Wednesday, 18 February 2009

WoW Fail Blog

I'll be sporting an Entrecard advert for WoW Fail Blog in a few days, but I just had to share this that I found over there...

First Naxx-25 Part II

I got into the second half of the Naxx 25 run last night. 22 of us though, so no more under-21 achievements.

We finished the "Construct" ?? Quarter and then did the Military quarter. As we headed into the military area I was dieing almost immediately on every pack pull - OUCH!! SO much so that my gear all went red!!

At this point I switched into all my healer gear and healed the rest of the instance.

I'm Positively Positive that I am in the right place
The encounter where you get positive and negative charges was clear in my mind, but the first attempt I died as soon as I got to the boss and on the second attempt I missed the jump onto the platform ... twice ... and by the time I got to the boss the fight was in full swing. I checked my polarity and headed to the correct group and the polarity switched, I head the correct way but died. I think it was down to the other group being too slow to move and I ran into them ... is that going to kill me? I don't know, but it did.

Anyway, some key dropped off of Saf and I won the roll, but was told I wasn't a raider so it would go to the next highest roll, I don't care; I only rolled for a laugh knowing it would be discounted, I don't even know what it was for, but I bet I'll be pissed when I find out!!

We had a vote on whether to finish or go after Kel. We went for Kel. Kel died, but not before I did. I think I watched more bosses die while in a pile on the floor than on my own two feet.

Stupid Boss Loot
So anyway, we cleared the place in 2 nights, with a maximum of 22 players at any one time, on my first visit. I got some ret gloves and a healer hat this time; unfortunately it was the same hat I got on Sunday night!!! W.T.F?? Boss loot tables borked? Different bosses can have the same loot, that confused me and disappointed me as well because I thought I got another upgrade. /sadpanda

Next? I have to finish my list of pre-Naxx25 upgrades and go get them so that I am officially a raider again. Apparently running Naxx25 in mostly T4/T5 ret gear or T5/T6 Holy gear is frowned on :P

Oh, and of course got my Heroic Naxx achievement!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Children's Week Preparation

OK, so the next world event achievement is Children's Week and it starts on May 1st and runs for a week. With that in mind I have started to look into what will be required.

Updated 01/05/2009 for live 2009 event.

Before you even start you can stockpile the following.

  • Tigole and Foror's Strawberrry Ice Cream - available beforehand from Caregiver Isel in the Inn in Telaar. Get 2. One for the achievement and one for a quest.
  • Tasty Cupcake - made by cooking.
  • Delicious Chocolate Cake - made by cooking.
  • Lovely Cake Slice - buy a lovely cake from Aimee near the horde-side bank in Dalaran and use it, you should get a slice from it.
  • Red Velvet Cupcake - buy from Aimee.
  • Dalaran Brownie - buy from Aimee.
  • Dalaran Doughnut - buy from Aimee.
  1. Go to Stormwind Cathedral and pick up your orphan.
  2. Eat all the things you have already collected in front of your orphan for Bad Example.
  3. He'll give you quests to go round the world showing you things. Go to Westfall lighthouse then Stonewraught Dam in Loch Modan.
  4. Hearthstone with your orphan out - this will give you achievement - Home Alone.
  5. Portal to Darnassus and do the travelling quest with your orphan at the bank.
  6. Go to Theramore and speak to Jaina at the top of the tower to get her autograph for the next quest.
  7. Give your orphan the ice cream and you can now get the Warden of the Alliance quest which will get you a pet for Aw, Isn't it Cute?.
  8. Maybe best not to do the Aw, Isn't It Cute? until later in case you lose the orphan. But there also might be follow up quests leading to a new pet in Shatrath, I can't remember!! Breaking News: You get a Draneii Orphan Whistle and new quests in Shatrath- just checking if you can get achievements with the Draniee Orphan. Next Update: You get PvP credits when you have Draneii Orphan out, so you're probably OK!
  9. Do a daily quest with your orphan out (you will need to do 1 a day for 5 days).
  10. Now it's PvP time: ((While doing the next one make sure to kill 10 enemy players who have an orphan. - looks like this has gone.))
  11. Return a flag in Warsong Gulch, Assault a flag in Arathi Basin, Assault a tower in Alterac Valley and Capture a flag in EOTS; all with your orphan out. This should give you School of Hard Knocks.
  12. If you haven't killed 10 enemy players yet then finish this off to get you Once an Orphan.... Looks like this one has been removed.
  13. Pop along to Utgarde Pinnacle and kill King Ymiron for Hail to the King. Easy :P Make sure you have your orphan out though!
  14. Day 5 - Do your last daily quest with your orphan out - you have been doing them every day haven't you? This will give you Daily Chores and give you the meta-achievement Matron or Patron.
Remember, all of the achievements require you to have your orphan out.

The only other achievement is Veteran Nanny which is not required for the meta-achievement and probably requires you to have completed the quest chain for the previous 2 years.

