Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Has the Gold Cap Gone Up?

My scribe opened up the latest batch of mails with cash from the campers and I had miscalculated how much to transfer to the guild bank first.

Before if you went over 214K it would tell you that you have reached the gold cap.

My scribe now has 217014g 24s 32c...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Holy Paladin Stat Priority

According to Ferraro the stat priority for holy paladins will now be Spirit > SP > Int. > Haste > Crit.

Monday, 25 October 2010

How Much Gold Have My Glyphs Made Me?

27K as reported after a couple of days.
21K a week later.
40K just received.

I made 88K of my glyphs so far. but now I have run out of inks :(

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Patch 4.0.1 Changes I've Noticed so Far

No Mains?
I have not even logged onto HolyWarrior to check how many Justice Points he has or if he can still buy Hodir and Ebon rep with them.

I've been on my glyphers.

More Than Just Charred Glyphs
I've noticed that one of the 'Techniques' you used to be able to buy to learn a glyph (patch 3.2 was it?) has had it's associated Glyph charred and technique itself has become 'Moldy Parchment' which vendors for 2gold.

I also found another batch of Zandalar coins I had accidently put up for sale for 11s - DOH!!

Book: Gift of the wild is now 87s50c vendor trash and Tome of Arcane Brilliance is 10 gold vendor trash, Codex: Prayer of Shadow Protection - 1g47s50c

I Was Not Prepared
Before patch shutdown I had restocked only about 3 classes of glyphs up to 20 stacks and I had managed to remove the to be charred glyphs from the creation list.

When I finally managed to get back online I learnt all the trainable new glyphs, bought a Book of Glyph Mastery for 170g - ouch!! (should have stocked up on them there buggers) and got my Northrend Inscription Research done, glyphs crafted and sent to the sellers.

The sellers then raked in 1000s of gold in the first hour online!!

24 hours later:

Ranged glyphs 13K
Hybrid 6.8K
Melee 7.5K
Total 27.3K

Justice Points and 2 More Exalted Rep Grinds
My 0 frost badges and 870 odd triumph badges have been converted to 11.3K Justice points. I need to spend 7000 justice points before Cata or they'll get converted to gold. I need no more gear.

The day before 4.0.1 hit I an my last ever heroic on HolyWarrior to get the last 2 frost badges I needed to get my last upgrade (outside of raids) the T10 shoulders. I will be spending as many as I can to raise my Ebon Hold and Hodir rep from nothing to exalted.

The commendation badges ae purchasable with Justice Points. I think they used to be 1 Triumph emblem which means they should be 12 JPs but they are in fact 16 JPs - oh well. I think I have enough...

Ebon - 6K friendly + 12K Honoured + 21K Revered = 39K = 75 badges = 1200JPs
Hodir - Not even got rep on character sheet yet. WIll do quests them wil hopefully be honourd and only need 63 badges from 1015 JPs

Leaving nearly 5000JPs to spend or be converted to gold!!

Skillet / Lil Sparkys clone is fucked - manual gyph making - ouch!!!
Postal is working - YAY
Zero Auctions replaces QA3 nicely, with Gevlons /click trick making things quite easy.
Grid is fucked - no raiding!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Draft in the Retards For Patch Day

Think Blizztards must have drafted in the more mobile of the local fuckwits asylum on patch day just to cover demand. I mean .. what exactly does this mean?

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Goodbye Rash of the Itch King...

... and hello pre-Clit-a-chasm discombobulation!

I didn't finish crafting all my glyphs before I got kicked off and I didn't buy my Sons of Hoidr or Ebon Blahblah commendation badges before emblems of triumph went. I hope I can buy them with Justice points. I doubly hope that emblems don't get converted tonight.

Other preparations? I hit exalted with Zandalar. I didn't get the mount, pet(was there one) or polymorph tome :( My spare bijous were still on the AH - I wonder what will happen to them!

I am prepared for a massive addon crash tommorow - I have 10 cans of Carlsberg!!