Friday, 30 May 2008

Crap Kara PUG

Went out and did real-life stuff tonight and when I got back some of the guildies persuaded me to go to Kara. I took EvilBastard.

We wiped on Nightbane a few times then went and took Curator out after a couple of attempts.

That gave me 2 badges and a raid ID for Kara. Then we called it. FFS!

104 Badges in total for EB now.

PC Won't Boot. Stops During Memory Check.

But I fixed it!!

Here's the whole story, but if you just want the fix; scroll down to the bottom.

The night before last I had cause to reboot my old PC. Since it has been at Dads it has been on constantly, but when I rebooted it it got a quarter of the way through the memory check and froze up solid.

I hit F12, F2, Del trying to get into the BIOS but it was completely locked up, so I reboot again and again and again. Same thing.

So I take out the memory (2 x 1GB) and try each stick on its own in each of the 4 slots. Same thing, only gets half way through 1GB before freezing up, same place every time with each memory stick. Well, it would be a strange coincidence that both memory modules are causing a memory error at same place and locking up the whole machine, so for now I can discount that!!

Then I notice the CPU fan. Err ... there seems to be half the carpet wedged between then fan and the heat sink. *cough* OK I'll vacuum that out and let it cool down while I pop to the pub for a beer. Cursing myself on the way that I have probably fried my CPU.

So I come back an hour later and gah, still not working. *sulk*

So I spent most of yesterday at work searching the internet for ideas and solutions and I had a list of things to check when I got home last night.

For once I chose to do the easiest thing first. That was to remove all USB devices. I thought it can't be that, but lets just eliminate that as a possibility.

Well actually the first thing I did was turn it on hoping that 24 hours of downtime would cure it. Nope! still knackered.

So, lets remove the USB devices. BINGO. I removed the USB Keyboard, USB Mouse and Nostromo n52 and then PC went flying through the memory check and then told me "No Keyboard Installed" so I plugged the keyboard back in and hit F1 and "Wiz Bang Wallop" it proceeds to the IDE check and then Windows loads.

Plug in other USB devices all is fine. Reboot PC. Locks up at memory check. Remove all but keyboard. Reboot. Fine.

Thinking back on it the last time I successfully rebooted was before I plugged my sons Razer Gaming mouse in.

It seems that like old PCs would try and boot off a floppy (if one was left in the drive) and give you a "Non System Disk" error; my PC is trying to boot the BIOS or something off a mouse - hahahhaha!!

Not an uncommon problem apparently, but you would think it could lock up in a more user friendly manner wouldn't you? A message would be nice.

So there you go, if this happens to you, try unplugging your USB devices before you go hacking your PC to bits :)

If this has been helpful to you please leave me a comment.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

T4 Redux

Thursday's raid ended up going to Magtheridon and Gruul. Great.

We had 2 wipes on Maggy due to poor luck and clicking. But when we finally got him down I won T4 Chest, Girdle of the Endless Pit and 3 badges. Off specs coming along nicely!

So we moved onto Gruul's Lair and 1 shot HK and from him I got Decaying Leather Helm, 3 Netherweave, T4 Shoulders and 2 Badges. Even More offspec gear! I don't think I need the shoulders. I have T5 tanking and healing shoulders and I'm pretty sure I got some ret shoulders from late T5/early T6 content. Maybe I have some PvP shoulders now!!

And the finale of the evening was Grull himself. I got T4 legs and 3 Badges.

I've already got T4 legs sat in the bank - oops - 50 DKP wasted! Maybe I'll turn those in for PvP gear too! I haven't worked it out but I think I already have better legs for my Ret build so I think I have one too many T4 leg tokens!

Broken into my second stack of badges with the total at 201 Badges :)

Still haven't decided what to spend the badges on. It all depends whether I get to tank or not. If I do then a shield is a priority. If not then healing weapon from T6 vendor and a chest piece. Those 2 add up to 275 badges and there is something else I want too. Taking the required total up to something like 325 badges!

And that wasn't a bad night at all really. That girdle will replace one of the only blues left on my ret set (my THIRD spec) and getting all 3 25man Tier tokens was cool, If un-needed!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Real Life Yawn

Gah! Why do we have to raid on Tuesdays? I have a real-life commitment once a month on a Tuesday, can't avoid it, so I always miss out on a big raid!

