Thursday, 25 March 2010

1st Time In ... (part 2)


Yep after the Jaraxxus raid 3 weeks ago I got the bug for some more raid bosses I hadn't seen. So what should come up in the following 2 weeks?

Instructor Razuvious. Boo! I've done him in Naxx-25 before the assholes in Portugese Porkers pissed me off too much.

In fact I have recently vendored at least one piece of gear I won from him in N25.
OK, I got in the /trade PUGs and went and kicked his ass, got my 5 frost badges and went and surfed

Finally this week it was Ignis so rather than leave it to the last minute I kept an ear out in /trade on Wednesday night whilst relisting my glyphs.

A shout went out LFM for weekly raid. Having been caught out like this before I whispered and asked how many they had, because I've often been #2 in the group when responding to a LFM. 1 person is 'technically' looking for more I suppose - but really should be LFG - FFS ppl!!

You Really Want Me?
Anyway, my level 10 mage caster glyph seller got an invite to the raid! LOL!!

After a few minutes the raid was nearly filled out though so I told them I wouldn't be doing much healing as a level 10 mage and that I'd swap to my main. No-one had notice at that point that they in fact had a level 10 in the raid!!

I'm There - I'm Fucking There!!
Before I know it I am in Ulduar and I haven't a fucking clue what to do. I have not seen any strats or read about the fights in blogs for a very long time .. funny that.

Err What Now?
All I can remember is that the first fight is in vehicles against vehicles. Maybe there are drivers and gunners, there is something to do with towers and you might get thrown up at towers to do something with molten saronite or something.

So I'm in Ulduar I see some people running towards some vehicles, I run after one guy on his own and click the vehicle he jumps into. It makes me a gunner and I actually have 3 buttons on my ToC Jousting bar! I shoot some tanks and some flying things then we have a bit of a paddy about a tower not being done or something. The Flame Tank arrives we chase it about a bit. It dies. We loot. I get a 4 minute achievement or something. We move on.

So we get to the start of Ignis' trash, make a start and wipe somehow. Some idiots try to run away and manage to take some mobs quite a way back towards the start. I release and run, port to the 2nd area and get 1 shot by one of the angry mobs.

Thanks assholes. I was not the only one to have this happen and the RL got a bit irate! LOL. So when combat was dropped we moved back in, cleared up his trash and then one-shot Ignis-10 and I get another achievement to go with my 5 frosties and triumphs.

An Extra Little Treat?
A BoE drops from him but everyone rolled DE. The RL rolled Need and told everyone who was left in raid that it was a BoE and that we should roll. I won the roll. He'd ported out. He said in /ra that he'd mailed it. I don't know if he was speaking to me or not. I guess I'll find out when I log back in. Edit. Nope!

Who Cares - I've been in Ulduar - finally!

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