Thursday, 23 December 2010

Clitachasm End of Week 2

After the second week the glyph sales are still going well.

The scribe/herbalist is now level 78 and flying round Mount Hyjal between tanking WotLK dungeons and is also buying up an low level herbs (except Wrath herbs becuase of the guild bank tabs full of IotS - damm Jessica Seller and her patch 4.0.3 prematurity) below 20g/stack.

The sellers:
Melee up to 29.5K (wk1 13K wk2 16.5K)
Hybrid up to 38K (wk1 20K wk2 18K)
Ranged up to 32.5k (wk1 15k wk2 17.5k)

99.5K gold in 2 weeks - LOL

HW and EB are still at level 80.01

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 7

So after 1 week of the expansion what have I done? Levelled to 85? Nope. I've

a) Made some gold ...

Melee glyphs - 13K
Hybrid glyphs - 20K
Ranged glyphs - 15K

b) Levelled my enchanting up to about 475

c) Levelled Deathtard scribe tank to level 76

That is it!!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 4

Holywarrior and EvilBastard are still at level 80 plus 2 quests!!!

The scribe has been levelling with the LFD but is bored as a DPS.

The scribe was an Unholy Death Knight and I was hammering the damage, this was his damage at level 72 (he's the top one obviously)

but the queue times were awful, so I have bought the massively expensive dual spec and turned him into a tank.

Queue times: Instant :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 2

I logged HW and EB back on. The question mark had gone yellow above their heads.

I handed the quest in and started the next one.

Then I logged onto the glyph posters and posted at 25g threshold 200g fallback 2 at a time for 24 hours.

Then I logged onto the scribe herbalist and levelled him to level 75 in the LFD.

End of Day.

I did a /who and there were already quite a few level 85s!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Clitachasm Day 1

6th December 2010
16:00 - Game rang me to tell me they were having a 'midnight' opening. I already knew this. I had confirmed this with them before putting a deposit down on my Collectors Edition. If they weren't opening at midnight I was simply going to wait for the delivery from Amazon with my backup CE which will now go on eBay!!

The good thing though was the shop was actually opening at 22:30 and Cata would go on sale at 23:00 so it was in line with CET and server midnight!! Woot!

The other good thing about this Game shop is that it is inside a shopping mall which is open 24 hours, so no waiting outside in freezing temperatures. And they were freezing: -7c to be exact.

22:45 - About to leave for Game when the wife rings (we're staying at in-laws while heating/rewire/kitchen is done) and says the baby is wake. Then she remembers the midnight opening and lets me go.

22:55 - Finally I'm on the road ad the car tells me it's -7c outside - Brrrrrr

23:00 - Clitachasm goes on sale. I am driving :P

23:10 - Arrive at Shopping Centre and see a couple of people with game bags walking towards car park

23:15 - Arrive at Game, walk straight to the desk and am served imediatley. However large the queue was it was dealt with in 15 minutes :P

23:20 - Am heading back out to the car with a large bag containing a collectors edition, 2 standard editions and a Brady's Game Guide.

23:40 - Arrive home. Do I immediately install Clitachasm? No I then spend half an hour or so chatting with guildies.

01:00 - Finally installed Clit and do I get HolyWarrior started on quests? No, I go level EvilBastards enchanting a bit first! Then I go train archeology and finally move HW up to VagLand.

01:10 - After experiencing the cut scene and HW is taken inside the boat he can't hand in the starter quest. The ? is still grey. It is the same for everyone standing around. I put in a ticket and log off for the night.

... to be continued

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Evil's Gear Upgrade

I should have blogged about this ages ago, but I forgot.

I had a serious splurge of Justice Points (or whatever their precursor was) and finally upgraded a shed load of EvilBastard's gear.

Rod of Fallen Monarch(i200) > Brimstone Lighter(i245)
Annhylde's Ring(i200) > Band of the Invoker(i245)
Forge Ember(i200 blue) > Talisman of Resurgence(i245)
Ancient Polar Bear Hide(i232) > Meteor Chaser's Rainment(i264)
Cloak of Crimson Snow(i200 blue) > Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky(i264)
Azure Cloth Bindings(i200) > Royal Moonshroud Bracers(i245 tailoring) - I don't remember making these :P
Skirt of the Old Kingdom > Kel'Thuzad's Leggings of Conquest

I also upgraded the gloves to Kel'Thuzad's Gloves of Triumph but I don't know what I had before and I also managed to upgrade Manual of the Tides(i138 green) to Accursed Spine(i213) as well as nabbing myself a Mithril Pocketwatch.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Can't Trade Down Ink of the Sea

OMFG. I've been too busy to check out the Glyph market lately. When the prices went down to about 20g each I decided to stop trading and start again when Clitacasm came out. Herbs were still way to expensive and the profit was therefore minimal.

I have been grabbing the odd bargain and building up my stocks with the aim of 40 of each glyph ready for when cata hit.

I was fully aware that the ink trade was going to change to blackfallow ink so before the expansion hit I was going to trade down a load of ink of the sea in preparation.

Well 4.0.3a hit and not only have a) Glyphs shot back up to 50-150g each but b) the ink exchange has already changed from Ink of the Sea to Blackfallow Ink (Which I hasten to add - YOU CAN'T FUCKING GET YET!!!)

Thanks a fuck Blizztards.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Update: Complete.

My next task will be the 25 tabards achievement. Here is a list of all the ones I can find. Those with a * next to them I have not got yet.

The Argent dawn one I am sure I had,I have petitioned Blizztards to have it returned.

Wrath Rep
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Wyrmest Accord

Argent Tournament
Argent Crusaders
*Darnassus Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Exodar Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Gnomeregan Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Ironforge Tabard (Argent Tournament)
Stormwind Tabard (Argent Tournament)
* Silver Covenant/Sunreaver's (Argent Tournament)

Cenarion Expedition
Sha'tari Skyguard
*Keepers of Time
Lower City
*Shattered Sun
*Honor Hold/Thrallmar

Vanilla Rep

Stormpike/Frostwolf (honor. Buy, equip, sell back)
Silverwing (honor. Buy, equip, sell back)
*Knights/Stone Guard Herald

World Events
Competitor's (Olympic Games)
Summer Skies (Midsummer)
*Argent Dawn (only available during the Scourge invasion event)
of the Protector (Dark Portal)

*Tabard of Brute Force (Brutally Dedicated ach. required)
Loremasters Colours
of the Achiever (Twenty-Five Tabards)

Race Specific
*Tabard of the Hand (Draenei only quest)
*Blood Knight (Blood Elf Paladin's Mount quest)

Purple/Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari(Battle of The Crimson Watch)
*Scarlet Crusade (drops in Scarlet Monastery Armory)
*Contest Winners (don't even bother trying for it. Only 1 per server)
Guild Tabard

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Spending Spree - Weeeee!

What's the point of hitting gold cap(old 214K version) if you just sit on it? Spend Spen Spend is what I say, and sorry Gevlon, vanity items were at the top of my list!

This Caught Me By Surprise

Last night, while making sure I had bought all my faction mounts/pets etc, I stumbled upon this in Stormspire...

I'm currently in the process of writing a guide on how to do this easily :P

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #37 - Sporeggar

Once you have Timbermaw and Kurenai reps at exalted what comes next? Sporeggar of course.

So I bought up 130 Sanguine from the Auction House and did 1 circuit of repeatable quests before deciding to grind Hibiscus in the underbog. 65 plants and a hand in of the Stalker Quest later ...

Trouble is now the next 2 viable reps are Honour Hold and Keepers of Time and they have only just hit revered :(

Exalted Reputation #36 - Kurenai

Which led to this...

and this

Off to grind Sanguine Hibiscus now :P

Monday, 15 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #35 - The Consortium.

I have been working at Kurenai and Consortium Rep simultaneously on and off for some time.

What I have been doing is grinding the ogres in Nagrand. They give Kurnai rep and drop Obsidian Warbeads. You can hand in the warbeads for consortium or Kurenai rep. I am getting them for consortium rep.

Currently both reps are around 17K into exalted. I am now going to finish off the last strands of Consortium quests, maybe grab a mana tombs heroic, and then hand in a few warbeads.

And, here we go...

Sunday, 14 November 2010


1600 gold for an achievement - that's up there with Gigantique Bags!!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Winterfall Shaman Everywhere

OMFG! When doing the Wintersaber rep quests one of them has you going to Winterfall Village and killing 5 Ursas and 5 Shaman.

The thing is the Ursas spawn more often than the Shaman so there is usually a dearth of Shaman.

I just turned up and all 5 spawns in the bottom were Shaman, then up the slope the 2 on the left and the 2 on the right were all Shaman and then on the hill up to the Chief it was a Shaman as well. The only 2 that weren't were the ones at the end of the little alley.

What are the odds on that?

Exalted Reputation #33 & #34 - Timbermaw and Wintersaber

UPDATE: And we're done!

So the latest masochistic rep grind is Wintersaber Trainers. The only way to get rep with them is from 1 repeatable quest until half way through neutral. 2 repeatable quests until honoured and then 3 repeatable quests all the way to exalted. Although the 3rd is often ignored.

Double Whammy
One of these quests involves killing Winterfall mobs so a happy byproduct of this grind is that these mobs give 20 (22 for humans) timbermaw rep, and they also drop Winterfall Spirit Beads which can be handed in to Salfa for 300 (330) reputation.

