Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Gear Purchases

I bought the Heartmender Ring for 35 Emblem of Triumph to replace the Renewal of Life.

I then downgraded 18 Conquests to Valors to get the Cloak of Kea Feathers(il-213) to upgrade from the Shroud of Dedicated Research rather than spend the frosts on a cloak I'm gonna save some more for the frost chest or waist.

The cloak upgrade will still get me...

...and be an upgrade of:
+14 Armour
+14 Stamina
+14 Intellect
-10 Haste
+20 Spell Power
+21 MP5

Whereas the Drape of the Violet Tower (il-264) would have been an EXTRA:
+23 Armour
+27 Stamina
+26 Intellect
-28 Haste
+31 Spell Power
+9 MP5
Blue Socket (5 SP bonus)

Or I could get another 10 Frosts an upgrade the waist to Lich Killer's Lanyard and get as an upgrade from my il-219 Belt:
+179 Armour
+32 Stamina
+36 Intellect
+30 Spell Power
+30 Haste
+24 Crit

Or wait for 95 Frosts and get Chestplate of Unspoken Truths giving:
+343 Armour
+48 Stamina
+46 intellect
+ Yellow socket
+63 Spellpower
+100 Crit
-67 Haste
+21 MP5

So I went for the il-213 Cloak and will be saving for the belt and chest. But i got this:

Other Badge Upgrades I could grind for...
19 Conquest upgrade my 213 necklace to a 226
The same for the libram
60 Frosts Trinket - Purified Lunar Dust

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