Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fimlys gave me an idea today.

Mark hit 32 yesterday and Sven was 2000 XP off 32 and have all the Duskwood quests going grey or green; so I may just swing on over to STV once I've done the food quests and the Legend of Stalvan, although I do love making Stitches appear!!

So anyway, I read about Fimlys' Shamlock duo plans and remembered I have a bank alt full of STV pages so I can make all the chapters for both Sven and Mark instantly!!

Remembering that normally they give a huge chunk of XP I'm thinking this could be good!!

Bank alt mails 2 sets of each page to Mark the Hunter, I fly them both down to the rebel camp, fly them back to Duskwood and actually get the pages out of the mail box (don't ask why I flew them BOTH back - DOH!), fly back to the Rebel Camp and make a quick uneventful run down to see Mr Nessingwary Jr.

Each of the 4 chapters quests gave me 3300 XP, that's 13200 for the lot. OK not too bad, takes me about a 1/3 of the way through level 32. Then I hand in the final quests. 19,000+ XP for that one quest!!!

Just the STV pages took me from the start of level 32(end of 31 in Sven's case) to the end of level 32!!

Cheers Fim!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Revenge is Sweet

How many times has a hunter wiped the floor with HolyWarrior? Many times! You may remember my Epic Arena against a hunter a few weeks back.

Well, as Sven and Mark were trying to hand in a quest log full of quests in Redridge MountainsI was being plagued by a paladin wanting to join my little group. I kept explaining that it was just the two of myself questing and we didn't want to group up. He kept saying "inv", "you need paladin", "i wanna join", "give me inv plox" as if I had to invite him to my group.

Eventually he threw me a duel invite and said "If you beat me I leave" (without the capitalisation).

OMG, I get to try out my leet huntard skills.

  1. Lay Frost trap.
  2. Get ranged.
  3. Sick pet on noobadin.
  4. Concussive shot.
  5. Some sting or another.
  6. Arcane shot.
  7. Noobadin runs off under bridge.
  8. Pet kills Noobadin.
  9. Saunter off to Inn.
I didn't even need to do BRK's jump shooting.

He went down like a sack of shit so quickly it was incredible. I may find myself hanging around Goldshire some :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I Haz Authentimicator ... and half a tree!!

As reported last week the Blizz authintimict ... security donglz ... came back into stock in the Blizzard(Europe) Store.

I got TiceNit's to order one then rushed home and purchased 3 for myself.


Because although the donglz only cost about £4.60 the postage and packing is almost twice as much on top!!!


So I ordered 3. One for me and my three accounts and a spare two to hopefully be able to sell on eBay for enough profit to cover the postage once the Blizz Store goes out of stock again.

Of course, knowing my luck the Blizz Store will never go out of stock now, but hey ho!! I'll give them away if that is the case!

Anyway, so why all the postage and packing cost? Well Chain Trap has summed it up pretty well here.

But for those of you who can't be bothered to click through. Each of my donglz came in a diddy little cardboard box with a sheet of instructions. Encase in a Jiffy bag. All 3 in separate bags. And then all these in a very oversized box.

WTF Bliz? How many trees were felled to get me my donglz?

Monday, 22 September 2008


I might as well have been. I have barely done anything in WoW recently. Last Tuesday's raid was cancelled. I couldn't make last Thursday's or Sunday's. Although I did log on 30 mins before raid-end on Sunday and got an invite for the last try on Archimonde.

Would have been wicked to have downed him, but no, it was another wipefest. Their best try was 43%.

I did do a little levelling with Mark and Sven, they got all the Redridge Quests finished and the hand ins got them from level 27 to 29!!!

I then got EvilBastard to take them through Stockades this evening. They could handle 2 mobs carefully on their own but would be out of mana by the end, so I thought it best to just rush them through in 15 mins and get a whack of XP from the hand ins.

By the time the PC crashed I had gone from 29 to 31 on hand ins and follow ups and still had a couple or three to hand in.

When I get home tonight I'm gonna go get my mounts and FEIGN DEATH and hopefully travel form for Sven. Is that a level 30 talent?

Anyway, that's all, very boring!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Gold Cap?

241,000 Gold is the most you can have?

Someone on our realm recently hit this magic figure and apparently you can't have any more gold than that.

Lolwut? Why that number? Somone said it's 2^20 copper, but it isn't, I don't get it.

