Monday, 29 June 2015

2015 Midsummer Bonfires TomTom Macros

There's been a few minor changes over the years so my previous guides may or not be good. Search for midsummer and you'll get all the posts.

This year I've decided to compile some tomtom macros. Here are the results ... (work in progress) ..

/way Howling Fjord 57.76 16.11 Fort Wildervar
/way Howling Fjord 48.45 13.38 Camp Winterhoof
/way Grizzly Hills 33.91 60.45 Amberpine Lodge
/way Grizzly Hills 19.07 61.46 Conquest Hold
/way Zul'Drak 43.25 71.37 The Argent Stand
/way Zul'Drak 40.38 61.28 The Argent Stand
/way The Storm Peaks 41.44 86.70 K3
/way The Storm Peaks 40.33 85.60 K3
/way Crystalsong Forest 80.31 52.91 Sunreaver's Command
/way Crystalsong Forest 78.16 74.90 Windrunner's Overlook
/way Dragonblight 75.29 43.80 Wintergarde Keep
/way Dragonblight 38.51 48.18 Agmar's Hammer
/way Borean Tundra 55.10 19.92 Fizzcrank Airstrip
/way Borean Tundra 51.07 11.77 Bor'gorok Outpost
/way Sholazar Basin 48.11 66.32 River's Heart - Alliance
/way Sholazar Basin 47.26 61.38 River's Heart - Horde

Head to Dalaran, portal to SW, portal to Hellfire

/way Hellfire Peninsula 62.18 58.34 Honor Hold
/way Hellfire Peninsula 57.18 41.81 Thrallmar
/way Netherstorm 32.26 68.29 Area 52
/way Netherstorm 31.22 62.67 Area 52
/way Blade's Edge Mountains 49.97 59.03 Thunderlord Stronghold
/way Blade's Edge Mountains 41.58 65.91 Sylvanaar
/way Zangarmarsh 35.6 51.78 Zabra'Jin
/way Zangarmarsh 68.79 51.97 Telredor
/way Nagrand:Outland 51.05 33.93 Garadar
/way Nagrand:Outland 49.64 69.43 Telaar
/way Terokkar Forest 51.92 43.24 Stonebreaker Hold
/way Terokkar Forest 54.06 55.48 Allerian Stronghold
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Outland 33.53 30.28 Shadowmoon Village
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Outland 39.65 54.63 Wildhammer Stronghold

Eastern Kingdom
/way Dun Morogh 53.82 45.26 Kharanos
/way Elwynn Forest 43 65 Goldshire
/way Westfall 45 62 Moonbrook
/way Northern Stranglethorn 40 51 Grom'gol Base Camp
/way Northern Stranglethorn 51 63 Fort Livingston
/way The Cape of Stranglethorn 50 70 East of Booty Bay
/way The Cape of Stranglethorn 50 70 East of Booty Bay
/way Duskwood 73.67 54.77 Darkshire
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(19,0,0.4821,0.0726,{title="Zidormi - Switch to the Past"})
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(19,0,0.46,0.14,{title="Dreadmaul Hold"})
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(19,0,0.5523,0.1496,{title="Nethergarde Keep"})
/way Swamp of Sorrows 70.24 15.74 Alliance Bogpaddle
/way Swamp of Sorrows 76.75 14.22 Horde Bogpaddle
/way Redridge Mountains 24.84 53.40 Lakeshire
/way Burning Steppes 68.37 60.69 Morgan's Vigil
/way Burning Steppes 51.51 29.22 Flame Crest
/way Badlands 19.04 56.17 Dragon's Mouth
/way Badlands 24.02 37.26 New Kargath
/way Loch Modan 32.52 40.97 Thelsamar
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(700,0,0.5321,0.463,{title="Bloodgulch"})
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(700,0,0.4724,0.2903,{title="Thundermar"})
/way Arathi Highlands 44.31 46.00 Refuge Pointe
/way Arathi Highlands 69.07 42.78 Hammerfall
/way The Hinterlands 76.76 74.56 Revantusk Village
/way The Hinterlands 14.34 50.11 Aerie Peak
/way Western Plaguelands 43.45 82.35 Chillwind Camp
/way Ghostlands 47.01 26.05 Tranquillien
/way Eversong Woods 46.36 50.38 North Sanctum
/way Silvermoon 69.16 42.69 Silvermoon
/way Western Plaguelands 29.10 56.50 The Bulwark
/way Tirisfal Glades 62.30 66.87 Undercity
/way Tirisfal Glades 57.00 51.71 Brill
/way Silverpine Forest 49.60 38.55 The Sepulcher
/way Hillsbrad Foothills:Eastern Kingdoms 54.50 49.88 Tarren Mill
/way Wetlands 13.49 47.12 Menethil Harbor

Saturday, 27 June 2015

6.2 Mail Box Improvement

I've finally got round to emptying my mains mail box of 250+ emails. Why now?

Because most of those mails were from the postmaster for salvage that couldn't be delivered to my bags.

Why had I left it so long? Because you couldn't open all. This was because once you had removed the items from the mail you then had to go and physically delete the empty mail. Now it auto-deletes once it is empty. Finally!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hearthstone - Blackrock Mountain - How to Beat Majordomo Executus / Ragnaros the Firelord

Is that title long enough?

So, anyway, after a bit of a false start with the second adventure (been playing too much WoW!) I had started working my way through it.

I was playing with an agro mage deck and won every match first time up until Raggy.

It was rather annoying, I was playing on auto pilot and not knowing what to expect when I finally managed to kill Majordomo I was then gutted to be wiped off the board when Raggy appeared.

I gave up at that point for a week or so and came back to it again and whatever I did I could not survive all those giants and then have enough to then get through another 18 health when Raggy spawned.

The last few days I've been playing ladder and my paladin deck has been doing a very good job so last night with 4/5 paladin wins on the quest I decided to at least have a try with him against Raggy.

Well, without even mulliganning I got equality which was a good start, all I needed was a consecrate and I'd be able to deal with the usual 7 board of giants on turn 6 that usually kill me.

The first thing I top decked was consecrate - Happy Days!!

A combo of  Undertakers, Knife Juggalos and lots of low cost deathrattle minions soon ensued leading up to the usual turn 6 (I think) Giant Fest.

Equality/Consecrate FTW!!!

Now what do I have in my hand? Leroy - How very apt. I already have a Knife Juggalo and a 6 attack Undertaker on the board and when I deploy Leroy and then Argent Protector him at least one of his whelps gets knifed.

Raggy is then put down to 4 HP and next turn is dead. On the first attempt - oh yeah baby!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

24/25 Quest Log Bug

So, I've been getting this error recently that says "Quest Log" but my quest  log only says 24/25. I put a ticket in and the response I got was that the Bonus Objective quests in a zone invisibly count for one of your quests.