Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Epix for EvilBastard

I'd just got dinner ingredients out of the fridge and TiceNits and I were all set for watching some TV when we're asked if we want to go to Kara.

I tell her to respond that we'll only go if we can both go on our alts; her huntard and EvilBastard. Thinking that will get us out of it I open up the pack of prawns and start rinsing them.

Nope, the jokey reply comes back "Blackmailing bastards - ok then!"

So I hastily leave all the dinner ingredients sat on the kitchen worktop and go log EB in!

MT - Elephant - guild priests warrior alt
MH - Turps - main druid healer
OH - Baltic - guild MTs alt paladin

EvilBastard - Aff Lock
TiceNits' Alt - BM Huntard
Arctic - guild alt shaman
Vegan - guild main hunter
Flossy - guild healadins huntard alt
Boredom - guild mage
Some rogue alt

As we're clearing trash I am trying to install addons and configure button hotkeys on my spanking new PC and I'm still frigging about a little as we start on Attumen. Towards the end I back up a bit hoping to be the one that is charged because I am in a silly mood! Nope we burn him down too quickly, he never got another chance to charge! So that's a one shot, 1 badge of justice and Harbinger Bands - WooHoo!

Addons installed: Trinity bars - nothing else
Macros: None
Buttons hotkeyed: Imm, Corr, CoA, SL, DL, LT, SB, SoC

Thats all I'm gonna do tonight. That's almost Vanilla WoW - not even Omen or Focus Frame.

Onto Moroes which should be interesting with no off tank and nub-palladin alt for CC (Crowd Control, NOT Constant Consecration). So we set a kill order and burn down all 4 adds quick smart and leave Moroes till last. Bye Bye Moroes and thank you for 2 Badges and another 1 shot.

We move onto Maiden's corridor, I banish my concubines fine but someone manages to pull a load of extra mobs just as the banish is up and everything gets very hectic and it takes me time to rebanish. We get back down to 2 mobs but almost everyone else is dead. The banish ends and the mob goes for the last other person alive, I try and enslave it to tank the other mob and save the day but it got resisted or something and I died! Wipe #1 of the evening.

Time to finish dinner while everyone else runs back, they have to wait for me - haha!

So we start maiden again with nub-pally who probably doesn't do blessing of sacrifice because I forgot to remind him so I died at around 25% due to no healing. Oh well she got 1 shot anyway and gave me 2 badges.

We're moving onto the Opera event and poor Elephant says we need an Off Tank for the groups of 2 Ushers. Sod that, we'll burn 'em down I say. We do. Easy.

The Opera Event was Big Bad Wolf/Red Riding Hood - whatever you want to call it! We wasted the mofo. At the last second I got red-riding-hooded and actually noticed. I got half way round the room and died at the same split second that the wolf died!

Nightbane next and bang bang bang - 1 Shot, 2 Badges!

Whilst clearing our way to Curator TiceNits asks how many badges I have. I have 7 and she has 9 - OMFG - I must have forgotten to loot one of the bosses. I run back to Maiden but she has despawned. I run back to Opera but the wolf has despawned. Oh well, looks like I'm 2 badges down then :(

Curator: Elephant asks if I can be soak. I reply that I've done it fine last 2 weeks. I think I lost 2nd spot on his aggro table for a little while near the end as I stopped taking damage, but soon got it back. It was a little disapointing that he survived his second evocate this time and another 10 seconds or so, but still a 1 shot and he dropped the T4 glove token for Hunters, mages and warlocks.

At Last. Except I am up against TiceNits' alt and another hunter alt, TNs' alt roles 39, the other huntard rolls 53. I am mentally preparing myself for the disappointment of a /roll 3 and what do I roll? FIFTY NINE!! WoooHooo - EvilBastard has T4 gloves!! Screw the 2 badges I have lost!!! I is Happy.

Time to go give Aran a little looksy, I am told to banish elementals. We start him and his mana is no way near 20% higher than his health or whatever it has to be, the elementals come and I manage to get 1 banish off before everything gets very hectic and I die. He gets to sheep everyone and the pyroblast kills several more people, but we do get another 1-shot in! 2 badges - thankee.

