Thursday, 1 April 2010

Arggg - No Internet

I got home yesterday and turned on the steam powered wallpaper stripper then headed down stairs to fire up my Glyph sellers and get the JC daily done.

Password ... Authenticator ... Click Connect ...

"You Have Been Disconnected From The Server"

Grrr, try again ... and again ... and again!

What's going on? A quick look up at the Router and the Broadband light is on but the Internet light is Dull. Uh-Oh. Sometimes this is due to some static on my internal wiring and relocating the router to the master phone socket (or just unscrewing the plate and sticking a screw driver around inside) will fix it.

Not this time. Sometimes my ISP has to reset my password after I spend 30mins-1hour doing stupid things for them like turn off the router, wait 2 minutes, turn it back on. Blah Blah Blah.

So, I ring the ISP and wait half an hour to speak to someone and it goes something like.

ISP: Are you ringing up about your broadband?
Me: Yep (thinking - "I pressed number 1 on the phone for broadband faults you stupid bitch, What did you think I was ringing up for? A Cheese Sandwich?")
ISP: We have 713 Exchanges out at the moment and the engineers are out working on the problem.
Me: Ah. So it's not just me. Do you have an ETA for resumption of service?
ISP: No.

Turns out she wasn't exagerating much about the number of exchanges out. BBC Article and Technical Article. Check out the timescales. Gradwell says 4 days. BBC says Tuesday after Easter.

I say: FUCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog linked from

Saw your bad experience with being disconnected from the internet by the ISP.

After the very same thing happening to me many times over (comcast) I bought an AT&T phone model HTC TYTN II also known as AT&T TILT.
Here is the magic: click start, then settings, then connections, then comm manager. You have an option to TETHER (share) your 3G internet connection from your phone to your PC. All you need is to install a free software package from Microsoft called Active Sync.

You will get back online within 20 seconds while the lazy ISP get repairs going.

I got DC'ed by the ISP last saturday while clearing trash mobs in ICC before gunship battle.

Used the tethering on my phone to get back ingame and ran smoothly.

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