My Progress
I have just hit honoured with Wintersaber (350/12000), and am human so each quest hand in will give me 275, 275 and 385 rep and each trip will have all 3 quests for a total of 935 rep per trip. This means in 13 trips I will be 505 into revered. Then I will need to do 22 trips to get to exalted. 35 Trips in total. 5 a day for a week :P

But along with that I am 11,243 into honoured with Timbermaw. Mobs stop giving rep at revered so I will be collecting the beads that the winterfall drop. They drop at roughly 40% drop rate so each trip for Wintersaber rep will give me 4 beads. I already have 100 beads and 35 feathers(equivalent from deadwood furbolgs) which is 27 hand ins or 8910 rep.

How Many Beads?
In 35 trips I will have to kill 350 winterfall mobs for another 140 beads which is another 9240. Leaving me about 2000 or 9 turn ins or 43 beads short. Another 108 mobs to kill.

Current Progress
Timbermaw beads/feathers 288/319 (18810 rep)
Timbermaw rep -1/21000

Wintersaber rep 21000/21000
Trips to Revered 13/13
Trips to Exalted 35/35

Wednesday 5/5
Thursday 5/5
Friday 5/5
Saturday 5/5
Sunday 5/5
Monday 5/5
Tuesday 5/5

First came the frostsaber...

followed by grinding another 20 feathers before ...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #32 - Knights of the Ebon Blade

The latest victim on my quest to get 40 Exalted reputations was Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Before that it was Sons of Hodir; which saw me complete Storm Peaks. So onto Icecrown. The idea is to complete the zone and then buy the rest of the rep with Justice Points.

By completeing Icecrown yesterday I got 3 achievements in 1 - YAY!

and my Ebon Blade rep was nealry maxxed out anyway with 16478 into Revered. Which a quick couple of daily heroics with their tabard on soon sorted out. Double YAY!

Monday, 1 November 2010

AH Macros are Back!

Shamelessly ripping some text out of Moravec's post on Follow the Gold Road - Useful Auction House Macros After Patch 4.0.1 as I have been trying to work out how to macro the craft button on ATSW and golbinworks (or wtf the new KTQ crafting dependency is). Purely theoretically of course. I wouldn't actually do this in game :P

Re-posting it here so that I don't lose the info, especially the macro at the end about mouseover a button to get it's /script name in your chat window ... INCREDIBLY USEFUL :)


Posting and Cancelling:

/click StaticPopup1Button1



/click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton


/click AuctionProfitMasterCancelButton


Create next enchant:

/click SMButton



/click BuyApproveButton


Process queue:

/click ATSWQueueStartStopButton


Confirm Mill/Prospect/Disenchant:

/click AutoDEPromptYes

You can always find out the name of a button for creating similar macros if you bind the following to a key.  All you then have to do is mouseover the button, press the macro and the name will appear magically in your chat frame:

/run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetMouseFocus():GetName())

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Has the Gold Cap Gone Up?

My scribe opened up the latest batch of mails with cash from the campers and I had miscalculated how much to transfer to the guild bank first.

Before if you went over 214K it would tell you that you have reached the gold cap.

My scribe now has 217014g 24s 32c...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Holy Paladin Stat Priority

According to Ferraro the stat priority for holy paladins will now be Spirit > SP > Int. > Haste > Crit.

Monday, 25 October 2010

How Much Gold Have My Glyphs Made Me?

27K as reported after a couple of days.
21K a week later.
40K just received.

I made 88K of my glyphs so far. but now I have run out of inks :(

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Patch 4.0.1 Changes I've Noticed so Far

No Mains?
I have not even logged onto HolyWarrior to check how many Justice Points he has or if he can still buy Hodir and Ebon rep with them.

I've been on my glyphers.

More Than Just Charred Glyphs
I've noticed that one of the 'Techniques' you used to be able to buy to learn a glyph (patch 3.2 was it?) has had it's associated Glyph charred and technique itself has become 'Moldy Parchment' which vendors for 2gold.

I also found another batch of Zandalar coins I had accidently put up for sale for 11s - DOH!!

Book: Gift of the wild is now 87s50c vendor trash and Tome of Arcane Brilliance is 10 gold vendor trash, Codex: Prayer of Shadow Protection - 1g47s50c

I Was Not Prepared
Before patch shutdown I had restocked only about 3 classes of glyphs up to 20 stacks and I had managed to remove the to be charred glyphs from the creation list.

When I finally managed to get back online I learnt all the trainable new glyphs, bought a Book of Glyph Mastery for 170g - ouch!! (should have stocked up on them there buggers) and got my Northrend Inscription Research done, glyphs crafted and sent to the sellers.

The sellers then raked in 1000s of gold in the first hour online!!

24 hours later:

Ranged glyphs 13K
Hybrid 6.8K
Melee 7.5K
Total 27.3K

Justice Points and 2 More Exalted Rep Grinds
My 0 frost badges and 870 odd triumph badges have been converted to 11.3K Justice points. I need to spend 7000 justice points before Cata or they'll get converted to gold. I need no more gear.

The day before 4.0.1 hit I an my last ever heroic on HolyWarrior to get the last 2 frost badges I needed to get my last upgrade (outside of raids) the T10 shoulders. I will be spending as many as I can to raise my Ebon Hold and Hodir rep from nothing to exalted.

The commendation badges ae purchasable with Justice Points. I think they used to be 1 Triumph emblem which means they should be 12 JPs but they are in fact 16 JPs - oh well. I think I have enough...

Ebon - 6K friendly + 12K Honoured + 21K Revered = 39K = 75 badges = 1200JPs
Hodir - Not even got rep on character sheet yet. WIll do quests them wil hopefully be honourd and only need 63 badges from 1015 JPs

Leaving nearly 5000JPs to spend or be converted to gold!!

Skillet / Lil Sparkys clone is fucked - manual gyph making - ouch!!!
Postal is working - YAY
Zero Auctions replaces QA3 nicely, with Gevlons /click trick making things quite easy.
Grid is fucked - no raiding!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Draft in the Retards For Patch Day

Think Blizztards must have drafted in the more mobile of the local fuckwits asylum on patch day just to cover demand. I mean .. what exactly does this mean?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Goodbye Rash of the Itch King...

... and hello pre-Clit-a-chasm discombobulation!

I didn't finish crafting all my glyphs before I got kicked off and I didn't buy my Sons of Hoidr or Ebon Blahblah commendation badges before emblems of triumph went. I hope I can buy them with Justice points. I doubly hope that emblems don't get converted tonight.

Other preparations? I hit exalted with Zandalar. I didn't get the mount, pet(was there one) or polymorph tome :( My spare bijous were still on the AH - I wonder what will happen to them!

I am prepared for a massive addon crash tommorow - I have 10 cans of Carlsberg!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Changes To Brewfest 2010

It is no longer possible to sell the chestpiece back and get your tokens back to allow you to imediately buy the Brew of the Month membership.

It is possible however that if you bought the goggles you won't need to buy the hat for Disturbing the Peace.

Also, fret no more. Disturbing the Peace isn't part of the Brewmaster Meta anyway. Did Blizztards Change that?

So when you have 200 tokens, buy the Brew of the Month membership first and then work on your gear.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wierd Password PopUp on Blog

I keep getting a wierd Username/password popup appearing for on MY blog

I do not have a clue where it is coming from. It is nothing to do with me.

It's bloody annoying!!

Any Ideas?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How to get Brewmaster at Level 68

Oh yeah, my little baby gnome warrior just got the Brewmaster title.

How? You have to be level 80 to get to Coren's room. Don't You?

Well, me, myself and a guildie formed a party. All level 80s.

We joined a queue for Coren and when it popped asked the other guys to wait a second and not to attack as we were inviting an alt in. HolyWarrior then left and we invited BitchSlapper the warrior into the group and EvilBastard then summoned her.

So we are now a group of 4 level 80s and a level 68 sat in front of Coren.

Start the fight (with no healer remember as HolyWarrior left) and 24 seconds later BitchSlapper is BrewMaster BitchSlapper!!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Epic Nax Fail

EvilBastard just went into Naxx 10 man for the weely raid. We were struggling on trash. We'd be pulling 3 Gargoyles and not being able to kill 1 and we'd get wiped.

The tank was doing a fine job but was getting grief for being a nub (sic)!

He was blaming the dps for being too low and I was feeling a little guilty with my 4.5K GS!!!

But that's what it seemed like as with those gargoyles when they get down to 30% they need to be kiled in 8seconds or something or they do some massive healing. We couldn't manage this so blaming the dps was the logical choice.

After several attempts the raid disbanded. Seems the dps WAS too low ...

...for 25 MAN!!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Was That Always Like That? - East/West Plaguelands Flightpath

I just found a goblin flightmaster by the bridge on the border between Eastern and Western Plaguelands?

Was That Always Like That? No. But how long has it been there?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Oooo So Close

Tommorrow I shall be Gold-Capped...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Argent Tina

Yeah, as in the South American country.

I'm gonna start a rumour that she starts a quest for Legendary Weapon.

Lets see how this propagates. :P

Say Hello to Argent Dawn Officer Tina

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Was That Always Like That? - Resurrection Sickness

There are many things that I come across in game and think "Was that always like that?" So I thought I'd start documenting / asking my 2 followers about these things that may well have always been like that!!!

