Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Scribe Supdate

Because SSS sounds better than SSU.

Anyway, where's my beer gone?

So. What we looking at.

Banker #1: 9600 gold in stock
Banker #2: 9900 gold in stock
Banker #3: 12600 gold in stock
Scribe: gold 24,160, iots 13,000. sfi 9,700. book of gm 1500

80K in gold, 24K is liquid. Approaching 1/3.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Fucking Good Deal

Someone just asked in /trade to link inscription.

I linked him it in a whisper.

He replied back about Darkmoon Card of the North. I though wierd but I'll go with it.

He asked me about where to get Resilient parchments and whether he could get them from inscriptionist supplies. Just BEFORE I put load on the auction house for loadsa money.

I am too honest, I told him yes.

He then met up with me and gave me 40 IotS, 40 SFI, 19 Eternal Life and 20 Resilient Parchement an asked me to make as many Darkmoon cards as I could.

He got 3 chaos and 3 prisms cards out of it (including Ace of Prisms) I got to keep the rest of the mats.

22 IotS: 110 gold (Glyph price)
4 SFI: 44g
1 Eternal Life: 30g
14 Res Parch: 7g

181 gold if I'm not mistaken!! LOL!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Scribe Update III

Scribe Gold: 21.3K
Scribe IotS: 11.8K
Scribe SFI: 5.5K
Glyph Stock: 29.5K

Thats 68.1K of which 30% is now pure lovely gold. Yummy. Also have a bank tab of Saronite Bars and a bank tab of Borean Leather waiting for 3.3 and 25 Book of Glyph Mastery. I still have to use some of them though. I will buy up anything under 30g for a book, 6g for leather and 15g for a stack of Saronite Ore and 25g for a stack of Saronite Bars.

The downloader has started. Does that mean we have 3 days till 3.3? 10 Days till 3.3. 17 Days max I reckon. So much for other bloggers estimates of 6-8 weeks. Get buying those cheap mats now!!

Pilgrim's Bounty Achievement Guide

Subtitle: Oh Shit! How Did This Creep up on Me?

(Walkthrough at the end)

Err yeah so anyway. Pilgrim's Bounty is upon us. This is a world event with plenty of achievements but does not count towards the meta with the Violet Proto Drake.

Good Job too, as I did fuck all last year (was it even around last year?) so I would have had to wait till now for my drake...maybe.

But it does give you the Pilgrim title and a Plump Turkey pet!

Anyway it lasts from 01:00 today until 23:59 next Saturday (28th) So you have a week to get gobbling turkeys or whatever the fuck you need to do. On that note...

1. "FOOD FIGHT!" - Bounce food off a fellow feaster. Apparently you need to be sitting at a table. This gets you into a 'vehicle' ... WTF??? ... anyway click on someone else and click the vehicle buttons to pass food, eventually you will get the achievement. Sounds fucking odd to me!!

2. Now We're Cookin' - Cook one of each of these:

Candied Sweet Potato
Cranberry Chutney
Pumpkin Pie
Slow-Roasted Turkey
Spice Bread Stufing

You will need to go to several capital cities to get the ingredients but you'll be doing this for the dailis anyway. Check the wowhead link.

3. Pilgrim's Paunch - Have some food from each chair at a bountiful table AT EVERY CAPITAL. or something like that. Not quite sure. Use the 'vehicle' options to move food around the table then move yourself into the other chairs and eat the previously moved food perhaps.

4. Pilgrim's Peril - While wearing either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital's Bountiful Table. OK, here is the arbitrary travelling part.

Ripped from wowhead to save you the click ...