They went to Hyjal and followed on from Sunday's raid (the one where I threw my toys out the pram!) and took out AnEnema. He didn't drop any good loot for pallies, so I'm not that bothered.

My DKP is dwindling though, gone are the heydays when I was top of the DKP chart after attending raid after raid and not getting to spend my DKP on anything.

Maybe I shouldn't have blown large wads of DKP on T5 gear just as we were about to start T6 content. Oopsy!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Almost Full Kara Clear

Tonight I went to Karazhan. In fact I was the one that put it on Group Calendar so technically I was Raid Leader. Well, I don't want that shit so I made Elephant Raid Assistant!

In fact I let her do most of it except for loot management and sharding!

Anyway, So we took out Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Big Bad Wolf, Curator, Nightbane, Shade of Aran, Chess, Illhoof on EvilBastard - 17 badges = 85 + 17 = 102

HolyWarrior had to come in for Prince - 3 badges - 193 total

We left Netherspite for last but had a wipe and left him.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Crap Raid and Blessing of Freedom on Winterchiill

Haven't raided for a little while as I'm getting a bit pissed off with all the smart arse crap that's going on.

Gave it a try tonight, was all prepped and sat outside the instance and logged on 30 mins before raid time. But within 5 mins one of the pallies started taking the piss after a mix up with blessings that we sorted out over whispers, but he still decided to take the piss over TS even though he is a fucking noob incompetent twat.

/rant over

did /sleep through 1st wave and did no AOE on any other waves

Winterchill one shooted but I died half way through.

Blessing of freedom may not not work. I am pretty sure I clicked it when I got Ice-blocked, but I died before I could click the trinket. :(

We eventually had a wipe ... AND THEN I got more crap from one of the usual asshole raiders and I had just had enough.

You don't pay people in real life to give you shit, well, not unless you're a freak, so I don't pay to get insulted. So I typed /logout and walked away.

Leaving the rest of the raid short a healer in MH. OK, that's not so cool, but fuck it. This person had already really pissed TiceNits off big time tonight and is always pissing other people off and if the guild leadership (the rest of it anwyay - yes this twat is an officer) can't deal with it then they fucking deserve people stomping off mid raid.

I did not do the usual, come back after 5 mins. I played my shaman. Fuck them. It was the most I could do not to log in and /gquit. I'll probably get that done for me. If not tomorrow, then as soon as they recruit another pally.

But hey, 2 more badges off Winterchill so up to 190!

ooooo Dear N52 macros and the WoW Banhammer

There has been a bit of a hooha over the recent ban wave in WoW. I'm not going to get into that side of things as Big Red Kitty and TJ have blogged extensively about it over their guildie who got smacked around the face with the ban hammer.

The majority of the bannees were people who had bought the "un-detectable" bot called Glider.

Seems Bliz got into a bit of lateral thinking here and instead of trying to detect it they must have finally won their court battle and got a court order to seize the credit card details of all the people who bought it. A simple cross reference to the payment records and ... BANG ... ban all the matches.

Tip to you cheating bastards out their - buy your bot software with a different credit card!!

Anyway, so with that all said and done, the glider clamp down wasn't all of it. It seems that a lot of people with Logitech G15 keyboards and Nostromo n52's also got banned.

Now, why is that? WoW even has a pipe into the G15 to display things on the LCD screen so it can't be illegal* hardware now can it?

A little further investigation around the blogosphere and WoW forums has it confirmed that the G15 is allowable, and therefore by proxy the Nostromo n52 and n52te.

SO LONG AS ... you don't use the macro capability to automate play (botting). What does that mean? It means 2 important things to me.

1) Multiple Key Strokes: Do NOT program your macros to make repeated keystrokes just by holding one of your macro or keypad buttons down. That buggers up PS the Rogue. Although I didn't use it** I had found a very useful macro for Sinister Strike. Hold down the button and it spams Sinister Strike. OK, you wouldn't be able to leave the keyboard while doing this so it's not truly botting, it would be seriously inadvisable to use this because you cannot replicate this with a WoW macro*** So, that's one of my macro's deleted err that I now won't create when I finally start playing my Rogue again.

