Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ravencrest's Legacy / Road to Fel Bug Still Not Fixed

Blizztard's even closed/lockedthis bug report without reading it properly!!! The solution I gleaned from the comments though (and it worked first time!) was /reload

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Blizztards Deliberately Broke World Quest Group Finder

Check out this forum post. Turms out Blizztards used server lag as an excuse to shutdown the most useful addon EVA!

There is an update to the addon though which returns most of the functionailty, you just have to click a button a few times and you're off

Thursday, 27 April 2017

How to Upgrade Your Legendary

I didn't know this until today but when Nighthold launched there was a new quest added which allowed you to grind for essences in Nighthold to upgrade your iLevel 910 legendary to iLevel 940.

I didn't even realise legendaries had gone up to 940, but my rogue Pedigreechum already had Shivarran Symmetry at level 940 and Marcusmaximi's two legendaries are both 940.

I guess that's because I'm so slow at levelling.

If you  do have an iLevel 910 legendary you can go to the blacksmiths in Dullaran and get the quest Touch of a Titan which send you  to Nighthold to collect 50 Aman'Thul Essences - enjoy that grind!

Now I've heard that you'll soon be able to upgrade them further, although I can't currently find any evidence to back that up

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Flying Finally

So whilst at work I completed the champion missions that awarded Legionfall rep so as soon as I logged in when I got home I clicked the rep icon in my bags and I was welcomed with the Part 2 achievement - YAY!!!

I was also congratulated in /g which is amazing as no-one has been online in weeks! It turns out that they'd all disappeared off to another guild to raid and it had all fallen apart - LOL!

Anyway, now that I had finished the Legion Flying grind I suddenly felt at a loss for what to do, I couldn't even be bothered to do the daily world quests on MM as I only had a 2 day expiry on them!!

I nearly walked away, but decided to knock them out anyway and have a little fly around Broken Shore.



I cleared all 4 of the level 110's world quests.

The Kirin Tor Magic of Flight and Like the Wind world quests are especially easy with flying. With the Magic of Flight just make sure to enter the first bubble to activate the end point and with the Like the Wind quests make sure to go through the jump portals but not the cool down reset portal.

Monday, 24 April 2017

So Near And Yet So Far - Legion Flying

I started tonight with about 1500 Legionfall reputation required to get Legion Flying and after all the  broken shore dailies and scouring the Champion Mission I was on 11,548/12000.


I then went and spent all my supplies on mage tower construction a few times and I was at around 11,950.

So, so close. What else was there to do? I went searching for treasure chests and killing elites, this was slow work and I gave up on 11,966 out of 12,000 and it really was bedtime.

I quickly popped to the refresh my champion missions and they were all either for Legionfall rep or war supplies!!!!!

Well, at least I knowv that when I wake up in the morning I'll have Legion Flying!

Light as a Feather Kills You

So it looks like the great buff in Broken Shore, that allows you to water walk when mounted will actually kill you if you jump off a cliff into water whilst mounted ... thanks!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Legion Flying Progress ... Nearly There

10051 / 12000 Revered

With a bit of luck I'll be flying by close of play tomorrow!!

Friday, 21 April 2017

How to Get Your Champions Past level 850

Well, there I was sitting on loads of Heavy Armor Set, Fortified Armor Set and Indestructible Armor sets as patch 7.2 hit expecting the 850 cap to be removed allowing your champions to be raised higher or for the number of champions you can have active to be increased so I'd need them to raise the new champions to 850.

It turned out that the cap remained on the armor sets so I stopped doing missions to get more. Then last night I got my new Legion Champion, Delas Moonfang (or something like that) and he started off at 850, so it was pointless even keeping the armor sets ... great.

And now I am getting new champion quests with an ilevel requirement of 900 - WTF??

I am still collecting armor sets on PedigreeChum though as he hasn't got all his champions yet and I was looking at the companion app today to check his champion's levels and there were more than just the uncommon, rare and epic sets. There were two sets of each!!!

It turns out there are Bulky, Spiked and Invincible armor sets now! I even had an inkling that there were different sets a few days ago as the names didn't ring true when Pedigree looted them, but I didn't check at the time - I wish I had!

These new armor sets don't have an upper limit, so I wonder if they can take your champions ever higher?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Legion Flying Progres.

Armies of Legionfall rep grind: 63.4%

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pillars of Creation Required For Patch 7.2 Quests

Now that I only have the legionfall rep grind to complete to get legion flying its time to look into what else I need to complete or Legion.

As memory serves, I looked into my achievements a couple of days ago and I only had 4/5 of the pillars done.

