Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tailoring Theorycraft Fun

In 3 more Points of Tailoring I will be able to make the second piece in the Frozen Shadoweave set.

To get to 365 Tailoring I'll hopefully be making 3 x Cloak of Eternity which are yellow at 362 so should give me 3 points. Crossed-fingers. If not all of the proc a point of skill then I'll just make Netherwweave Robes. These are green but only cost 6 bolts of normal netherweave. Why make cloaks?

Because I've made 3 of these tanking cloaks already and 2 have sold first time in the AH for 130 gold and the 3rd is up now with no competition at 150 gold.

The Mats are 108 Netherweave, which give 36 Bolts of Netherweave, which combined with 12 Arcane Dust gives 6 Bolts of Imbued Netherweave. Those and 6 Primal Earth give the cloak. I can't believe I have been selling off my Primal Earth from HolyWarriors mining - Arggg. So in total thats 324 Netherweave, 36 Arcane Dust and 18 Primal Earth.

HolyWarrior can get his ass to Netherwing Ledge and start mining!!!

Alternatively I could buy the mats. On my server a stack of Netherweave goes for about 3 gold, a Primal Earth for 4 gold and gods knows about the Arcane Dust - but I have loads. So that is 49 gold plus arcane dust then sell the cloak for 130 gold. Now that is a way to level tailoring.

However, the art to good auctioneering is not to swamp the Auction House, so you have to sell them 1 at a time. Well, it's a good job I have some Shadowcloth cooldown's to burn through. 16 Days to be exact just for the boots!

OK, so on top of the mats to get to 365 to make the boots, I'll also have make 4 batches of ShadowCloth. Which is 4 Imbued Netherweave, 4 Primal Fires and 4 Primal Shadows. There's about 19 Primal Fire in the Haley ToeSis' bank (thank fuck I didn't sell them!) and EvilBastard has a stack or 2 of Bolts of Imbued Netherweave so it looks like EvilBastard is gonna have to start farming the Voidies in Nagrand while HolyWarrior is mining Nethewing Ledge.

The boots will take me to 366 tailoring so I'll then have to make another 9 Cloak of Eternity. Thats 972 Netherweave Cloth, 108 Arcane Dust and 54 Primal Earth. Ouch! [edit] Argg Cloak of Eternity is yellow at 362, might have to re-evaluate 366-375. [edit 2] Looks like it will have to be Imbued Netherweave Robes. These go yellow at 370, so it's crossed fingers time again. It's the same amount of Bolt of Imbued Netherweave as the Cloak but it's 2 Netherweb Spider Silk rather than 6 Primal Earth. I don't know what's worse!!

It took me an hour to grind 2 silks the other day, I may have been unlucky!! Last night it took about an hour to collect a 3 Primal Earth while doing the Netherwing quests. I have to grind 18 Earths anyway for 362-365 so I suppose I'll be glad of the change by then!!

At that point I'll need to make another 7 batches of Shadowcloth with 7 Imbued Netherweave, 7 Primal Fire and 7 Primal Shadow along with 14 Primal Water and 4 Netherweb Spider Silk to make the Robe.

This gives us a nice round total of:

3 Cloaks of Eternity:
324 Netherweave Cloth + 36 Arcane Dust = 18 Bolts of Imbued Netherweave - CHECK
18 Primal Earth (180 Motes of Earth) - Have 2 Primals and 3 Motes

9 Imbued Netheweave Robe
972 Netheweave Cloth + 108 Arcane Dust = 72 Bolts of Imbued Netheweave
18 Netherweb Spider Silk - ARGGGH
9 Rune Thread (4 gold, 5 Silver purchasable) - CHECK

11 Bolts of Imbued Netherweave - CHECK
11 Primal Fire - CHECK (17.5)
11 Primal Shadow (110 Motes) - Have 4 Primals

Robe and Boots:
Shadowcloth from above
6 Netherweb Spider Silk
28 Primal Water (280 Motes of Water) - Have 2 Primal and 3 Motes

So far I have the Primal Fire and the some Bolts of Imbued Netherweave. Hopefully the Cloaks of Eternity need Bolts of Imbued Netherweave as I have more than enough of that {Edit: yes they do]. Time to get mote farming. Earth from mines, shadow from voidies and water from Skettis water elementals and fishing. Argg. I can see a significant chunk of gold disappearing into the auction house after a while!!!

Hopefully the cloaks will continue to sell!

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