Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Buttered Holt I


HolyWarrior did his daily random heroic last night (a Forge of Souls run) and the Battered Hilt dropped for the second time ever.

I automatically clicked "Need" not caring whether the protocol for this group was "Need", "Greed" or "Pass Then Play the Digestive Biscuit Game".

Turned out I was the first to roll so whatever happened after that would be down to the stupidity of whoever didn't roll "Need" and wanted it. No chance of being called a ninja there!!

Not thinking I'm going to win it I kept on heading up the path and then it dropped into my bag! YAY!!!!!!!!!


So, here it is, I'll start the quest chain and document it here soon. Maybe.

Here's your starter for 10...

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