Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday Raid, But I Wanna Play My Lock :(

We didn't go for an afternoon raid but we did go to SSC in the evening though and 1 shotted Hydross for...

Pattern: Boots of the Crimson Hawk
Band of Vile Aggression
Wraps of Purification
Brighthelm of Justice

I managed 7th in the healing stakes with 7% raid heal and 52% overheal. Ha Ha Ha! Can you tell I wasn't really concentrating?

Then we went after Lurker and Ahem, *cough* I was frigging about and couldn't quite get to the water in time (again!) for a spout and died at 30%. AGAIN - Concentration!

He dropped:

The Seal of Danzalar
Choker of Animalistic Fury
Bracers or Eradication

I repeated my Hydross healing but with only 49% overheal this time.

Some trash dropped Serpentshrine Shuriken and then we had a lol-wipe on Morogrim, Err I might not have healed the pally murloc tank in time *ahem* *cough* thinking of level 70 warlock fun to be had *cough*.

Then we had a real wipe where the drood tank died and I had to run because I got "Watery Graved" whilst running to somewhere safe to die :(

We finally downed him on attempt 3 and got:

Luminescent Rod of the Naaru
Serpent-Coil Braid
Warboots of Obliteration

Healing Stats: On the 3rd attempt I managed to get up to 4th with 11% of raid heal and 43% overheal.

Not too bad a raid really :)

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