Sunday, 9 March 2008

Shadow Labs Down - Just

EvilBastard, TiceNits' alt and a guild alt who needed keying for Kara were all suited and booted and ready for Shadow Labs. All that was needed was a PUG tank and Healer!!

Believe it or not we got them within about 15 minutes so HolyWarrior didn't have to dual box.

We enter, we do the first boss easy and clear the Blackheart room. We have a try on Blackheart who wipes us and then the healer leaves. So I have to bring HolyWarrior in as healer after all. EvilBastard doesn't get much of a look in dps wise but we take him out.

We move further in and get to Vorpil's room where we have a wipe because the tank doesn't move around enough and then he leaves. Arggg. We manage to get a guild alt tank in and he wipes us by trying to kite Vorpil around in circles - WTF? then he disconnects. Its getting quite late and TiceNits really wants to give up, but we get a guild SSC healer and HolyWarrior is gonna be the tank. We give it a go and I manage to kite him up and down fine, but on the 4th summon his voidies are right on the summon point so he heals from 20% to nearly full and we all die. We decide we need more DPS so this means EvilBastard has to leave the party and not get any loot and we'll bring in an SSC rogue. HolyWarrior tanks again and he goes down easy.

We keep the rogue in for Murmur, as EvilBastard just needs the spawn after him, and off we go. We buff up and HolyWarrior tanks away. There were some scary moments on him, when Holys HP dropped to near on 0. The Shammy died pretty early on, followed by TiceNits. Holywarrior needed to throw a couple of heals on himself and eventually died with murmur on 4%. Guild SSC Rogue and Healer takes him down that last 4% - Happy Happy EvilBastard.

The Rogue leaves and EvilBastard comes back and we wipe out the last spawn on the Kara Key Frag Guardian thingy with ease.

My estimate of 85% wasn't far off. Even without being in on the last 2 boss deaths, which of course dropped loot for him :(, he was 87% into level 69. By the time he had handed quests in he was 91%

Roll on Steamvaults tommorrow.

Oh, did I mention that HolyWarrior was tanking Holy specced? Yes, he was!

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