Turns out the rogue wasn't interrupting much at all, hence the extra raid damage and his mana going down too fast!

My task for Illhoof is to SoC spam him. I do. I love all those big yellow numbers flying off his imps. I manage to keep my mana up because I remember reading over on Mystic Chicanery how Lilac ran out of mana. So I was SoC > SoC > Life Tap > SoC > SoC > Dark Pact, rinse repeat, this way it kept mana up and made it easier to heal me. some people got chained, some of them died. I die at about 20% I think the healers were worrying about the chains at the time.

The paladin takes over with some CC (This time it is Constant Consecration!) and the mage Blizzarding??? Boredom - WTF?? The Paladin dies and we hobble along to the last 1% - fuck it - it's still another 1 shot!

Chess Event - 2 badges - 1 shot - move along now, nothing to see here...

It pisses me off a bit sometimes when the run ends at Aran and leaves the Chess Event untouched. That's some free badges and epics as a reward for getting this far - like that's hard these days - pfff, but still, why leave the loot and badges for the next group to come in who may only have 1 person from the original group?

It wasn't that much of an uber-zerg run. On at least 2 occasions when I died on bosses many other people died too and I was tentatively watching the boss health creep down % by % but still, we cleared 9/11 bosses all one-shotted in about 3 - 3.5 hours (I wonder what google searches will arrive here because of the 9/11).

So, I missed 2 badges somewhere, but got upgrade to 2 blue pieces, wrists and hands, 15 badges bringing my total to 64 badges. 62/21000 revered with violet eye, so when I can be arsed I can go and upgrade my ring and hand in Medivh's Journal, which I prised out of Aran's cold dead fingers, for one of the quests.

TiceNits' hunter also got 2 gear upgrades so that was good too.

Busy Busy Busy

At last, I have caught up with my blogging.

I've been inundated at work so all my blogging time had gone out of the window.

I had been scribbling down posts in the back of a book and then when I had some spare time whacking out a load of draft posts and rounding them out when I got spare time.

Well, the number of drafts posts grew and grew and so did the pile of work on my desk, but I whittled them down and gave them to you in bursts.

I'm still going to be busy for the next few weeks but I'll be trying to blog in WoW real-time!

WTF is up with Vista?

I finally got my new PC from DELL yesterday. An XPS 720 that I had customised somewhat, like boosting the graphics and upgrading memory.

Cost me around £1500 - that's nearly 3K of your americum dollar!

4GB of dual channel memory it has, confirmed by looking in the BIOS, what does Vista report?

Vista tells me it has 3069 MB - I dunno where those last 3 MB went - but that's 3GB in my book.

WTF? I ring DELL support and I'm told (by someone in India that can barely speak English - don't start me on that!) that because it's dual channel it is over the capacity of Windows Vista to use or something.

Does anyone know what that means or whether it was just bullshit from DELL? How can I trust Vista to do 64 Billion calculations per second if it can't count past 3?

I've done a little research and it all talks about how 32-bit systems can only reference 4GB worth of memory addresses and they have to use some of the memory address for virtual memory devices or something, so they are unusable by the real-life actual physical fucking memory sticks that I paid extra fucking money for - Bastards! Or something equally as bollox! Anyone care to shed any light on that?

And if that is right why did DELL sell me a PC with Vista (Don't start me on that either - I WANTED XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!) a 32-bit operating system and 4GB of RAM if the OS can't fucking use it?

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Frickin' RL

Actually had RL stuff to do tonight.

As it turned out so did other people cos the guild couldn't get 25 people together.

It all falls apart without me :P

/sarcasm mode off

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Silly Ninja Mage

Thanks B^3 for this little drama gem.

I likes drama, just like B^3!



That is all.

Need More Stamina...

Sunday Evening raid started with a quick 2 shot of Karathress. Lack of hunters for the 1st pull, apparently, led to some dodgy pick ups and a lot of raid healing. I spammed a lot of HL-11s around while trying to keep the shammy tank up. As usual there were 3 others on shammy tank and a dedicated healer for us, but he still died.