Orgrimmar - In Durotar, outside Orgrimmar to the south. (46,16)
Silvermoon City - In Eversong Woods, outside Silvermoon to the south by Stillwhisper pond. (55,53)
Undercity - Inside the "Ruins of Lordaeron". (62,68)
Thunderbluff - at the bottom of the elevator to the south-west of the city (40,67)

5. Pilgrim's Progress - Complete the daily quests:
Can't Get Enough Turkey
Easy As Pie
We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?
Don't Forget The Stuffing!
She Says Potato

For which you will need:
100xHoney (front of any city)
60xAutumnal Herbs (front of any city)
20xWild Turkey (killed in Elwynn forest)
20xRipe Elwynn Pumpkin (front of Stormwind)
20xTangy Wetland Cranberries (front of Ironforge)
20xTeldrassil Sweet Potato (front of Darnassus)
20xSimple flour (vendors)
20xMild spices (vendors)

6. Sharing is Caring - Pass each of one of these at a bountiful Table (probably combinable with achievements 1 and 3.):
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Pumpkin Pie
Spice Bread Stuffing
Cranberry Chutney
Slow-Roasted Turkey

7. Terokkar Turkey Time - Oh Dear!! - Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim's Hat and either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire.

Should be soloable. Do it in Normal mode. Dunno. Have a go.

8. The Turkinator - Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph.

Errr ... Kill a lot of turkeys ... quickly? People suggesting that just south of Scarlet Monastery is a big turkey farm. Try it out. Macro: /tar Wild

9. Turkey Lurkey - Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.

Blood Elf Rogue
Gnome Rogue
Night Elf Rogue
Troll Rogue
Dwarf Rogue
Human Rogue
Orc Rogue
Undead Rogue

Where do you get a Turkey Shooter? Fuck Knows!!

LOL - dual boxing FTW - or hang around Dullaran - or do some BGS - good luck finding the Dwarf!!

Anyway - There you go, do all that crap and you have a nice title and a fat pet. Or is it a fat title and a nice pet. WHATEVA!

The Walkthrough:

(So the turkey shooter is a quest reward from the dailies)!

Get the starter quest (Pilgrim's Bounty) from quite a few places. For this guide we will be getting it from outside the inn near the bank in Stormwind. So go get it then come back here KK. You can get it from many different places. They all send you to Stormwind.

If you are in IF pop outside and grab 25 Cranberries. If you're in Darn, grab 25 Sweet Potatoes.

Now we head off outside Stormwind, but only just, to hand it in to Gregory Tabor and then pick up quest: Spice Bread Stuffing.

Now click the Bountiful Barrel next to Gregory and purchase the Bountiful Cookbook. Woah!! 5 Recipes!!!

Learn them.

If you have plenty of bag space you could buy up everything you need for both days and save yourself a little travelling.

Also get 5 Autumnal Spices, 5 Ripe Elywnn Pumkin, 5 Honey, 5 mild spices and 5 simple flour.

Do NOT make anything yet. You have to prepare things when you have the quests.

Make 5 spice bread then make the stuffing from these 5 bread and 5 autumnal spices.

Hand these in to Jasper Moore now Pick up Pumpkin Pie.

Now make the Pumpkin Pie. These will be going to Ironforge.

Now pick up the quest Sharing a Bountiful Feast. Sit in each chair and use the vehicle button for that particular chair's food. i.e sit in the cranberry chair and click in the 'Feast on Cranberries' icon. Do this for each chair at the table.

While at the table When someone else sits down, click on them and then click on button one 'Pass the Turkey' - twice or more to get the "FOOD FIGHT!" achievement. Also. When in each chair pass food to another player . When you have passed food from each chair you will get the Sharing is Caring Achievement.

Once you have eaten 5 items at each chair you will be able to complete the Sharing a Bountiful Feast quest.

Now buy 20 Elwynn Pumpkins, 60 Autumnal Spices, 105 Honey, 20 Mild Spices and 20 Simple Flour.

Grab the 'She Says Potato' daily.

Grab the 'We're Out of Cranberry Chutney Again' daily.

Head out into Elwynn and kill 40 Turkeys quickly for the Turkinator. Once every 30 seconds you must kill a turkey. If you find Elwynn a pain in the ass, then fuck it off, just make sure you have looted 20 Wild Turkeys from the corpses.

Head to Ironforge (don't HS) and go outside. Hand in Pumpkin Pie to Edward Winslow and pick up Cranberry Chutney.

Grab 25 Tangy Wetlands Cranberries and make 25 Cranberry Chutney 5 for the quest and 20 for the daily.

Grab the Dailes "Don't Forget The Stuffing" and "Can't Get Enough Turkey"

Make 20 Spice Bread then 20 Spice Bread Stuffing then hand in the daily to Caitrin Ironkettle and pick yourself up a Turkey Shooter.

