Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pirates Day

Saturday 19th September is Pirates Day.


Err, but can anyone tell me WTF Pirates Day actually is?

Thanks :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

Jewelcrafting Here We Come

OK, so HolyWarrior has decided to go Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter. I originally thought super gems in everything including the extra sockets, obviously that won't work as you can only have 2 or 3 super gems, so they could go in normal sockets, but hey ho!!

The bonuses are still both good for holy pallies, so that's what I am doing.

I have started levelling blacksmithing and am already up to 300 but have used up all the ore/bars/stone and gems that were in my alt guilds bank so Jewelcrafting is going to be a little more expensive.

I dropped skinning to be replaced with blacksmithing. I have skinned enough (hopefully) to support my two leatherworkers who are both at around 300, they will have to keep skinning as they level but there is shit loads of knothide and borean leather spread about my alts and their banks.

So, when blacksmithing is complete I will take the difficult step of dropping my 450 mining. :( I may have to do a bit more titanium mining just to bring stocks up to scratch but I won't be doing it untill I have maxed blacksmithing.

So, the point of this post? Well, I don't want to spend too much gold on jewelcrafting mats so I am going to keep a track of total mats here and only buy the cheapest up on the Auction House, hopefully by the time I have finished blacksmithing then I will have most of the mats I'll need. So here we go, mats list courtesy of WoW Professions DOT COM!!

100 Copper Bar (current: 101) (1g95s/20 1g50s/15 )
20 Tigerseye or 20 Malachite (current: 20)
120 Bronze Bar = 60 Copper Bar, 60 Tin Bar (current: 154) (6g/20) (2g90s/20)
60 Shadowgem OR 20 Shadowgem and 20 Small Lustrous Pearl (current: 60)
80 Heavy Stone (current: 94) (7g80s/20)
30 Moss Agate (current: 30) (3g50s/1)
160 Mithril Bar (current: 169) (curently 34g/20)
25 Citrine (current: 2) (cheapest 6g)
20 Truesilver Bar (current: 20)
5 Aquamarine (current: 7) (5g85s/2)
60 Thorium Bar (current: 90) (11g/10)
15 Star Ruby (current: 2) (6g) (5g-76%)
20 Large Opal (current: 1) (18g-20g) (17g - 145%) (7g77 best)
10 Powerful Mojo or 10 Blue Sapphire (current: 2) (BS - 13g,1g50/1 pm)
10 Essence of Earth or 10 Essence of Undeath (current: 10)(earth 7 / und 5)
20 Huge Emerald (current: 0) (19g18.42)
55 green gems OR 40 and 15 Black Diamond - You can find a list of green gems here. Don't buy all of them from one kind, because there might be some recipes where you don't have the reputation to buy it, so you will have to choose other green gems. Just buy them, when you get that part of the Jewelcrafting guide. (current: 15 Black diamonds)
13 Adamantite Bar (current: 13) maybe some left over from BS (2.80.33-115%)
5 Mercirual Adamantite (current: 5) (30g/1)
Buy around 70 from any of the following gems: [Bloodstone], [Chalcedony], [Dark Jade], [Huge Citrine], [Shadow Crystal], [Sun Crystal]. Make sure to buy at least 5 Bloodstone, 3 Chalcedony, 3 Shadow Crystal and 3 Dark Jade, because you will need the Bloodstones when you reach 395 and the other gems when you reach 440. (current: 0)
46 Eternal Earth OR 23 Eternal Earth and 23 Eternal Shadow (current: 20) (E-7.50 S-36g/20)
7 Forest Emerald - You might only need 5. (current: 0)
around 28 Skyflare Diamond OR 28 Earthsiege Diamond, but you should buy less then 28 and buy more if you need them (current: 0) SFD - 300g/10 ESD - 33g/1
1 Frozen Orb (current: 1)

Next Holiday Events are coming.

On Sunday 20th September Brewfest starts; god, I'm not looking forward to that!