Wipe. Quick recovery. Dead boss. He dropped a trouser token for each group, a shammy trinket and 2 badges, so up to 172.

Soon thereafter we went to Black Temple and wiped a few times on Naj'entus. The problem here was lack of healers. We only went with 6 so it was took time to get everyone above 8.5K before breaking his shield (so he healed lots) and then recovering after bursting it was hard too.

Err, and I kept dying on the shield burst. I thought it was because I wasn't fully healed but on try 3 I was fully healed and ... err ... died. Why? Because even though I is uber-healadin I ... err ... might have *cough* only around 8K HP fully raid buffed. Epic Oops!!

I tried equipping tanking shield, weapon (mallet of the tides!!!) and trinkets which took me to 11K HP but this seriosuly gimped my +healing, like down to 1200 - ouch, so back on with the healy shield and weapons. HP down to 9000-ish and healing back up to around 1700 - that'll do.

Sheild Burst ... heal ... heal ... heal ... dead ...ouch!

26 minutes before official raid end time and it's decided to go to Rage ...

20 minutes before raid end and most people are there but we haven't started yet ...

5 minutes before raid end time - MY TRINKET FAILED. I has it equipped, I get ice blocked, I miss clicked something else, I click correct button, I die. Oopsy.

It wasn't just me though, raid drops like flies. We have him down to 25% have 2 tanks , 2 healers and a DPS dies. 20% DPS dies, 15% healer dies, 10% tank dies.

That leaves a tank and a healer. 4% healer dies. 4% Tank dies. 3% vaJaina dies ... Awww ... we haven't got him farm yet :(

Sunday Morning Heroic

Logged on at 09:00 (very early for me!!) and did a couple of WSGs (gonna get that bloody medallion for Mount Hyjal eventually) and then got an invite to heroic Mechanar.

TiceNits wanted to bring her hunter but realised she was only friendly, so couldn't :( and she really didn't wanna go with her mage. We had a full group ready to go and luckily StupidDorf came online and did want to go!!

So we go in, we pwn ass. I am healer, we take down juggernauts or whatever the hell they are called, we get the cache of the legion open, then go clear trash around the fire kiting bint. Then clear the first 3 waves on the way to PantsOn, go back and take out the bint.

We then head back off to PantsOn and have our first wipe on the last group of trash, well I say wipe. Rogue vanished and Hunter feigned. So, apart from StupidDorf's cat dieing (how the fuck do you spell that?) once, we only had 3 deaths the whole instance. I is uber innit! PantsOn died soon thereafter.

4 Badges from instance and 2 from quest and 25 gold, not a bad haul for an hours work at all!!

Badge total: 170

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Nether Vortex Hilarity

I decided to get the remaining materials I need for the Golden Spellthread and the Belt of Blasting from the auction house.

That's 1 x Primal Nether for the Spellthread and 2 x Nether Vortices for the Belt.

Yesterday the Primal Nethers were selling for 35 gold.

Today they are selling for 53 gold. Ouch! Oh well, I could be waiting some time for a heroic run or the price to go down and I need the spellthread before tomorrow night's raid so I better suck it up and buy it.

Next on the list is 2 Nether Vortices.

After reading blogs I was expecting 400-500 gold each. TiceNits had a look yesterday and they were going for 350 gold each. That's nice. I look today and there are 3 on for 250 gold and the next highest value is 294 gold. Hell I'm buying all 3 and reselling one!!

So, up it goes, undercut by 1 copper as I usually do and 1 gold 20 silver is not a bad deposit either!

Edit: I checked back a few hours later and it had sold. Shame it attracted a 15 gold auction house cut :(

OMFG - I <3 AH

Oh yes sirree!

Nice little blue healing belt that dropped when TiceNits and HolyWarrior were doing dailies that Holy won. Onto the Auction House and there were none selling and the auctioneer suggested buyout was 96 gold.

Well, it was without competition so I put up for 199 gold.

Did it sell? OH YES!!!!!