2) Programmed Delays: My Warlock EZ Mode Macro is illegal. I never got round to creating it on my n52te and my new PC and I have deleted it from my old PC and n52. The idea behind this macro was to set up a sequence of casts with the exact duration of the GCD between them so there was no latent downtime. Press the Keypad button and it would cast CoA instantly, wait exactly 1.5 seconds and then cast Corruption, wait another 1.5 seconds exactly and then cast Unstable Affliction etc etc. Of course I never used this** I just proved it could be done** You cannot emulate this in a WoW macro. You can make a cast sequence but this requires you to press the button for each spell. The Nostromo macro allows you to cast multiple spells for one key press. OK this is hardly Glider setting off on a days worth of Talbuk farming while you are at work but it DOES automate gameplay (if only for 10 seconds) so don't do it!

2b) Multiple non-GCD Spell Casts: This is similar to point 2 above but it maybe OK. What about casting multiple spells where you don't have to worry about the GCD because the first doesn't have one, or throwing a trinket into the mix? ie /use slot 13 damage boost trinket > PoM > Pyroblast or more important for me a macro that I haven't written for my rogue yet. /use 13 Dodge trinket > /use 14 increase AP trinket > Evasion > Adrenaline Rush > Blade Flurry as my "Uber burn down multiple mobs and finish on full life" macro. I'm not at home so can't check, but if the Ev and AR have no GCD and kicking off the 2nd trinket is allowable instantly then you COULD do this with a WoW macro so you can do it with the n52 or the G15 - but why bother? Do it in a WoW macro anyway!

These are hardly going to effect anyone else's gameplay because with good timing you can do these things yourself, just with a lot more button pressing or mouse clicking and not quite so efficient. BUT, they are deemed illegal* by Blizzard. So don't do it.

I am in no doubt that if someone sees you out in Nagrand harvesting the voidies and suspects you are a bot, or are just jealous that you are too good that they will report you. I am also in no doubt that with the amount of logs Blizzard take that it would be no leap for them to have a look at your actions in that time and see that you have 0.00 seconds between Sinister Strikes or that you manage to get the next cast off exactly 1.5000 seconds after the previous one; time after time.

That's gonna flag you as botting and end up with the Banhammer :(

So the Moral of the Story? Rule of thumb: If you can it in a WoW macro then it's fine. If you can't do it in a WoW macro then DON'T DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!

* OK, when I say illegal I mean against Blizzad's ToS, EULA etc etc blah blah
** cough cough!
*** This is the benchmark as to whether something is allowable.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nostromo n52te Review

Oh yes, I got me the tournament edition Nostromo a little while back. I'm a little behind the times but they have been rare as rocking horse shit in europe. I'd been checking Amazon and Belkin websites regularly and finally a German company selling on Amazon had one in stock for £50 -I snapped it up!

I figured that now that I have 2 PCs (one at my dads and one at home) I can have a Nostromo on each so I don't have to lug loadsa hardware about - that includes new set of uber-headphones as well!

Well, the n52te has the same basic layout of the original but has a few slight changes.

  • Backlighting - looks good, well wicked actually, but has little real utility as my hand is on the unit all the time and I play by feel. There is a switch underneath to turn the backlighting on and off.
  • Buttons - The buttons are slightly different, they feel less clunky and more positive.
  • Upload Manager - Its more sparkly than before, but a lot of that is just the skin. If I made changes to my profile whilst WoW was running it wouldn't pick up the new keybindings. Until I found the Apply Changes button! But this is more intuitive than the original software. I haven't RTFM and I can get it all working :)
  • Macro Creator - again this seems to have been refined. It seems easier to use, but is that just the re-skinning?
  • Apparently it has on-board memory so your profiles are saved on the keypad itself and will therefore work on whatever you plug it in to. I haven't tried this yet but that's a big plus for me. Push come to shove I can play WoW on 5 different PCs and have the Nostromo software on 3 of them. Now I don't have to keep profiles in line and I can plug it into TiceNits' and my sons PCs.
  • D-pad - rather than the original D-pad this one has a crappy little mushroom stuck on top of it. OK, if you want 8 axis of movemement then this may be considered slightly easier, but when I'm playing wow I often find myself going sideways rather than straight on. I'm getting used to it but it just doesn't feel right :(
  • Buttons - It may just me being used to the original Nostromo but the bottom row of buttons (the one with just 4) don't feel distinct enough. My fingers don't rest naturally on them and I am not able to tell which button is which. The far right button is the worst it seems to "blend" into the "bodywork".
  • Thumb Button - It's a bit temperamental, unless you push it just right it sometimes doesn't activate.
I'm not going to go into how useful this (and the original) is, Valenna has already done a great job over there. As many have said before they can't imagine playing WoW without it. I feel naked without mine.