Resurrection Sickness
I rolled a gnome rogue on Gevlon's Ganking Guild server, and I actually wanted to level it all the way to 80 without a single world death (instance deaths permitted) but I got frigging DC'd and finally got back online to find a dead gnome ... NO I DIDN'T. I was in the troll cave (Frostmane Hold) in stealth still a-fucking-live -but as soon as I reconnected (a hour fucking later) I was too close to a troll 3 levels higher than me and the fucker spotted me ... grrr ... wall of text later and he gets to the point...

At the spirit healer I decide I can't be arsed with corpse running and then dieing in the troll cave as soon as I resurrect so I opt to take res-sickess. I am level 7...


Was that always like that?

Friday, 30 April 2010

Stock Liquidation

I have finally got rid of all the Books of Glyph Mastery that I mistakenly stockpiled for patch ... err ... 3.2 was it?

I sold them all at profit, I had several hundred of the bloody things that pre-patch were going for 30gold ish.

Post-patch they actually dropped, presumably because a lot more people were going into dungeons with the new tool and therefore there was more supply.

They have slowly picked up again and sell for between 20-25gold, whereas I usually only bought them under 20gold, this means I made a profit in the end.

Cold Balls
I have also finally finished selling off all the frozen orbs I stockpiled for patch 3.3 (or 3.3.3? something like that). They weren't the potential unmitigated disaster that the "New Glyphs from Glyph Mastery books ... Oh no they're not!" escapade nearly turned into but they were a lot slower to dispose of than I thought.

This was probably down to me only posting 5 at a time so as not to flood the market and lose too much deposit when undercut. As it turned out they would generally sell before I was undercut so that was OK. It just took some time to sell them all. I bought these again for 15g or under and only sold at more than 20g, more usually 27 - 30g.

Tit Powder
So I have got rid of all that crap, now I've just got to get rid of all the Titanium Powder that has dropped from 28g to 20g. Grrr! And the raw green gems that were selling for 3g-10g each and are now selling sub 1g.

I suspect some retard is clearing stock in preparation for Clitacasm(TM).

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Latest Gear Wish List

So, a post which is more of a reminder to me about where my next upgrades are coming from rather than a post of any interest to you kind folks out there!

Current: Heaume of the Restless Watch (i245 - gs439)
- Lightsworn Headpiece(T10) i251(+6) gs457(+16) 95 Frost Emblem
- Faceplate of the Forgotten i264(+19) Icecrown Citadel 25
- (Also upgraded tier 9 Heroic - lol)

Current: Amulet of Binding Elements (i232 - gs226)
-Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Dominance (swapping 45 Haste for 60 res and upgrading crit and SP) 52,000 Honour from Lieutenant Tristia in SW or dropped from Toravon in VoA25 normal - apparently! i264(+32) gs??(+?)

Current: Pauldrons of the Cavalier (i245 - gs329)
Upgrade: Lightsworn Spaulders(T10) i251(+6) gs342(+13) 60 Frost Emblem

Current: Cloak of Kea Feathers (i213 - gs195)
- Drape of the Violet Tower i264(+51) gs278(+83) 50 Frost Emblem
- Jaina's Radiance - Heroic TotGC
- Frostbinders Shredded Cape (ICC 25 Heroic)

Current: Chestplate of Unspoken Truths (i264 - gs494)
-Sanctified Lightsworn Breastplate (T10.5 + Heroic)
-Rot-Resistant Breastplate (Heroic ICC25)

Current: Abetment Bracers (i213 - gs195)
- Lots of 25 man dungon drops
- Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Salvation (i264) Toravon-25 or 43,400 Honour from Tristia in SW
- Relentless Gladiator's Bracers of Salvation (i245) Honour
- Sunforged Bracers i245(+32) gs247(+52)(8 Titansteel(800g) 12 Eternal Life (120g) 4 Crusader Orbs(600g))
-Horologist's Wristguards (i226) Ulduar
- Titan-Forged Bracers of Salvation (i226) 15 WG marks

Current: Marial's Sorrow (i219 - gs365)
Upgrade:Quel'Delar, Lens of the Mind (i251 - gs457)

Current: Voice of Reason (i226 - gs385)
- Lots of 25 man stuff
- Wrathful Gladiator's Barrier i270 (Arena 1800 rating)
- Relentless Gladiator's Barrier i251 (removed?)
- Vigilant Ward i245 (ToC10 Heroic)

Current: Libram of the Resolute (i226 - gs121)
Upgrade: Libram of Blinding Light - i264(+42) gs156(+35) 30 Frost Emblem

Current: Rusty Frozen Fingerguards (i232 - gs301)
Upgrade: Gauntlets of Overexposure i264(+32) gs370(+69) 60 Frost Emblem

Current: Trueheart Girdle (i219 - gs274)
Upgrade: Lich King's Lanyard i264(+43) gs370(+96) 60 Frost Emblem

Current: Legguards of the Frosty Depths (i232 - gs402)
- Lots of 25 heroic stuff
- Lightsworn Greaves i251(+19i) gs457(+55gs) 95 Frost Emblems

Current: Recovered Reliquary Boots (i232 - gs301)
- Protectors of Life i264(+32) (8 Titansteel(800g) 12 Eternal Life(100g) 5 Primordial Saronite(5000g)) = 6000g

Heartmender Ring (i245 - gs247)
Oath of Empress Zoe (i232 - gs226)

- Ephemeral Snowflake (i232 - gs226)
- Talsiman of Resurgence (i245 - gs247)
60 Frost Emblem i264(+32) gs278(+52) Purified Lunar Dust

Upgrade Shopping List
Quel'Delar, Lens of the Mind (Butterd Holt) - Acquired
Drape of the Violet Tower (51i 83gs 50FE) - Acquired
Lich King's Lanyard (43i 96gs 60FE) - Acquired
Gauntlets of Overexposure (32i 69gs 60FE) - Acquired
Lightsworn Greaves (19i 55gs 95 FE) - Acquired
Purified Lunar Dust (32i 52gs 60FE) - Acquired
Libram of Blinding Light (42i 35gs 30FE) - Acquired

Lightsworn Spaulders (6i) 13gs 60FE)
Lightsworn Headpiece (6i 16gs 95FE)

Upgrade Production
Sunforged Bracers (32i 52GS) 1500g - Pattern purchased, made, enchanted(+30sp) and gemmed with 12sp 10 int
Protectors of Life i264(+32) 6000g

Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Dominance 52,000 Honour

Vigilant Ward i245 (ToC10 Heroic)
Rot-Resistant Breastplate (Heroic ICC25)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Another Excellent Quote From ...

... Cali over at Pew Pew Lazers!

Still on the subject of Clitacasm(TM):

"...we might all do well to chug on a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up until we actually know what we're talking about."

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Slap Slap Slap!

Great quote from Cali over at Pew Pew Lazers! today on the subject of Blizz lying about nerfs...

"Hey, can anyone hear a slapping noise?  I can hear a slapping noise.  Hey Ghostcrawler, what are you doing behind us with your pants around your ankles?"

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Paladins in Clitacasm

There's a new thread on the forums, the final class preview apparently. Paladins.

So how are we going to change. Here are the pertinent points in my mind:

New Spells
level 81 - Blinding Shield = think of Eadric the Pure in ToC - meh!
level 83 - Healing Hands - Paladin = Healing Stream Totem - meh!
level 85 - Guardian of Ancient Kings = A pet - Woot! maybe.

-Crusader Strike for all trees - WooT!
-Holy Shock healing spell for all trees (taken damage off?) - meh!
-BoM & BoW = BoM - No frigging about with 2 blessings!
-Cleanse rework - to remove enemy buffs as well as friendly debuffs?
-Divine shield - maybe shortening it. The worrying thing I read in this though is ...

"...the healing environment of Cataclysm is going to be different such that a paladin may not be able to fully heal themselves during the duration of Divine Shield to begin with, so this may not be a problem."

Does thins mean they are nerfing holy pallies?

-Sacred Shield duration = 30 minutes = YAY!

-The next paragraph is WTF???

"We want to add to the Holy tree a nice big heal to correspond with Greater Heal. Flash of Light remains the expensive, fast heal and Holy Light is the go-to heal that has average efficiency and throughput. Beacon of Light will be changed to work with Flash of Light. We like the ability, but want paladins to use it intelligently and not be constantly healing for twice as much."

EH? FoL expensive fast heal? Are they confusing us with priests or am I that out of touch? I could have sworn that Beacon of Light currently works fine with FoL. WTF are they talking about? This whole paragraph just doesn't make sense to me.

- Spirit for mana regen. Great. We have to go all FSR? Did I read that mp5 is going? If so then I suppose we gotta get our mana from somewhere!

-Holy Shield no longer has charges. whatever. meh!