Yet when I just spoke to Khadgar on the Broken Shore he referred to me as the champion who sorted out all the pillars - #wtfdumbdude!!!

Friday, 14 April 2017

More Legion Flying Progress

I left it yesterday with Marcus sat in Suramar having shut down a couple of outlets.

Today I logged on and shut the other outlets and then killed some Chromatic Defenders for the plating.

After that I shot though the other quests and completed A Change of Seasons before continuing on with the quests. I assume these are patch 7.2 continuation quests rather than original quests ???

Then I went to find Lyana Darksorrow to do the last quest storyline in Felsoul Hold. I couldn't find her where she was supposed to be, so I checked which quests I had completed utilising the old quest check macro ...

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedComplete(xxxxx))

... and it turned out I just need to kill Azoran, so off I went to do that and I had Breaking The Lightbreaker completed as well as the Good Suramaritan, Loremaster of Legion and Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One achievements!!!!!!!!!!

On a roll, I went over to the broken Isles and knocked out the discovery element as well,l leaving only the rep grind to so :)

Armies of Legionfall - INCOMPLETE
3668/6000 Friendly

Explore Broken Shore - COMPLETE
Deliverance Point
Soul Ruin
The Weeping Terrace
Felrage Stand
Deadwood Landing
Broken Valley
Tomb of Sargeras
Felfire Pass

A Change of Seasons - COMPLETE
Giving It All We've Got
Ephemeral Manastorm Projector
Flow Control
Bring Home the Beacon
Withered Progress
All In
Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi
Arluin's Request

Breaking The Lightbreaker - COMPLETE
Lyana Darksorrow - Starts at 30.8, 59.1
Glaive Circumstances
Fresh Meat
Grimwing the Devourer
A Fate Worse Than Dying
Symbols of Power
Shard of Vorgos
Shard of Kozak
Azoran Must Die

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Legion Flying Progress

So, Having got to work 4 hours late yesterday so that I could complete the Val'sharah Legion Invasion and therefore the Defender of the Broken Isles achievement it turns out you don't need it anymore - grrr!!

I have updated my guide accordingly.

So anyway, all I have left to do is complete the Suramar storylines, discover all the Broken Isles and raise legionfall reputation to revered.

The rep grind will progress as I play I guess and the discovery is just a travel grind so I am concentrating on getting Suramar finished.

I was at the Emerald dream raid part and the quest has been in my quest log for some time so this morning I decided to get that out of the way.

So, I popped into raid finder and did all three sections of the raid, just to be sure. It turns out I've done the first part, but needed to do the other two anyway.

Bonus here was 2.1 Artifact Power Tear as one of the quest rewards!!!

So, next up is to complete all the leyline feeds. I had 4 still to get so, first off to Faranar, then the cave by the river just to the north, then the cave south of Moonguard and finally off to the Crimson Thicket for Kel'balor, finishing off the last half of Tidying Tel'anor along the way.

With the leylines all activated it was time to head off to seal the arcway outlets and get some plating...

Growing Crisis
Emerald Nightmare raid - COMPLETE

A Change of Seasons
Giving It All We've Got
Ephemeral Manastorm Projector
Flow Control
Bring Home the Beacon
Withered Progress
All In
Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi
Arluin's Request

Tidying Tel'anor - COMPLETE
The Lost Advisor - Starts at 45.8, 40.2
An Ancient Recipe
Bad Intentions
Tools of the Trade
The Last Chapter
Paying Respects
End of the Line
The Final Ingredient
Feathersong's Redemption
Fragments of Memory

Breaking The Lightbreaker
Lyana Darksorrow - Starts at 30.8, 59.1
Glaive Circumstances
Fresh Meat
Grimwing the Devourer
A Fate Worse Than Dying
Symbols of Power
Shard of Vorgos
Shard of Kozak
Azoran Must Die

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Where is Commander Jarod Shadowsong's Twin

When you do the Val'sharah legion event and head off to Black Rook Hold to hand the first part into Jarod I headed to where he usually is, in the little cave underneath.

He was there, but unresponsive. Then I noticed the yellow dot on the map was somewhere else.

Seems Jarod can be in two places at once!!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Prince Farondis Legion Azshuna Invasion Bug Fix

Tonight I did the Azshuna Invasion on 4 of my 110 characters and none of them got the follow up quest from Prince Farondis when handing in the 4 world quests.

After a disabling addons and doing all kinds of other 'usual' fixes I did a little browsing of the battle net forums and I found a fix.

Simply head down to Shackles Den flight path and then walk/ride a little south down the path. maybe 50-100 yards for those without addons, to 55.97 60.48 and he will magically appear.