WoW Banhammer Disclaimer: Whilst it is possible to programme delays into your Nostromo macros and also repeated keystrokes on one key press (with or without delays) this is against the ToS, EULA, blah of WoW and could and probably has been considered by Blizzard as automating play resulting in a perma-ban. Do so at your accounts risk. I'm not risking mine!

Top Picks

You'll notice on the right hand side a new section entitled "Top Picks".

In this section I will be placing one blog from each class that I have "enjoyed the most" / "found most informative" / "been kept up to date"

It will randomly change whenever I frigging feel like it.

Yes, Waradins, get their own section!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

How To Get Past 5999 Rep With Shatar

Referral logs for the win!!

how to get pass 5999 rep with shatar (sic) was the latest search I found.

OK, to all the veterans out there who are laughing at this guy: I wondered the exact same thing when I first got to exalted with a faction. It was probably Stormpike by the way. It's just a noob thing!

To the guy (or gal) searching for this info: 5999 is the rep cap. You can't get past it.

To Blizz: WTF? Why is it 5999 and not 6000?

To whatever clever bastard who has managed to get 6000/6000: How? Plox tell me. kkthxbai

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Arena 2v2

HolyWarrior and TiceNits' hunter-alt made a 2v2 arena team tonight and played about 10 fun matches.

We won 1, maybe 2. We even lost 1 before we even got out the stable. I have no idea how that happened.

We suck!

Check back soon for more arena-suck stories!


I stayed on my shaman. I set my DND to "fuck off" in case anyone whispered me.

They started the Black Temple raid ... late.

They wiped a lot on Shade of Akama trash. Mainly because they weren't following my advice.

I chuckled.

My Shaman hit level 43.

I smiled.

And then it all came together.

They managed to use frost traps at the doors.

They managed to sheep the correct adds and burn them down in the correct order.

The actually "USED" the 3rd tank to tank all the defenders rather than sit on his arse watching Akama tank them.

They killed all the channellers and poly-morphed remaining adds.

Then they fucking killed Shade of Akama.

They fucking killed him while I was still sulking about Karazhan.


Pally Loot? No. Thank Fuck for that!

I smiled. My guild has gone 3/9 in Black Temple. Congratulations :)

I think I should set my personal tally as only 1/9 as I missed Najentus too.

Monday, 19 May 2008

What's The Point of Signing?

Last week I signed up for the "off-raid" to Karazhan for EvilBastard. At 18:00 I checked and there were still only 4 people signed. I had a good chat in guild chat about the evening ahead and then logged onto my Shaman for a while to level her a bit more.

15 minutes before raid start, admittedly a little while after invites had started, I logged HolyWarrior on first to get an enchant organised only to be told the raid was full. WTF? I checked the sign ups and there was still only 8 people signed.

I mean WTF? WTF is the point signing up if you don't get to go. I only sign up if I am 100% definite to go. Everyone knows this. I am pissed off.

I am so pissed off I de-sign for Tuesday's raid to Black Temple which should be an easy kill of Shade of Akama. If everyone has read the strategy that is! I bet they down him and I miss out because of my pride.

/rant over

Sunday, 18 May 2008

BT Continued

We went back in to Black Temple and got Supremus down on the second try. This time I was extra careful about volcanoes and the instant they appeared I'd abandon what I was casting and run. I still nearly died several times though!

We then went to Akama and died a few times!!

He should be a stupidly easy fight. 2 groups of 2 mages, hunter, healer and a tank. 1 on each door. Hunter lays frost trap, mobs rush in. Get caught in trap. Mages sheep 2 of the mobs. Tank gets 3rd, burn it down, burn down sheep #1, burn down sheep #2. Lay frost trap. Repeat. This is handled just by that group and is repeated on the other side.

Meanwhile a defender occasionally comes from one door and is picked up by third tank who has 1 healer. A summoner occasionally comes from the other door and joins the channellers by Shade of Akama and helps them.

It is the job of the rest of the raid to down all the channellers and summoner adds to release Shade of Akama.

When he is released he goes straight for Akama. At this point the remaining adds are chain-sheeped and the whole raid goes to town on Shade with no regard to threat. He will be stuck on Akama and you have to kill him before he kills Akama.

So what did we do? Randomly ran around trying to kill things and dying to Rain of Fire!!!