All sux balls afaik!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Titanium Shuffles

OK, they can be proftable if you get the titanium at the right price, I reckon that's got to be under 200g / stack now. And I really can't be bothered keeping track!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shuffle 6

Attempt 6 (2767g)
10 Stacks at 276.7g / stack

1 Dreadstone (regal 211g48s)
2 Eye of Zul (est 150. regal 247g)
2 Kings Amber (smooth 199g50s + 194g56s)
3 Ametrine (161g50s 161g50s 135g85s)
4 Cardinal Ruby (167g + 170g + 174g + 166g)
4 Majestic Zircon (170g + 170g + 173g + 162g)
Epic Total = 2813g39s

27 Titanium Powder = 737g90s

Rare Gems
1 Forest Emerald (e5g)
1 Scarlet Ruby (61g75s)
2 Sky Sapphire(21g85s x 2)
2 Autumn's Glow (2 x 18g)

Uncommon Gems (nowaveraging at 3g each)
7 Shadow
8 Chalcedony
8 Dark Jade
10 Sun Crystal
10 Bloodstone
15 Huge Citrine

Total = 2813g + 737g + 146g45s + 174g = 3870g = 1113g Profit YAY!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trome or Gnoll?

It would have to be a Trome, as Gnolls already exist.

What am I talking about? Well it seems that Trolls and Gnomes are getting all confused and wanting to swap about a bit.

Happy First of April you Bastards!! :P

Arggg - No Internet

I got home yesterday and turned on the steam powered wallpaper stripper then headed down stairs to fire up my Glyph sellers and get the JC daily done.

Password ... Authenticator ... Click Connect ...

"You Have Been Disconnected From The Server"

Grrr, try again ... and again ... and again!

What's going on? A quick look up at the Router and the Broadband light is on but the Internet light is Dull. Uh-Oh. Sometimes this is due to some static on my internal wiring and relocating the router to the master phone socket (or just unscrewing the plate and sticking a screw driver around inside) will fix it.

Not this time. Sometimes my ISP has to reset my password after I spend 30mins-1hour doing stupid things for them like turn off the router, wait 2 minutes, turn it back on. Blah Blah Blah.

So, I ring the ISP and wait half an hour to speak to someone and it goes something like.

ISP: Are you ringing up about your broadband?
Me: Yep (thinking - "I pressed number 1 on the phone for broadband faults you stupid bitch, What did you think I was ringing up for? A Cheese Sandwich?")
ISP: We have 713 Exchanges out at the moment and the engineers are out working on the problem.
Me: Ah. So it's not just me. Do you have an ETA for resumption of service?
ISP: No.

Turns out she wasn't exagerating much about the number of exchanges out. BBC Article and Technical Article. Check out the timescales. Gradwell says 4 days. BBC says Tuesday after Easter.

I say: FUCK!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Best Group Ever

Brunhilde my 'now' level 21 pally tank in Gevlon's Inglourious Gankers went to Shadowfang Keep last night and was confronted with a wannabe tank warrior who kept taunting off me, a prot spec pally in tank gear healer, a melee lock and a rogue - don't know about the rogue, was too busy being in awe of the other fuktards.

Takes all sorts I suppose.

Needless so say I left shortly after the healer was kicked.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Titanium Prospect 5

5 Stacks + 10 for 270g/stack (1484g)

1 Cardinal Ruby (188g)
1 Ametrine (137g50s)
1 Eye of Zul (Sundered 247)
Epic Gem Total = 572.5g

17 Titanium Powder (442g)

1 Twilight Opal (14g75s)
1 Forest Emerald (E-5g)
1 Monarch Topaz (47g5s)
1 Scarlet Ruby (46g50s)
2 Autumn's Glow (36g10s + 28g25s)
Blue Gem Total = 178g

6 Shadow Crystal (1g50s = 9g)
4 Dark Jade (5g = 20g)
7 Sun Crystal (1g50s = 10g50s)
4 Chalcedony (6g = 24g)
5 Huge Ciitrine (3g = 15g)
8 Bloodstone (2g = 16g)
Green Gem Total = 94g50s

572.5g + 442g + 178g + 94g50s = 1190g = 173g loss = OUCH! - AGAIN! (Estimated forest emerald again)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is this Blog Evil?

Well check out the number of posts...

Friday, 26 March 2010

5 Extra Frost Emblems This Week Only

One of the patch notes you may or may not have noticed is the one about changing when the weekly raid resets.

So if you did your weekly raid on Tuesday this week just after the reset you may be thinking you can't do it again until next Tuesday. Or if you read the patch notes you might be thinking next Wednesday.

Nope you could actually do the weekly raid on 3 consecutive days this week.

Monday Night - last night of week 1
Tuesday Night - first night of week 2
Wednesday Night - first night of week 3 following patch 3.3.3 shuffle


Thursday, 25 March 2010

1st Time In ... (part 2)


Yep after the Jaraxxus raid 3 weeks ago I got the bug for some more raid bosses I hadn't seen. So what should come up in the following 2 weeks?

Instructor Razuvious. Boo! I've done him in Naxx-25 before the assholes in Portugese Porkers pissed me off too much.

In fact I have recently vendored at least one piece of gear I won from him in N25.
OK, I got in the /trade PUGs and went and kicked his ass, got my 5 frost badges and went and surfed

Finally this week it was Ignis so rather than leave it to the last minute I kept an ear out in /trade on Wednesday night whilst relisting my glyphs.

A shout went out LFM for weekly raid. Having been caught out like this before I whispered and asked how many they had, because I've often been #2 in the group when responding to a LFM. 1 person is 'technically' looking for more I suppose - but really should be LFG - FFS ppl!!

You Really Want Me?
Anyway, my level 10 mage caster glyph seller got an invite to the raid! LOL!!

After a few minutes the raid was nearly filled out though so I told them I wouldn't be doing much healing as a level 10 mage and that I'd swap to my main. No-one had notice at that point that they in fact had a level 10 in the raid!!

I'm There - I'm Fucking There!!
Before I know it I am in Ulduar and I haven't a fucking clue what to do. I have not seen any strats or read about the fights in blogs for a very long time .. funny that.

Err What Now?
All I can remember is that the first fight is in vehicles against vehicles. Maybe there are drivers and gunners, there is something to do with towers and you might get thrown up at towers to do something with molten saronite or something.

So I'm in Ulduar I see some people running towards some vehicles, I run after one guy on his own and click the vehicle he jumps into. It makes me a gunner and I actually have 3 buttons on my ToC Jousting bar! I shoot some tanks and some flying things then we have a bit of a paddy about a tower not being done or something. The Flame Tank arrives we chase it about a bit. It dies. We loot. I get a 4 minute achievement or something. We move on.

So we get to the start of Ignis' trash, make a start and wipe somehow. Some idiots try to run away and manage to take some mobs quite a way back towards the start. I release and run, port to the 2nd area and get 1 shot by one of the angry mobs.

Thanks assholes. I was not the only one to have this happen and the RL got a bit irate! LOL. So when combat was dropped we moved back in, cleared up his trash and then one-shot Ignis-10 and I get another achievement to go with my 5 frosties and triumphs.

An Extra Little Treat?
A BoE drops from him but everyone rolled DE. The RL rolled Need and told everyone who was left in raid that it was a BoE and that we should roll. I won the roll. He'd ported out. He said in /ra that he'd mailed it. I don't know if he was speaking to me or not. I guess I'll find out when I log back in. Edit. Nope!

Who Cares - I've been in Ulduar - finally!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eat a Bowl of Cock and Patch 3.3.3

Nibs made me laugh with this yesterday ... "Eat a Bowl of Cock"

Anyway ... Patch 3.3.3

Not a lot to say really , apart from ... This must be the first patch where I selected 'load out of date addons' to see how truly fucked I was and there were no addon errors. MOost importantly postal and QA2 still work perfectly.

AGuf is a bit bizarre with the target frame screwed.

I've sold quite a few frozen orbs and the price of glyph books has rocketed for some reason.

Warlocks don't need spirit for life tap anymore, do they need it to get converted to spellpower? Or is that Locks done with their stupid dabbling with spirit?

Pallies. Not nerfed. YAY!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Buttered Holt I


HolyWarrior did his daily random heroic last night (a Forge of Souls run) and the Battered Hilt dropped for the second time ever.

I automatically clicked "Need" not caring whether the protocol for this group was "Need", "Greed" or "Pass Then Play the Digestive Biscuit Game".

Turned out I was the first to roll so whatever happened after that would be down to the stupidity of whoever didn't roll "Need" and wanted it. No chance of being called a ninja there!!

Not thinking I'm going to win it I kept on heading up the path and then it dropped into my bag! YAY!!!!!!!!!


So, here it is, I'll start the quest chain and document it here soon. Maybe.

Here's your starter for 10...

Monday, 22 March 2010

1st Time In ... (part 1)

...ToC (10)

That's right folks. I have never been past ToC(5) Heroic!

Lets take it back a few steps. In my grind for twentyumpteeneleventy frost badges I have started doing the weekly raids with PUGs advertising in /trade.

No it hasn't been bad, in fact not one single bad raid and they haven't been requiring achievements or redickyouless gearscores to get in. OK, that may be because it's only been Noth the Plaguebringer for quite a few weeks now!! It's been quick, easy and a very convenient 5 Frost badge boost.

I'll Skip Those Thank You Very Much!
One week it was Flame Leviathan and another it was Jaraxus and by the time I got round to looking for a group for them late on a Monday night there was no chance.

So back to the present (or nearly the present)

3 Weeks ago it was Jaraxus again and I actually looked for and managed to get into a group at the start of the weekly lockout. YAY! Except it fell apart after the wipe on the worms (2nd part of the first boss encounter) BOO! I was pissed off but the last guy to leave the part assured me I was not saved. YAY!!

