Saturday, 1 March 2008

Quick Saturday Heroic

Popped into heroic ramparts for the daily heroic.

TiceNits and 3 other guildies were already in and wiping on trash and she persuaded them to hold out for me for DPS - LOL

So as Holy spec with my almost full epic ret gear on I went and caught up with them.

We did alright, downed three bosses (thats probably it, I've never been in there!!) and got 3 badges of justice.

I also snaffled a large shard and a void crystal and won a roll on a Primal Nether. Hmm I am miner/skinner, why would I want a Primal Nether? Well, apparently they are losing their BoP, along with Nether Vortexs, in patch 2.4 so I am going to roll from now on :)

So, with the 2 BoJ for the daily quest that brings my BoJ total up to 62.

Ooo and EvilBastard is level 67 3/4 with lots of quests to hand in. Tomorrow morning he should finish Nagrand and move into Blades Edge Mountains :)

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