Oh Well, Supremus down and 2 more badges - up to 188- woohoo

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Najentus Down

We went to Black Temple tonight but I didn't go to because I decided not to sign. So what happens? The guild downs Najentus!

He doesn't drop any pally stuff so that's alright.

Before Supremus one of the pallys has to go so I go in their place. We wipe a few times and raid over.

For some reason I died to the volcanoes, as soon as they spawned I ran away but still got roasted.

This is a fairly easy encounter. Two phases that rotate. Phase 1 - tank and spank. Phase 2 - he chases random people about. Luckily he runs slower than you!

But we still wiped!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Replaced the Stupid Healing Belt

We took a little alt trip to Kara with only a main hunter and semi-main warlock.

After Attumen's 1-shot EB was 2nd only to the main hunter with 583 DPS we then had a quick reset on Moroes after one of the adds resisted a trap and killed TiceNits; then we got him down fine.

He dropped Nethershard Girdle and this time I didn't pass, goodness knows when I will get my belt of blasting made. I may even build a trash and a boss set, so both may be useful

Onto Maiden - AND I DIDN'T DIE!!!

Opera was RRH - 5 ppl (including me) die pretty early on and got him to 13% with a tank 2 healers and 2 hunters.

2nd attempt I was first to die cos my dps is too uber init - I didn't even get "red riding hooded". Then Ticenits did get "red riding hooded" and did die!

Then shaman healer died at 4% Hahahaha, then the wolf died!

Next up: Nightbane and I died on the skellies in the first transition :(

The everyone else died at 50% and we called the raid - tossers!

Anyway, 7 more badges so up to 85 - woohoo!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Quick Maggy

Only 20 people turned up for Black Temple run. So that was cancelled and we went to Maggy instead.

We downed him first try in 45 minutes door to door.

Yay Us! We can down a T4 boss!

/sarcasm mode off

3 badges anyway so up to 186 now.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

No Raiding For Me

Tonight the Guild went to SSC.

I had RL stuff on again. In other words I was still pissed from Tuesday and I wasn't wasting my time or gold on T5 farm content!

So the real life stuff was me going down the pub for a couple because I was constantly getting whispers about coming to the raid!

They only managed to down Lurker and by the time I get home an hour or so later the raid is finished. WTF? Ha Ha Ha!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Najentus Easy? Yah OK Whatever!

We suck.

Najentus is the first boss in Black Temple. It is rumoured that pre-attunement loss, you could also go to Supremus; the gate at the top of the drain is closed now until you kill Najentus.

He is supposed to be an easy reward boss. The first 3 are supposed to be easy.

The tactic is:

  • Nuke him.
  • When someone gets spined remove the spine; it appears in your bag.
  • When he shields then heal everyone up to 8500 HP then use the spine and it will break his bubble causing 8500 damage to everyone.
  • Rinse repeat.

The trick is to heal everyone up QUICKLY and use the spine as soon as possible as he heals 1% of his HP every 2 seconds (or something like that).

We went in and failed. Miserably. Why? Slow healing and even when everyone was healed to max it was like "Duh, whose got the spine, err... use the spine ... FFS USE THE GODDAM SPINE ... Argg! 100% health again ... you useless bastards!

I wasn't on teamspeak - that was a very good decision - only TiceNits had to put up with me shouting at the monitor.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wears Mi Goddam DPS FFS

Blatant rip off from Nibucas's Whar's Ma DPS series.

So, having forgotten to turn on combat logging I had to download recount (preservation) [link] for the Karazhan run.

Whilst SL, SoC and Rain of Firing mob packs I got EB's DPS up to around 650 but the rest of the time he was hanging around 500.

This was very disappointing as he has now many more epics than when he was farming motes of water some time ago and could manage 500 dps.

The whole raid he averaged 539 DPS and that's without many gems and enchants and a proper raid build. So I could get that up closer to 600 I suppose.

But, with frostweave and spellstrike and belt of blasting as well as the kara stuff I have there isn't a lot else I can do and I really think I should be closer to 700 than 500 :(

I've really got to get that belt of blasting made and gem and enchant stuff and see where it gets me!

SpellStrike Hood vs Voidheart Crown

So, EvilBastard got his T4 headpiece. But which is better? I'd really appreciate some comments on this one then I'll update this post :)

More Epiccy Goodness For EB

EB went to Karazhan again tonight. He turned in the Tier 5 Head token for the Voidheart Crown. I will compare it with Spellstrike Hood at some point but it looks cool.

