Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How to get Brewmaster at Level 68

Oh yeah, my little baby gnome warrior just got the Brewmaster title.

How? You have to be level 80 to get to Coren's room. Don't You?

Well, me, myself and a guildie formed a party. All level 80s.

We joined a queue for Coren and when it popped asked the other guys to wait a second and not to attack as we were inviting an alt in. HolyWarrior then left and we invited BitchSlapper the warrior into the group and EvilBastard then summoned her.

So we are now a group of 4 level 80s and a level 68 sat in front of Coren.

Start the fight (with no healer remember as HolyWarrior left) and 24 seconds later BitchSlapper is BrewMaster BitchSlapper!!!

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