This screenshot was taken on my laptop rather than my desktop, can you see the improved quality?

Goddam Cheap Japanese Flying Packs

A prize* to the first person who can tell me who uttered those words in my favourite film of all time.

Anyway, it's not cheap Japanese flying packs that I'm annoyed with, it's one of my Netgear routers.

I spent 3 hours last night on the phone to my ISP before they closed at 21:00 because my broadband wasn't working. This didn't resolve the issue so I was without WoW all last night!! Argggggg.

So this morning I took the router round to a friend's house to remove router problems from the equation and guess what? It didn't work there either. It reported that it had up and downstream speeds, and these were different from the speeds reported at home.

I rebooted it, I hard rebooted it and then I ended up booting the fucking thing out the door and going and buying a new one. £79.99 and 30 minutes later I'm online.

The kid is happy again, running level 3s all round Eleywn (sic) forest and my bank balance is a little lighter!

But the new router has blue flashy lights on it so all's good!

Edit: No-one hazarded a guess as to the film or the person. It was Woody Allen in "The Sleeper"

* Subject to Terms and Conditions, prize may be virtual or imaginary.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

SSC Sux Even More

Tonight we went to SSC and took out Lurker and Leo. Both the usual one-shots.

Lurker dropped Bracers of Eradication [insert picture] which I won to replace my mail DPS bracers

Leo dropped 2 T5 gloves; I wanted for my tanking set but someone paid DKP for 1 and I lost the roll against a shaman for the other; he also dropped Girdle of the Invulnerable which I also lost the roll on against another pally :(

We had to call it after less than 2 hours as not enough tanks or healers for other bosses :(

Still it was 4 badges taking HolyWarrior up to 164.

More Disappointing DPS

Wednesday 23rd April 2008

OK, OK, most of the rest of the raid were in T5 gear so of course they are going to be better than EvilBastard, but I was still only pumping out 525 DPS according to Recount(Preservation) when we went to Karazhan last night.

TiceNits topped the damage so she was happy, and I shouldn't really be moaning at 525 DPS, but still. I have loadsa epix now I should be better

Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders
Frozen Shadoweave Chest
Frozen Shadoweave Boots
Spellstrike Hood
Trial Fire Trousers
Sword of Wizardry
Cincture of Will! - LOL

I was following Nibuca's advice and was only using corruption or Immolate and then shadowbolt on trash. If the mob was likely to last for a few more seconds then I'd corruption > immolate > SB and I was only going for the full DOT rotation on long living bosses, but I only ever got to 4th on the damage meters with T5 Hunter, Mage and Spriest above me and tank, healers and alt warriors and hunter below me.

I suppose I was the highest DPS alt there and at least the tanks didn't out DPS me!

So in short we one-shot attumen - I survived, then we one shot Moroes and I survived, then we one shot maiden without a paladin and I survived (not)!

Onwards to Opera and we pulled the big bad wolf event and I died at about 50% and then everyone else died except the tank, 2 alt dps warriors and the resto shammy. At 24% the 2 dps warriors went down leaving the tank and resto shammy to kill it. They died at around 10%. Attempt 2: I survived and the Wolf didn't!

A quick trip to Nightbane. Bang - One dead dragon. I survived - woohoo!

On to Curator and we one shot him with me being arcane soak again; the only arcane resistance I have is any racial that gnomes have - still haven't confirmed that. It was nice to be able to unload on curator without having to worry about sparks, I survived and we one shot curator.

2 hours in Karazhan. 6 Bosses dead. 11 Badges of Justice.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

First Look In to Black Temple

Tuesday 22nd April 2008

We went to Mount Hyjal and AnEnema got 2 shot. 2 He dropped 2 badges and 3 epics...

The Pillar of Ferocity
Nethervoid Cloak
Quickstrider Moccasins

During the fight I saw a nice fat Holy Light 11 Crit come up ... 9347 !!! Geee Zuss!!

With the badge total up to 160 it is finally off to Black Temple to have a nosy round. We thought we could skip Naj'Entus and go to Supremus, but the gate at the top of the drain was closed. There was some speculation that it used to be open pre-patch 2.4 but now you have to kill Naj to open it.