If you see a rogue (that hasn't be feather basted, then shoot him with the Turkey Shooter.

Now using the dead stinking salmonella-ridden turkey corpses you picked up in Elwynn Forest make 20 Slow-Roasted Turkey and hand in another daily to Caitrin and pick up the Pilgrim Hat.

Do your 5 bits of food at each chair at a table and then it's time to head out.

Pop back to Stormwind and hand in Cranberry Chutney and get They're Ravenous in Darnassus (5 more simple flour, mild spices, pumpkin, honey and autumnal herbs). Cook up 5 more Spice Bread Stuffing and 5 Pumpkin Pies.

Now HS then head to Darnassus and grab the "Easy As Pie" daily from Mary Allerton.

Cook up the pumpkin pie and hand in and pick up a pilgrims chest piece. Whichever suits you best :)

Also hand in the Ravenous quest to Issac Allerton in Darnassus and get the Candies Sweet Potatoes quest.

Buy 25 Teldrassil Sweet Potato from the Bountiful Barrel by the road and cook up 25 Candied Sweet Potato. This should give you Now We're Cookin' achievement.

Now do the eating 5 things at each of 5 bountiful table chairs.

Time to head to the Exodar. And do your 5 food shuffle malarky. This should give you your Pilgrim's Paunch achievement

Now off to Mulgore, put on whatever chest piece you decided on and then sit at a table at the bottom of the elevator to the south-west of the city (40,67). Now Durotar outside Orgrimmar to the south. (46,16) and repeat. Head back over to Ironforge and up to Chillwind Camp.

If you haven't got your The Turkinator yet then head up to the area just south of the Scarlet Monastery and get that sorted, otherwise head straight to Undercity and go sit at one on the tables inside the "Ruins of Lordaeron" at (62,68)

Now head up to Silvermoon and sit at the table in Eversong Woods, outside Silvermoon to the south by Stillwhisper pond. (55,53). You should get the Pilgrim's Peril achievement.

Head back to Stormwind to hand in the 2 dailies and pick up a couple of Turkey Shooters. The 2 dailies should award you Pilgrim's Progress. Also hand in the Candied Potatoes quest and get Slow-Roasted Turkey quest. Acquire 5 more turkeys. Buy 10 Honey and 5 Herbs and roast up some turkey.

Now go to Dullaran. Shoot a couple of rogues with the Turkey Shooter (make sure they haven't already been shot and that you still need them for Turkey Lurkey).

When you've used your 3 shots up head over to Sethek Halls and solo King Ikkis or whatever his name is, while wearing your Pilgrim's Hat and chest piece. This should give you Terokkar Turkey Time.

If you're bored, then head on over to Darnassus and hand in the turkey quest which rewards a "Turkey Caller" otherwise wait till you're over there tomorrow.

Day 2 - Another Set of Dailies.
We still need 5 turkey guns so we need to do the full set of dailies again.

So assuming you are in Stormwind you need to kill enough turkeys so that you have the 20 turkeys.

Now buy 20 simple flour and 20 mild spices and cook them up for the spice bread then pick up 60 Honey, 40 Autumnal Herbs and 20 Pumpklins and cook up 20 spicy stuffing, 20 Pumpkin Pie and 20 Slow Roasted Turkey.

Head to Ironforge, get the two dailies and hand them in then buy 20 Tangy Wetland Cranberries and 20 more Honey and make 20 Cranberry Chutney.

HS then portal to Darnassus.

Get the Pumpkin daily then hand it in. Buy 20 Teldrassil Sweet Potatos, 20 Honey and 20 Herbs and make 20 Candied Sweet Potato.

Get your ass back to Stormwind by any means neccessary and hand in the last 2 dailies.

You now have 5 Turkey Guns; use them on the other 5 rogues you need for Turkey Lurkey.

You should now be a Pilgrim and recieve a turkey in the post!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

So Near Yet So Far (Quick Scribe Update)

I was on my scribe bringing in all the days sales and the latest COD for snowfalls came in. The scribe is now my richest character, he got very close again to overtaking HW's 16K earlier in the week but then herbs appeared cheap in bulk on the AH again and he filled up 3 bank tabs with snowfalls and IotS's!!!