So we took out Attumen 1st try then Moroes, killed all adds then moroes. We would have left one add but he broke his shackle and the priest was not on TS so we killed it. A cloth damage belt dropped but I passed in favour of belt of blasting which I still haven't got made :P

The we took out Maiden and I had my mandatory death before the 1 shot.

I got Bands of Nefarious Deeds to replace the Harbinger Bands - bye bye stupid spirit!!!

The we went Opera and got Wolf again. I got red-riding-hooded and got stuck on a wall and died. FFS.

Nightbane next. Wiped on last phase cos he went for me and a dps druid straight off when we had done nothing. Wierd. We two shot the git.

Then up to Curator and wiped, then wiped again. Apparently I wasn't staying 2nd on aggro and one of the healers was. I dunno if that was true or not as my Omen (latest version) was only showing me and the tank. I really have to figure out the bloody thing.

Anyway. 9 Badges makes total of 78 badges and a new wrist piece with better stats than Spirit!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Do I Look Like I Wanna Group With You?

OK, it's nearly midnight, I've just finished raiding, why would a total stranger whisper me and ask me to heal a dungeon? All the bloody time it happens. Can you heal this? Can you tank that?

I kind of lost it with this guy!! I didn't tell him I'm not even attuned to MgT heroic!

Annoying Bastards

We started off the evening by going to Maggy. Of course I still haven't done the last 2 heroics I need to do for the title :(

So we are about to do the first pull and we are on the nth ready check of the hour and I'm about to buff everyone but waiting for the warriors to get their asses within range when I hear: "Whose doing Might - I bet it's HolyWarrior"

The questioner? Out of fucking range of course. I've just about had it with people moaning about buffs and taking the piss. I "red-X" out of WoW and out of Teamspeak. Fuck 'em they can do without my presence entirely, not just my buffs.

They wipe! Ha Ha Ha. I'm glad they all took a 10% durability hit. They can stop taking the piss.

Next attempt, I come back online but not on TS, buff everyone. We kill him.

1 and a half hours in. Well, 3 badges for me anyway!

We then take a little trip to Black Temple. We clear some trash. Woopy Do!


Just checking through my referral logs to see what funny searches have arrived my blog and I spot this.

"getting a rogue to 102.4% avoidance"

Interesting concept.

I Wanna Do It From Behind

I mentioned a short while ago how PS the Rogue hasn't been getting much of a look in recently. He still hasn't. It's probably because he is on the other server.

If I bring him over then he'll probably get more use.

And after reading Parry! Dodge! Spin! 's latest article I really want to get more rogue action in.

Good article Valenna.

Quick Orphan Quest Tip

I have 3 or 4 posts drafted up and nearly ready to go, so check back soon, but blogger will put them below this post so don't be fooled and think I haven't posted anything if this is the "latest" post.

Here's me and my little orphan. Anyway, onto the tip. I found that most of the Outland Quests were very buggy and I had to run around a lot to get them to complete. Then I worked out that if I summoned the Orphan a long way from the objective and then approached that it completed each time.

Frigging Blizzard - L2Code :P

Monday, 5 May 2008

Lost Vortices

After doing all the quest running around on EB I then panicked cos he couldn't find the Nether Vortex. After installing Possessions addon and going through every toon on both accounts with no luck I went back to EB's mail box. They were on the 2nd page.


Well at least I have Possessions synced up on the new PC now!

EB T5 Head

Edit: No-one appears to have spotted my deliberate mistake. If should obviously be the Tier 4 head that EB got from Prince!

So when I got in from the pub and log on I asked last Wednesday's raid leader, Elephant, if Prince and Spite are still alive. She replies "Sign for the fucking raid".

So I sign for the raid and then get an invite and am told we're going in 20 minutes - hahha - and I have to get TiceNits' alt online too.

So we go back into Karazhan at around 20:30.

On Netherspite I am told to share the blue beam with TiceNits' alt. I advise that I can do the whole phase on my own. "Ha ha - share it" I am told.

As I am sat next to TiceNits she agrees only to take the blue beam if needed. DOT him up. Drain Life till end of phase. Increased damage means increases drain life healing - mwuahhahah. TiceNits' didn't touch the blue beam in at all. Afterwards TiceNits declares "You really did take the beam for the whole duration" TBH I hadn't even considered stepping out!!