Well that was worth several wipes on the aqueous humours to discover :(

So off to Naj we go, we manage to squeeze in 1 quick wipe before the raid is over. I mis-timed my bubble-hearth and died last - {sad face}.

But, I can finally say I've been in black temple. All I have to do now is get the vials from Kael and Vag and I can say I have legitimately gone to black temple :)

Netherwing Fun and Games

Midnight Monday 21st / Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Did nothing but netherwing dailies with "the twins" on Monday evening.

Come midnight EvilBastard handed in his last daily and all his eggs. How close to exalted do you reckon that got him?

Oooo that's close, but how close?

Awww, what to do? Ahh - he still has some flying quests to do, maybe that will give enough rep, Trope the Filth-Belcher here I come!

One quick race later and...


Oh Yeah Baby!

So once you are exalted you have to complete another quest which leads to this...

Oooooo dear, err excuse me Mr Illidan...

Errr, I hope he doesn't see through my disguise.

OK, he saw through my disguise. That's his minion he is shouting at, not me, he does look a little annoyed though doesn't he?

Hmmm, OK, I think it's time to get out of here, luckily the nice goblin spawns into a dragon and flies me out of there.

We get to Shattrath, eventually, and I get to choose my very own Netherdrake Mount ... woohoo

Sunday Fun

Sunday 20th April 2008

EvilBastard spent most of Saturday farming motes of mana in Netherstorm, this morning he started grinding life in dead mire.

He then used the Primal nether that was for Spellstrike Pants to get a Runic Spellthread for his trousers made. Nice. :)

HolyWarrior did a few battlegrounds to get a bit of honour towards the Medallion of the Alliance - 2 minute cooldown version which is good for Rage but essential for Archimonde.

The afternoon raid was cancelled because there were not enough sign ups so HolyWarrior did some more battlegrounds as did EvilBastard, then some more life grinding!

The evening's raid began with a 2-shot of A'lar so some people could get the BT quest done, so that was 2 badges and then onto Mount Hyjal.

A 1-shot on Rage for Blood-Stained Pauldrons for my dps set to replace healing shoulders and 2 badges.

So that takes the badge total from 153 to 157; except there are 158 in bank so maybe I got another badge from a Shattered Sun Supplies pack recently!

EvilBastard finisihed off his netherwing dailies just before the raid and is looking pretty close to Exalted now :)

Conned Into Karazhan

Saturday 19th April 2008

I didn't do much on Friday night or Saturday apart from churn out the dailies.

Saturday night I somehow managed to get HolyWarrior into a Karazhan run. NicePallyClassLeader was tanking and was really worried about it.

I gave her hints and took the piss a little. It was a Saturday night run so I reckon most people had had a few beers - I certainly had - but we did ok!!

We took out Aran after I moved in the flame wreath and didn't trigger it, then chess - just!! Off to Illhoof where I got all up-close-and-personal consecrating and generally pissing Kilrek off whilst healing.

We took a trip to Netherspite where I had to inform the group that pallies can stay in the green beam full cycle and locks can stay in the blue beam full cycle. I was informed that rogues could take the green beam - never heard of that.

NPCL was a little concerned about the red beam and ducking in and out of it and also wanted to run out during the banish phase. I said - Sod that, we're mostly T5 mains burn the bugger down. Which we did.

So, off to Prince and 2 very unlucky infernal wipes before we got the fucker down on the 3rd try. That was a bit of a fluke too. We got a bad infernal placement near the end. I had to bubble and run through the fire to a sliver of clear ground between 2 infernals, far too close to Prince for my liking, to be able to heal, NPCL also panicked and bubbled near the end and of course Prince shot off after the dps! hahaha

We got him down though and that made an 11 BoJ haul to bring the total up to 153.

Afterwards I went and checked my auction house toon. I have been hording blue items that I have won because it's expensive if they fail to sell. But look at that. Shroud of Frenzy sold first time :)

Recently, though, the Auction House seems to have been seen an upturn in usage and is certainly making me products. Look at this one. Cloak of the Craft sold first time too.