But then Chap wanted 240 Snowfalls, so this was a nice addition to the bank...

And this brought my scribes total to so close to 20K.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Snowfall Profit

I have a good relationship with another scribe on our server. He does cards. I don't go into competition with him (not on any characters he knows about anyway!!!). I do glyphs. I sell him my snowfall ink for as low as 11g 25s if he buys in bulk. This obviously reduces my cost/glyph price :)

He usually buys a couple of stacks at a time which is very nice. The other day I got this mail from him...

Of course I oblige and even knock a few gold off the bulk price just to have a nice round number ...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Loremaster of Kalimdor and other Loremaster Crap

Phew, that was tiring. HolyWarrior had over 200 quests to do to get that done. So did EB. They finished up in Desolace and also got a load of Mara quests. Into Mara they went, they conquered and then went to hand in.

HW hit loremaster, unfortunately EB had done Desolace more extensivley while levelling so Mara did not give him enough quests. EB has to fo Syphillus... YAWN.

HW only has 3/4 of Netherstorm to do for Outland. EB has only 4 Outlands quest achievements done. Not even Hellfire!!

Mind you I don't think HW has the Poo quests done in Hellfire so they may do them together. EB only needs 4 Hellfire quests done. Time to go rumaging through shit :P

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Goblin Update

Err, the same title as the last post. Oops, seems I have been so busy at work there have been no blog posts.

Anyways. Seems my normal bank er had to send 1100 gold to my scribe for sales of cards and runesrcolls that I had not considered. Normal banker is still around 12K Scribe is around 15K.

Scribe has a 32 slot bag of ink and about 400 SFI.

The crash and burn failed. I was turning over a ridiculous amount of glyphs that my stocks of ink were running low. To add to that one of my competitors is obviously very clever and kept the AH dry of herbs. So I reset my parameters to normal levels.

I 'say' it failed. I can't really say. I don't know if I lost any minor competitors. I know my 3 main competitors are still around (they may be alts of the same)

I am now making big money per sale again so I will continue that until I am fully stocked on inks to try again.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday Goblin Update

So. The Crash and Burn cycle is in full swing. No hate mail yet though.

I had a look into how many glyphs I still don't know. It's about 80. 50/50 books and learning.

So I bought 10 books up, ranging in price from 20-50gold. Never more than 50 gold.

I also kicked off my 3rd seller. He has shaman and paladin glyphs. Will also have the druid glyphs soon. Will call him my Hybrid Seller.

Also I tried to send my Scribe some cash. It wouldn't allow it. I logged out and WHOAH!!! his name has changed. I tried to log on and it said he was flagged for a name change. OOOPS!!!

I am aware that I am going to break my paranioa clause here. I have hidden every single piece of information that could lead you to my server and indeed my actual name. But I am now going to give away the first ever clue as to who I am.

I reside on an RP server. My scribes name (and indeed a lot of my alts) do not have very RP names. Someone complained obviously. My scribe has a new name!!

So to the state of the bank...

NormalBanker: 12,362g
Melee GS: 2160 glyphs ~ 5K-10K
Hybrid GS: 1000 glyphs ~ 2K-5K
Caster GS: 2000 glyphs ~ 5K-10K
Scribe: 3.5Kg SFI 500g IOTS 12,960g CASH

So the scribe has officaly overtaken the normal banker in the cash stakes.

If we use the upper end of stock values we are looking at 2:1 assets to cash. Looking better.

Report coming soon on how many more glyphs I need to learn.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Crash and Burn

The great glyph market crash of 2009 seems to be going well. Most glyphs are down into the 2-3g region now. I get a lot of fallbacks going to 3g now and I have had my first gevlonesque question.

Comp: Hi m8
Me: Hello? You better not say gold or power-level in your next /w
Comp: why you sellin glyphs for 3g when they go for 17g
Me: Ah. Not a scumbag gold seller then. Good :)
Comp: no lol
Me: In answer to your question - to sell them?
Comp: Hmmm ... Okay.

OK, so it's not the converstion I wanted to have so that I could SS and send to Gevlon, but I am sure that will come.