Roll on Monday night again and I have enough time to try and get into another group. The only group going wants achievements. BOO! I /w the leader but they want a nice quick run. I leave it as I don't want to kick up a fuss about skill > gs ~ gear ~ achies. I don't know if I'll be applying to his raiding guild next week!

Go Baby Go
A few minutes later they are obviously desperate for a healer as I get a /w back asking if I still want to go. YAY!!

The RL whispers me some pertinent stuff, but I have at least opened up "wow wiki" on the first few bosses so it's not all totally new to me. And I had managed not to stand in the fire at the start of the week!!!

Don't Stand in the Fire
Not so tonight. Raid starts. I don't move out of fire quick enough as I am sure I have enough time to get that Holy Light cast. DEAD!

I /w the RL to let him know that I was 'aware' of what I had to do, I had just 'failed to actually do it'. Nevertheless the raid managed to clear with their best healer dead. And then the RL asked "Did you die?" - obviously didn't see or understand my whisper!!

Locked Out
I had to stand outside until all 3 waves were down. Seriously though, I guess I was their 3rd healer as it was a one shot.

Who, What, Where?
TBH after this point it's a bit blurry and considering I have not been in ToC-10 before I am a total ToC-noob.

So, I got back in and we buffed up and was there a fight him and the boss died and I got the weekly quest complete!

YAY! I got the ToC-10 Weekly raid done. YAY me!! Not completed ToC-10 but at least been in it and killed something!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Titanium Shuffle

Well, actually just buying up ore and prospecting it. This post is really just going to be me keeping track of whether each batch was profitable so figures will be filled in over the next couple of days.

Attempt the First
The first time I did it I bought up 7 stacks at 270g / stack

3 Kings Amber (sold as smooth for 200g each)
1 Dreadstone (sold for 124g)
1 Ametrine (sold for 124g)
Epic Gem Total = 848g

Less than 1 epic per stack :(

25 Titanium Powder sold for 750g

1 Sky Sapphire (20g)
1 Autumn's Glow (45g)
1 Scarlet Ruby (46g)
3 Forest Emerald (0g)
Update Misty Forest Emeralds sold for 25g, 12g
Blue Gem Total = 111g. New total 148g.

7 Shadow Crystal (10g50s)
10 Dark Jade (50g)
8 Sun Crystal (12g)
8 Huge Citrine (24g)
5 Bloodstone (30g)
5 Chalcedony (10g)
Green Gem Total = 136g50s

848g + 750g + 148g + 136g = 1846g

60g loss until the forest emeralds sell.
Update: Need to make 23g on last Forest Emerald to break even!

Attempt Two
I bought 3 stacks, prospected them, recorded what I got, then the cat must have jumped on my keyboard overwritten what I got then clicked 'Save' - Bastard Cat!!

Third Time Lucky
This time I bought 11 stacks for 260g each (2860g) and got

4 Eye of Zul 135.7g, 230g, 250g and 145g = 760g
2 Majestic Zircon (est 150g) Solids: 180g and 186g = 366g
2 Cardinal Ruby (delicate 209g and 172g)
1 Dreadstone (Sold Purified Dreadstone for 185g)
4 King's Amber (all sold as smooth for 700g)
2 Ametrine (reckless: 154g and 143g)
Epic Gem Total = 2500g = 2689g

That's almost 1.5 epic per stack!!

32 Titanium Powder (sell for 775g)

Then there's
1 Twilight Opal (Purified sold for 15g 19s)
5 Sky Sapphire (Lustrous Sold for 22g80s,23g75s + 10g75s + 29g85s +38g 40s )
1 Forest Emerald (0g)
3 Monarch Topaz (potent sold for 14g90s + 12g50s reckless 19g70s)
Blue Gem Total = 187g

5 Shadow Crystal (1g50s = 7g50s)
12 Dark Jade (5g = 60g)
13 Sun Crystal (1g50s = 19g50s)
11 Chalcedony (6g = 66g)
8 Huge Ciitrine (3g = 24g)
10 Bloodstone (2g = 20g)
Green Gem Total = 197g

2689g + 775g + 187g + 197g = 3848g

Over 500g profit. Much Better.
Update: Nigh on 1000g profit. 33% Baby!

Attempt 4 (1575g)
5 Stacks + 5 for 300g/stack

2 Kings Amber (228g + 183g = 411g)
1 Ametrine (150g)
1 Eye of Zul (sundered = 185)
Epic Gem Total: 746g

14 Titanium Powder (364g)

1 Twilight Opal (16.5g)
1 Forest Emerald (e5g)
1 Monarch Topaz (Potent = 60g80s)
2 Scarlet Ruby (64g + 47g50s)
2 Autumn's Glow (16g50s + 16g50s)
Blue Gem Total = 217g

5 Shadow Crystal (1g50s = 7g50s)
2 Dark Jade (5g = 10g)
6 Sun Crystal (1g50s = 19g)
5 Chalcedony (6g = 30g)
5 Huge Ciitrine (3g = 15g)
7 Bloodstone (2g = 14g)
Green Gem Total = 95g50s

746g + 364g + 217g + 95g50s = 1387g = 152g loss = OUCH! (still a forest emerald which could go for higher than estimate)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Scribe Update

3 Weeks later than expected here is the latest gold update.

Seller #1: 1,451 glyphs @ 5g each = 7,255g
Seller #2: 1,571 glyphs @ 5g each = 7,855g
Seller #3: 2,107 glyphs @ 5g each = 10,535g

Ink of the Sea: 2,177 @ 4g50sg each = 9,796g
Snowfall Ink: 2,754 @ 11g each = 30,294g
R. Parchment: 263 @ 0.50g each = 132g
Cash: 129,382g

For a total of 195,249 gold of which 66.2% is cash.

Real Life Gets in The Way ... again!

Sorry for the absence folks. Got back off holiday and before you know it the wife has gone into labour 12 weeks early. oops. Well the docs stopped it and now we just have to hold out as long as possible!

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Just like Lilac/Tatia did; I went off on holiday and didn't tell you guys.

Well, it was a great holiday thank you for asking and the scribe update from last Sunday will be this Sunday.

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Love is in the Air Event

I've been so busy at work and home recently that I haven't had a chance to really look at this event. Obviously as I have my Proto Drake now I haven't had the motivation either.

But last night I saw a request in trade to go do the event boss so I looked at the achievements panel to find out what it was.

Valentines Makeover
Well, it looks like they have completely redone the meta as well as the general look of the event as you wander around Stormwind or wherever.

I am sure they have added new achievements to the meta, or changed existing ones, as I completed the event last year you'd hope they wouldn't remove your meta-achievement if they changed the requirements this year. Don't fret they don't. I looked at my achievements and they are all set to complete even though I definitely don't recognise some of them.

Event Boss
The new boss(es) is(are) in Shadowfang Keep. I'm pretty sure it was THE ICE STONE IS MELTING* in one of the TBC naga instances last year. TO be able to summon them you need to do a few quests in Stormwind starting with the goblin outside the bank. Take some samples from guards, go do a timed run in goblin disguise to the city gates, speak to girl in Inn, go looking for Goblin in bank, AH and barbers and finally down to the docks.

*EDIT: According to Red in the comments The ice stone was Midsummer Festival. I had an inkling it was a different event and that makes sense. I think the event used to end with your trip to the dude near the rogue camp in Hillsbrad.

Then you'll get the quest to talk to another goblin in SFK. Get a group go to SFK, summon 5 times and do a pretty hard fight. Key: DON'T STAND IN THE FIRE!!!!

Buttered Hilt
Well, whilst doing the prequests for SFK event boos I had EvilBastard leeching a Heroic FoS run. Evil is as Evil does. I would have him on follow sometimes, get to a boss, throw out a rain of fire and then swich back to HW to carry on running round SW. He died a few times. But for the first time ever I saw the battered hilt drop. I rolled 34. LOL. It was won on a 98 I think.

Monday, 8 February 2010

HolyWarrior Kicked From Group.

So ... HW was in UP(H) last night, at least I'm pretty sure it was UP - it was the one with Skadi in it.

Anyway, so the DK tank has about 32K and can't possibly be defence capped or have much avoidance (I didn't look) as it was a bloody nightmare healing him. It was that bad that I'd have to make doubly sure the Beacon was at full cooldown at the start of every single fight as there was no way I could afford the GCD to recast it.

He died several times, this lead to a wipe more often than not.

We'd just downed Skadi and the tank runs off and pulls on half health, with me low on mana and in the process of rezzing someone. The tank dies. It is NOT a wipe luckily but this is the last straw for someone.

The rogue says "Pala do you have healbot installed?" and before I can reply "No, I'm a grid and mouse-over macro guy myself" its all like LOADING SCREEN!!!!

WTF the useless Oxygen-Thieves have booted the Healer because he can't keep a Retarded DK tank alive. Arseholes!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Scribe Update.

Before we get to this weeks scribe update I just want to post this ...

OK, now we've done that.

Seller #1: 1,218 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,090g
Seller #2: 1,329 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,645g
Seller #3: 1,888 glyphs @ 5g each = 9,440g

Ink of the Sea: 821 @ 4g50sg each = 3,695g
Snowfall Ink: 2,395 @ 11g each = 26,345g
R. Parchment: 671 @ 0.50g each = 335g
Cash: 106,177g

For a total of 153,901 gold of which 61.9% is cash.
For a total of 158,727 gold of which 66.9% is cash.

