Thursday, 23 December 2010

Clitachasm End of Week 2

After the second week the glyph sales are still going well.

The scribe/herbalist is now level 78 and flying round Mount Hyjal between tanking WotLK dungeons and is also buying up an low level herbs (except Wrath herbs becuase of the guild bank tabs full of IotS - damm Jessica Seller and her patch 4.0.3 prematurity) below 20g/stack.

The sellers:
Melee up to 29.5K (wk1 13K wk2 16.5K)
Hybrid up to 38K (wk1 20K wk2 18K)
Ranged up to 32.5k (wk1 15k wk2 17.5k)

99.5K gold in 2 weeks - LOL

HW and EB are still at level 80.01

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