Next up we have some bloody awful infernal placement on Prince and have a wipe. but he goes down on the next go ... and he drops ... the T5 head token ... which I win!!

I'm not sure I need it as I have Spellfire Hood! Hahaha!

Thats another 5 Badges anyway, taking EB up to 69 :)

TiceNits is pissed off because she could really use it. Well it'll look good on me anyway!


Afterwards I hellfired myself to death so that I didn't have to run all the way back to the bottom to hand in the Prince quest. Then realised that the Aran quest has to be handed in in the library so traipsed off to do that.

Then found some dragon bones outside and then off to Dalaran and finally Area 52 where I picked up the quest that HW still has; to go into Shattered Halls I think.

Along with that running around I also did the Outlands Orphan Quest chain too. SO EB has a cute little (__________) - Dunno now - it's late. It was either another Elek cos they're cute or the weird willy Eye thing cos it looks evil!

OMFG Battlegrounds

We had national holiday today, so no work ... wee hee.

I spent quite some time in Eye of the Storm and got up to 100 Marks.

I really want the trinket that Horns at Yet Another Warlock Nerf has spotted in 2.4.2 so I am back on the battleground grind.

I started off just doing a couple of battlegounds a day to get to 17K. I had a few marks from each battleground and was up to about 9K honour so I thought. "Hand in 20 Concerted Efforts and I'm done" By the time I acquired 20 Marks in each battleground I had accrued quite some honour so only had to hand in a few to get to 17K.

That's when I read Horn's post above and decided to get THAT trinket. That is why HW is now sat on 100 EotS marks and 30-something thousand honour and a whole wasted day!

So After that I took HolyWarrior around doing the orphan quests to relax - haha - bugged frigging quests! Once I had hearthed out of the Exodar I realised that I had not finished cos I had to talk to the big guy whose ? you could not see. Why? Because I had enough trouble getting the bastard quest to complete and didn't notice that the orphan told me that the dude wanted to speak to me when it finally did. So I had to go back :(

Once completed HW chose the little Elek as his pet. That's another non-combat pet that will go in the bank and never be seen again!

Then I went down the pub for a couple of drinks! Why not?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

What Tier 5 Set?

We went to SSC tonight.
We killed lurker.
We killed Leo.
He gave me T5 gloves (I already have the healy ones).
We killed Karathress and he didn't drop T5 trousers (I already have healy ones) - bastard.

We one shot Leo and Kara but wiped once on Lurker due to a random tank death.

174 + 6 = 180 Badges.

So, to the title of the post. I have Tier 5 gloves, shoulders and legs for the healng set, but now I am starting to win T5 tokens for min bid. I already converted he shoulders into tanking shoulders and now I win the gloves and I can't be far off getting the legs.

So what do I cash them in for with WotLK coming? Do I continue with set #2 which is my tanking set and hope to get some tanking action in or do I go for my Ret set in the anticipation that it will aid my levelling to level 80?

Edit: I cashed them in for tanking gloves with the anticipation that I may actually get a tanking chance coming up.

Friday, 2 May 2008

ZOMG Hahaha

So there I was checking through my referral links like I sometimes remember to; because sometimes the search terms people use are funny.

Someone actually visited after doing a search on "Cheap Japanese Flying Packs"

Well, made me smile anyway. Bugger off!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bored of Mount Hyjal

I'm a tired panda. We went to Mount Hyjal and this is how it panned out.

Paladins job. Stand in group. Consecrate. Heal. Ooooo get to consecrate and even Holy Wrath and occasionally RD, Exorcise and Holy Shock a runner back into the AoE pack. Sounds fun? Not if you do the same thing in the same place for 2 and a half hours and don't even get a kill at the end of it :(

20:30 Start time
20:31 Leave AB to get summon
20:35 Start raid
21:00 Rage Dead
21:10 Start AnEnema trash
21:25 Last wave of trash
21:30 Tank dies and we wipe
21:40 Start trash again
22:00 AnEnema 2nd try. Tried to get rogues to chain distract - while we prepared - that didn't work. I suggested that it was possible. Oops. Hope no-one remembers it was me!
22:10 Start 3rd trash set
22:30 Start AnEnema for 3rd time
22:35 3rd wipe
22:45 Start 4th trash clear
23:05 Another wipe raid over.


2 more badges making 174