Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Late Night Black Morass

At Around 00:00 server time The Gang(HW, Rune and TiceNits' alt) grabbed a guildie mage (Boredomn - one of the guys that came over from Fucking Tossers) and a random warrior from LFG.

We head into Black Morass and clear to the last boss pretty easily.

We are taking him down pretty well and he is at 18% when I alt-tab over to Rune to throw another shadowbolt out when the boss does his freeze time thing again. No biggie. Except this time the warrior had taken some big damage while I was alt-tabbed and HW was frozen when I got back, I'm desperately hitting my Full Rank Holy Light button when we "re-animate" and non-crit after non-crit are healing him while the warrior must be taking crit after crit after crit.

It doesn't take long for the bosses lucky crit streak to out-damage my very unlucky lack-of-crit streak. The Warrior dies. I am in holy gear, I take a few hits and die. Rune dies. Boredomn dies. TN's alt Feigns Death.

We start running, TN's alt tries to kite it but gets hit with Aspect of Cheetah on so gets stunned and dies.

HW and the warrior run back and Medivh's shield is at 15% as we get inside, by the time we re-engage his shield is at 2%.

With low HP and low mana we don't last long with a repeat of the unlucky crit-hit/nocrit-heal combo.

We resolve to give it another go but Boredomn has to go. We manage to get a rogue in and try again. This time TN's alt has to do the adds and this does not go so well. By the time the first boss is up we have adds all over Medivh. We get the boss down, but now we have the next 2 portals open.

Wipe. Goodnight. Shite!


Alex - aka Firelight said...

You play 2 characters on the same pc??

Are you mad?

Thats insane!

HolyWarrior said...

Its great for boosting yourself! But not so great for serious instance action as you are only really supplying 1.5 characters not 2 dedicated characters. I'd never try and raid 2 chars at the same time.

Besides - my guild know that EvilBastard is my other account, so I'd not get away with it anyway!

HolyWarrior said...

Also ... check out Youtube, I have seen a video of someone with 5 accounts who levelled up 5 mages together, macro'd them all up. Imagine in PVP seeing 5 POM'd Pyroblasts coming at your face?

TiceNits started a druid last week and she saw 5 identical Nightelves with almost identical names running around the start area perfectly in sync. When she waved at what she thought was the leader all 5 waved back sumultaneously!