WotLK Alpha

Apparently Wrath of the Lich King is now in alpha testing. By my reckoning that means we should ha a release sometime around May 2012!

Day off work

Friday 18th April 2008

I had the day off work and managed to spend most of the day on wow.

The first thing to be done on any extended WoW day is scan the auction house for bargains. This one popped up today thanks to auctioneer. Buy for 6 gold, relist for 30 gold!

After that I bought up plenty of rare +dmg/+hit gems for EvilBastard and gemmed the Spellstrike Hood and Trialfire Trousers. 5 Yellow and 1 Blue slot took us well over 300 gold :(

So after that I took HolyWarrior back to Shadowmoon Valley to do the next steps in Akama Black Temple attunement quest; the bit where you cause a distraction for Akama to slip into the Black Temple.

With that done it was time to get the Netherwing dailies done and then accompany TiceNits to the Isle of Quel'Danas where we got all the dailies done on both HW and EB.

EvilBastard also managed to get a Badge of Justice from the Shattered Sun Supplies - lucky git!

Poor SSC Performance

Thursday 17th April 2008

We went to SSC and only took 3 bosses down - Arg.

I don't know if it really had anything to do with it but NicePallyClassLeader was having a day off.

We took out Lurker and I got Mallet of the Tides for minimum bid - NicePallyClassLeader was gutted as she wanted. Hahaha!

Did you read a few posts back that I had just enchanted the tanking sword I got ages ago - well that was a sure-fire way to ensure that a nice new tanking weapon dropped for me wasn't it? Grrr

We then took out Leo, but nothing of interest dropped.

Karathress then dropped the T5 trouser token for me so I blew another huge wad of DKP

The raid may have been poor but I pulled off a 3449 Flash of Light and an 8849 Holy Light! Bloody Hell!

6 BoJs bringing my current total to 142

Netherwing Progress

Wednesday 16th April 2008

EvilBastard is still plodding along through the Netherwing dailies and of course he 2-boxes with HolyWarrior following behind to double the inbound gold from the same play-time :)

This is his current status with Netherwing.

Half way through revered - woohoo!

Paladin Trinket

Someone linked this trinket into guild chat. Not a bad trinket at all. The only drawback being that you have to be EXALTED with Ashtongue Deathsworn. You get a little bit of rep by completing the end of the BT attunement quest I believe, but you really have to be runnning Black Temple a bit to hit Exalted.

Currently my rep is looking like this...


Spellstrike Hood

Wednesday 16th April 2008

Tonight I couldn't wait any longer, I bought a few Primals that I didn't have and got the last of my Primal Might's made and handed them over to a relative stranger...

...and got my Spellstrike hood made - woohoo!

Time to start working on my Belt of Blasting!

MH - 2/?

Tuesday 15th April 2008

That means Mount Hyjal 2 bosses down out of ??? 6 is it?

Tonight we took down AnEnema - woot!!

If I remember correctly we took him out on attempt 2. ALthough we may have had 2 or 3 stupid trash wipes inbetween attemps 1 and 2. I can't remember!

He dropped only these 2 epix and 2 badges.

Badge total: 136

Auction House Fun

Monday 14th April 2008

I spend a little time in the auction house, I often pick up some bargains. I've got a good eye for selling too. Take this little money make for instance. You can pick this recipe up actually INSIDE Stormwind for less than a gold and then sell it on the auction House.

Warlocks needed the actual elixirs for the level 60 epic mount quest so alchemists probably made a killing on them. The elixir is still not too shabby now. When the local 'tards who think they are being cleaver aren't selling it for 4-7 gold I sell it regularly for 20 gold - yes TWENTY gold!!

OK, there goes my best kept auction house secret!

When I was grinding Netherweb Spide Silk I picked up quite a few Dreadfang Venom Sacks, you need these to change aldor/scryer faction so they sell quite well. I put a reasonably well sized batch on and made a few gold here too.

Someone was obviously desparate for fire resistance. I can't imagine why though!