Gogo Blizztards and your inability to respond to bug posts in the official forums for over a week!!!!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Fourth Level 110

Tonight I finally got Altruista the Shaman to level 110.

Now that's 3 more characters (apart from the main) that I need to level through World Quests etc

Friday, 31 March 2017

Companion App Working Again

So the companion app started working again, but the the Auction House / Armoury went down.

I guess that's what you expect around a new patch!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Auction House Mobile App Is Back

I hadn't tried to login to the mobile app for ages (the armoury/auction app, not the legion companion app) and when I discovered the companion app I gave the auction house app another go.

And it worked!!!!

Woot, now I can sit a work and sell crap on the AH.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Legion Companion App Broken with Patch 7.2

So after only discovering the Legion Companion App yesterday I tried to login today and it would only get as far as the character select screen.

Whenever I tried to select a character nothing happens. There is offline by each of the character names - obviously because I am at work.

I then realised it's patch 7.2 day and maybe the realms are offline, but Blizztards Realm Status Page says the realm is up. I can't actually log into the game at work to check if this is accurate!!!

According to this post it's not just me and Blizztards do know something is up. Bloody Typical!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Legion Companion App

On the subject of being behind the curve, I've just discovered the Legion Companion app on my phone.

Thinking about it, I do vaguely remember hearing about it about 6 months ago on The Instance but then proceeded to totally forget about it.

This is going to make my levelling so much quicker, because when I get home I spend most of the early evening grabbing a few minutes here and there to get the garrison (sic) quests kicked off on all my characters, leaving next to no time for actual levelling/order resource gathering and end game world questing.

Now I can go on the app when I get into work and kick some garrison (sic) quests off. Then at lunchtime, check up on them and start others if applicable and again just before I go home. (In reality at any hour during the day, just don't tell the boss!!!)

Also, it looks like (I'll confirm when I get home) you don't need your character to be in your order hall to actually do the quests, which means I can leave them in their quest areas allowing them an even quicker kick start.

Update: Confirmed (although it is rumoured that the character has at some point had to have visited the order hall mission board) characters logged out in the field can access the missions on the app. Same as auction house posting in the mobile armoury thingy.

I'm also hoping that I can be logged into one character on my PC and whilst they are flying between quest areas that I can log into another character on the app and deal with their garrison quests. Fingers crossed!

Update 2: You can't be logged onto the game and access characters on the same account through the Companion app.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Burnsprocket is Third Max Level

Woah, I'm really mixing things up this expansion.

Usually I enjoy the levelling experience with my main, Marcus Maximi and complete all the quests before really looking at other characters.

Marcus, was the only character I managed to get to level cap in Vanilla, which isn't surprising as it took so long to level back then. Arguably, this gave the original game longevity. The end game may as well have been an entirely different game!

For many it took a fair proportion of Vanilla's 2 years to reach level cap; it took me nearly 5 months. Alts were mostly unheard of and were used either as bankers or a way to hide from the guild and just tinker. Reaching level cap on an alt was quite rare. My main alt Runesprocket the gnome warlock (or Marcusminimi back then) didn't hit level 60 to well into TBC!

Now, when Marcus is out of rested XP I'll usually switch over to Runesprocket on my son's account and keep him close behind and he generally hits level cap during the relevant expansion and the other alts may or may not keep up.

This held true for TBC and Wrath, especially during Wrath as this was the time when I levelled MM and Rune up together whilst multi boxing, with Rune hitting cap a day behind MM.

Come Cataclysm though, MM hit cap in March and the Shaman, Altruista was next to cap in December, just ahead of Rune who didn't hit cap until January.

And then with MOP things got changed up again, with me not paying too much attention to the expansion and actually letting my subscription lapse for extended periods for the first time. MM was the only character to hit level cap within the expansion and was the first time that my son managed to get his character to cap during the expansion.

It was 2 months into WoD before Rune hit MoP's level cap and he was closely followed by all my other characters except Porkpie the warrior.

During WoD I regained my mojo and for the first time managed to get all my characters to level cap. Marcus managed to hit cap in less than 50 days, a record, and was followed by Rune 4 months later. 3 months after that my priest, DocMarcus, beat the neglected Shaman to cap by a month!

My son then got his warrior to level cap, 6 months later, the following April and he was followed by Burnsprocket the mage 3 weeks later and the newly rolled and level boosted worgen rogue, Pedigreechum, 6 days after.

The Death Knight also made his level cap debut with 2 months to go before the expac only leaving the Hunter to languish, unloved at level 90 and the warrior still down at 75!

