Friday, 7 March 2008

More Pissed Raiding

We decided to screw up TK last night.

We also decided to try A'lar first with very little melee dps.

It makes sense for me to go waster Lootreaver and Solarian first. We can easily do them and get in an attempt on A'lar before trash respawn, but if we waste time on A'lar first and then go try Looty and Solly we could get ourselves into respawn trouble.

Well, we had 3 attempts at A'lar, into phase 2 each time and down to some respectable percentages but he didn't go down. People were dying to the flames because they just didn't move out of them. I even died on the third attemp. I moved as soon as I saw it but 2 ticks killed me HUH?? Also DPS were killing adds when A'lar was not about so wasting the 3% kill bonus. Pricks.

So off we popped to Looty and wiped on him. Huh?? Yep, well, we reset him at about 20% actually, but not before a good half of the raid had died! Second attempt was standard and he dropped a couple of tokens and the fel piston thing again.

So what does this mean? Well. We COULD have spent 1 raid taking out Looty and Solly and a second raid on A'Lar and then Gruul or Lurker. But now we have spent 1 raid on Looty. The second raid will have to fight all the way back through trash to get Solly and then have a couple of tries on A'lar. So we've lost a boss kill this week. Hmmm.

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