I only ever did a couple of things with that 2 years ago on an alt, I have no idea what is involved, I just know that I was* fucked due to not doing the brew of the month thing ,or whatever it was, last year because I was busy breaking up with TiceNits.

Serves me right I suppose :P

Anyway, got to do some serious research I suppose.

BUT, not only that but there is some Harvest Festival thing on the calendar starting half way through Brewfest.

And looking at the World Events achievements there is something about Pilgrim's Bounty - is that the same or another one???

And, also I am sure that some world events have been removed, not that I can think what they are right now.


Anyway, comments and explanations welcome!

* Don't know if Blizztards have removed that stupid achievement from the meta yet, I fucking hope so!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The New Argent Tournament 3.2 - Moar Dailiez

With patch 3.2 there are 4 new dailies to be done and changes to the current daily quests.

Changed Original Dailies.

Firstly the stone and wood quests seem to have ended, makes sense, the place is built now so no need for stone and wood. The Brassbolts just boast that no-one could have done it quicker or cheaper!

So, what's left? Well in the Argent Pavillion you still have the 4 Champion Quests:

Taking Battle to the Enemy - Kill 15 Cult of the Damned instead of Icecrown Scourge. Aldur'thar was a good place for me although I would easily have killed enough cult members while rescuing Kul! Doh!
Among the Champions - Still need to defeat 4 Champions for their Marks.
Threat From Above - Still need to do Chillmaw and his 3 Bombardiers.
Battle Before the Citadel - Kill 3 Boneguard Comanders, up from 10 Scouts, 3 Lieutenants and 1 Commander. Now everyone wants commanders they seem in short supply :(

You also have some new dailies when you have attained Crusader, Crusader Silverdawn will give you one of:

The Fate of the Fallen.
(Reward: 13g 23s, 1xChampions Seal). Go Southwest between Aldur'thar and Ironwall Rampart (50,44 was good for me), gather 6 Discarded Soul Crystals which glow blue and are just lying on the ground, left click on a Spirit of the Fallen and use Light-Blessed Relic to convert the spirit.

Get Kraken!
Get a flying mount from just outside the tent by using the speech bubble. Use this macro:

#showtooltip Flaming Spears
/targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken
/cast Flaming Spears
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

The Deepcallers are on the middle boat and you need to hold down alt while clicking the macro to target them.

Try and kill a Kraken (this may take 2 players) and you will get Kraken Tooth that will start another daily: Identifying the Remains which is also handed in to Crusader Silverdawn.

High Crusader Adelard will give you one of:

Deathspeak Kharos - Go to 64,21 in Icecrown and kill Deathspeaker Kharos.
Drottinn Hrothgar - Go to the fire at 50,15 in Hrothgars's Landing, use the Kvaldir War Horn to summon Drottinn Hrothgar then kill him.
Mistcaller Yngvar - Go north of the tournament grounds to Hrothgars Landing in the cave at 43,25. Go all the way in and summon Mistcaller Yngvar with the Mistcaller's Charm and kill it.
Ornolf The Scarred - (Reward 13g 23s, 1xChampions Seal) Go to the boat at 58,31 in Bor's Fury (Hrothgar's Landing not Icecrown) and use the Captured Kvaldir Banner to summon Ornolf The Scarred. Kill him!

Back to Square One!
Now, back in your faction tent the Valiant dailies may have changed. A Valiant's Field training now has you killing 10 Converted Heroes, north of Corp’rethar rather than 10 Icecrown Scourge. The others should be the same.

If you have reached exalted with the Silver Covenant you can get 3 Dailies:

Narasi Snowdawn will have 2 quests:
You've Really Done It This Time, Kul - (Reward: 13g 23s, 1xChampion's Seal). Go to the same place as Doctor Kohler (61,23) and kill the mobs for their keys. Use the keys to release Kul and 4 Aspirants.

