Thursday, 4 February 2010

Vote Kick FAILED!

Was in an heroic HoR this evening. The group tried to do the follow the LK even though I said I'd heard it was an exploit. Well, we wiped right at the start anyway.

It's possible that whatever exploit was there has now been patched out with 3.3.2

So, as we run back in the huntard starts the event again. Twat! Everyone dies expect me who gets to the instance entrance.

I fly around Scholazar for a while looking for a reagent vendor while everyone else corpse runs (after I say 'let me know when it's safe to go back in').

When they are alive and they say I can re-enter I am running up to the LK and the tank goes 'WTF!' and then 'WHY???' for a second I am wondering why and say 'What?' he says...

'The vote kick thingy'

I say 'Was it me?'


And it failed. Double YEAH!!!

No one even tried to pretend it was an accident. The vote just failed!!

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