But if you spend half your in-game life surfing the auction house making money what do you do when you can't do that anymore??

Thursday, 18 September 2008

One for Doomilias

I Spotted this sign in the gents toilets in our office, as it's toilet based I thought Doomilias might appreciate it!!

This sign was actually right outside the stalls, check out the scrawl at the bottom of the sign!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Authenticators Are Back in Europe

Oh yeah, the authenticators are back in the Blizzard Store.

Go get it now or don't moan at me when your account is hacked.

I was at work when I read a blog post announcing it. I can't access the Blizz Store from work. Damn corporate firewall!!

I rang TiceNits and got her to buy one - The frigging postage is more than the widget itself!!!

I rushed home and logged in, created my Blizzard account - WTF???

Finally I got to the checkout with 3 of them in my basket and ... woo hooo !!!

Yeah I have 3 authenticators and 3 accounts .. I know that I only need ONE authenticator for all THREE accounts.

I'm gonna wait till they go out of stock again and eBay the other 2 for loads money!!

Well, hopefully enough to cover the extortionate postage the bastards are charging for 8-10 business day service and to get mine for free!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Raid Checklist

I haven't managed a raid in some time, either due to can't be arsed or rotated when I can be arsed; typical.

So I was all up for a Teron Gorefiend fight tonight.

I logged in an hour early. Fixed the bugs caused by addons - I couldn't see my avatar but everyone elses appeared fine and I couldn't use certain items as they said "Retrieving Item Information", like my Netherdrake!!

Anyway, disabled trinity, logged in, logged out, re-enabled it. Works fine :S

All repaired - Check.

DI macro fixed - Check.

All consumables stolen collected from guild bank - Check.

Ready to go - Check.

Group invite. Check.

21 people signed. Check. Uh-oh!

Raid time. Check.

17 People in Raid Group - Check - Double Uh-oh!

Raid cancelled - Check.


/logoutandgotopubinahuff - Check!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Wrath 8.5 Weeks

I was going to update my previous post to reflect Alex's comments and refine my guess to 8 weeks (2 weeks to patch + 6 weeks to Wrath).

Turns out that would have been pretty close. November 13th 2008 is Northrend Day. Seems to be all over the blogosphere already!

Oh and the patch is about 950MB - I recommend setting the options to not throttle background download and leave the PC on overnight!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Patch 3.0.2 in 2 Weeks WotLK a week later!

OK, that's my guess. Don't hold me to that. But the background downloader has been activated and that usually means a helluva a big patch.

Blizzard have stated that there will not be a patch 2.5 so it's a gotta be WotLK pre-patch.

Bye Bye raiding!!!

My guess is that Rash of the Itch Kin comes out on 1 October 2008 1 week later. I am prepared to be wrong!

*Image courtesy of 3-mobile, used under fair usage. If you have a problem with that please email me and I will remove it.

Loadsa Posts

OK, I got behind with my posts. They are all dated from previous days but were not completed; usually because I hadn't found the images I wanted.

I am up-to-date now.

But the last 5-7 days of posts I just released now!!


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Interesting Search Terms

Occasionally I go through my referal logs to see what people have searched for to fin me. A few of interest sprang up in the last few days.

lessons to be learnt from good & bad women in the bible - Hmm that's not my bag baby.

n52 macro afk - I do not encourage using n52 macro's to be an AFKing leeching bastard! Although this could be quiet interesting. 1-target nearest player 2-put on follow 3-count to 130 4-move forward to break follow 5-summon mount 6-target nearest player 7-follow 8-count to x where x is average time to get to Galv. Anyway, No. AFK leeching is bad!

open vajaina - Hmm

cute vajaina - Hmm

ticenits - WTF??

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Archimonde You Git!

A whole evening wiping. Best was 41%. He is a fucker!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Don't Forget Your Free Gems

Tip of the Day: Don't forget to get and get your free gems from the consortium dude in Nagrand. New batches available every month.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Bloody Pets

The little fuckers are still abandoning me. I feed them and stroke them and let them kill things and feed them some more, but they are still leaving me.

It's getting to the stage when I just want to shoot them!

I need help, I have a moonsaber now, and I really like the looks of it, but it's 10 levels lower than me and even though I feed it all the time I am waiting for it too disappear!

In other news, I upgraded the trial account to a full TBC retail account and Mark and Sven are now level 24 and picked up some nice blues from Deadmines courtesy of a do it yourself boost with EvilBastard!