And I sold a few SFI on the AH.

So I broke the 100K in gold on my scribe!! That is purely gold from insciption. It's a 5K weekly profit - still crap, but around 10K in actual gold from last week!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Don't Need on My Cloth!!!

Yet another fucking druid was trying to need on cloth armour in my mage's dungeons today. Even the fucking pally healer wanted in on the act when some cloth spellpower legs dropped.

WTF is it with these selfish assholes?? Not satisified with being able to roll on leather and/or mail and plate but they want to fucking roll on the one type of armour that mages can wear.

GTFO of my group you selfish twats!!!

And don't give me the crap about stats > gear type at that level. Cloth --> Cloth wearers if they need ONLY after that can you greed away between you.

Have bliz changed it? Luckily these mouth breathers were not able to need on the cloth items. Back in my 50s in BRD the druid was actually able to need on the cloth stuff.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ensidia Banned For Lich King Kill?

WTF? Just been browsing /arseholes or more commonly known as /2 trade and it's full of talk of Ensidia being banned for 72 hours for exploiting the Lich King fight with saronite bombs and platforms re-appearing or something. The got their achi's removed as well apparently.*

Who is Ensidia?

And more to the point who is this Lich King of which they speak?

*All total hearsay from my regions /cocks channel so who knows!!!

Vote Kick FAILED!

Was in an heroic HoR this evening. The group tried to do the follow the LK even though I said I'd heard it was an exploit. Well, we wiped right at the start anyway.

It's possible that whatever exploit was there has now been patched out with 3.3.2

So, as we run back in the huntard starts the event again. Twat! Everyone dies expect me who gets to the instance entrance.

I fly around Scholazar for a while looking for a reagent vendor while everyone else corpse runs (after I say 'let me know when it's safe to go back in').

When they are alive and they say I can re-enter I am running up to the LK and the tank goes 'WTF!' and then 'WHY???' for a second I am wondering why and say 'What?' he says...

'The vote kick thingy'

I say 'Was it me?'


And it failed. Double YEAH!!!

No one even tried to pretend it was an accident. The vote just failed!!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Scribe Blah Blah ...

Seller #1: 1,862 glyphs @ 5g each = 9,310g
Seller #2: 1,285 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,425g
Seller #3: 1,261 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,305g

Ink of the Sea: 1,710 @ 4g50sg each = 7,695g
Snowfall Ink: 2,609 @ 11g each = 28,699g
R. Parchment: 290 @ 0.50g each = 145g
Cash: 95,322g

For a total of 153,901 gold of which 61.9% is cash.

That is a cash:goods ratio decrease of a 0.8% or 2 and a gross increase of 7K or so. Still Not happy :( Business is Slowing down. Going to have to start looking at JC more!!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Attempt at Warrior Tanking

My little girlie gnome warrior, BitchSlapper, made her first foray into instance tanking last week.

She has been levelling as prot since she had her talent points reset around level 60, probably around the time Wrath hit. She has been accompanied by P**Stabber the rogue in a dualboxing exercise since refer-a-friend and my 3rd account. So I am pretty used to where most of the prot and defensive stance talents are and what they do, but she's not been in an instance with a full group. I've got the taunts and threat stuff on my bars but they've not really been used or needed.

So I was sat in a random dungeon queue late in the evening with the mage. It was probably far too late for a dps to get into a group in any reasonable time, so on the spur of the moment I logged over to the warrior and plopped her into a random queue. It popped shortly thereafter.

It was Sethek Halls. It was late. I was drunk.

I'm a Virgin!
I admitted at the start that this was my first outing as prot. They were just glad to have a tank! We wiped a few times. I could generally hold the packs aggro and taunt runners back to me. To be honest I always died before the healer so I reckon I wasn't doing too badly!! We lost a few players and they were replaced. We finished the instance.

What A RFesult
Well at least we must have done as I had the random dungeon quest reward in my bags the next morning. But I can't even remember doing the last boss. How drunk was I? That group must have really thought they'd lucked out with that tank :P

So I went looking through my screenshots and found this...

Friday, 29 January 2010

Mage Alt Update

The last you heard about my mage (Arcanite) was probably when he was in his 30s and pootling around STV and SM as Arcane Spec. Why arcane spec? Purely cos I wanted to be different and liked Arcane Missiles and Arcane Explosion.

I was fully aware that at the time this was in no way to be considered a levelling spec. I don't know if it even gets close nowadays. I know, thanks to mage bloggers out there like Euripedes and Larisa for eg, that Arcane can be a viable raiding spec. I'm not raiding now and I wasn't back then. I chose that tree purely for my own enjoyment. Deal with it!!

Identity Crisis
Anyway, so he was called something different on a different server and he was level 30 something engineer.

I think I brought him over and levelled him up because I needed something engineery that he'd be able to make and I was too stingy to buy it, but I brought him over and levelled him to level 49. Don't know why he only made it there if I needed to level him for something.

Refer a Fuck Up
The intention was to spend the last of my refer-a-friend grant levels on him and take him from 49-60. Wrath hit. The grant levels got lost for a while. By the time I got back to him and that glitch had been fixed the 90 days were up and the grant levels had expired.

Dungeon Dungeon Dungeon
Anyway, so I've dusted him off and put his refunded talent points into the fire tree and thrown him over and over again at the random dungeon tool. He levelled from 49-57 in about a week purely on dungeons. I can't remember what he started out in, but ZF never came up. He had a good few Sunken Temples and more than enough Blackrock Depths (lower and upper city) and has now done a few Dire Malls.

Nice Gear
He is mostly kitted out in blue gear rewards from random dungeons. Very Nice.

So, this post has been written for a little while and has been sat in draft waiting for me to finish it off, so in the mean time I took the little blighter through a few more dungeons, culminating in this mid run of The Blood Furnace.

So - Mage or Warlock?
It's the eternal debate isn't it? They hate each other. My Lock was the second char to level cap at 60 and 70 and made 80 with HW. But now I'm having so much fun topping the damage meters and failing to decurse anyone I'm losing sight of why I liked my 'lock. Besides the fact that Blizztards have nerfed the fuck out of him over and over a-fucking-gain.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Calling Out The Daggerspine Assholes ... Or Not!

So I was going to call out those asshole window-lickers on Daggerspine for kicking me and wasting my time. But then I started reading Larisa's post and decided not to.

Lucky escape for you Midnightelf from Eminence guild on Daggerspine eh?

[Note to self. Delete draft post before logging off]

*Crash Bang Wallop*

Woah, what was that?

*Wanders off to investigate noise*

As it turns out 3 of them were from the same guild. Fucking Monkeys. I'm obviosly not going to say what the name of the guild was *cough* Eminence *cough* but I bet they sure are proud of their members.

Anyway, so it's a good job Larisa posted that or I might have spent far too long taking the piss out of some mouth-breathing asshole and his guild who lets their tanks be called Midnightelf - hahahha lol zomgroflbbq now that would be funny eh?

Edit: Not "lets" their tanks be called Midnightelf. This Brain Fart is the GM - HAHAHAHHAHAHH!!! And he has 9 ranks just for level 80s!!! What a control freak! And there is a level 80 called Nightmareelf - I bet that's the fuktards alt!!! HAHAHHHA!! OMFG My sides hurt. What a fucking cock!

I bet this is the kind of prick who doesn't even bother levelling his enchanting skill past 410 and makes his guildie minions enchant his gear for him. *cough* That's exactly what the waste-of-oxygen does *cough*!

Well that's what his mate Nozgareth told me (when I created a level 1 over on their realm and spoke to him) said anyway.

His other mate Pofe didn't agree, he said when he's not walking like John Wayne he's a great GM, it's just that some of the IRL favours he demands of his officers are a bit strange. Read: perverse and illegal in some countries.

But Englishfrost says that for the rest of the guild it's fine, they just ignore his strange sense of humour and get on with it. Otherwise how are they gonna raid Hogger without his expert tutelidge. I think I detected some sarcasm from EF.

Vendettah, on the other hand, isn't one to pull punches. He said as soon as he gets invited to 'the other guild' he will be out of the guild of deviant ass-lickers quicker than Monica Lewinsky got her lips round Bill Clinton's sweaty cock.


So, within minutes, well 12 or so, I was in a much nicer group. A bit impatient, but hey ho!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Daggerspine EU Arseholes

I took EB into a random dungeon tool PUG last night while I was creating the images for the last post. We got into Old Kingdon - Gah!!!

We were doing OK and we had headed down the tunnel that opens out onto the top of the steps. The group killed some mobs and then for some reason jumped off the side of the stairs (presumably to avoid some trash). I followed them forgetting that I had the Imp out.The pet was on defensive.

After about 10 seconds I thought "why is the imp not by my side?" and then realisation dawned. Without wasting a second I said in party chat

[party] EB: Sorry, pet pull
[party] EB: INC

The pet was a good 50 yards behind me, the rest of the group were a good 50 yards ahead of me, the group backtracked, I got hit with one spell before the pet-pulled trash pack were face down. Literally 10 seconds of everyone's time and we were back on track.

A few seconds later some asshole from the Daggerspine realm that actually had 'nightelf' in his name asked if I just had people on follow, linked a damage meter with me showing just shy of 1.5K dps* and then it was loading screen and "You have been removed from the group"

I mean - DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF??????????????????