Now I've slowed down a little, all the lvl 100 alts are gaining some levels through order hall missions, but only really get out into the world to grab some more order hall resources.

It took 99 days for MM to hit cap and 2 months later the rogue hit cap followed today by the mage, Burnsprocket.

Poor old Runesprocket is still sat at 103, with the other characters on my son's account which has spent more of the current expansion un-subscribed than subscribed!!!

So, currently this expac we're looking at Paladin, Rogue, Mage.

Which (I'm going to really annoy warlocks out there) is very close to how this blog started out.

Heal Stab Dot was the URL I chose for the blog, based on the fact I was playing Paladin as a healer at end game and enjoying warlock dots and rogue stabbings as my hide from the guild alts!!!

Now the lock has been replaced by a mage and the original Night Elf rogue is sat at level 46 on my 3rd account (which hasn't been active since the start of Wrath) and has been replaced with the new Rogue.

I would imagine that all my characters, including the Hunter and Warrior, and maybe even the Monks that my son and I occasionally play with together, will make level cap this expansion as it becomes easier and easier to level, but I wonder who will be next and who will be the 2nd to cap in the next expansion.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Legion Flying Guide

In the upcoming and long awaited Patch 7.2 Legion Flying will be introduced. Just like in WoD you will need to jump through some hoops and grab some achievements to get it. It has been reported that it won't be quite as onerous though.

The two meta achievements you will require are Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One and Part Two.

Luckily, though, you can get a really good head start now and get Part One.

This consists of:
Broken Isles Explorer - Explore All the Regions
Loremaster of Legion - Do all the Zone Storylines
A Glorious Campaign -Complete Class Order Hall Campaign
Variety is the Spice of Life - Complete 100 Different World Quests
Broken Isles Diplomat - Hit Revered with the 5 Zone Factions

Then when Patch 7.2 hits you just need to do the content there.

Part Two, which awards Legion Flying, consists of:
Part One
Defender of the Broken Isles - Complete the four legion Invasions *UPDATE* as of Hotfix on 06/04/2017 this has now been removed from the meta achievement so is no longer required to get flying
Explore Broken Shore - Explore
Legionfall Commander - Earned Revered with the Armies of Legionfall

There is even a tool on Wowhead that tells you what you still need to do.

Here is my own progress tracker


Broken Isles Explorer - COMPLETE!
Explore Azsuna
Explore Highmountain
Explore Stormheim
Explore Suramar
Explore Val'sharah

Loremaster of Legion - INCOMPLETE
Good Suramaritan 63.6%
Complete the followin Suramar quest lines:
An Ancient Gift
The Waning Crescent
Blood and Wine
Jandvik's Jarl
Eminent Grow-main
Moon Guard Stronghold

A Growing Crisis - finish this by doing The Emerald Nightmare raid, kill Xavius
A Change of Seasons - got to hit 20/21K revered with Nightfallen and done The Emerald Nightmare
(separate from main)
Breaking The Lightbreaker - quest Lyana Darksorrow - Starts at 30.8, 59.1
Tidying Tel'anor - quest: The Lost Advisor - Starts at 45.8, 40.2

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Azsuna Matata
That's Val'sharah Folks!
Vrykul Story, Bro

A Glorious Campaign - COMPLETE!

Variety is the Spice of Life - COMPLETE!

Broken Isles Diplomat - COMPLETE!
Court of Farondis
Highmountain Tribe
The Nightfallen
The Wardens


Good Sumaraton

Defender of the Broken Isles - COMPLETE
Invasion of Azsuna
Invasion of Highmountain
Invasion of Stormheim
Invasion of Val'sharah

Legionfall Commander - INCOMPLETE
1% Friendly / Revered

Explore Broken Shore
Deliverance Point
Deadwood Landing
Soul Ruin
Broken Valley
The Weeping Terrace
Tomb of Sargeras
Felrage Stand
Felfire Pass

Thursday, 9 March 2017

What Happens to Artifact Weapons and Knowledge at Level 35 and Patch 7.2

So, I've just hit level 35 on  Ashbringer and was confused as I was still adding artefact power to it.

"What's going on?" I ask myself.

Well, it turns out that after you've got your fourth golden dragon you can power this 35th trait up another 20 times to level 54. Some call this paragon levels or something. Probably related to Diablo I guess.

So DPS can increase their 5% increase to 15%, Healers will do something similar with healing power and tanks boost their armour (?) further.

