on the cloth stuff.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ensidia Banned For Lich King Kill?

WTF? Just been browsing /arseholes or more commonly known as /2 trade and it's full of talk of Ensidia being banned for 72 hours for exploiting the Lich King fight with saronite bombs and platforms re-appearing or something. The got their achi's removed as well apparently.*

Who is Ensidia?

And more to the point who is this Lich King of which they speak?

*All total hearsay from my regions /cocks channel so who knows!!!

Vote Kick FAILED!

Was in an heroic HoR this evening. The group tried to do the follow the LK even though I said I'd heard it was an exploit. Well, we wiped right at the start anyway.

It's possible that whatever exploit was there has now been patched out with 3.3.2

So, as we run back in the huntard starts the event again. Twat! Everyone dies expect me who gets to the instance entrance.

I fly around Scholazar for a while looking for a reagent vendor while everyone else corpse runs (after I say 'let me know when it's safe to go back in').

When they are alive and they say I can re-enter I am running up to the LK and the tank goes 'WTF!' and then 'WHY???' for a second I am wondering why and say 'What?' he says...

'The vote kick thingy'

I say 'Was it me?'


And it failed. Double YEAH!!!

No one even tried to pretend it was an accident. The vote just failed!!