She will also give you one of:
A Leg Up - Head up to Hrothgar's Landing around 43,30 and pick up Stolen Tallstrider legs or loot them from dead Kvaldir.
Rescue at Sea - Head out to your faction's boat in The Wavecrest in Hrothgar's Run between Icecrown and the Landing and kill 8 Kvaldir Beserkers and 3 Kvaldir Harpooners. Getting out of combat can sometimes be a pain. I head to the front or the edge of the ship and jump off and wait on the grey prow thing..
Stop The Aggressors - (Reward: 13g 23s, 1xChampions Seal). Easy, go north to Hrothgar's Landing and kill 10 Kvaldir.
The Light's Mercy - Go North East of the new island Hrothgar's Landing and around 55,25 use the Confessor's Prayer Book on 8 Slain Tualiz Villager to administer their last rites.

Savinia Loresong will give you one of these dailies:

Breakfast Of Champions - Go to the Foot Steppes in Storm Peaks around 45,60 and use the Earthshaker drum to summon a Deep Jormungar and kill it for it's Jormungar Egg Sac.
Gormok Wants His Snobolds - (Reward: 13g 23s, 1xChampion's Seal). Again, go to Storm Peaks around 44,82 and use the weighted net to capture the Snowblind followers, you will find them running towards the line of lasers. Get a bit east of the laser, target a 'follower' and use then net.
What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway? - Go to the boat(alliance) at 42,69 in Hrothgar's Landing or 67,8 in Icecrown and loot 5xfresh chum from the buckets. Jump in the water and use the chum, you will glow red and either a shark or an angry Kvaldir will atack you. Kill the sharks which will drop North Sea Shark Meat. Hopefully the 5 chum will get you 3 shark spawns otherwise grab some more.

And there we have it, the new quests, get collecting your Champion's Seals, there are loads of things to spend them on. I wish I had started as soon as the patch hit - DOH!

So the plan is:

Go to Stormpeaks and do the food quest, head over to the Citadel and kill my Commanders, go north to rescue the spirits(if i have that one) then head up to Chillmaw, rescue Kul and his Aspirants (and kill Doc Kohler - non daily), kill 15 cult of the damed, do my jousting then head up to Hrothgar and finish off the dailies there.

I have now confirmed the accuracy of each quest.

The New Argent Tournament 3.2 - Return of the Black Knight

I'm a bit behind the times, due to a) Work blocking blogger and b) a bit of "I can't be Wow-Arsed" but I'm back and it's time to update my Argent Tournament guide with the new set of Black Knight quests.

Back in the main Argent Tournament tent Crusader Rhydalla has a new quest: The Black Knight's Curse.

The Black Knight's Curse.
There is a dark presence in the Cemetary, you are to investigate it. Head east to the cemetary and you will find his grave at 79.5,23.3 there will be a cult saboteur and a cult assassin who are neutral. The saboteur task the assassin with making sure he is not followed and the he hearths out. The assassin become hostile and attacks you. Kill the assassin and you get a quest complete. Go hand it back in Crusader Rhydalla. You can now get ...

The Black Knight's Fate.
You need to go and disrupt Doctor Kohler's plans at the cultist camp to the west. Directly west you go to 61,23 where Doctor Kohler spawns near the Black Knight. Find this place and he is pathing around it...

Kill him and you'll get Doctor Kohler's Order's which will complete the quest. Back to Crusader Rhydalla.

If you forget to read the orders, they say...

Doctor Kohler,

The Black Knight has not yet served his purpose. Retrieve his remains from the tournament grounds and use your arts to return him to life. We will use the strength of the crusaders and their followers against them.

Take prisoners and use their souls to empower my servant. Capture Crusader Kul, called reckless by his fellows, and sacrifice him upon your altar. His spirit will imbue the Black Knight with terrible strength and power. Then, deliver the Black Knight to me.

Is that It?
No follow up quest? No. Not quite. The next part of the storyline is killing the Black Knight in the new 5 man dungeon.