Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Two Million Gold

Today I hit 2 Million Gold purely from inscription - Looking into doing an interview for wowecon.

Pilgrims Bounty Achievement Guide 2011

Seems the Pilgrims Bounty event is exactly the same as last year and the year before so check out my 2009 Guide.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tinfoil Hats. Subtitle: Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean The Bastards Aren't Out to Get You!

This was gonna be a comment on Critical's Apology Post about his Gold Queen: Are We Being Played? Post, but got so long I thought I'd post on my blog.

Critical, I can't believe you apologised. I can read English. I can understand that you were not addressing the rape suggestions, but rather the commercialisation of it subsequently by third parties.

Did all these critical-bashing band-wagon jumpers even read the original post?

I, like you, wish I could find the other 4 rapists and deal with them in whatever way possible and in no way want to trivialise or deny the rape happened.

I can't imagine the hell and anguish that the victim is going through and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But I can see that your post was questioning the caretakers actions whilst the victim was in hospital.

I have seen not one shred of proof in any of the comments or posts that definatively ties TGQ to the poor poor victim or not; and just because you're wearing a tinfoil hat does not mean to say there are no conspirators out there.

Was it even the TGQ making the original RL post?

How many 'British' women use a 'cell' phone? None that I know?

When did it happen? The linked news site says 27 October but the post on 7th November says last week; either way there were 2 normal posts dated 1st and 2nd when TGQ was supposedly in hospital.

Maybe marcko1 was caught out by the real TGQ making her RL post on 7th.

Who knows? Will we ever find out? Probably not.

But the point remains; Critical was questioning the post-incident commercialisation of TGQ.

Posted from my mobile cell phone*.


* Yep, definitely sounds odd coming from a Brit!