I smacked on a 6month subscription but I won't get my Zhevra mount yet because I bought a battle chest and that comes with 30 days free!!

I didn't go to Mount Hyjal tonight, I got drunk instead, but the guild got boss 4 down easy and spent the rest of the night wiping on ArchiMonkey. They did get him down to 40% though!!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

My Pets Hate Me!!

I need help from the hunters among you, and I know there are shit loads of you!

So, one of my refer-a-power-level characters is a hunter. I'm levelling him BM. The problem is I have already gone through about 20 pets.

The fuckers keep abandoning me - lolwut?

Nice Kitty
I tame it, I give it a cute name, usually NicePallyClassLeader. I feed it what it likes every few minutes sometimes. I take him out for some killing spree. The little green icon in the top left of the pet pane is always green. One of them I even got up to loyalty level 3.

But, they just randomly fade out and when I try to summon it or revive it I am told I don't have a pet to summon.

Bad Kitty
The little buggers disappear even though they appear to be contented. WTF is going on? TiceNit's has a level 70 hunter and she can't see what I'm doing wrong, another guild hunter can't either.

Bad GMs
I have put in countless GM tickets about it and the useless tossers just come back and say that I can't be feeding it and it has got unhappy with me and left. I got so irate with the last GM that I demanded to speak to his supervisor because I knew it wasn't normal and it wasn't me being a noob.

Needless to say I didn't get to speak to his supervisor so I told him I was making a complaint against him and put him on ignore.

By the way, you can't ignore GMs, they continue to speak to you!!

So hunters and huntards out there. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Thurday Mount Hyjal

We went to MH last night with the plan of doing 4 bosses giving us 2 full days on ArchiMonkey.

We managed the first three, but it took longer than expected and we didn't have time to take out the fourth. That will be Sunday. Nothing else to see here.

Badges: 42

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Refer a ... Err ... Me

So I've been having fun with my druid hunter combo. Sven the Druid and Mark the Hunter have been levelling well in the odd half hour a day I give them.

But, I've come across a bit of an anomaly and was wondering if wtf was happening with the triple experience you are supposed to get from killing mobs and ha ding in quests.

Quests seem to be OK, I handed in a quest un-partied and got 495 experience and then handed the same quest in on the other character whilst partied with my Refer-a-Buddy and got something like 1495.

But the mob experience seems odd. When my 2 characters were level 16 and on their own they would get something like 134 XP for killing a level 12.

Now if they grouped up (without the refer a friend bonus xp) I would expect their XP gains to be hit by the party penalty, maybe even by 50%, say down to 67XP each.

But they are refer-a-friend linked and can summon each other and grant levels etc so they should earn triple this penalised XP, therefore 201XP each.

But they don't, they earn 86XP when grouped and killing a level 12 mob.

WTF? Has anyone else found this? Am I bugged or am I expecting too much?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has not even been out 24 hours yet and I have already had several people visiting this site with it :)

It still only accounts for less than 0.5% of yesterdays readership but it just goes to show we are tech savvy folks us wowbloggers.

I am going to check it out myself later.

edit: it looks good, but I don't like it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Archimonde is a Bastard

I had to respec to healing for Archimonde. /cry On the upside though I forgot that in Sundays raid my HP was closer to 16.5 and not far behind NPCLs :)

So we went to Archimonde and wiped a lot. When I say a lot. I mean a fucking LOT!

I really don't like him but a kill would be awesome!

That is all.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Monday Kara

  • HolyWarrior got invited to a Karazhan Group.
  • HW wants the Sheruman Great ring for tanking gear.
  • HW gets to tank Karazhan - Woot!
  • Raid has difficulty summoning HW.
  • HW flys and runs to Kara.
  • HW can't zone into Kara.
  • HW checks raid ID.
  • HW remembers saturday drunk ninja invite and summon to Prince.
  • HW /facepalm
  • EvilBastard gets group invite.
  • EB zones into Kara.
  • EB forgot that Sunday involved clean addon install.
  • EB spent most of Kara run configuring macros and buttons.
  • EB acheived minimal DPS but still managed to die several times.
  • Group took out Att, Moroes, Maiden, Opera(Oz), Bane, Curator, Aran and Hoof.
  • EB took home 15 badgers for 2 hours work.