I don't have every single glyph yet, but I must have realy pissed some people off by now. Especially when I caught a farmer selling up icebloom and lichbloom for under 15g per. I blew 3K gold on that alone!! I am well stocked. Did I mention I bought a guild with 5 bank tabs for 700G?


So, no screenies for Gevvy Baby yet, but a huge increase in glyph sales and about a 30-50% increase in turnover. Profit? Near non-existant obviously.

All's fun in Glyphs and War :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Crashing the Glyph Market

So I went for it last night. Obviously it started slow as I just changed my parameters and went through the usual cancel/post cycle that Gevlon loves so much with QA2.

SO anyway, it took a couple of extra scans this morning to kick into overdrive and really drive the market down.

Why do I want to crash the market?

a) To get hate-mail to send Gevlon
b) To drive away the mmo-chumptards
c) Make a name for myself as an arsehole :P

So What Did I Do?
Well, I lowered my threshold single-ink glyph price to 1g48s and my double-ink glyph price to 1g98 and I put a threshold on of 3g.

Result? Well, I have had shed loads more sales than usual. Albeit at much smaller profit. And someone is actually trying to buyout all my sales. I logged on 30 mins ago to check my sales and every single glyph that had sold in the last hour on both sellers was to the same buyer!!

Guess he wants to reset the market! Well, tough shit, I just reposted. And I may have to raise my quantity up from 3 to disuade these types of chaps.

Profitless Strategy? Nope I have made twice today what I normally make :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Race is On

Normal Banker: 11,579g
New Glyph Account: 11,710g

The glyph syndicate has overtaken the 3 year old auction house worker. Hmmmm.

Now. Who is going to overtake my main first? HW was up to 16K but spent shit loads on epic gems and is down at about 14.5K.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Deep Undercut AND Camp?

My server is a high pop server. There is a lot of Glyph competition. To drive them out I am having to combine Gevlon's heavy undercutting (and more) with some camping.

I have been cancelling and relisting 3 or more times a day with a 99s 99c undercut. I may have to bring my fallback down to around break-even + 1 gold.

Lets seen how the competition likes that!!

How low can I go? Well I have a semi regular buyer for Snowfall Ink at 12g a pop and I'll buy my herbs at 9g/stack for low levels and 18g/stack for high levels.

So as a minimum I can offset 6g (half a snowfall) from 9g leaving 3g for 10 pigments. Or 3g for 5 Ink of the Sea. That's 60s per Ink plus 40s per parchment.

1g for a single ink glyph and 1g60s for a double ink glyph.

Throw in a 5% AH cut I -could- go as low as 1g05s and 1g76s to drive the competition out. I may try 1g50s and 2g to start with. Just to see how much hate mail I can generate!!!

OK. I have set thresholds to 1.5 and 2 gold. With a fallback of 4g. Let the fun begin. Hate mail will be delivered to Gevlon :)

Inscription Closing the Gap Fast

I've had a bank character that has been selling crap and prospecting the AH on and off for 3 years. He's sat at around 11.5K gold.

My Scribe is catching up fast. Last night he hit 11.4K gold before he spotted a farmer dump some Adder's Tongue on the AH. I imagine by tonight he will have overtaken the old banker!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

EvilBastard's Violet Proto Drake

It took an extra few days for EB to get the Sinister Squashling and the Hallowed Helm to drop. But drop they did. Both in the same run and EB won the roll against all other party members for both of them. That is not my usual luck.

And yes, I know. EvilBastard is spelt wrong in the screenshot!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Gold Update Sunday

The Inscription business is now running at:

8300 gold
28100 gold worth of stock

just under 25% cash/asset

That is all.

Goblin Funday

It's Sunday. It's a Goblin Post. I think it's funny. It's Goblin Funday.

So, carrying on from last nights goblin hint. Bread of the Dead for 5gold each.

Make sure you advertise them like this...

Why? Well, you're not actually giving away too much information.

You will get the sales...

But then you want some repeat business. Eh? I hear you ask. How can you get repeat business from a one off quest reward?



Day of the Dead Money Making Opportunity

Buy Simple Flour and Ice Cold Milk.

Make Bread of the Dead

Sell it for 5g each at the city graveyard.