Monday, 14 July 2008

Preparation for WotLK

There's been a shared topic from Blog Azeroth going round about what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming expansion. I thought I wasn't doing any preparation at all, just rolling along doing what I've always been doing. Raiding with HolyWarrior, grinding mats with EvilBastard, BGs and a little light levelling with PS the Rogue and levelling various alts.

But, in a way, I suppose I have been preparing. I want PS, HotPants and BitchSlapper at level 70 ready to go; I want HW to have a full set of T5/T6 ret gear to ease the 70-80 grind and I want to max out all of the professions and many other things.

So a list perchance of aims and WotLK preparations:

  1. Clear quest log - a fair chunk of Shattered Halls Heroics, attunement quests and old world grey quests.
  2. Get PvP gear and do arenas.
  3. Fill quest log with completed Netherstorm quests to hand in the day WotLK goes live.
  1. Max Enchanting, Fishing and Cooking.
  2. Improve gear.
  3. Empty quest log and refill as above
PS the Rogue
  1. Hit level 70.
  2. Re-learn how to play.
  3. Max LW, Skinning, First Aid, Cooking and Fishing.
  4. Fill quest log with completed quests.
  1. Hit Level 70.
  2. Max all professions.
  1. Hit Level 70.
  2. Max all professsions.
That's all I can think of right now, no doubt the list will increase.

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