Saturday, 30 January 2010

First Attempt at Warrior Tanking

My little girlie gnome warrior, BitchSlapper, made her first foray into instance tanking last week.

She has been levelling as prot since she had her talent points reset around level 60, probably around the time Wrath hit. She has been accompanied by P**Stabber the rogue in a dualboxing exercise since refer-a-friend and my 3rd account. So I am pretty used to where most of the prot and defensive stance talents are and what they do, but she's not been in an instance with a full group. I've got the taunts and threat stuff on my bars but they've not really been used or needed.

So I was sat in a random dungeon queue late in the evening with the mage. It was probably far too late for a dps to get into a group in any reasonable time, so on the spur of the moment I logged over to the warrior and plopped her into a random queue. It popped shortly thereafter.

It was Sethek Halls. It was late. I was drunk.

I'm a Virgin!
I admitted at the start that this was my first outing as prot. They were just glad to have a tank! We wiped a few times. I could generally hold the packs aggro and taunt runners back to me. To be honest I always died before the healer so I reckon I wasn't doing too badly!! We lost a few players and they were replaced. We finished the instance.

What A RFesult
Well at least we must have done as I had the random dungeon quest reward in my bags the next morning. But I can't even remember doing the last boss. How drunk was I? That group must have really thought they'd lucked out with that tank :P

So I went looking through my screenshots and found this...

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