Extra DPS or Other Specs
So, should you got for these extra points or start levelling your other specs? Well the common consensus is that unless you're a high end raider you should level your other specs. It's been asserted that once you get to around level 44 you could have levelled another spec all the way to 35. I don't know how true that is and I can't be bothered to verify it :P

But if you are never going to use your other specs (can you as a fire mage guarantee that frost isn't going to be the go to spec for 7.2?) then you may as well work to level 54!!

Patch 7.2
So, what's going to happen with patch 7.2? Well to start with there will be more Artefact Knowledge to gain. It is rising from 25 level t 50 levels with 200,000% artefact power increase at level 50. That sounds huge, but I think we're going to need it!!!

Then there will be more traits added for your weapon. But it sounds like all 35+ weapons will be standardised. ie it won't matter if your level 37 or level 54. The impression I get is that after you complete a short quest line at A-level 35
  • All your old traits will be removed. (Maybe not, but it's going to get a bit busy otherwise!!!)
  • Your 0-20 post 35 traits will be removed.
  • Your AP spent on those 35+ traits will be refunded.
  • Your Weapon will be made stronger to compensate for the trait removal. (This is where I think the standardisation will come in. I think there will be a one size fits all power increase so that all level 35 weapons will be the same, the only difference is next ...)
  • You can now use your refunded AP to buy ...
  • New traits on your weapon.
  • Also, the old AP tokens you're picking up now CANNOT be used to buy these new traits so don't go squirreling them away in the bank, they'll be pointless (and worthless as the new traits will carry on with their pseudo-exponential cost scaling).
  • But, you'll be able to sell them for gold, which will be introduced in a mini patch before 7.2
So, get your weapons to 35 and then keep pumping in the AP, don't go wasting time keeping them.

NB: I'm spelling it artEfact as I am English. Artifact (as per Blizztards) is a legitimate spelling in EN-UK and EN-US. I just like being different :P 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Where is Jarod Shadowsong for The Warden's Signet?

After spending ages looking for Jarod in and around Bradensbrook to hand in The Warden's Signet, because the Blizzard quest hand in ? says he is there, I resorted to looking him up on WowHead.

The first comment on Wowhead said: He is now in Heroe's Rest - cords 38.91 51.00 in Val'shara

Crucially, this comment explained a lot (it looks like Blizz have failed with proper QA again): If you've completed That's Val'sharah Folks! or atleast the Bradensbrook/Black Rook Hold portion, and then pickup The Warden's Signet, he won't be in the village anymore.
He can be found at Heroes' Rest, in the Ravencrest Mausoleum, or across the path from the Black Rook Hold summoning stone.

The best directions were definitely: I was so confused on where to find him. From Bradensbrook if you are facing the mayor head to the left down the path where the sheep are on the right, head down the path till you get to Marl's Stead turn right go across the brook and up the hill to Heros Rest. Stay to the left a graveyard will be on the left. Head across the courtyard go to the stairs on the left and he is there. No need to run through Black Rook Hold like I did. Hope this is helpful.

But the best bit is: The completion of this quest is hilarious if you do it after finishing the BRH portion as Jarod exclaims "She must be at Black Rook Hold!" and Maiev is standing right next to him.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

One Stop Shop for Alts Stat Priority

Every time I log into an alt and do some quests I get an upgrade or two

* MAGE -->
Class Spec 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Notes Artifact Relics
Paladin Retribution Strength Haste Crit Versality Mastery Strenght only to ilevel? art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Holy 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Holy 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Artifact Link
Warlock Destruction Haste Critical Versatility Mastery 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Demo 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Affi 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Priest Shadow Haste until 12k Mastyery Crit Int 5th Haste then vers art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Holy 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Disco 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Mage- Burnsprocket Fire Crit Inteligence Mastery = = Haste 5th Versitility art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Frost 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Arcane 5th art 1 / qart 2 / art 3
Link to Artifact Map
Shaman- Altruista Elemental Intellect Mastery Crit Haste 5th Versitility Storm / Frost / Storm
Enhancement 5th Fire / Iron / Storm
Restoration 5th Life / Frost / Life
Link to Artifact Map

Monday, 9 January 2017

What Happened to the Mobile Auction House

At some point a while ago my mobile app stopped letting me access/start auctions.

I thought it was because I'd swapped onto a new mobile and the new app was fubar, but I tried the old one which hadn't updated and that couldn't either

I did some googling and put in a ticket.

The response I got was, unsurprisingly, sub standard. One suggestion was that I re-install the app - as if I wouldn't have tried that already.

One support assistant said it was being changed and people were being ported over slowly and that she's flagged me for a port - really?

Needless to say that had no effect. I checked several days later. Nothing. Zilch. Nada!