So to you mouth breathing window licking arseholes on Daggerspine-EU: Fuck You - I hope you die soon. I'm gonna publish your names in my next post if I can drag them out of my "Elephant" addon when I get home.

Especially to the tank who I am sure was called warriornightelf or maxnightelf or something. If I ever get into a group with you on my healer. Expect me to make you look shite, cause you a massive repair bill and do my best to get you vote-kicked. I don't care if you are the tank. I'll change my dual spec to tank just so I can take over and all we'll need is a healer.

* OK, that's not great DPS, but it's not totally shite either. It was midnight, I was drunk!

The Gear Purchases

I bought the Heartmender Ring for 35 Emblem of Triumph to replace the Renewal of Life.

I then downgraded 18 Conquests to Valors to get the Cloak of Kea Feathers(il-213) to upgrade from the Shroud of Dedicated Research rather than spend the frosts on a cloak I'm gonna save some more for the frost chest or waist.

The cloak upgrade will still get me...

...and be an upgrade of:
+14 Armour
+14 Stamina
+14 Intellect
-10 Haste
+20 Spell Power
+21 MP5

Whereas the Drape of the Violet Tower (il-264) would have been an EXTRA:
+23 Armour
+27 Stamina
+26 Intellect
-28 Haste
+31 Spell Power
+9 MP5
Blue Socket (5 SP bonus)

Or I could get another 10 Frosts an upgrade the waist to Lich Killer's Lanyard and get as an upgrade from my il-219 Belt:
+179 Armour
+32 Stamina
+36 Intellect
+30 Spell Power
+30 Haste
+24 Crit

Or wait for 95 Frosts and get Chestplate of Unspoken Truths giving:
+343 Armour
+48 Stamina
+46 intellect
+ Yellow socket
+63 Spellpower
+100 Crit
-67 Haste
+21 MP5

So I went for the il-213 Cloak and will be saving for the belt and chest. But i got this:

Other Badge Upgrades I could grind for...
19 Conquest upgrade my 213 necklace to a 226
The same for the libram
60 Frosts Trinket - Purified Lunar Dust

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I Can't Wait...

...until tonight.

I have 49 Emblem of Frosts. Emblem's of Frost? Whatever.

I need 50 Emblems for my new cloak.

My new cloak gets me the Epic achievement!! That's 1 Year, 2 Months and 2 Weeks odd after Wrath was released - LOL! I don't even see "Must have Epic" in LFG anymore. It's all "must link achi, must have gs > 6K blah blah".

I won't even be able to link my "Epic" achievement because people will see the date on it and lolrofl all the way to the votekick button! Pretend I'm new? I love my Lieutenant Commander title too much for that.

Mind you, there might be even better gear upgrades available for my frosts. Maybe I can get a cloak for downgraded emblems and get some T10 stuff in a couple of weeks.

Also on the gear front I will have enough triumphs to upgrade my ilevel200/213 ring to a 245-ish one.

Tonight is going to be fun. But for now I am stuck at work taking advantage of the mail2blogger functionality.Haha stupid IT department and your web filtering software. Mwuhahahhaha!

And on that subject hopefully my gmail won't append some stupid signature like hotmail did last night.

Changes to Comments

Along with the email to blog post that I discovered last night I have also changed the comments section.

I have added backlinks and I have allowed anybody to post comments.

I may have to change the latter again, but it was set to only allow google/blogger accounts to comment. Lets see how it goes.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Blog Post via Email

My posting has been slower of late. That's because work started off by blocking anything adminney or commenty from blogger/blogspot. Now they have blocked the whole domain, so not only can I not access my own blog from work, but I cannot read any other blogspot blogs. Grrr!!
It may even have been my persistant blog reading that triggered then ban. Oops!!
I may have figured out a way to get around this problem using a remote desktop. But, I may now have discovered an option within blogger that lets you blog via email; and this is where this blog post has come from. YAY!!!
Hopefully. Lets see if this posts.

Do you want a Hotmail account? Sign-up now - Free

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Scribe Update

Arggg. Hardly any cash boost at all. However, the newly level capped JC has brought in a few K (which is not included in these numbers).

Seller #1: 2,144 glyphs @ 5g each = 10,720g
Seller #2: 1,533 glyphs @ 5g each = 7,665g
Seller #3: 1,484 glyphs @ 5g each = 7,420g

Ink of the Sea: 866 @ 4g50sg each = 3,897g
Snowfall Ink: 2,250 @ 11g each = 24,750g
R. Parchment: 724 @ 0.50g each = 362g
Cash: 91,979g

For a total of 146,793 gold of which 62.6% is cash.

That is a cash:goods ratio decrease of a % or 2 and a gross increase of 6K or so. Not happy :(

EDIT: Although I have been playing catch up. I have been undercut a lot less, my sale volumes have gone up (but not the value) and I let it slide, I was not restocking. I went Out-Of-Stock on a lot of glyphs. If I had them I would probably have sold them :(

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

HW and EB The Patient

Yep, they've both managed to PUG too many dungeons...update maybe to follow with screenshots.

Monday, 18 January 2010

HolyWarriors Gear and Jewelcrafting.

Holywarrior's gear is still a little pants.

He's got a couple of good epics from heroics, but they're mostly off spec stuff. He's sat on about 30 frost emblems and 100 triumphs and managed to pick up Mariel's Sorrow a little while ago, probably from ToC(HC) and a ring(Oath of Empress Zoe) this weekend.

Achievement Cheating
So the only slots left that require ilevel 213s in are the cloak and the trinkets. I bought him the Talisman of Resurgence trinket from the triumph vendor and equipped it in both trinkets slots so that they both got ticked off the list. I then won the roll on a 232 ring(Zoe) so now legitimately have 'epic' in both ring slots.

Nearly Epic
At the end of the weekend HW now just needs a cloak to get the epic achievement. That's right over a year since wrath came out and I still don't have 'Epic'!!!

In 11 days (or less if I do the random raid) HW will have 50 Emblems of Frost. He will buy the Frost Emblem Cloak. He will be Epic!

Some time ago, I decided to respec HW from Miner/Skinner to Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter. I completed the Blacksmith retrain some time ago and started creating Eternal Belt Buckles and socketed my gloves and bracer.

Changing Profs
Last week I finally took the plunge and dropped mining and started learning Jewelcrafting. I had 95% of the mats required in my guild bank so it was just a question of mailing off sellable stuff to the banker and DE'able stuff to EB as I made it.

JC Daily
As soon as I could do the daily I did it. On the first day you do a starter quest which rewards a JC token and then you can do the daily. So day 1 allowed me to buy my first Dragons Eye recipe. I had 2 Dragon's Eyes so I immediately made them into gems.

I've finally been taking my main seriously and been reading up on the best specs/enchants/gems now that I have converted to the best professions (in my mind at least) for a Holy Pally.

Holy Light or Flash of Light
I read over at Paladin Schmaladin that there are 2 main ways to go with a holy pally. Intellect and haste for a huge mana pool and dropping Holy Lights around, or the more high-end spellpower/FoL strategy for end game hard modes that have you sniping very fast largish heals but with less mana to play with.

As I am still in naxx gear with a few upgrades I'm sticking with the Holy Light/Loadsa mana build and am going to be replacing those SP gems I have with Intellect gems. But only as I replace gear. So those 2 dragons eye were the intellect model.

Meta Gems
On Sunday I got him to 448/450 jewelcrafting just one day too late to make EB his Chaotic Skyflare. But once I'd done the JC daily I dropped 280 gold on some powders, so that I could could buy the recipe anyway. I bought up some skyflare diamonds and levelled up to 448 with a brief stop on the way to make an icy prism at 440, as recommended by the jewelcrafting guide I've been following.

So now HW has another daily to do so that he can learn every jewelcrafting recipe. Hmm that could take some time! I really should have started a long time ago!

Scribe Stuff

Not half as much cash came in this week :(

Seller #1: 1,835 glyphs @ 5g each = 9,175g
Seller #2: 1,285 glyphs @ 5g each = 6,245g
Seller #3: 1,013 glyphs @ 5g each = 5,065g

Ink of the Sea: 1407 @ 4g50sg each = 6,331g
Snowfall Ink: 1988 @ 11g each = 21,868g
Cash: 90,827g

For a total of 139,551 gold of which 64.4% is cash. And 5K profit. Grrrr!!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Curse of the Tides Bug Fixed ... maybe

I don't know if it has been permanently fixed or if the bug was bugged. But when I took the mage back down to STV to clear a few grey and green quests I popped over to see if Galvan, Gavlan, Gevlon, Gablan, whoever-the-fuck had been fixed.

First off I had to go all the way to BB and abandon the quest and retake to get a new knife. I must have dumped it when I had full bags or something.

So back up to the Rebel Camp and a little running and I swam down to his little Altar of the Tides in the Cursed Reef. I didn't even have to use the knife. He was already there and hostile. As opposed to un-summonable or friendly.

I don't know if they have changed him so he is always there and always hostile, the quest has been fixed or a GM had been coerced into resetting him for someone. I don't care. He was red then he was dead. Tada!

I had put in many tickets concerning him and persuading GMs that they could reset him. If they accepted that they could do they would tell me it had been done and close the ticket before I could find that they had done bugger all and he was still bugged.

