Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Loadsa Money

WOOOOHOOOOOO!! I don't think I've ever sold something for quite this much before :)

I think I picked this up whilst doing a heroic a few days ago and finally got round to putting it up for auction.

Auctioneer said it had seen it 11 times and recomended about 389 gold. I thought "Yeah, right. Someone has been trying to boost the price of this to scam people using auto-buy on bottom scanner". But I decided to stick it on anyway, just in case. I am Sooooooo glad I did :)


Galoheart said...

Cha Ching! Good deal on the auction.

A nice recipe. I don't have that one in my recipe collection though. I can't say i've ever seen that on AH on my server either.

One i've being most seeking is Destruction Potion recipe. So far i maybe seen it once ever. But have been on the lookout for it everyday. Hell i'll pay at least 500g for it. Its no big deal when im sitting on 12k, small dent in my wallet :)

Most expensive recipe i ever sold was the JC recipe design for Subtle Living Ruby. I had bought that recipe from my old server AH for like 225g on my alt banker to my current one when i transfered over my alt banker. Reason was since i main was tanking i could never usually find those gems on AH so i figured no one had it. But my alt #2 banker had it on my old server with some other rare enchanting recipies. Sold it for like 550g :) I kept it up there for like 5 days at same price. Just relisted it 2 times on AH. And yes eventually it went Cha Ching. I was a happy camper.

HolyWarrior said...

Ooo nice. My alt Banker has Subtle Living Ruby recipe in the guild bank. I was waiting for my JC to level up. I may just sell it :P