I was sure I had; but I only had one pet, meaning I only completed it last year - Grrrr!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Heigan Dance...

Forgot to mention in last night's post, the one thing I was particularly worried about was the Heigan dance, I've never been that good at moving out of the fire etc, a few Stella's slow your reaction time considerably.

So we're moving through Naxx and get to the next boss and I spot it's Heigan. Uh-Oh!!

/raid [me] Err, guys, I know there is some sort of dance we have to do here, but WTF is it?
/raid [RL] Phase 1 stand right on top of the boss, not behind him, literally right on top of him. Phase 2 we have shammie totems on the floor, follow everyone between the totems. Repeat.
/raid [me] OK, sounds easy.

Phase 1. OK
Phase 2. Slightly too slow. Dead.
Ressed into a DPS phase. OK.
Survived running phase.
Right on top of Heigan in DPS phase and still died :(

Wasn't sooooo bad :P

Sunday, 15 February 2009

First Naxx-25

Well Nearly. I was logging on every hour today trying to get the Perma-Peddle achievement on HolyWarrior and get the last goddam candy on EvilBastard to get the "Love Fool" achievement and it was coming up to raid time. When the raid was created I was not level 80 so it did not appear on my calendar so I /w the raid leader and asked if he was likely to need a noobadin; he said probably, ask my class leader.

So I did and I got a raid invite as Ret!! I haven't really upgraded my Ret gear since TBC even though I have been levelling as Ret. I hit 80 in Grizzly Hills just starting the Dark Iron Dwarves quests so the upgrades were not coming yet!!

My Ret gear, was the worst of my 3 specs in TBC, mostly Kara purples and a few T6 level items I managed to pick up for minimum DKP bids. I'd upgraded the trinkets to level 75 greens and I had a green Chest piece and some blue boots from a Nexus quest, I think :S

So, into Naxx-25 with 20 people!! We're doing the under-21 achievement.

We blasted through 2 whole wings. We did the spiders, but may have had 21 in the raid during one boss, and then the plague wing? I don't know but it had Noth the Plaguebringer in it; so assume that's what it was. And we finished up with Patchwerk.

Gear wise I picked up an epic Ret chest piece to replace my green WotLK one and maybe a couple of Holy epics and some mail healer boots. All for minimum bid because I have no DKP and I'm not a raider at the moment. I would have got another couple of pieces but we had a guildie alt who beat me on a couple of rolls.

Bit peeved at that cos surely it would be better for the guild gearing up someone who will be a main raider again, rather than an alt, but I can't really expect loads of free epics when it's taken me 3 months to get to level 80!!

After the raid EvilBastard had one last attempt to get a candy bag and he did; on the 8th candy out of it he got the achievment. HW did not get his perma-peddle :(

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Ice Stone Has Melted

Euripedes has it spot on.

Last night while I was getting to grips with the usual "Retrieving Item Information and then trying to figure out how to deal with the latest World Event it was ...

the ice stone has melted

the Ice stone has melted.

The Ice Stone Has Melted.

The ICE Stone Has Melted.

THE ICE Stone Has Melted.







Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Love is in the Air

Found this great guide over at WoW Ladies, I will update this post with more details later ...

Update: Screw updates, that link was too good and the event is over :P

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Elder HolyWarrior (and EB)


Guild was despondant about helping anyone tonight (read: hardly anyone on and those that were were in an instance) so I did what I did for UP and Drak: I went to the instance and asked people who were already inside if they could invite me when they had finished.

As a back up I got EvilBastard to spam /general

EB got a whisper from someone who had completed the heroic 6 hours previously and HW got a hit from a very nice paladin on the first /w (I always whisper pallies first cos we is nice innit!!)

So HW is waiting for the group to finish and they wipe on Eck (The reason this has to be done in heroic mode - the elder is after the heroic only boss); so EB goes in with the person with the old raid ID (and gets saved - arggg) and finds the respawn are just a little too hard for an undergeared (undergeared if he was still 70!!!) warlock and a DK.

So EB is now saved to an old heroic ID and is unable to clear trash and HW's new friend downs Eck and invites him in. HolyWarrior follows his new friend straight to the boss (via the 'other' entrance to Guldrak) and gets his Elder title!!!

Eventually I manage to persuade a guild ret pally into coming along and help EB get the respawn killed. He wants to DPS and I want him to off-heal. He DPS's. We wipe. He decides he might heal the DK, we manage to single pull all but the 2 trolls at the bottom of the entrance drop (EB keeps one feared). We get to the elder and EvilBastard also has his Elder title - WOOT!!!

All done on both characters without having to worry about Love is in the Air achievement overlap!!

Nearly There

Just got to do heroic Gundarak (sic!) and I will have the Elder title :)

So, time for a heroic P.U.G - ARGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Exactly what it says on the tin - Happy Days!!