Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Servers Down. SNAFU

D3 all downloaded weeks ago and ready to install.

And so began the error messages.

It turns out Blizztard added 50MB on May 12th, but it wasn't a simple additional download like we had to do anyway. No, you had to re-download a new installer package and re-run it on the install directory.

This checked the initial 7GB and finally downloaded the last 50MB and THEN started the install!

OK, so all installed and at 00:01 the mad rush to logon began.

I eventually got as far as the error message "You need a battle tag" but by the time I got that created all the servers had imploded!

I then popped onto WoW and did this weeks LFR came back and the servers finally came online ...

... but you still can't get past "connecting to server".

I thought they'd learnt their lesson; obviously not!

Good Job Blizztards!