But best of all was this gem that I found. Auctioneer flagged it as 130 gold profit on an outlay of 117gold. Check out those IMBA stats!!

/sarcasm mode off

The real bargain of the weekend was this. Again Auctioneer flagged it up as 1900 gold profit on an outlay of 120 gold. I quickly checked wowhead (grrr) and thotbot and it looked like auctioneer was right about the profit margin. Screw whether it was good for reselling - I want this for EvilBastard to equip and I'd say that's a bargain for 120gold!

I got NicePallyClassLeader to put a +40 Spell Damage Enchant on it. While she was at it I got her to stick the same enchant on my tanking sword that I got ages ago but never enchanted it!

We Have Some Very Nice Guildies

Day Off

Sunday 13th April 2008

Friday night I went out IRL - shock horror.

Saturday morning I got my Netherwing dailies done and then remembered to hand in the time-phased phylactery to Akama that I've had since Tuesday...

Then it was time to do RL things with my kid.

I had planned a day off from WoW today and had consumed many ales at the local where a friends mother's 60th birthday party was occuring. I got home at around 17:30 and logged in to immediately get an invite to the TK raid.

They were on Solarian and need a healer, so in I popped and 15 minutes later I was another 1/4 of my DKP lighter (1/2 of what remained after last purchase) but had finally replaced my mail healing belt with Girdle of the Righteous Path!

During the course of the raid the badge vendor arrived in Quel'Danas, apparently it was absolute mayhem and you could not click on the vendor. The Horde were flagging PvP so that as soon as an alliance would click on them trying to click the vendor they would instigate combat and get pwned by the NPC guards!!

I went to have a look after the raid but it was still chaos.

Badge Total: 134

I didn't raid in the evening as I was far too drunk by then but the guild managed to down Rage WinterPrick again.

I went back to the badge vendor at 23:00 and it had calmed down a lot, but was still busy.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Guild First

Thursday 10th April 2008

Having been doing the odd SSO daily HolyWarrior picked up a Badge of Justice from the Shattered Sun Supplies. Nice. Badge total: 122.

Enough SSO onto SSC...

For the first time ever the guild downed the first 5 bosses of SSC in one night, we had to go over raid time a little but if we'd started on time that wouldn't have been a problem.

An hour in, Hydross down (1 shot).

20 minutes later Lurker down (1 shot).

30 minutes later Leo down - dropped my T5 gloves and I blew half my DKP on them. Ouch. But now I have Crystalforge Gloves - woot! (1 shot)

1 hour later Karathress down - dropped NO paladin T5 legs :( This is where I was prepared to blow the other half of my DKP. (1 shot)

20 minutes later and a very nice rogue pull to clear the trash and Morogrim down. (1 shot).

First time ever to go 5/6 in 3 hours and no wipes. 1 shot each boss!!!

Badge total: 132

Netherwing Progresson EvilBast...

Thursday 10th April 2008

Ole EvilBastard has been busy busy busy with Netherwing dailies trying to get every single one done each day.

He usually manages it and has just reached Revered - woohoo - only 21,000 rep to go :(

New Gear Goals

So, now that EB picked up the Trial Fire Trousers he can put the spellstrike pants on the backburner which is nice!

So the first target is the Spellstrike Hood. He has the shadowcloth converted into spellcloth already and has the primal nether from the heroic run last week.

So all he needs to do is finish collecting the primals for the primal mights. Worst case scenario is TiceNits making 1 a day so thats the start of next week.

The we need to gem up the trialfire trousers and the hood. That's 6 gems. A runic spellthread in the trousers would be nice too. Thats a load of primal mana and a primal nether too. Ouch.

The primals for the hood are coming along nicely, if I can find someone in the guild who is willing to craft it then I may just buy any remaining primals. Once that is done it is time for...

This is apparently the best belt before Sunwell Plateau even for Affliction Warlocks I am going to have to buy the Nether Vortices so it will cost upwards of 800 gold. I hope it's worth it!

Looks like I'll need to re-evaluate my mat collecting.