Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Daggerspine EU Arseholes

I took EB into a random dungeon tool PUG last night while I was creating the images for the last post. We got into Old Kingdon - Gah!!!

We were doing OK and we had headed down the tunnel that opens out onto the top of the steps. The group killed some mobs and then for some reason jumped off the side of the stairs (presumably to avoid some trash). I followed them forgetting that I had the Imp out.The pet was on defensive.

After about 10 seconds I thought "why is the imp not by my side?" and then realisation dawned. Without wasting a second I said in party chat

[party] EB: Sorry, pet pull
[party] EB: INC

The pet was a good 50 yards behind me, the rest of the group were a good 50 yards ahead of me, the group backtracked, I got hit with one spell before the pet-pulled trash pack were face down. Literally 10 seconds of everyone's time and we were back on track.

A few seconds later some asshole from the Daggerspine realm that actually had 'nightelf' in his name asked if I just had people on follow, linked a damage meter with me showing just shy of 1.5K dps* and then it was loading screen and "You have been removed from the group"

I mean - DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF??????????????????

So to you mouth breathing window licking arseholes on Daggerspine-EU: Fuck You - I hope you die soon. I'm gonna publish your names in my next post if I can drag them out of my "Elephant" addon when I get home.

Especially to the tank who I am sure was called warriornightelf or maxnightelf or something. If I ever get into a group with you on my healer. Expect me to make you look shite, cause you a massive repair bill and do my best to get you vote-kicked. I don't care if you are the tank. I'll change my dual spec to tank just so I can take over and all we'll need is a healer.

* OK, that's not great DPS, but it's not totally shite either. It was midnight, I was drunk!

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Anonymous said...

They should have given you a chance to improve your dps to at least the auto-attack standard of minimal 2k dps.
That's better than just kicking like that

But having said that:

You underperformed. Midnight or being drunk is not an excuse. Can't expect people to generally make up for the lack of dps.
(personally I've had quite a few dps barely getting 1k dps being boosted for various reasons: drunk, high, tired, cantbeassedtoplayandknowtheirclass, etc.)