Saturday, 1 March 2008

Another Crap Raid

Dateline: Thursday.

Looks like the guild decided to do another pissed SSC run.

We took a couple of triallists, another ex-Fucking Tossers amongst them, in and showed them some good old pissed-up raiding.

We are currently sat at around 20th on the server but in no way hardcore, that is what's good about Portugese Porkers, we really do just go and have a laugh and occasionally kick some uber-bosses ass!

Anyway, we did the mandatory 1-shot on Lurker and then went along for a wipe fest on Leo.

We got the bastage down to 1% and only one of the healy pallies was left alive, ho hum, well we didn't take him out. ARSE!

On the upside I won some necklace for my ret build that may or may not be an upgrade!! again. Good job it was only min bid!

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