Whatever, quest finished.

Next up he went to try and solo Negolash. Maybe a frost spec would have been better. A Repair, 5 BBQ Buzzard wings later and a quick visit from EvilBastard and he's dead too.

Friday, 15 January 2010

3.3 Holy Plate Shopping List

I stumbled over this at Paladin Schmaladin and wanted to record it here for my own benefit before I forget where I found it. Basically it's a list of gear to get with your emblems of frost.

"Anyway, for the Frost Emblem Holy priority (FEHP?) here's what I'd do:

1.) Get 2 pieces of T10 asap. Preferably the shoulders (60 Emblems), chest or head (95 Emblems each), since they have Haste on them. Ignore the gloves. The bonus is ridiculous and completely unfair and I love it. As a Holy Paladin you want to race to this faster than NBC will admit Leno at 10pm was a huge mistake.
2.) Quite the sexy belt, isn't it? Haste, crit, SP and three sockets with the belt buckle? Get it next.
3.) Pick up the Gauntlets of Overexposure (60 Emblems).
4.) Finish the other two pieces of your Tier.
5.) Grab the cloak if you still need it by now, which isn't likely.
6.) Buy the trinket at this point only if you seriously have nothing better and you're FoL spec. But after 4/5 T10, the gloves and the belt, that's 465 badges. Meaning, chances are, you've stumbled across a better cloak. Hopefully this bad boy.
7.) The Libram is pure nonsense and shouldn't be looked at. Ever. At all. Don't even look at it right now. Stop it. Stop. Just stop.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Patch 3.3 Speculation Results

So, what happened to my speculation on Patch 3.3? I had 3 main areas of speculation. Borean Leather, Saronite Ore and Book of Glyph Masterys.

Glyph Books.
As we know that was totally FUBAR. It turned out that I got this idea off Kevmar I think and that turned out to be mis-information. Never mind Kev. I didn't research it :P I set up a snatch for 30g and was hoping to flip at 50g as this was possible pre-3.3 with some patience. I have managed to trickle a few back into the market for profit/no-loss but with the new dungeon tool the bloody books have flooded in.

Borean Leather.
HBL can now be used to buy Arctic Fur. The premise was that BL and HBL would go up while Arctic Fur would drop and the prices would meet in the middle.

What Happened was that, for whatever reason (best analysed elsewhere), Arctic Fur dropped and leather blipped on patch day and stabilised back at roughly it's old price.

I had 2 guild bank tabs of Borean Leather bought at a very low snatch price. I sold 1 tab of straight leather at 100% profit. It then became more profitable to sell as Heavy Leather so I took the leap and converted it all up.

I have been trickling the HBL on a few stacks of 10 at a time with a 1c undercut. The deposit is way too much to risk failed auctions. I'm now generally selling them between 40-50g / 10 stack. There going as 10s for the ease of players who want a 10 stack for 1 arctic fur.

I'm thinking the Arctic Fur market is too slow to get into. It's too late now. I only have a few stack of HBL left.

Saronite Ore.
The same happened here as with the leather. Titanium dropped, no significant long term change to saronite.

This was really worrying me. I had half a guild bank tab of ore and a full tab of bars. Splitting my risk. The ores all sold out on patch day or the following day. Leaving me with all my bars still. They are slow moving and bloody expensive to have a failed auction on. So as with the leather I have been trickling them back into the AH when the market was favourable.

The other day I spotted someone in trade saying they'd buy all bars for 35g/stack. Now, I had bars on a snatch of 32, but very rarely bought them. My ore was at a snatch of 16g/ore stack (translates to 32g/bar stack) and that is where most of my bars came from. So, he wants 35g/stack. The convo went something like.

[Me]: How about 38g/stack
[Him]: How many you got?
[Me]: 60. So is 38g/stack OK?
[Him]: Sure.
[Me]: OK, 60 in the mail now with a COD of 38g/stack
[Him]: Cool, is that 60 bars?
[Me]: No, that's 60 STACKS
*time passes*
[Him]: &*@~$. Cool thx

I don't know if he was expecting that much or was just surprised that someone had that many, but it got rid of that millstone round my neck and put 2K in my coffers.

Just gotta get rid of those bloody glyph books now.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Loving The New Random Dungeon Tool

When 3.3 came out I was writing a review of the new dungeon tool. I only had a couple of screen shots to put in it and polish it up and it was finished. I may still release that post. But probably won't.

SO, just in case I don't I'll just shout about it now.


HolyWarrior has spent quite some time using it, at least the first random dungeon of the day so that he can build up some frost emblems. But today I spent most of my time in there with EvilBastard.

His gear was absolute cack and after quite a few heroics it is a lot better. He's still got a < ilevel 200 trinket but everything else is at least ilevel 200 with a couple of epics.

The weird thing was he did the same heroics several times. He definitely did Halls of Lightning at least 3 times. WTF is that all about. I thought that once you'd done it you were locked to it for a day or something. The dungeon tool even had a padlock against it and said I was locked. It would still let me in and reward me for completing it.

So anyway, as stated in a previous post I was lucky to be kicking out 600-700 dps a few days ago.

Now I can easily put out 1.4K (yeah - dog shit I know) and hit 1.9K if I concentrate. If we're taking on 3 or more mobs I'll switch to Seed of Corruption and can easily get 3K. I even got 4.1K once. Screenshot or it didn't happen!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

EB beats HW Into Culling of Strat. Grrr!

I'm really getting into this random dungeon tool. Once I'd taken HolyWarrior in for the 1st heroic of the day to get his emblems I thought I'd take EvilBastard out for a spin.

He went into an AN and a UK (both heroics). EB's gear is really crap. Most of the gear is TBC epics or quest reward/levelling greens up to and including Grizzly Hills. He hasn't been into many (if any) dungeons and has a couple of Argent Crusade epics. His gearscore must be appalling.

Oh Shit My DPS is Worse than Crap
This was shown when recount advised me after a few pulls that my DPS was around 693. OK, lets research specs.

According to Saresa over at Destructive Reach this is what we are looking at. (obviously don't CotE if you have a DK or Shammy or something in the group.)

UPDATE. Nibs over at Mystic Chicanery did an excellent article for Affliction Locks and how to choose. She says its an Unholy DK bringing Ebon Plaguebringer or a Boomkin with Earth and Moon when you don't need to bother with CotEl. Also: 3 or more caster need to benefit. Think I'm gonna go back to CoA!!

Curse of the Elements*
Chaos Bolt

* take your pick

Anyway, I won a belt and put an eternal belt buckle in it.

Fucking Stroppy Tanks
In one of the runs the DK tank was getting a bit arsy. He could have been talking to me or to the pally healer. He was raving about crap gear etc. The pally assumed it was aimed at him and came back with the good argument that the noob tank is not going to get healed if the healer is OOM and the tank fucks off 100 yards into the distance and pulls every pack of mobs in site.

I chimed in that the tank was probably talking to me, but the healer was on a roll and just to get at the tank said "It's not your fault your gear isn't exceptional, that's why you're in here!"


I replied with "That was the nicest way I've ever been told that my gear is shit <3"

Anyway, by the time we'd finished I still wasn't using Saresa's rotation but my DPS was up to 800-900. LOL - still crap but I'll work on it.

Later in the evening I though I'd take him out again and after a few hiccups when the LFD popped whilst I was alt-tabbed or off getting a beer and pissing out old beer I finally got in, and it was a CoT:CoS. Grr!!

Back Up Just a little Bit
One of the things I was looking forward to with Wrath was the Culling of Stratholme. But I just have not got round to doing it. I have been doing the instances as I was led into them via levelling. But having hit 80 on EB and HW in Grizzly Hills I'd only done Nexus/Occulus and AN. I've only recently gotten into Ancient Kingdom whatever. So, getting EB into CoS before HW grated a little :P

OK back to the Present
But he is in there so lets make the most of it. I really want to get the storyline and see the event but I guess everyone else in the entire world (of warcraft) has seen the event countless times and it is just boring and/or holding up timed runs. So I didn't get to appreciate one of the most important lore events of the expansion.

So, anyway, off we go speeding through. Kill lots of stuff. Towards the end Arthas says 'speak to me when your ready to go' and everyone has charged off and starts fighting something that's going to hopefully drop an epic mount.

For some reason

a) even though I'd never been in here before
b) was obviously a noob dps'er
c) should have been keeping my head down

I clicked on Arthas and told him to go do his thing.

[someone]: LOCK - you bloody stupid gnome!
[me]: err, oops. was that bad?
[someone]: you don't start stupid slow arthas and get him killed when we're doing a timed run.
[me]: Oops, sorry. It's ok though. he's back :P
*Loot Window for [Reins of Bronze Drake] pops up*
*EB clicks NEED*

And I won the reins to the the drake - hahahhaha.

So off we go and kill Malganis and jobs a good 'un. He's dead and no-one complained that I noobed about and/or that I'd won the reins with little to no input and in fact was just plain useless!!

Moar DPS?
Whilst in CoS I'd been throwing Seed of Corruption around wherever possible and my DPS was up to 1100 at one point! I really must get some more gear and try out Sar's rotation.

On the Subject of instances that I'd not been into, I've also done Halls of Lightning, Violet Hold and a couple of others now. But their meaning is lost. That is why I wanted to do them in order.

To be continued...